Dec 23, 2013

Rock Philip R. Klein's World

Use your cursor to shake the snow globe and Philip's New Jersey Christmas. Flash is required.

Dec 1, 2013

Philip R. Klein: Celebrating 50+ lawsuits!

I've lost count of the lawsuits in which Philip has been a litigant, but I'm pretty sure they number over 50. He filed another lawsuit in Jefferson County's 136th District Court, alleging a conspiracy between the Walker family and special prosecutor Shane Phelps to deprive Philip of his First Amendment rights.

The suit says nothing about those instances where Philip simply made up stories, twisted the facts, published hearsay as fact, or blatantly lied. Perjury and Grand Perjury are not protected forms of speech, nor does the U.S. Constitution protect Klein while stalking and intimidating witnesses.

After reading Philip's filing, I'm as unimpressed with his new attorney, Larry Watts, as I was with John Morgan. Watts referenced Jefferson County District Attorney Tom McManus as "Tony," and then corrected the mistake with a pen. Larry is apparently having a hard time keeping up with all of the actors in PRK's latest conspiracy.

When considering the typos and misspelled words, lack of properly cited precedents, and other grammatical train wrecks, one would think that Philip is again writing his own pleadings.

If you haven't downloaded a copy of the suit from Philip's site, you can download from his site. NOTE: this is not an anonymous download, and Philip can track your IP address.

Here's a copy of Philip's badly worded and poorly written news release:


The Southeast Texas Political Review

A Division of PRK Enterprises, Inc.

Press Release: Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Nederland Texas :  The following statement is being released by President and Editor of the Southeast Texas Political Review Philip Klein :

“After very careful and thoughtful consideration – and consultation with lawyers and law enforcement officials as well elected officials from outside the Southeast Texas area – I announce today that I have retained the services of civil rights lawyer Larry Watts of Houston, Texas. Today, Mr. Watts has filed a lawsuit on my behalf against Judge Layne Walker, the appointed special prosecutor Shane Phelps and Jefferson County for violations of my civil rights and 1st amendment right to report corruption as well as the political retaliatory behavior of Judge Walker towards me. I am asking the court for an injunction to stop Layne Walker for using his powers granted to him using a special prosecutor for political means.

The suit was filed at 12 noon today and will be heard in Judge Mickey Shuffields court. I have asked for a jury trial.

It is my hope and prayer that over the next months – that you the taxpayers will have the opportunity to see through documents a pattern of behavior by Judge Walker and facilitated by those in Jefferson County.

I want to thank all of you, our readers, our friends in elected office and those that have called us with words of encouragement and prayers. You will never know how much it means to us.”

For any comment – please contact Larry Watts at 281-431-1500.

# # #


If you've ever wanted to retrieve a document from Philip's site after he takes the link down, use this link. You'll find many incriminating documents that Philip has never deleted from his server. Enjoy! 

Nov 25, 2013

Philip R. Klein Licks

Klein may be indicted for intimidating witnesses.

In his Nitwit Tidbits last Friday, Philip R. Klein wrote:

Writing Paper - Brawls on the football field. And now we all write papers on how sportsmanship is better for us? How about five licks with the big paddle and everyone move on down the road? Gezzzz....and we wonder?

That big paddle certainly didn't work for Philip, and I'm sure he would have benefited from more attention to things like grammar, spelling, and comprehension.

Reinforcement in ethical behavior would have helped, too.