Dec 20, 2007

Top Five Places To Eat and Be Seen

I'm playing catch-up today. Over the next two weeks, my postings will be somewhat sporadic as I celebrate the Christmas Holidays with my family and friends. To the readers of my little blog, I wish you all a very joyous holiday season. Please take a few moments to meditate upon the real meaning of Christmas.

In his latest article, Philip opines on his top five choices of places to eat and be seen. While this article has nothing to do with politics, it's interesting to note Philip's priorities, especially since the restaurants that Philip names feature larger-than-average portions. Likewise, these restaurants are probably a good list of places to go if you'd like to bump into Philip. If so, "accidentally" spill your drink on him and watch him lick himself like a cat.

I particularly like Philip's late-night postings. In this case, he published on Wednesday night at 11:41. These articles tend to have even more instances of poor grammar, typos, misspellings and lack of logic than those posted during the day. For instance, Philip wrote in this article:
The dead fish enjoy yourself eating joint.
I suspect if Philip avoided posting articles while drunk, his writing would improve somewhat. Presumably, Tokyo would make his list if they served bigger portions of sushi.

In his comments on Suga's, Philip wrote:
Last week, we were in the joint for dinner in a corner where nobody could see us.
The concept of Philip hiding in the corner is roughly analogous to an elephant hiding behind the couch; more likely, everyone in the restaurant saw Philip, but simply chose to ignore him.

Things must be very quiet in the political relations business these days.

Uh Oh...(More Unsubstantiated Rumor and Hearsay)

In this article, Philip claims:
The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned of an all out movement to remove Chief Scott Kerwood, the Chief of the Orange County Emergency Services District, by Orange County Commissioner Beamon Minton.

According to sources, Minton has made it clear to anyone who will listen that he is going to have the long time chief replaced because "he just does not like him."
Typically, Philip is relying upon unnamed sources who, if real, are repeating rumor without supporting evidence. Philip has some experience with this in a past story concerning Tom Gilliam, as I remember.

Philip also has some prior experience with this issue of replacing a sitting fire chief, if I remember correctly. I'm sure that former Nederland Fire Department Chief Mike Lovelady would have some interesting comments. I may revisit this issue, since it's directly relevant to this article.

Philip mentions a taped phone call from Minton, which he promises to post:
The Review is trying to track down the tape and if we do we will post it for all to hear.
If that tape truly exists and was made without Minton's express permission, I seriously doubt that we'll ever see that posted on Philip's website. While Texas is a one-party consent state regarding taped phone conversations, posting that taped conversation on a political (I use the term loosely) website is another matter entirely.

Dec 17, 2007

Our Guys (PRK's Crocodile Tears)

In his latest article, Philip R. Klein addresses the tragic fire in Beaumont this morning, where a flashover injured six firefighters. Since Klein failed to mention the actual incident in his article, readers can find pertinent details from The Beaumont Enterprise, KFDM/Channel 6, and KBTV/Channel 4.

Philip hits his "tri-fecta" with three different sources in his article:

A source close to the Beaumont Fire Fighters Union have told the Review that they will now go on an all out offensive to have four men on a truck.

The Review attempted to contact our city hall source, however, nobody would speak with us.

We contacted as source close to city council and was told : "I think it is safe to say that our prayers are with the families right now and we will reach the four man rule. We have always made it as one of our goals," said a source close to council.
As I wrote over the week-end (see article below), Klein's so-called sources are, if real, very unreliable. In this case, Philip's manufactured source failed to mention the city's offer: firefighters must agree to a 56-hour work week to make about $47,000 dollars a year, or only a 5 percent pay raise over the next two years with no retroactive raises at all.

KBTV/Channel 4 had a much better follow-up article on this issue without Klein's self-serving and egocentric statements. PRK's bottom line:

But one fact cannot be ignored - four men is needed. Get at least that done before.....
Philip's subject-verb disagreement should read, ""Four men are needed;" Klein is probably unfamiliar with the proper grammar because he's vociferously opposed that issue in the past. Instead, he's typically staked out a hard and fast position on both sides of the issue.

Readers should recall Klein's advice to the Beaumont Fire department on November 8, 2007 when he wrote in his Nitwit Tidbits:
FF Lesson Last - The mayor sent a message. Open it. Read it. And agree to it. And get on with life.
Likewise, Philip offered this advice to Beaumont firefighters on October 15, 2007:

Our advice - shut up and sit down.
With that advice, I'm not surprised he's having a hard time finding sources who'll take his calls. Consider this posting on Klein's discussion list, shortly after the Beaumont Municipal elections in May:

Ames said the she would research firefighters' request for what’s commonly known as a “two-in, ten-out [sic]” staffing of each truck. Two people would be available to enter structures to fight a fire, two would play dominoes in the truck, two would tend to the barbeque, two wouldn’t be woken, and two would protect the truck from being stolen by residents while on call.

The new mayor also encouraged firefighters’ attorney John Werner and the firefighters to kiss her butt once for each percentage of the proposed 27% pay increase that they’ve demanded.
"Two in, Ten out?" I thought this was in poor taste in May; now, it's despicable and shows a gross lack of understanding and empathy for the dangers that firefighters face everyday by simply going to work.

Philip R. Klein's histrionics about "Our Guys" seem rather insincere, considering his previous position. This entire issue is an excellent example of why he has no credibility whatsoever and why most people, except his 34 fans, consider his wingnut opinions as overt demagogy of the worst sort.

Good-bye Earle

Philip R. Klein wrote about 65-year-old Ronnie Earle's announcement that he would not seek reelection after 32 years as the Travis County District Attorney:

According to the Austin American Statesman, a made dash is underway by both parties to "put their guy in."
I couldn't find anything about that "made dash" to which Philip referred, but the Austin American Statesman did note that:

Contenders lining up to replace Earle

Five Democrats have stepped forward as likely candidates for Travis County district attorney...No Republican candidate has come forward.

Doh! Missed that one! Whether PRK is half right or his statement is a half truth, it's a wonderful example of how Philip's poor comprehension skills are directly linked to his poor writing abilities. If Klein can't get a simple newspaper reference correct, how can anyone take anything seriously from this wingnut cretin?

After noting that Earle is currently prosecuting Tom DeLay on money-laundering charges, Philip writes:
Good Bye Earle. It is time for you to leave. Write a book. Write a script. Cash in on your office. Tell your stories. And most of all get out of politics under the auspice of criminal prosecution. You have your strips. You have your heads on the wall. You have done what you set out to do. Now leave.
Does anyone know what Philip meant by "you have your strips?" I couldn't figure that out, unless Philip actually meant "stripes." Klein's article isn't political commentary; instead, it's Philip's personal opinion disguised as a middle school English writing assignment.

Philip's opinion isn't based on fact. During his tenure, Earle prosecuted about four times as many Democrats as Republicans, including Jim Mattox, Don Yarbrough, and Bob Bullock. Regarding the DeLay indictment, a Travis County jury found enough evidence to indict Tom - whether the case gets to trial depends upon how much money DeLay can throw at the problem.

I think it's interesting that Philip apparently supports Tom DeLay, who once counted Jack Abramoff among his close friends. Do we really need to revisit DeLay's expense-paid golfing trips to Scotland and Russia with his close friend, Jack?

Philip's article closes with this thought:

Now if we can just get the guy in another corrupt county called Jefferson????

How nice would that be?
Yup! The "same old think, over and over and over again," but at least Philip didn't refer to the "sleepy little county called Jefferson" again"????" And, how about those negotiations between the Beaumont firefighters and city council (see article below) - still no comment?

Dec 15, 2007

Opps [sic]!

As previously promised, I'm revisiting Philip's comments on the Beaumont Firefighters contract negotiations. In September, Klein wrote:
Firefighters - Went in front of the unfriendly GOP controlled 9th. This will be interesting - watch closely for a settlement.
Two months later, I was still watching closely for a settlement when Philip posted this Nitwit Tidbit before Thanksgiving:

Turkey Burnt - We are told the firemen and the city are very close. D**n good! It is considered almost over.
Philip R. Klein was obviously under the misconception that those negotiations were ongoing, after the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals overturned Judge Mehaffy's decision to award that raise to the Beaumont Firefighters. Furthermore, Klein assured his readers that a settlement is "very close."

In truth, those negotiations did not resume until yesterday, December 14, 2007. This article in today's Beaumont Enterprise is very interesting - it's required reading for anyone who wants the real story:

Tensions flare in Beaumont fire union, city negotiations
Arguments range from rules of current contract talks to whether firefighters have a contract

KFDM/Channel 6 filed this story, also required reading:

Tempers Flare During Resumption of Contract Talks Between City, Firefighters

KBTV/Channel 4 covered the story, as well:

Negotiations Continue Between Beaumont Firefighters and City

Did Klein hit his so-called "Tri-fecta [sic]?" This is an excellent example of Philip's arrant ignorance in how municipal or county governments are actually run.

Any comments, Philip?

Dec 14, 2007

Out of the Inbox

Here are a few comments from readers over the past week. In reference to my article, "Operation Kleinwatch Goes Undercover" and the Kleincam, one reader wrote:

Did PAPD remove the Glock from Pimp PK before he entered the civic center? Did any of the out of town big names call Klein Bodyguarding Political Investments Services for protection?
I've warned Philip about that silly little 9mm Glock before; I predict that he'll shoot himself in the leg someday. Another reader wrote:

Mike Aguilar is right to name Operation Kleinwatch the No.1 local website.

Kleinwatch is Southeast Texas’ version of Snopes.Com.

Snopes debunks the Urban Legends and twisted, politically-charged nonsense that clog my mailbox--the ones that demand you alert “everyone!” in your address book about alarming (but bogus) warnings allegedly sounded by Andy Rooney or Paul Harvey.

Kleinwatch is a great timesaver: Saves me from diagramming Phil’s tangled sentences to try to determine what he’s trying to say, and I don’t have to archive his rants to keep track of his 180-degree swings. KW, like, steers me to reliable sources, not figments of Klein’s imagination, and refutes with clarity PK’s outrageous and unfounded allegations.

Thank you, Snopes. Thank you, Kleinwatch.
Thank you!

Another reader commented on the article, "Nanny (No Variations on a Recurring Theme)," which addressed Philip's complaints about "nanny government." Unfortunately, Klein failed to disclose that he, too, has benefited from Nanny's helping hands:

Phil Klein is nothing but a hypocrite. Phil should be embarrassed for sucking off the gov't. t** and eating free gov't. cheese. Hopeful the taxpayers won't get stiffed by Klein Investments borrowing from Nanny.
Another reader wrote:

Didn't know if you had seen this before. I thought it was funny.
Thanks for pointing that out - that's an interesting story!

After I originally mentioned that article from the de Novo blog in my very first "Open Letter to Philip Klein" on May 7, 2007, Philip responded with the first of several editorials devoted to my little blog. He claimed that the blog's author had first contacted him via telephone, and that the author, anonymously known as PG, was a "nice guy." Actually, PG was a female, who responded with another article where she denied any contact with Philip whatsoever. I documented the entire incident in my article, "BREAKING NEWS: Philip Klein is Busted." This is a great example of Philip' s blatant lies.

My favorite comment of the week came from Philip's little brother, Peter Klein, who commented on one paragraph in my article, "Top Five (Hidden Agendas):"

I'll give you his misguidedness on W being a "conservative"...But I must take you to task on the reduction of government spending and the forecast surplus of the mid to late 90's. You seem like somewhat of an educated individual, so I don't need to remind you where federal spending originates nor who was in control of that legislative body. I might, however, need to remind you of how that legislative body was vilified by the minority party including the Executive branch. The good thing is, now that the past minority is now the majority we can expect to see the same reductions we witnessed in the mid to late 90's.

Who cares? Randy Cunningham and William Jefferson are two sides of the same coin. As I've pointed out on numerous occasions, this isn't a political blog per se, I have no political agenda, and my comments do not necessarily reflect my own opinions.

I suggest thinking for yourself critically, rather than simply regurgitating asinine and fatuous partisan rhetoric. Those bumpersticker mentalities are a primary reason why our country is more politically polarized today than at almost any other point in the nation's history. Our democratic republic is based on an adversarial system of checks and balances, and the belief that either liberals or conservatives are all bad is simply stupid.

Furthermore, I think our government works best when the legislative branch is of one party, the executive branch is of the other party, and the electorate makes intelligent choices in the voting booth based on an objective and careful study of the issues. I applaud the people in Iowa, who seem to be doing just that before their caucus in three weeks.

Quoting one of my heroes, Thomas Jefferson:
Whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their own government.
Since polls prior to the 2004 Presidential election showed that a majority of voters who supported our current administration believed that Saddam Hussein was personally involved in the 911 bombing of the Twin Towers, I fear for the future of our country.

Hence, I'm doing my little part by debunking your brother's wingnut opinions, half-truths and blatant lies, logical fallacies, manufactured sources and statistics, and personal attacks. That's not political discourse - it's propaganda for the mentally-challenged. The comments above show that most readers understand that, so I must assume that you're as dense as your brother.

Oh, Look!

In his nitwit tidbits, Philip Klein writes:
[Hilton Kelley] was...given thousands by the plants to shut up.
Unless Philip has definitive proof, this seems like a libelous statement, doesn't it? I wonder what Philip's source is for this statement; I hope it's not the same source that told him Tom Gilliam was having sex in his office when his office door broke.

(Nitwit) Tidbits, Pt II

In his Nitwit Tidbits, Philip's continues to denigrate the passing of Pimp C:

Presidential Visit - The SWAT team is in place, FBI TASK FORCE agents in place, PAPD, JCSO, Constables, and Groves PD were all in place for the presidents arrival. Sharp Shoots on the Roofs in a display of force....oh...wait....hold on.....never mind it was just a funeral.

The Cost - A source at PAPD called us today. Told us the over time alone was well over $30k in your tax dollars!!!!

The Trifecta - Well, the double triple media trifecta hit! Except on Thursday night. Channel 12 did not hit.

Naming A Road - Oh yes they are talking about it. We want to throw up.
Since Port Arthur has a street named after James Gamble, I have no problem with a street in honor of Chad Butler; although, "Pimp C Boulevard" may be not be exactly what city officials have in mind. While they're at it, Janis Joplin should have a street named after her as well. I also hope to see a section devoted to Pimp C in the the Museum of the Gulf Coast.

The bottom line is Philip's lack of tolerance. As I pointed out in an earlier article, we should celebrate the diversity of our rich musical culture in Southeast Texas. Too bad Philip wasn't in town during J.P. Richardson's funeral, but I suspect that Klein have had a different reaction.

While Philip continues to vilify Pimp C, his fans, and his music, perhaps he can tell us how many other local musicians have been nominated for Grammy Awards? We'll revisit this issue when the Grammy winners are announced.

Did I mention that passing of Pimp C is the top story on the Houston Press this week?

Other items of interest from Philip's Nitwit Tidbits:

Congressional Polling - Less than 10% approval rating? We hear they will announce it later this next week. Nancy?
More partisanship - does anyone really see much difference in Congress under the control of Democrats or Republicans? Too bad Philip is unable to discuss actual issues intelligently.

Al Gore - Is complaining about the USA in Bali. Talking about Global Warming. After taking his private jet and SUV to the meeting. We love it!!!
I'd love to debate the issue of global warming with Philip, who offers a logical fallacy (an appeal to ridicule) instead of rational thought. How about it, little buddy?

Baseball Report - We are just shaking our heads. Should we trust Mitchell?
Should we trust Philip Klein?

New Jersey - The Highest taxes per capita in the United States now wants to abolish the death penalty. Sad.
It's quite sad - sad that Philip manufactured that statistic. New Jersey has the 10th highest per capita tax burden, according to the U.S. Census Bureau figures for 2005 (2006 is not available yet).

More importantly, I wonder how many of us in Southeast Texas really care about what happens in New Jersey, except for those Jersey transplants who now live and work here, while complaining about our area.

Cop Talk - We hear BISD is in a panic. Seems they are losing over 20% of their staff due to "horrible work conditions?"
We'll revisit in future articles.

Global Warming Weekend - Uh.....get ready.
See comments on Global Warming above - Care to discuss the issue in a rational manner, Philip?

On The Scoop Line - We hear a scandal brewing in the Beaumont City Council. Things have been way to quiet.
We'll revisit at a later date, but I'll note that things have not been quiet in Beaumont; rather, Philip has missed those issues like Lake Hayes, the Pate Transportation Hub, and the city budget for 2008.

Philip's last word:
Have a nice weekend. And get ready for some Global Warming!!!!
See comments on global warming above. Care to discuss the issue, Philip?

(Nitwit) Tidbits, Pt 1

I'll have more on Philip's Nitwit Tidbits later, but here is an interesting item. Philip again attacks Hilton Kelley and the local media:
The area media wants to see a black man walk around with family members and make stupid chants about something that is safe. They do not care about the science. They care about the posters and signs.
Oh, look! Philip's racism is showing again - what difference does the color of one's skin make?

This is an excellent example of how Philip offers nothing new, just the "same old think, over and over and over again." Readers will remember Philip's "scientific" discussion of VX hydrolysate on his April 28th radio show, where he berated a listener for not "talking educated:"
"Joe, Joe, Joe, now come on, now come on with me here, Joe, now listen to me. This stuff has already been...before it's even been brought here to Southeast Texas, Texas, it's already been dissolved to a point where you would need to wallow in it for two years to even get one point of one-tenth of a side effect. Now talk educated on this show, we demand our people to talk educated on this show, you're not talking educated, Joe.
Philip never provided a citation for this "scientific" statistic of "one point of one-tenth of a side effect."

Likewise, readers will remember that last week, Philip claimed that, according to his "highly-placed" sources, the Veolia project to incinerate "VX Nerve Gas" was finished:
What really bugs us over here at the Review is that the gas was disposed of properly, there was NO environmental damage and there is no media.
That wasn't true, either. In reality, VX is a liquid with the consistency of motor oil, according to the CDC, who has oversight over the project. In the case of the Port Arthur project, the VX has been processed into another liquid, VX Hydrosylate.

Really, Philip, you need to "talk educated."

Check back later - more to come!

Dec 13, 2007

Operation Kleinwatch Goes Undercover

I was at the Chad Butler funeral today with my hidden Kleincam, where I hoped to take some pictures of all the local politicians that Pimp PK claimed would attend for the media coverage. The only local elected officials I saw were the Mayor and some members of the Port Arthur City Council, which is only fitting since Pimp C was a favorite son.

However, I did snap this picture at the entrance, where PAPD officers were screening guests. Who's that poser in the blue shirt doing the rapper thing?

Dec 12, 2007

Top Five (Hidden Agendas)

Philip latest article is an ad hominem attack on five elected officials in Jefferson County:
It is year end and as we approach this year end and our annual lists of everything from the media to the Gadfly Award that we give, we are adding on a new one this year - the Liberal award.
This is a recurring theme - he labels anyone who disagrees with his ill-formed opinions as "Liberal." As I've pointed out before, everyone in the entire U.S. is a liberal from Philip's political perspective.

From my moderate viewpoint, neither conservatives nor liberals have a lock on the truth. While Philip labels Bill Clinton as a liberal, his administration actually reduced the size of the federal government, while building a budget surplus which he used to pay down the national debt. Klein labels George Bush as a true conservative, yet his administration has run the biggest deficit ever, a primary cause of the dollar's current weak position in the world. The U.S. economy, arguably the most important part of our infrastructure, is in such a predicament that the fed has again begun reducing the interest rate almost monthly.

Philip has no idea what a true fiscal conservative is. Consider what Klein wrote about County Auditor Patrick Swain:

Call him Judge Walkers pet, call him the money man, call him the manipulator, call him whatever you want, Patrick Swain has proven he can stand the test of Time. Now, a CPA is usually conservative, however, Patrick has swung all the way to the left. If they want it - he makes it happen and have given great advice on how to hide the money! And give a reason to have a $20 million dollar (yes it is $20 mill story next week the media missed it) fund balance. Get this....$20 million of your tax dollars waiting to be spent? Do you think Swain would suggest that you get your money back? Ha!
Let's first examine Philip's statements concerning the fund balance, or more properly, the unreserved fund balance. As I've pointed out repeatedly, Philip has no grasp of fundamental economics, so he's unable to comprehend basic fiscal management. Hence, Philip's confusion between a fund balance and an unreserved fund balance.

Unreserved fund balances are important in mitigating current and future risks, and to ensure stable tax rates. Fund balances are also critical in long-term financial planning. Furthermore, credit rating agencies carefully monitor levels of fund balances and unreserved fund balances in a government's general fund to evaluate that government's creditworthiness.

For local governments, the accepted figure for an unreserved fund balance is from five to 15 percent of regular general fund operating revenues, or no less than one to two months of regular general fund operating expenditures. Jefferson County's unreserved fund balance is certainly within this parameter, so Philip is arguing from a position of ignorance.

For more information on this subject, please refer to the Government Finance Officers Association website on recommended practices. In particular, read the documents concerning Budgeting and Fiscal Policy. Really, Philip, you need to "talk educated."

Specific to Patrick Swain, I know where he is every Sunday morning, but I wonder when Philip last attended a church for the purpose of worship? In reality, Swain is indeed a fiscal conservative, who consistently pointed out that the financial figures of former County Judge Carl Griffith's grandiose legacy, Ford Park, did not add up. For this, he's now vilified by Philip Klein.

On the other hand, Pimp PK wrote this about Judge Griffith:

Carl R. Griffith Jr. - Oh boy. Here is our man...The leader of all leaders (and we are serious about that). The guy has his ticket written and the media loves him.
Perhaps this is why Judge Griffith was the only elected official to appear on Philip Klein's short-lived radio show; but only after Judge Griffith became a lame duck. Philip steadfastly defends the man who conceived and executed the biggest boondoggle in the history of Jefferson County - isn't that typical of Philip?

Likewise, Philip's hidden agenda is readily apparent in this article. For instance, he writes of Judge Larry Thorne:

...but there is a silent movement afoot within the daddy community that Judge Thorne sides with the mommies way too much. And some of the programs that have gone his way that have been funded by foundations have failed with turnover in the staff.
Looking past Philip's obvious falsehoods and in the interest of full and impartial disclosure, has Philip ever had a personal or professional interest in a case heard by Judge Thorne? Many of us know the whole story, so perhaps Philip will enlighten his uninformed readers.

Considering Philip's bizarre logic, readers will find Philip's juvenile references to "mommies" and "daddies" quite revealing of his ability to maturely and rationally discuss the merits of an issue accurately.

On an unrelated note, I hope Judge Thorne is recuperating from his stomach bug - get well, soon! We'll revisit Philip's other comments at a later date.

Another of Philip's Silly Sources

Since Philip has given up on political comment and is now auditioning for a job somewhere as a music critic, I've plucked another moldy oldie from the week of August 2, 2004. In his article, IRS v. VAT, Philip wrote:
In an overnight shocker, it was leaked that the GOP will start the debate this year at convention to push hard on the GWB folks to take on the IRS and the taxing structure of the United States. And it was met with open ears.

Sources locally over the weekend in high ranking GOP spots in Austin tell us : "We got the call Friday night. They were telling us what they were doing. And we think it is great. Will the democrats side with the most hated government agency in the United States. Or will they jump on board. Either way, the time has come to show what they are really all about. Tax reform or more taxes," the source said.
This is particularly funny: "sources locally over the week-end in High ranking GOP spots in Austin..." So, are those sources local, or are they in Austin? Philip has a hard time keeping track of his sources, since they number in the thousands.

By the way, did I miss the Bush Administration's efforts at reforming the IRS? On some issues, Ron Paul makes a lot of sense.

And the Answer is No

Pimp PK writes:
The question is if the politicos will show to the big funeral planned at the Carl Parker center this week to honor PIMP C?
No one will attend Pimp C's funeral at the Carl Parker Center, because the funeral will be held at the Bob Bowers Civic Center. From the Beaumont Enterprise:
Chad Butler's mother, Mama Wes, has confirmed that the Port Arthur native's funeral will be Thursday at the Bob Bowers Civic Center in Port Arthur at 11 a.m.
Philip also quoted this figure:
They are running a story on a convicted felon that owes the United States 7 million in taxes (where are the demos and why are they not screaming right now?) that dies young.
Seven million dollars in back taxes? If Philip didn't manufacture that "fact," then I'd like to see his reference.

Dec 11, 2007

Politicos (Or, Pimp PK Has a Hard Time with Titles)

So far, Philip's articles this week are three for three - no real political content beyond Philip's wingnut opinions, passed off as fact. His latest article from this afternoon is so bad that Philip apparently felt obligated to apologize to his readers:
Sorry - we had to take the shot.
Philip claims that the local media is exaggerating the story of the passing of Pimp C:
Look for the MEDIA TRI-FECTA on Thursday and we want to look each TV news director in the face when they try and tell us all that it was a big story that could not be ignored. What a joke. They are making it big.
I'm not sure which"MEDIA TRI-FECTA [sic]" to which Philip is referring, unless it's: In my opinion, the funniest part of Philip's entire story is his claim that a local news editor contacted him for information on this story:
On [sic] leading editor contacted the Review this afternoon and asked the question if any at all of the local politicos would show to honor the man.
Which "leading editor" is that, Philip? Since this isn't protected source, I'm sure we'd all like to see some verification of your silly claim.

UPDATE: Revisiting one of my earlier articles where Philip claimed the VX shipments to Port Arthur had been completed, I found this article in today's Beaumont Enterprise interesting. Apparently, the shipments were temporarily discontinued:
The Army temporarily halted shipment because one of the trucks had cracks in the cage that holds the tank containing the wastewater. The Army then inspected all the trucks used in the shipments and cleared them for duty, a spokesman for the Army's Chemical Management Agency said.

Shipments began in April and the contract to incinerate more than 400 tank loads should be completed by next July or August, Duncan said.
This came after Philip's sources "high up in the company" told him that the entire project was finished.

Nanny (No Variations on a Recurring Theme)

In today's article, Philip rehashes the "same old think, over and over and over again:"
It is the same thing over and over again - we call on Nanny!
Faithful to his word, Philip revisits his recurring themes:
If you need healthcare - Nanny pays your bills.
Been there.
The Courthouse is unsafe - according to...well the commissioners...they are going to open one door to citizens to come to Jefferson County and then you will be searched in your own courthouse.
Done that.
Now how about running the are safe! Three boats and a chopper to watch you.
Got the t-shirt.

I particularly liked this observation from Philip:
If you need a loan - Nanny does that also. And if you cannot pay your bills - Nanny is right there for you.
Typical of Philip's hypocrisy; perhaps the DQ dude can tell us if he repaid that $800,000 SBA loan before his Dairy Queen went belly up. Even more interesting, Philip's $68,000 disaster business loan was apparently approved by the SBA - is this a case of biting Nanny's hand?

Dec 10, 2007

War (Or, Philip's Predilection for One-Word Titles)

Today, Philip informs us of a pending federal crackdown in Port Arthur:
"If you are a criminal in Port Arthur Texas you can either leave or go to jail. And if the DA cannot do his job the US Attorney will," - so says a source close to the City of Port Arthur Police Department earlier Sunday to the Review after calling us.

Beleaguered with homicides, robberies, break ins and shootings, the cops of the City of Port Arthur were given the rally cry late Friday afternoon and were giving encouragement by the United States Federal Government.
In addition to the US Attorney's office, will this help also include the FBI, ATF, Secret Service, DEA, USCIS/Border Patrol, and the military? You bet, according to Philip [WARNING: grammatical train wreck straight ahead]:
Sources that we contacted late Sunday told us that not only is agencies in the United States have been lined up to help the local cops, pep rallies of sort will be given all week long to the shift officers in the Department.
I wonder if that support includes raises for our local officers? When I exposed one of Philip's logical fallacies, he never commented on salaries for PAPD officers or the number of current openings before the department is at full roster.

Does anyone see anything of political interest in this windbag diatribe?

While Philip's sources call him at all times of the day and night about those PAPD Pep Rallies, they apparently failed to inform him about a potential problem with Jefferson County Commissioners. According to KBTV/Channel 4:
...[T]wo Houston companies have received more than $ 5 million in construction business from Jefferson County...county officials did not believe going through the normal bid process for repair work would be efficient. So commissioners opted for job order contracts with construction companies already approved by the state. Commissioners entered job order contracts with KBR and Jamail Construction, both companies are based out of Houston. Those contracts are still active more than two years after Rita. KBTV has learned that in the past two years Jefferson county has spent more than $1 million with KBR, and over $4 million with Jamail. This worries local union officials who think the process is taking money away from local laborers. Jerry Pillsbury, the organizer for Pipe Fitters Local 195 says his workers could have done some of the air conditioning work for the county, but neither Jamail nor KBR gave them a chance. Although most county officials are pleased with the work the two companies have done for the county, but now officials started thinking about putting a cap on work order contracts. That will be discussed at the next commissioner's court meeting. KBTV has learned that not all job order contracts have been limited to under $ 200-thousand dollars. Repairs to the amphitheater after Rita cost the county around a million dollars, and that project went to Jamail construction without going through the bid process. All commissioners except Eddie Arnold approved that move.
This story was filed on Saturday and has many of Philip's favorite recurring themes: local labor, business, Eddie Arnold, Jefferson County Commissioners, and five million dollars that went to outside contractors, instead of Jefferson County businesses - how did Philip miss that?

Dec 9, 2007

Klein Political Relations and Bait Shop

In recent years, Philip has gotten away from manufacturing poll results, so I suppose he's concentrating on manufacturing sources. However, in the earlier days of the Southeast Texas Political Review, Philip regularly quoted statistics from his own spurious polls.

Prior to February 28, 2000, Philip claims to have conducted a poll of Democrats for the party primary two weeks later in March of 2000: early voting starts, the fight for the mind and control of the Jefferson County Democratic Party begins today. The early voting starts. So, we decided to take a spot poll over the weekend. The following is [sic] our results.

Oh, for you number wonks, the poll was conducted over a two day period (Friday and Saturday), 184 successful responses were taken from likely registered democrat voters and the following were the results :
Adams: (106 or 56.1%)
63 (or 33.3%)
Undecided numbers 20 (or 10.6%)
What no MoE (Margin of Error)? I'd do the calculation for Philip, except we have no idea what his confidence interval was. On the other hand, I'm sure Philip had no clue, either, based on his simplistic statements. And, what about the actual methodology - was the sample generated from intercept interviews or random numbers from the phone book? This is important in determining how Philip screened his sample of "likely registered democrat [sic] voters." Really, Philip needs to "talk educated."

More importantly, does anyone believe that Philip really ran this poll, as he claimed? If so, consider Philip's results with the actual vote for the "mind and control" of the Jefferson County Democratic Party:"
  • GILBERT T. ADAMS: 9,904 (76.38%)
  • JIMMY HERRINGTON: 3,062 (23.62%)
Total 12,966 (100%)
Based on the actual returns, Philip's MoE is about ±20 percentage points. Most readers can see why Philip never had any clients for Klein Political Relations, a subsidiary of Klein Investments, Inc.

Maybe Philip's anger at Jefferson County stems from his lack of a loyal fan base - apparently, only 34 people are gullible enough to believe this gibberish.

On an unrelated issue, Philip asked on Friday:
Houston Gig - Are you with the guy who shot the burglars? Or are you against? Should he go to jail or not? Were these guys really illegal aliens? Maybe we can send over Uncle Hiltey to protest. There has to be something he can do now?
Normally, I'd have no problem whatsoever with this, but shooting a burglar in the back with a shotgun when he's running away doesn't seem sporting to me. And, what does Hilton Kelley have to do with this issue - is this Philip's idea of intelligent comment?

Dec 8, 2007

Philip Klein's Lost Radio Show

I have a treat today! After Philip was dumped from KOLE at the end of October,

Dec 7, 2007

(Nitwit) Tidbits

Most of Philip's tidbits this week are variations on his recurring theme of belittling Port Arthur. Read the post below for more on Pimp PK's take on Pimp C.

Philip claims he never reads my little blog, but his comments contain several references to my site this week. For instance:
Did we say that right without being accused of being bias.
Is that a question? If so, the answer is "no," and Philip's grammatical trainwreck is an excellent example of how one's writing and comprehension skills are closely related. Or, consider this comment:
...that has about as much chance of coming to life in the next five...ten...fifteen years as Bev giving to a GOPER.
Philip either continues to believe that I'm Beverly Parker, or he's taking shots in a personal feud - no relevant content.

Most of Philip's vitriol is reserved for his comment on Mike Aguilar's Going Underground:
Aggie...Think about this - he awards web sites that talk about us - so in turn - he does not talk about us - but he really talks about us. Hating Klein is a market. And a good one. It draws readers.....except if you are a one trick pony. They only ride so long. And Aggie once again proves our point - talk about Klein in anyway manner of form and you sell hits. We call it the POK (the power of Klein). Aggie has been POKED.
The first - line - is - gibberish, and Philip's egomaniacal notion of the Power of Klein is easily verified. From what I've heard, his radio show drew about 35 regular listeners according to the local ratings. I admit it, I listened, but I'm biased; so, let's say 34 fans. Even that figure is suspect, because Klein had few callers and most were radio station regulars. Here's Philip's last word on the subject from November 1, 2007:
As for our show, we are negotiating with another station in a new deal and if that does not work out and is good for all parties, we will explore the new frontier of INET Radio.
According to my sources, Philip's application as a PAPD Dispatcher was turned down, so he's definitely into territory where no human has gone before. Okay, I made that up, but I suspect this claim is as bogus as this promise on his archive page:
This site will archive the Southeast Texas Political Review Radio show that was formally broadcast on KOLE Fox Radio.
So, where's the beef, Philip? The only archived show available is his last, before he was unceremoniously dumped from the airwaves of "a sleepy little town in Southeast Texas that we call [Fill in the Blank]."

I particularly like his archive page title in the browser title bar: World Editorials." Isn't an inflated sense of self-worth symptomatic of an ACoA?

Dec 6, 2007

Politicos and Media (Or, Beauty and the Bat)

Philip R. Klein speaks ill of the recently deceased in his latest article, which has nothing whatsoever to do with politics. Instead, it's mudslinging and rumor-mongering of the first order:

Chad had some problems. And they need to be talked about for a few reasons.
Nice name drop! I'm sure Philip read that in the Beaumont Enterprise, since he probably never heard of Pimp C before Monday. I see no reason whatsoever to discuss Pimp C's dirty laundry on the occasion of his death, but Philip next cites a tedious litany of Pimp C's sins:

Butler had a few problems with the IRS.
So did George Jones and George H.W. Bush. If I remember the story correctly, Willie Nelson burned his house and left Nashville before it was seized by the IRS. Republican Presidential candidates Ron Paul and Mike Huckaby have both pledged to abolish the IRS.

And Butler had a drug problem.
So did Rush Limbaugh, Johnny Winter, and Marcia Ball. If I remember the story correctly, Janis Joplin died of a heroin overdose. If we're discussing drugs, perhaps Philip will tell us about his personal interest in behavioral pharmacology.

Philip quickly depletes his limited vocabulary and relapses into the "same old think, over and over and over again:"
Frankly, Butler fit Port Arthur Texas. Crime, bad business deals and drug abuse. And that firing ground made the fire in his belly to produce what some call it good music.

To hear them speak he was a hero.
Philip's sanctimonious judgement simply denigrates Pimp C's music. I'm sure he thinks Robert Rauschenberg's art looks like junk, as well.
With Pimp C's passing, I think it's more fitting to celebrate the rich and diverse legacy of art and music in Jefferson and Orange Counties. UGK, DJ Premier, and Pimp C have made legitimate and respected contributions to popular culture, as have Tracy Byrd, Mark Chesnutt, and Clay Walker. While we're dropping names, I love both Harry James and Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown, too.

Most people are proud of the musical heritage of their home; Philip's article is more evidence that he will always be the perennial outsider. While Philip insults the artistic memory of Pimp C, I'd like to use this occasion to remember another tragedy.

Blind Willie Johnson was a slide guitar player, singer, and songwriter who performed religious music in the blues idiom. He recorded 30 tracks in five sessions ranging from 1927 until about 1930. In recent years, his songs were recorded by the Rolling Stones; Bob Dylan; Peter, Paul, and Mary, and others. Ry Cooder recorded the definitive cover of "Dark was the Night" for the Paris, Texas, movie soundtrack, which is one of the most haunting pieces of music I've ever heard. Blind Willie's original version was included on the Voyager Golden Record, which was sent into deep space aboard the Voyager spacecraft in 1977.

If you're not familiar with Blind Willie, look for his picture on the second Led Zeppelin album, who recorded "Nobody's Fault but Mine."

By 1944, Blind Willie had a modest Beaumont church, the House of Prayer at 1440 Forest Street, where he also lived. The building caught fire and while putting the fire out, Blind Willie was injured. His wife took him to Hotel Dieu, the hospital where I was born at about the same time. Unlike me, Willie was turned away because of his skin color. He went home, contracted pneumonia from sleeping in a wet bed, and died two weeks later. To this day, Beaumont has no historical markers or any other recognition of Blind Willie Johnson's contributions. His grave is still lost, although it's rumored to be in the old Blanchette Cemetary.

In closing, Philip's tasteless racebaiting and obtuse comments have nothing to do with the legitimacy of Pimp C's music, nor is this within the scope of politics. Instead, Philip is simply sensationalizing a tragic situation because it's all over the local media.

If it's true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then Philip Klein is as blind as the proverbial bat. I'll leave the last word on art to G.W. Bailey, who graduated from Thomas Jefferson High School with Janis Joplin. He commented on his roles in the Police Academy movies:
So much for ten years of education, years of training in Shakespeare...being remembered for a dog peeing in your eye.

VX Nerve Gas (Philip's Straw Man)

Philip's confusion is legion in his latest article; for instance, attentive readers will realize that the VX hydrolysate currently being incinerated in Port Arthur is not a gas, but a liquid. Philip missed the whole point of the months-long debate over the incineration of VX hydrolysate in Port Arthur:
So we did some calling around to find out how things went and the horrible damage and terrible environmental damage that was done from the burning of the VX Gas on Highway 73.
The issue had nothing to do with environmental damage; rather, the questions concern the safety of local residents. According to a story filed less than 30 days ago by Channel 11 in Houston:
Environmental groups claim the incineration process may be putting the people of Port Arthur in danger.

“We are talking about the most toxic substance known to mankind,” forensic chemist Michael Sommer. “The tip of a safety pin immersed the smallest amount in this substance and touched to your hand — you’ll die within 15 minutes.”

That’s why neighbors protested the plant’s plan to burn the waste. The company says it’s meeting all government emission standards and was quick to answer questions.
Even funnier, Philip's "sources" apparently led him to believe the entire project is finished:
What really bugs us over here at the Review is that the gas was disposed of properly, there was NO environmental damage and there is no media.
In truth, the project is far from being completed:
[Veolia spokesman Mitch Osborne] says it could be the end of next year before it finishes incinerating this controversial waste.
Oops (or is that "opps")! Missed that one by a mile!

Here's a question for Philip's "sources:" Is the Port Arthur Fire Department properly trained to handle an industrial accident involving VX hydrolysate? If Philip won't answer that question, then perhaps Mike Aguilar can provide some insight for us.

Dec 5, 2007

Remember This One?

On this subject of filing, here's a flashback from the week of February 28, 2000, when Philip R. Klein commented on the Beaumont City Council race:
Well, filing started a week ago, and nobody has stepped up to the plate to run against the Mayor...and his two co-hearts...

As for the other two, well...lets just say it is not really looking bright. That is Becky Ames and Mayor Moore.

"Becky the ----- as she is known in some circles....we supported her in two elections. Before our please fell on her deaf ears. She will be hard pressed again this May to get our support. She will have to make the movement," says our source with the Fire Department.

And the Cops say about the same. "Let me put it to you bluntly. Her husband is a criminal, she acts like a criminal by covering up what her husband did. If we could have gotten her, we would of. She hates the Cops and we hate her. So no, we are not going to support her. In fact, we would support Alan Lee before her. Well...maybe not."
I'm not sure which is funnier: Philip's sources, or his spelling of "cohorts" and "pleas." Time has a way of putting statements like this in perspective, but I'm not sure Mayor Ames found Philip's libelous statements amusing.

I wonder why Philip has gone absolutely mute on the subject of the Beaumont City Council?

Dec 4, 2007

Filing Starts!

Philip makes these predictions for the upcoming races on this first day of filing:

  • Two are waiting in the wings to run the only GOPER for any seat - being Eddie Arnold.
  • Arnold we are told is getting a fundraiser together with some local democrats;
  • A couple of judges that are running may have candidates - but everyone is keeping it close to the vest.
Translation: "No one will talk to me, so I have no clue."

  • Hardin County Judge Britt Plunk got a candidate.
  • We were told that [Plunk] would run again...
  • Switch-a-roo is a rumor in Hardin County. Some kind of wave going around about party changing in the Court House like went down in Chambers County.
  • Hamilton has backing all the way to the Governor...
If so, I'll reserve comment until Governor Perry visits Orange County to campaign for Hamilton - we'll revisit the rest in due course. Astute readers will remember that Philip has already predicted the outcome of the 2008 Presidential election:

Welcome Mr. President - Fred Thompson enters the race.
Typically, Philip's article is rife with arrogance:

"Crank it up!!! Nausea is setting in......."
Juvenile and superficial observations:

Some say that Philip killed the Republican Party in Jefferson County single-handedly. Did I mention overt and petty partisanship:

Filing starts this week in Jefferson County. Almost 30 days of fun and media. Breaking stories and .... well we watch the democrats fight it out.
Evidence of dissociative identity disorder:
We do not believe that.
And my favorite - blatant ignorance:

Orange County is...a Red County to boot!
Readers can decide for themselves whether Orange County is red, blue, or purple, based on the results from the last election in 2006:


  • DEM Buddie J. Hahn 12236

  • REP Raymond Smith 6377
  • DEM Carl K. Thibodeaux 10728

  • DEM Mike Shuff 12149

  • DEM Vickie Edgerly 12480

  • DEM Karen Jo Vance 12425

  • DEM Vergie Moreland 12231

  • DEM Owen Burton 3264

  • DEM Beamon Minton 2427

  • DEM Joe F. Parkhurst 3414

  • DEM Derry Dunn 3289

  • DEM Janice M. Menard 3458

  • REP Jane Stevenson 1508
  • DEM Rodney Price 2092

Out of the Inbox

Two readers have recently shared links (ellipses connote edited content):
"Congrats on the awards...thought you'd find this interesting:"
Is Philip working off his legal debt? Another reader wrote over the week-end:

"You might like this guy from Beaumont. He thinks Philip Klein is a nut too."

I'd Like to Thank...

The past seven days have been quite interesting for Operation Kleinwatch. Last week, Philip Klein personally endorsed my site (see the sidebar and "Open Letter to Philip Klein" in the postings below).

Today, I'm stunned to find that another local blogger, Mike Aguilar, has given Operation Kleinwatch two different awards in his annual Going Underground’s Webby Awards for 2007:
  • Best New Kid on the Block
  • Bestest Website Award
The awards are very nice, but Mike's commentary really made my day:
This is not an indictment against Philip. It is a clear message to all bloggers that think of using facts – real or imagined. Someone out there will check everything you say, so back it up with verifiable facts or expect an ass poundin’.
I left Mike's language exactly as is, because I think it's quite eloquent. In one paragraph, he reiterated the entire mission behind OK. An anonymous source very close to a local private investigator who demanded anonymity remarked anonymously, "It's a sad state of affairs when Mike Aguilar and Buck Naked represent the 'normal' bloggers in Southeast Texas."

Okay, I made that source up like you-know-who does; but, we have to remember that without Philip, I'd have no material to debunk at all. Thanks, Mike! I appreciate the recognition!

By the way, "he" is correct, else I'd be Justine Pillsbury.

Dec 3, 2007

Launch (Philip Will Have One of Everything on the Menu)

I'm always impressed with Philip's ability to read a story posted on a local TV news website, and then quote multiple, yet anonymous sources on the subject less than four hours later.

In his latest article, the subject matter is redundant, but his mistake is hilarious. He first criticizes the acquisition of five patrol boats and a helicopter by Jefferson County:

According to media sources, the scare with the biggest oil export terminal and port needs the Navy (Jefferson County SO) to patrol it. There are not enough Game Wardens....and you know the Coast Guard cannot do the job.
Philip's "media sources" consist of a story he read on the KBTV/Channel 4 website. I've previously debunked some of his fictions about those helicopters, but in this article, Philip loses track of his manufactured sources:

We always can use help, but these guys have gone overboard man. They are going to do what if they find what? Shot them with their pistols? Shoot them with their guns? If there were a true attack the only things those boats would be good for is to put it into high gear and run away," said a long time Coast Guard official in Port Arthur.
Philip is quoting a "long time Coast Guard official in Port Arthur." Since the Coast Guard is a branch of the federal armed services in the U.S. Department of Defense, they have no jurisdiction over equipment of the Jefferson County Sheriff's office.

Not true, according to Philip Klein, who goes on to quote "another" Coast Guard official:

"Well, the boats are a joke in waiting, but the helicopter we can use. The problem is communicating with it. We have to fix a couple of problems with that," said the source.
I was somewhat confused by Philip's idea of communication:

We do not have the 800 system yet but I think that we will by times end and be able to speak with the civilians," said the source.
Philip is referring to the 800 mhz system that local officers use for communication. Philip quotes a Coast Guard official, who comments on the ability to speak to citizens on a local law enforcement frequency from a Jefferson County Helicopter.

Maybe Philip meant CB radio?

He's also quite confused about the jurisdiction of the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office:

Jefferson County has one of the highest murder rates in Texas
Those murder rates are centered in Beaumont and Port Arthur, which are under the jurisdiction of the cities' respective police departments. Here's another question for Philip Klein: how many murders have occurred in the JCSO's jurisdiction in the past three years?

Neither does Klein mention Congress or the Department of Homeland Security, from whom these federal law enforcement grants flow. Nope, it's all Jefferson County's fault, according to Philip Klein. I wonder if PRK has considered my advice on that two-bedroom condo in Plano?

Philip is beating these dead horses senseless, "over and over and over again," so why not comment on something new? Since he frequently impresses me with his knowledge of firearms (see below), the highly-anticipated Supreme Court ruling on the Washington, D.C., gun ban would be an idea subject for Philip. Everyone knows that DC is a "failed social experiment run by democrats [sic]," with one of the highest murder rates in the US - he could even recycle the same manufactured sources!

Here's a question for Philip, if the Supreme Court overturns the gun ban based on the 9th Amendment (as opposed to the 2nd Amendment), what would that mean to our other non-specific rights not enumerated by the Bill of Rights, such as the right to privacy?

Or, is this subject too deep for Philip Klein?

Dec 2, 2007

Branding Port Arthur

Philip disparages Port Arthur again in his latest:
The government dollar spending has increased almost 50% over the last two years.
If this isn't a manufactured statistic, I challenge Philip to cite his source. Considering the state and federal money spent in Port Arthur over the past two years since Hurricane Rita, I'd like to see those figures myself.

Philip's article is a wonderful example of the "same old think, over and over and over again." In Port Arthur, they "Rob 'em, Shoot 'em, Stick 'em," while crime in Plano is more urbane: they throw their children off the balcony.

Note to Philip: You should carefully consider my suggestion about selling your house (see below) - with your profits from the booming real estate market in Southeast Texas, you could upgrade to a two-bedroom condo in the depressed housing market of Plano. Of course, you'd have to relocate and leave Southeast Texas. Wouldn't that be a shame?

Dec 1, 2007

Open Letter to Philip Klein

Dear Philip,

Thanks for the response! While you failed to answer any questions that I've raised, I was highly amused by "How To Be A Whack Packer." As an example, your front page links to the "Wack Pack," but your so-called editorial references the "Whack-Pack." This is the Infobahn with its marketplace of ideas, so we need to "talk educated," Philip. Which is it: Whack or Wack Pack?

This is important, since you've personally endorsed Operation Kleinwatch:
Thus - being a Whack Packer is a high honor to behold. Right "Gus?"
I think you meant, "high honor to hold," but whatever you say, Philip! Thanks for the endorsement; I'll go with "Whack Pack" until you figure this out. I can always tell when you're upset - your weak grasp of standard grammar goes completely out the window:

Our talkback line has now hit 400 after a huge purge post us telling our talk back line that we turned over the list to the authorities during an investigation.
Since your disjointed and emotional response rambled over numerous subjects without making a logical point, I have a few other questions and some comments. You first reminisced on some real and imagined memories:

The time shots were fired at my house. I still think it was isolated.
Was this the incident where you were actually shot with a BB gun during a drive-by? Did they ever arrest the culprit? You did get the license plate number, didn't you?

I see you're still carrying that silly Glock:

The time a strange guy came into my backyard saying he was lost after he saw a big Rotty fixing to chop his leg off with one command and a 9 mm Glock pointed at his chest. He later admitted to be a friend of a guy that writes a web site and was trying to get a picture.
I've told you in person before, you really should be careful with those Glocks, lest you shoot yourself in the leg, Philip. Shouldn't someone with your discriminating taste carry a gun with a better design, like a SIG-Sauer? I realize that you're probably trying to save ammo money with that little 9mm, but you should check out a real gun, like the SIG-Sauer P220 .45 ACP. Most people would find the P220 too big for concealed carry; however, this isn't a problem for a forty-something private investigator whose waist size is greater than his age and IQ combined. But, I digress.

I'm curious - did the trespasser have his leg inside your air-conditioned dog house? And, how much does that dog house add to your home's appraised value of $120,270? You were confused about that back in October. My numbers were closer than yours, so if you're having difficulty paying taxes on that house, perhaps you should consider selling it. Since the local real estate market is booming, you could pocket the profit and invest in a less-expensive house that you can better afford.

You stated:
"The DOKS are suggesting that you are a child molester."
Since I've never actually alleged that you are a child molester, I'll attribute this to your poor comprehension skills. If you'll quote my actual remark, I'll be glad to explain in monosyllabic language.

I did, however, suggest that you have a prurient interest in the Klem case. Your graphic descriptions of sexual contact between Dr. Klem and his victims prove you've spent a lot of time thinking about this. As a matter of common decency, I think we should honor the victims' wishes, who agreed to this bad plea arrangement to avoid public testimony about the real circumstances. Since they're reluctant to discuss the actual events, publicly fantasizing about those lurid details seems perverse, in my opinion.

Or, perhaps you're confused about my questions on the origin of your strained relations with Peter. You stated:

Then they get mad and attempt to take shots at my family?
Amused - yes; mad - not in the least. You've never addressed my questions, so are those rumors true? Since Peter has already injected himself into Operation Kleinwatch with his juvenile accusations about my identity, isn't he fair game?

Both Mike Aguilar and Buck Naked have recently complained about your comments on their personal lives, so speculating about your family's dirty laundry should be okay, don't you agree? Since you've frequently commented on the emotional problems of Rhonda Dugas and several others, aren't discussions of your emotional problems pertinent, as well?

Regarding Rhonda Dugas, I have another question. You enumerated several prerequisites for inclusion to your Whack or Wack Pack:

To be a "Whack Packer" there are a few qualifications.
  • Dedicate a site that is over 50% dedicated to this one
  • Do So Anonymously [emphasis mine]
  • Be So Arrogant that you forget your own political message
  • Allow this site to create your writings and answers
  • Obsess about knowing that you are better than we are here at the Review
  • Attempt to discredit anything written on this sight
  • When all fails - call names and attack family or myself personally
Since Rhonda's site isn't anonymous, why is she included? You wrote:

She has dedicated almost all of her site to calling me names.
Have you forgotten that you cast the first stone with "Duh-Duh Dugas?" Did you forget that you first published unauthorized and illicit pictures of a single mother's home on your website, or that you encouraged photoshopped and offensive pictures of Rhonda that were published to your discussion board? Since this had no political message, it's harrassment, not politics.

Neither does Operation Kleinwatch have a political message - this blog's purpose is clearly stated at the top of the sidebar: Fact checking Philip Klein one article at a time. In the past months, I've documented your monotonous pattern of half-truths, libelous statements, omissions and distortions, logical fallacies, manufactured sources, and even blatant lies (remember PG and de Novo?). And that, little buddy, is Operation Kleinwatch's raison d'ĂȘtre.

On another subject, please explain the relevance of these numbers:

We are now approaching 200k new hits with 3 million secondary hits...You see the DOKS and STE are down and out of the top 20 hits on Sluggos site. And on ours - they average a connect from our site at less than 3 per day.
I thought I was the last one to find out that Sluggo simply fabricates those rankings, but you missed the memo entirely. And, what's a "secondary hit?" I did some research on web metrics and analytics, but found no reference to a "secondary hit."

Neither was "connect" mentioned, nor could I find any reference to this number on Sluggo's site as you claim. I think you probably meant referrals. If so, then your data is clearly contrived. Here are the unique referrals with originating domains for Operation Kleinwatch from Friday's traffic:

  • 431 No referring link
  • 203
  • 48
  • 30
  • 16
  • 6
  • 6
  • 4
  • 2
Thanks for the link, Philip, but I suspect that if you pulled my link from your front page, those readers would find this site anyway. It's a non-issue, since I don't care how many people read this site. Your preoccupation with numbers and rankings seems symptomatic of your emotional problems, as is lying, when telling the truth would be just as effective:

An email from the Whack Pack DOKS attempting to call this site and myself out regarding wanting us to name a source on a story we did last week was received today by my office.
Oops (or is that "oppps"), there goes that grammar again! You and I both know this is as false as your manufactured source, since I've never sent you any personal email whatsoever affiliated with this site in any capacity. Readers can decide the truth for themselves.

I have several other comments, but I'll revisit those at a later date. In closing, you went completely off the track with this one:

I am in their mind. I am in their everyday thought. I am them now. I have caused them to dedicate some of their life to me - to think about me - to read my writings - to post about me - to think they are one step behind me when in fact they are one step behind me at all points. Because if not for me - they would be nothing. I complete them.
Pardon me while I laugh. You seem sexually aroused with this fantasy, but the truth is much more mundane - I enjoy spending a few hours each week reading and debunking your blatant demagogy.It's a great mental exercise in critical thinking and expository writing, while sharpening skills at spotting logical fallacies and propaganda techniques that wingnuts use to promulgate their "whack" ideas.


Gus Pillsbury

Nov 30, 2007

Klein's Tidbits (Or, More Gibberish on the Fly)

When I first heard the news this afternoon of an armed man holding hostages at Hillary Clinton's campaign office in New Hampshire, my first thought was that Philip had finally lost his tenuous hold on reality and snapped. At the time I'm writing this, the identity of the culprit has not been released, but I certainly hope it's not Philip.

Big Government Meets TV - A blurb hits the back page of the Enterprise Business section. Seems the liberals over at KFDM got socked with the $10,000 fine from the FCC. Their crime? They did not say anything about child programming on their web site or ran a commercial. Big Government meets Liberals. What they create bites them in the butt. Funny Funny Funny.
I wonder if the Beaulieus have made any political donations? If so, we might get a feel for just how liberal they really are. I suspect Philip's obsession with the local media has more to do with his inability to get a job as a political "editorialist."
Hunter Going On The Hunt - This race should be some fun. A democrat in the newly created red sea. Now, how will he run is the question. There was a suggestion that he will ride Hills coattails. You just have to giggle over that. Think about this....Texans for Hillary? You will see the GOP out in droves. Let's see if Larry Hunter will align himself with the D's. We will have more on this next week.
Typically, Philip is vague about his content - he's talking about the state rep district 19 race in Orange and Lumberton Counties, where former Vidor Mayor Larry Hunter will challenge incumbent Mike Hamilton.

Philip is already throwing mud, but Hunter is very well respected - he's one of the few local attorneys who has actually argued a case before the Supreme Court. The case, U.S. v. Bean, was a travesty of justice involving Tommy Bean. You can read the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals decision here and the Supreme Court decision here. I hope you're taking notes, Philip, because it's obvious you have no idea who Larry Hunter is.

Hunter is a good man who can quote scripture as well as law. Considering Philip's relationship with Mike Hamilton, I'm anxious to read Philip's take.
Groves Cash - Big money in a big complex getting ready to house a bunch of people building big projects putting more money on the big tax rolls. Big news.
Yet, Philip claims Jefferson County is not "business friendly" (see posting here). Did I mention that an ACoA typically has a hard time telling the truth? Rather than making those trips out west, perhaps PRK should look for a therapist closer to home.

This is simply another example of how Philip has carefully thought through the facts and come down on both sides of the fence. Read the full story here.
Just When You Thought They Hit Bottom - Get just thought murders were bad in Port Arthur. Now they are running in and holding up hair salons. Gezzz.
Remember Rodney King
Who cares?
CNN - The most trusted name in news gets whacked with.........lets just say it. Talk about bias.
Unlike Philip, I actually watched the debate - more noticeable was the slugfest, name-calling, and mud-slinging that went on between candidates. I don't think I want any of these people in the White House.
Hollywood - We were out in La La land this past week and found the big talk in La La land to be about the big time anti-war flop films. Nobody wants to do another one.
If Philip was truly in Los Angeles this past week, then he must have been hanging out in those happy bars in West Hollywood.

This is not what the "big talk" is about in Hollywood right now. I emailed a friend who lives in L.A. and who also happens to work for a movie production company. Here's part of his response:
Haven't heard that mentioned at all. The real talk here is the strike by the screenwriters, which has everybody sitting at home, twiddling their thumbs until the whole thing gets settled.
Considering Philip's opinions on organized labor, I wonder how he missed that one?
Imus - He is back Monday. This should be some fun to listen to.
I'm holding my breath until Philip gets back on the air.
Barney Cam - Get ready for the Whitehouse Christmas Cam. Here is the link :
Jeez, Philip (or is that Gezzz?), isn't that a big waste of taxpayer money?
Baby Grace - Give us the needle. We will put it in and push the juice. Not a problem.
While Philip assumes his position as Vigilante Man, astute readers will note that Trenor and Zeigler are only charged with injury to a child and tampering with evidence - neither are capital crimes. Can we blame that one on District Attorney Tom Maness, as well?

A reader left this comment:
Philip uses the "L" word (Liberal) on anyone who argues with his crackpot ideas, but from his political profile on your web site even Ronald Reagan was a Liberal by Philip's standards.
The reader is apparently referring to this previous posting, where Philip is off the scale. Keep those cards and letters coming! I enjoy reading all of them!

Nov 29, 2007

One Point $38K

After I posed the question "how much exactly is 'one point $38k?'" (see postings below), a FFOKer (Friends and Family of Klein) wrote in defense of Philip's math skills:
You never seem to let me down. I see that you take the typical liberal media standpoint and take everything out of context. I guess you can blame it on PK bad grammar but I am pretty sure you know what he meant. If you take the sentence as a whole it would read, “The money? How about at one point $38k.” Now if you take the liberal standpoint you could just say “one point $38k”. Which would make him sound like he is trying to say something like one point two million or similar. Keep up your liberal standpoint so I can have my daily humor.
How funny! According to this gibberish, Philip's quote (see sidebar for entire quote) makes sense and that I've taken Philip's statement out of context because of my "liberal standpoint." Here's the actual figure, as reported by the "liberal media:"
The event attracted nearly 300 donors from as far away as Maryland. Shortly after, about $380,000 poured into the Clinton campaign from attendees and their families.
No ambiguity there; so, please explain how a person gets "one point $38k" from $380,000?

Perhaps Klein did this unintentionally based on ignorance; more likely, he purposefully manipulated the number so that one is left with the impression that "he is trying to say something like one point two million or similar."

PRK has an interesting, but minuscule, group of wingnut fans. I wonder if all of them are as articulate as Philip?