Mar 1, 2007

House Rules


Mission Statement and House rules:

Mission statement

For the past 10 years, Philip R. Klein has published the Southeast Texas Political Review, the "story behind the story in East Texas politics." As a self-described political consultant, editorialist, and political commentator, Philip has used this website to spread opinion and unsubstantiated rumor as fact with a reckless disregard for the truth. See Gillam v. Klein.

The purpose of Operation Kleinwatch is:
  • To fact-check Philip R. Klein's statements
  • To clearly identify his fallacious logic
  • To offer critical analysis of his opinions
  • To provide an alternative perspective
As such, the opinions expressed on this site are purely my own. I do not believe that Jefferson County is "THE MOST CORRUPT COUNTY IN TEXAS," but I do believe that Philip R. Klein frequently manufactures sources, stories, and rumors, sometimes to further his own personal and hidden agendas; My intent is to document this. Readers may also encounter parody and satire.

Address all inquiries, due process, and complaints here.

House rules

  • Via anonymous link, navigate to Philip R. Klein's website, The Southeast Texas Political
    Review (SETPR)
  • While that page is loading (and loading), leave a comment.
  • No profanity.
  • Discuss anything on the SETPR or media reports
    about Philip R. Klein.
  • Unlike Philip's website, speculation on rumor should be clearly noted.
  • Exercise restraint and practice your First Amendment rights responsibly.
  • All statements on this blog are purely
    the opinions of the author.
Email messages sent to Operation Kleinwatch by Philip R. Klein or friends of Philip may be posted on this blog. Other messages are treated confidentially. Attachments are limited to 500K in size. I reserve the right to auction any demand or "intent to sue" notices on eBay.