May 31, 2007

Latest Update!

On To Your Wallet

Philip spent much of this article in a poor attempt at refuting this Channel 6 story point by excruciating point. The story was filed by KFDM reporter Angel San Juan, whom Philip regularly attacks.

In lieu of actual facts and logic, Klein quickly lapsed into a typically hysterical harangue over "SPENDING YOUR TAX DOLLARS," "SOCIAL BREAKDOWN IN JEFFERSON COUNTY," "[INSERT NAME HERE] IS UNDER INVESTIGATION," "DEMOCRATS EAT LITTLE CHILDREN...."

Same dead horse with no substantial comment. To successfully refute an argument, one must supply contradictory evidence logically.

As an example, Jefferson County is in the 40 percentile of lowest tax rates across the state's 254 counties. The average 2005 tax rate in Texas was 0.53 cents per 100 dollars valuation. At 42.5, Jefferson County's effective tax rate was 11 cents less than the statewide average. That's your dime and some change.

For another comparison, Montgomery county is roughly a third bigger than Jefferson County, but has a tax rate of 49.5. Readers should also note that that the few figures that Klein quoted were substantially off, but what's a few hundred thousand dollars of YOUR TAX DOLLARS among friends; huh, Philip? My data came from the Jefferson County Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports, while his came from an anonymous and gutless source.

While Hurricane Rita struck Jefferson county near the beginning of the 2006 fiscal year, spending went up only 2 and 1/2 percent.

Any real comment, Philip?

Election Trouble

Oh look - it's another investigation!

In this episode, the Secretary of State's office is investigating the Jefferson County Clerk's office for voting irregularities. Not only does Klein make this same announcement after every election, but that's the fourth investigation he's announced this month:

  • The Port Neches Police Department is investigating Rhonda Dugas for Disturbing the Peace
  • Someone in Plano is investigating the Jefferson County DA's office

And, my personal favorite:

  • The U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Texas is investigating racketeering at Lamar University

Klein also quoted four anonymous and gutless sources in this article:

  • "According to a source at the Secretary of States office in Austin..."
  • "Our sources in both Guidry's office and the City of Beaumont..."
  • "A source from a local political party..."

Is anyone else skeptical about this new investigation? I'll reserve further comment until later.

May 30, 2007

Vigilante Man


In "The Face" on The Southeast Texas Political Review, Philip R. Klein reprinted an entire article without permission from Jeff Ortiz's blog which concerned the mugging of a family member at Central Mall.

In this case, he admitted pirating the article:

"In fact, without permission - here is the reprint of Jeff's posting that week:"

One of the things I found particularly interesting is Klein's offer:

"Ms. Ortiz - we here at the review would like to offer our services of our sister company to help you find this person free of charge. And we know the mall would be glad to pay our bill. And if they do not - we would do it for free. "

Not only is Philip attaching himself to the coattails of this issue as a vigilante, he's also soliciting new business for Klein Investigations! Why include a stipulation that the "mall would be glad to pay our bill?" Philip frequently complains that people make fun of his business, yet he can't distinguish between his role as self-professed "editorialist" and his role as a private investigator.

I'll revisit this article from time to time as we watch how Philip's investigation turns out.

May 29, 2007

Bobbie's Seat

In his article today, Phillip Klein displayed his bias again towards former Beaumont City Council member, Bobbie Patterson:

"...Bobbie Patterson just does not get it...Patterson's claim to fame? The YMBL press conference where she felt she should have been offered a seat on the stage."
In future years, I suspect Patterson will be remembered as the first African-American woman on the Beaumont City Council. I also believe Patterson will be remembered as the candidate who won a seat on the council by one vote during a recount. I doubt that few people will remember the YMBL incident - with time comes perspective.

Klein also arrogantly offered Patterson some free advice:

"So Bobbie - count it again - then go away. Seriously - go back to where you come from and take a good hard look at how you acted and how you let the people you swore represent down. And maybe - just maybe with a better way of thinking and attitude - you can come back to political life."
Since he had few, if any, clients scattered over many years, Klein eventually stopped billing himself as a political advisor, where he tried to sell his presumptuous advice like, "go back to from where you came."

More importantly, Klein has again poisoned the well with his personal bias. He offers no examples or evidence specific to Patterson's performance as multi-term council member; only a vague assertion that she, "let the people you swore represent down."

If we're to consider Klein's bias for more than a nanosecond, he needs to cite some examples of how Bobbie Patterson failed to serve her constituency.

May 28, 2007

Lewis v. Prince

In today's article, Klein personally endorses the mayoral campaign of Deloris Prince in Port Arthur:
"But the true story is that Ms. Prince needs to be the next mayor of Port Arthur. At least she understands business. At least she does not have lets say a sorted history....of judgments and etc?"

Klein meant "sordid," not "sorted." If he's confused about simple two-syllable words, then he's not credible on those issues requiring a prerequisite basic knowledge of the subject matter. For example, consider Philip's simplistic statement about the economy from last Friday: "good economy higher gas prices. Supply - demand."

Philip urges the police and fire unions in Port Arthur to "get involved;" I'm sure his personal endorsement will mean much.

May 26, 2007

Friday's Fact Check


Greetings from Toledo Bend! Klein waited until after 4 PM preceding a long holiday weekend to post Tidbits this week.


BISD Propaganda - no relevant content.

Gas Prices: "good economy higher gas prices. Supply - demand." Klein's simplistic statement is highly representative of his ignorance concerning basic economic fundamentals.

We're currently seeing inflationary pressure because supply from refineries with reduced refining capacity can't meet demand - I personally prefer not to spend my after-tax dollars on higher gas prices, and associated transportation, food , construction, and materials costs.

Consider the impact upon local taxes when highway costs and law enforcement costs escalate. Even the cost of ammo will escalate since shipping costs are included in the price one pays. Note to Philip, try not to shoot yourself in the leg with those Glocks - medical costs increase as well.

Questions for Philip - isn't one's perception of a "good economy" measured, in part, by differences between disposable and discretionary income? And, what would happen to the Southeast Texas economy if a power generating plant - say, Toledo Bend - ceased operations during the peak days of summer because of reduced water flow?

Orange County Fire House: "We are kind of impressed." See "Powerful People" below. Klein apparently hasn't seen the Orange Police Department - Orange will have the finest Fire and Police facilities in the area for a population only a little larger than Nederland.

Uniforms: "Our tax dollars will pay for [uniforms] in almost 50% of the children - what color will they be? Get it yet?" Klein is as subtle as a nine-pound hammer - see "Powerful People" below for more insight into his condescension and arrogance.

On this issue, if school uniforms prevent prison uniforms, then perhaps the PAISD should consider them carefully. Since Philip is "kind of impressed" with services in Orange, I'll note uniforms are working in the WOCCISD district.

Note that even though Klein has a history of manufacturing statistics, I didn't check his figure that 50 percent of students in the PAISD are criminals. Perhaps Philip can cite a source?

LU TO Hardin County: Philip invents a bogeyman in the LU Political Science department and asks the question "Are we that popular? Yes." See "Powerful People" below.

To The Beach: Philip admonishes his readers not to, " forget that sticker!!!!" His reason, "You need the money for that good old BBQ." Since the cost of patrolling a beach and those stickers are directly relevant to fuel costs, see the comment on disposable income above.

Salad Sisters - Manufactured content with no relevance.

Mid-Life-Crisis - Klein received a "rare" invitation, then insulted his hosts - how boorish. See "Powerful People" below.

Recounts - see "Clear the Machines" below:

Clear the machines: Klein demonstrates his bias against Jefferson county, when he blames recent voting machine trouble on the county's IT department.

ES&S machines continue to be a problem - this month Grayson County is asking the Texas Secretary of State's office to void a May 12 election, due to problems with ES&S machines similar to those that Jefferson County experienced. A citizen's commission in Sarasota County, Florida, investigating complaints with ES&S machines ended that county's relationship with ES&S. Comments, Philip?

There Were Four "Now only three." Who cares?

Internet Quote of the Week: Klein mitigates his inability to comment rationally on issues surrounding immigration reform by reprinting a posting.

Blogger Report: Who cares?

I did notice that Klein attempted to address some of the issues I raised:

  • "Alberto has to go is our opinion." Since Klein defended Gonzales in an article last month, his position has apparently changed over the past weeks. I'll reserve comment until Klein vacillates back to defending Gonzales. Klein avoided the issue I raised on the costs to our economy and taxes of rounding up illegals here in Southeast Texas.

  • "...the new guy - take a look at some of the other US attorney's and their political contributions. " Another fallacy in logic - the thesis is that Ratcliffe's appointment seems to be a case of political patronage. The issue is not other U.S. Attorneys; so, I'll do a point-by-point comparison if Klein will actually cite his examples.

  • "...we say add in the big fence and beef up the boarder guards." Philip is parroting talking points, since he missed my central thesis: until the U.S. removes the economic incentive for immigrants to illegally cross the "boarder...get it," then a big fence and more "boarder" guards won't fix the problem. How much would most Americans be willing to pay in increased taxes for that "big fence" and increased "boarder" patrols? See "Gas Prices" above.

Powerful People

Klein's preoccupation with power is symptomatic of anti-social narcissistic behavior. One need only listen to a few minutes of his radio show to spot his inflated sense of self-worth and fragile ego. Other symptoms include egotistical self-aggrandizement ("...are we that popular...yes"), exaggerated talents ("...We are asked...from outsiders who call us for advice..."), and overstated achievements ("...we got some insight from the Mexican Government..."). Here is more information on Narcissistic personality disorders. The list of symptoms could describe Klein perfectly

When considering Klein's avoidant, dependent, and obsessive-compulsive behavior, however, one could argue that he has a Cluster C disorder. Try looking in the Lamar University Psychology department.

Question for Klein: are those personality tests for certification as a private investigator subject to open records requests?

May 25, 2007

What, No Tidbits?

(11:07 AM - Friday AM) Philip hasn't posted his weekly tidbits -- I do hope I haven't intimidated Philip so that he's afraid to put up his weekly gibberish.

Here are some suggestions on topics:
  • The current rumor is that Alberto Gonzales will resign - Klein hasn't commented on the blatant case of partisan patronage in the appointment of John Ratcliffe as U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Texas.
  • Congress is debating immigration reform - according to a couple of conversations I've had recently with medical professionals, the number of illegal workers in Jefferson County has exploded. Until the economic incentive is removed by enforcing existing laws on hiring undocumented workers, we'll continue to have this problem.
  • Kinisha Berry's death sentence was overturned, after her defense attorney argued she wouldn't be a threat to prison society. What?
  • Congress sent President Bush a bill yesterday on supplemental funding for the Iraq war which includes no timetable for withdrawal. Philip previously stated that the new funding had passed weeks ago, included a timetable through July endorsed by Nancy Pelosi. That bill never got out of the Senate, but Philip had no comment on his error.
Check back this evening, because I have a prior appointment with a big fish!

May 23, 2007

The Wednesday Wacko Report

Philip's articles so far this week:

Madam Mayor

In today's article on the Beaumont City Council, Klein offers no substantial comment. A reader provided a good example of Klein's knowledge about the Beaumont City Council in a previous comment:
"Klien recently 'broke' that his ' sources' with the BFD and city council stated that the stand-off was over and both sides would be sitting down that week to agree and a contract settlement. That same week the city council voted to illegally void the FFs contract. There was no meeting between the two sides."
Apparently, Klein's sources got it wrong again. Unfortunately, Philip won't archive his previous postings because I'm sure we could find many more examples. Philip frequently claims he's victimized by being misquoted, but never produces the original articles.

Crime Wave

Klein provided another excellent example of misinformation in his version of a shooting involving the brother of a former Port Arthur City Council member and a PAISD School Trustee. Klein manufactured sources in the PAPD to paint a significantly different picture than what is contained in the arrest warrant.

Klein purports that "the Linden boy was at the gas station...and was approached by two Asian males." According to other witnesses, including a passenger in Linden's vehicle, Linden insulted a female who was with Tran. I also noticed that the "Linden boy" is actually a 47-year-old male.

Presumably, Linden is aware of laws concerning handguns, including the duty to retreat, since he was previously charged with unlawfully carrying a firearm in 1997. I agree with Philip that Linden is innocent until proven guilty - both Linden and Tran will get their day in court. This case is far beyond the scope of my little blog, except as the details are twisted by Klein to serve his hidden agendas.

For instance, compare this account with Philip's story from earlier this month concerning an alleged investigation of Rhonda Dugas. In both cases, he manufactured sources within the respective law enforcement agencies.

Klein mentioned the Linden case in passing, buried in the middle of a article where he rehashes his vapid rant about crime in Jefferson County.

In Dugas' case, however, Klein detailed an imaginary investigation in a lengthy article under a title in big font and all caps. This came just days after another long article, where Philip published unauthorized photos of Dugas' home and even detailed a broken link on her website - if this is a crime, Klein should be charged with felony blogging and idiocy for failure to maintain proper links on his front page. Try accessing the City of Orange's site.

But seriously, folks, I'm curious as to how that investigation turned out? Was Dugas charged with a Class C misdemeanor and sent up the river?

Ford Park

Philip offered this penetrating analysis of a recent suggestion for funding improvements and repairs at Ford Park:

"Our take? "

"First, government should not be in the business of entertainment. We ever go as far as saying they should not be in the Park Business...but who are we?"

"Second, when is enough enough? "

"Third, who made the fields in the bad shape they were made in? Who screwed it up? "

Expounding upon a theme that began with some comments from readers, Klein again offers no solutions; instead, it's the same tired position that we've heard from him ad nauseum. Only when the former County Judge Carl Griffith was mentioned at the same time did Klein strangely moderate this position.

In my opinion, spending hotel/motel tax money on Ford Park is a great idea. Since the money comes from taxes levied at local hotels, it's revenue generated from non-residents. If Ford Park is truly a draw to Jefferson County as supporters claim, this makes a lot of sense to me.

Klein clearly doesn't like that idea, either, which makes his ill-defined position a dichotomy. He doesn't want local residents to pay for Ford Park and he doesn't want visitors to the facility to pay for it, either.

Unfortunately, Griffith's legacy to Jefferson County is clearly here to stay. Rather than being part of the problem, I'd like to hear Klein's solutions. I'm looking forward to discussing your response, Philip.

May 21, 2007

"Pete" ad nasuem


"Pete" responds:

Kool Aid drinker"...Yagottaluvit.

Let's take a look at the situation. The BPA area ranks 4th in
unemployment (4.8%) behind Mcallen (6.1%), El Paso (5.6%) and Brownsville (5.5%). [Heck], even Lubbock and Amarillo are running @ 3।1 & 3.2% against BPA's 4.8%. BPA is [hurting badly] while the rest of the state is rocking. So when an opportunity arises what does an economically strapped municipality do? Take Andrews, Texas (3.6%) for example. Andrews is the site of a nuclear waste storage facility. As big a risk as the proposed VX disposal program in BPA. Taking the area's industrial history (and current decline) into account, I would venture to say that there is a highly experienced workforce that is familiar with the handling of toxic substances just waiting for an opportunity. (BTW, after neutralization VX does not "reform into the VX nerve agent" except under specific conditions ie a drop in pH below th 13-14 range) A highly skilled workforce in need of jobs that is being blocked by an organization run by someone who is a little lax in paying taxes and who may have made have made a few prevarications (something obviously very important to you seeing as you like to point them out when it comes to others)...In other words, someone of questionable character... It would seem that character wouldn't matter in this case as much as it does when it comes to a some blogger who would love to see the BPA area to be at least as competitive as, say Texarkana (4.5%). Why is that? Oh, and is anyone nearly as interested where Mr. Kelly gets his funding as they are of where Klein (Klien Kline Klunk etc but let's not get personal) gets his? I doubt it. But lets question that and his marital issues and his 10 year old BK (but let's not get personal) while feigning shock that a community leader's character be called into question. To be quite honest, I am quite impressed the race card hasn't been played yet. Li Saluto

Let's discuss Ms. Dugas for a moment, shall we? Here we have an individual who (for the most part) has some really good ideas about the waste and fraud occurring in her community government. For that she should be commended and if I recall, Phil (Fil,Herr Kline etc but let's not get personal) gave her some good press when she first started her crusade. However after doing a little research into the who, it seems to have become apparent that Ms. Dugas isn't all that she makes herself out to be. Personally, I want my politicians, professional or grassroots or otherwise, to be different than those he or she is criticizing. What's wrong with taking a look at the candidate? We do it on [darn] near every other level (how do you feel about Bush's time in the ANG?) why not here? If the revelations of her tax status or the possible "inaccuracies" of her filing paperwork were made by the Enterprise or KBMT would you bother with this site? I think not.

So here we are discussing the lies, divorces and bankruptcy of a blogger while at the same time whining about him looking into the same of prominent community activists and politicians.

Obfuscation indeed.


Dear "Pete;"

Since even Philip Klein realizes that one must "talk educated" to be taken seriously, I've substituted conventional language in those places where you lapsed into vulgar gibberish. For instance, referring to prevarications in the same paragraph with numerous obscenities and grammatical errors is merely pedantic. I also suggest occasionally using punctuation to avoid the appearance of a manic-depressive drunk. This ends today's lesson in grammar - let's move on to simple high school debate.

Your entire argument is based upon incorrect assumptions, ignorance of the issues, and fallacies in logic.

You first compare the most recent monthly unemployment rate in Beaumont/Port Arthur with other cities, such as Lubbock and Amarillo, and erroneously conclude that Beaumont/Port Arthur is [doing badly]. This particular fallacy is a spurious relationship.

Historically, Beaumont/Port Arthur has always had a higher unemployment rate than the state average. This higher unemployment rate is reflective of our economic bases and blue-collar labor pool; it has nothing to do with the economic climate in Southeast Texas. I'm not here to educate you - do your own homework by researching the dynamics of the manufacturing and construction sectors, which account for over a fourth of our current economy and even more in past years.

A more realistic view of our local economy comes by examining historical snapshots of unemployment rates in Southeast Texas:

  • January 2000........8.6
  • January 2001........7.3
  • January 2002.........7.8
  • January 2003........9.2
  • January 2004........9.3
  • January 2005........8.1
  • January 2006........7.3
  • January 2007........5.4

In truth, Southeast Texas is recovering nicely and the most recent unemployment rate from April that you quoted, 4.8 percent, is almost half of the historical high of 9.2 percent in January 2003. During some months in that period, the unemployment rate was actually over 10 percent, but I'm sure that even someone as dense as you can clearly see the growth in the Southeast Texas job market. Next time, do your homework first to avoid embarrassing yourself by quoting random numbers out of context.

You ironically compared the Beaumont/Port Arthur Metro with Lubbock and Amarillo - who do we know with familial ties to Lubbock? Compare the unemployment rates in January of 2000, when Lubbock and Amarillo each posted rates of 2.6 and 1.4 percent respectively, with the most recent rates you quoted, 3.1 and 3.2 percent. Since the beginning of this decade, unemployment in both Lubbock and Amarillo is increasing, while unemployment in Southeast Texas is decreasing.

Therefore, who is really "rocking" and who is really [doing badly]? Only those conservatives with an agenda would not agree that the glass is half full for Southeast Texas.

Furthermore, your entire argument that, "a highly skilled workforce in need of jobs is being blocked by an organization run by someone who is a little lax in paying taxes and who may have made have made a few prevarications," is not only redundant and tediously verbose, but simply misinformed.

The first shipment of VX Hydrosylate was incinerated in Port Arthur on April 22nd and as of May 9th, 23 shipments have been processed with over 15,000 gallons incinerated, so Mr. Kelley and this multiple-party federal lawsuit haven't blocked anything. Reiterating, I'm not here to educate you, so please do your homework if you wish to discuss this intelligently. I suggest starting with the controversial history of this particular batch of VX here and here. After that, read some basic chemistry - since the pH scale only runs to 14, your statement concerning a drop in alkalinity of 13 to 14 should be considered in the proper perspective.

Once you've done your homework, here's your open book exam:

  • Why did the "highly skilled workforce in need of jobs" at both Permafix and DuPont pass on this project?
  • Why did New Jersey and ironically, Ohio, block this project?
  • Who may have personally benefited from this project in Port Arthur?

This paragraph ends with Klein's most common fallacy in logic, an argumentum ad hominem. In this case, you're attempting to poison the well: unfavorable information (be it true or false) about someone is presented; therefore any claims this person makes is suspect.

You argue that because Hilton Kelley is behind on his taxes (whether true or false), then his objection to the incineration of VX Hydrosylate must be wrong. If for no other reason than your own twisted logic, Klein's bankruptcy, multiple divorces, self-aggrandizement, and lack of education must be considered when evaluating his credibility on issues requiring a basic prerequisite familiarity with the topic. Pot, meet kettle.

Unfortunately, other reasons to doubt Klein's credibility exist. You mentioned Rhonda Dugas, who is indeed a great example - just ask John Johnson. You won't get a straight answer from him or Klein, but perhaps you'll get an insight into Philip's hidden agendas. Perhaps now would be a more opportune time for Rhonda to submit an open records request on Johnson's email correspondence. That is, if this correspondence didn't get lost in the attic during the change in county administration.

Use what you've learned thus far about poisoning the well to consider what photoshopped and obscene pictures of Rhonda Dugas have to do with her failure to file paperwork in an election. This is not parody - it's simply mean-spirited harassment intended purely as defamation.

You conclude with a poor defense of the "lies, divorces and bankruptcy of a blogger." Since these subjects are ancillary to the real issues I've pointed out in the past month, this is another fallacy in logic; specifically, a red herring. Here are a few of the questions I've raised over Klein's articles in the past three weeks:

  • Manufactured quote from a state representative: No comment from Klein
  • Mistaken attribution of quote to Jerry Falwell: No comment from Klein
  • Misinterpretation of date from recent Gallup Poll: No comment from Klein
  • Blatant lie concerning the de Novo blog: No comment from Klein
  • Mistake on the status of Iraq War Funding bill: No comment from Klein
  • Falsehood concerning rejection of Valero Tax Abatement: No comment from Klein
  • False claim that Rhonda Dugas was under investigation for a class C misdemeanor: No comment from Klein
  • Prediction over the the next Jefferson County budget attributed to a manufactured source: No comment from Klein
  • Exaggerated importance over a 5 percent budget increase: No comment from Klein
  • Misinterpretation of economic indices: No comment from Klein

And my personal favorite:

  • Klein's manufactured statistic that one would need to "wallow in [VX Hyrdosylate] for two years to even get one point of one-tenth of a side effect" - no comment from Klein

Other examples include his bizarre prediction over the death of the Republican Party, partisanship in the proposed gas tax suspension, and pirated artwork.

We both agree on one point, however. After reading your response, it's quite obvious that I was entirely wrong about you and Klein intentionally obfuscating real issues with specious arguments. Apparently, you're both simply too ignorant of the basic issues to engage in a meaningful exchange. Instead, you've tried to divert attention with another fallacy in logic: an appeal to pity for Klein who's allegedly victimized by a "gutless, anonymous blogger."

Next time, do your homework, try writing while sober, and tell Philip that I'm finished with his little lap dog - please send in the real clown.

May 18, 2007

Dear "Pete"

One of Philip's kool-aid drinkers left this comment today:

"[Klein's] bankruptcy and his failed marriages have to do what with a political issue like running for office while not paying taxes (Dugas), or waging a political battle against local industry while not paying taxes (Kelly)."
Answer: The same things that harassing Dugas by posting unauthorized pictures of her home on the Internet and ridiculing Kelly for his membership in SAG have to do with their tax status. I can see why Klein's fallacious logic appeals to you - by focusing on personal attacks such as these, both you and Philip are able to avoid the real issues. I've already shown that Klein knowingly manufactures quotes and sources - take a few moments to read through the de Novo blog incident document earlier.

Even more insidious, Klein is obfuscating real issues of importance with this harassment, rather than facilitating open debate. For instance, you've not offered any evidence that filing a federal lawsuit for more information on that nerve gas constitutes a "political battle against local industry."

After being neutralized, this nerve agent separates into two layers over time. The top layer reforms into the VX nerve agent, while the bottom layer remains chemically inert. This stuff has been sitting around for years, but the Army refuses to retest the compound or release any information on the current condition. The workers in the Newport, Indiana, plant where this stuff is currently stored allege the Army is misrepresenting the safety of this compound and poses a health hazard.

Don't you wonder why every other community in the U.S. that the Army has approached has turned them down? Or, why the Port Arthur City Council was unaware of this? While Mayor Ortiz allegedly knew about this for months, city council members were only informed in March when the story broke.

These are the real issues, not Hilton Kelley's membership in the Screen Actor's Guild, or even whether he paid his taxes. Kelley is only one of several principals in the CIDA, which is only one of several groups involved in the lawsuit. All of the principals in CIDA have home addresses listed in the immediate vicinity of that incinerator plant - how about you, "Pete?"

क'मों क्लें - ई क्नोव यू'रे सेंदिंग इन योर लिटिल अंकल बितेर्स। अफ्रैद तो देबते रियल इस्सुएस?

Friday Fact Check


I must first thank the many people today who've contributed to my blog, either through comments, tips, or more substantial resources. These resources include court documents from Philip's bankruptcy and even the new artwork at the top of the page.

I was surprised at the amount of immediate feedback. I appreciate this, even though I don't approve many of these comments. Gaining new readers is not my goal; rather, my purpose remains fact checking Philip's consistent falsehoods, errors, and personal agendas behind his character assassinations.

I'll address this subject in more detail below. I've already addressed most of Philip's other recent articles this week, so you can read through those at your convenience. Here are the ones I've missed, and we'll revisit another one.


After I exposed Philip's mistake in attributing a quote from Pat Robertson to Jerry Falwell, Philip changed Falwell's name in the article from "Fallwell" to "Farewell" throughout the piece. This further corroborates my assertion that Philip is a merely an insincere sycophant and mentioned Falwell's passing only as an ends towards bolstering his flagging credibility. Isn't this a gross lack of respect for the Right Reverend Falwell?


A reader left this comment:

"Klein's lying about contacting a local state representative. The only one who voted for that bill is Deshotel, who DID NOT talk to Klein. Call his office and ask...they'll confirm that."

This comment refers to Philip statement:

We called a local state representative this afternoon and asked if he voted for it.

"Yup, sure did. It is a chance for less government and less fees to the citizens," the state Representative told us.

Of the three state representatives considered local in the Golden Triangle, the Democrats were split. Ritter voted against, while Deshotel voted for the bill. This can be verified through the recorded votes on HB 2685 at the Texas Legislature's website. After contacting my own source, I was simply told, "Those are not the words of Joe Deshotel."

Klein makes an oblique reference to our third local Representative and Republican, Mike Hamilton, in his last sentence:

And socialism is not alive and well in the GOP? Man oh man.

Philip wrote this without checking on the actual tally, because Hamilton was present, but did not vote on this bill. Is this a personal agenda or merely another example of Klein's manufactured quotes?


Most of this has no relevance and simply displays Philip's ignorance on even the most basic of issues. As an example, Philip dodges that entire issue of immigration with a bizarre prediction on the death of the GOP. I suspect that Republicans will always be around no matter what happens on this compromise bill. If Philip posts something of substance, I'll respond. In my opinion, fixing immigration before securing our borders seems like putting the cart before the horse. Philip apparently can't comment intelligently on this real issue.

Most of Klein's Tidbits was devoted to me and my little blog. I'm flattered that Philip has gone from being an occasional visitor to a self-professed regular reader! Ironically, Phillip did not respond directly to any of my own articles, but rather to comments left by readers. I'll let them respond to Philip in the comments section.

Mr. Broken Record again claimed that he admits his errors, but failed to address even one of the many mistakes and falsehoods that I've exposed. These include a blatant lie concerning the author of the de Novo blog and other frequently manufactured sources and quotes. His tired accusation that my blog is, "just a rehashed same old thing," only highlights Philip's own lack of credibility - since my content is taken directly from Philip's articles, he chooses the topics upon which I comment.

Philip further accuses me of guilt by association, in that "People like you have attacked my family, my business, my pets, my employees, my extended family and myself personally. The only reason? I have a differing political opinion than you. " If this is true, Philip, let's discuss the real issues, shall we? We can start with the immigration issue above or any of the many other issues that I've raised in past days. I seriously doubt that you have the ability to sustain any meaningful discussion of substance on these issues. Prove me wrong.

My objection to your "differing political opinions" does not come from your right to express those opinions; rather, I disagree with your character assassinations through manufactured sources, lies, and your own intrusions into other people's personal lives. If publishing pictures of Rhonda Dugas' home or sophomoric comments on Hilton Kelley's membership in the Screen Actors Guild are issues of political substance, then you should certainly have no complaints about discussions on your bankruptcy or failed marriages.

May 16, 2007


More evidence of Klein's terminal confusion has surfaced. In his sycophantic piece today, simply entitled "Jerry," Philip states:

[Falwell] was an advocate for prayer in schools - saying this now famous quote on the 700 club in 2001 :

"We have sinned against Almighty God, at the highest level of our government, we've stuck our finger in your eye," said Robertson. "The Supreme Court has insulted you over and over again, Lord. They've taken your Bible away from the schools. They've forbidden little children to pray. They've taken the knowledge of God as best they can, and organizations have come into court to take the knowledge of God out of the public square of America."

That quote can't be too famous, since Pat Robertson, not Jerry Falwell said that. You'll notice the key phrase is "said Robertson." Klein stole this verbatim and without attribution from this CNN article. Since this is such an obvious gaffe, apparently not even Philip reads his own writing.

Even funnier, the topic of Pat Robertson's response was not prayer in school as Klein states, but Falwell's real statement on the 700 Club in reference to the terrorist attacks on 9/11:

"I really believe that the pagans, and the abortionists, and the feminists, and the gays and the lesbians who are actively trying to make that an alternative lifestyle, the ACLU, People For the American Way, all of them who have tried to secularize America. I point the finger in their face and say 'you helped this happen.'"
The CNN story, including the key phrase, "said Robertson," places the entire story in proper context.

Now for the bonus round: what local "edtitorialist" said this:

  • "But I learned many years ago that it is better to be wrong, and correct it, than to try and hide what you say."

फिलिप क्लें रेअल्ल्य इस अन इडोत.

Mid-Week Mania

So far this week:

Bush / Congress: Philip again invokes his anonymous sources - this time, in Washington, DC!

Philip's dubious source attempts to comment intelligently on the latest Gallup Poll. If this source is real, then I have no doubt as to why the overall Congressional approval rating remains in the toilet. More likely, Philip is again attempting to reinforce his lack of credibility by manufacturing another source.

Since Philip has neglected to cite relevant articles as usual, here's the link to this latest Gallup poll. Philip routinely fails to cite these articles, since he usually misses the forest for the trees. For example, while Congressional approval rating in this latest poll is slightly lower than the overall 2007 average, the poll notes that Americans have been more positive in their assessments of Congress than last year, when an average of just 25% approved of Congress.

I think that it's also worth noting that the highest approval rating Congress has had in the few years was only 44%, according to the AP-Ipsos crosstabs. The president’s numbers will move with his reaction to world events, but with both parties present in Congress and forced to compromise, it’s hard to please anyone.

That's not to say I'm apologizing for the job done by Congress. This week, Congress is tackling illegal immigration - I predict nothing will be done, primarily because of partisan politics.

Since you brought this subject up, Philip, I look forward to discussing this with you in further detail. Or, will you dodge this issue as you did in the de Novo blog lie (see below)?

Port Arthur: Philip devotes one line to "Ester" Benoit's call for a recount. According to Philip's source, "the vote was too close." In this case, we were able to identify Philip's source of information here.

Post Mortem: Seven out of ten ain't bad - for Philip, it's astounding! As I noted previously, most of those were obvious and typically, Philip either missed truly contested races entirely, or conveniently omitted them from his original prediction, as in the case of the Lumberton referendum on alcohol sales.

May 11, 2007

Friday Fact Check (Nitwit Tidbits)

Radio Show :  

Who cares - no relevant content beyond self-promotion. 
Funds Until July : "Nancy Pelosi is now running the war. What happens now is on her back. No funds past July. Remember this." 
As usual, Philip is confused - that bill passed the House of Representatives, but there is little interest in the Senate. This is not a done deal and won't get out of the house. Philip should try getting his news from something beyond the Weekly Reader.

More importantly, President Bush has promised to veto this bill, as well. Here's a reality check for Philip: Our brave troops performed admirably and won the war. President Bush held a news conference aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln on May 1, 2003, where he acknowledged this.

What's happening in Iraq now is an occupation, of which there is no military solution. To me, the only thing that makes sense is to partition that country as the U.N. did in the Balkans. I'd love to discuss this with Philip, but since he has a hard time keeping track of what's actually happening in the U.S., I'm sure that substantive debate is completely over his head.
Speak Of Crime: "Here is a thought. If lets say a tax abetment passes by a local governmental board."
Is this a complete sentence? More importantly, is this a complete thought? The answer to both is no.

Philip is apparently referring to the "Tax abetment" for Valero which was recently granted by Jefferson County Commissioners. As I discussed earlier this week, this was another example where Klein was dead wrong. See that article for more details. Let it go, Philip.
Ambulance Guilty : "Okay - fine the ambulance company - but the employee? $100 bucks? These guys work for pennies. Less pennies now."
More opinion from a self-proclaimed "edtitorialist." What's the real story, Philip? You know, "the story behind the story?"
Lumberton Vote : "Watch for the drinking vote. It passes - an explosion of building. It fails - a set back for years." 
No relevant content, but Philip's clearly drinking the kool-aid again, this time laced with Mad Dog 20/20. Maybe that's the problem behind "Tax abetment."
Southeast Texas Record : "Get this....they are gaining national attention? The national media is now talking about doing a story? Sometimes it is better just to say nothing. Hmmmm?"
I agree with Philip - it is better for him to say nothing when he has nothing of substance. Most of Philip's writing is just hot air from someone who likes to hear the sound of their keyboard clicking. The rest of his material usually comes from sources who don't want to be named. No surprise there...who'd want to be identified with Philip Klein?

Blogger Report

What the heck is this? Most of the local blogs upon which Klein comments are quite vociferous. I certainly don't need Philip's confused translation to figure out what they're saying. I'll respond to his take on DK, however:

  • Decline of Kline : "The teacher left the room and let the kids watch a video. We did not have time to watch the video but got the drift on the title! We are wondering if the teacher can clean up the site a little and make it easier to navigate it. We got bored quick. The same old think over and over and over and over again. "
No doubt Philip got bored quick - he has the attention span of 3-year-old child. Since all of my comments on this blog come from Philip's regular articles, the issue of boredom and the "same thing over and over..." is probably more reflective of the source on which I'm commenting. Mirror, Mirror, on the web...

By the way, Philip, I noticed that you've not mentioned anything at all about getting caught red-handed in that lie about the de Novo blog. Philip wrote:
  • Oh... and he called me. Nice guy. Wanted to tell me what he thought of the lawsuit. Funny thing what others see out there looking into Jefferson County.
PG responded:
  • Unless I have been sleep-calling radio shows, I never have called Mr. Klein.
Even funnier, Philip missed PG's gender. What, no comment, Philip? Weren't you the one who wrote this little gem:
  • But I learned many years ago that it is better to be wrong, and correct it, than to try and hide what you say.
Today's secret message for Philip:

फ्रिदय फक्त चेक - फिलिप इस रेअल्ल्य अन इडोत

May 8, 2007

Busted, Pt. II

As promised during Friday's Fact Check, I'm going to revisit an article that Philip Klein posted last week.

After Klein reported that the Valero Board of Directors rejected a Jefferson County tax abatement agreement, company officials and county commissioners finalized the agreement yesterday. Contrary to quotes from Klein's fictitious sources, the company has approved the agreement. The Beaumont Enterprise reports this morning:

The next step along the road to landing a proposed $1.3 billion refinery expansion was taken Monday as Jefferson County Commissioners received and filed a tax abatement agreement signed by Valero Energy Corp.

While the deal still faces final approval from the Board of Directors later this year, Klein's information was entirely wrong.

In another article this morning, Klein now claims that the agreement approved yesterday was changed. The Port Arthur News story clearly dispels this notion. The abatement approved yesterday includes those addendums from last week:
Precinct 2 Commissioner Mark Domingue said after Monday’s Commissioners Court meeting that the abatement agreement contained two addendums to the
original draft.
I also noticed that this deal is not for "hundreds of jobs" as Klein claimed, but rather just 40 permanent jobs. While every job is certainly important, we should all try hard to avoid manufacturing negative sources, exaggerated claims, and inflammatory lies.

May 7, 2007

BREAKING NEWS: Philip Klein is Busted

I couldn't resist the temptation of using Philip's "Breaking News" line in giant font. Here's an interesting blog article reprinted from the de Novo blog:

PG Is Impersonated
by PG

Having said my last say on the
AutoAdmit controversy, I was surprised to find myself getting pulled into a different fight between the named and anonymous: Philip Klein, whose web design on the Southeast Texas Political Review I critiqued in passing while commenting on a lawsuit against him, and "The Gutless Mr. Anonymous" at The Decline of Klein. The latter quoted my criticisms in his blog attacking Mr. Klein, and Mr. Klein replied. As I mentioned in the earlier De Novo post, SETPR's links are unstable, so I've copied his post after the jump. The part that worried me was this, in reference to my De Novo post:

Decline of Kline: As an example, I particularly liked your recent exchange on the relatively unknown legal blog, De Novo:

Klein's Response: I know - I had never heard about that site. He gives good advice. Oh... and he called me. Nice guy. Wanted to tell me what he thought of the lawsuit. Funny thing what others see out there looking into Jefferson County.

Unless I have been sleep-calling radio shows, I never have called Mr. Klein. I am a little disturbed by the thought that someone could have seen my post and decided to call Mr. Klein, pretending to be me, so I'm hoping that his remark about having called him was a joke, or actually intended to reference someone other than me.

You can read the entire posting on PG's blog, de Novo, here. Thanks for setting the record straight, PG. I'm absolutely certain that no one called Mr. Klein pretending to be you; rather, this is an excellent example of Philip's manufactured sources. Klein claims to be an "editorialist;" in reality, he's only adept at making up sources to buttress his fallacies and character assassinations.

For Klein's sake, I hope he's lined up some sources to back him up when Gilliam v. Klein comes to trial. Exercising one's First Amendment rights presupposes certain responsibilities - making up lies about individuals because one disagrees with their politics is not protected speech. Philip's unstable links simply mirror his personality.

I must agree with Philip on one point, however; people who are first exposed to Jefferson County through Klein's distinctly dystopian vision must think we're all uneducated idiots. Actually, PG, Klein is not a native, but a transplant who moved into the area and married into a family business, ran that business into bankruptcy through bad management, and now complains about the politicians and attorneys of Jefferson County. He's not credible; instead he's considered a joke by both local conservatives and liberals alike.

The rest of Klein's response speaks for itself and is as fallacious as this particular point, so I won't waste my time refuting his nonsense line for line.

To Philip:

Please take the link to my blog off your front page. I did not seek, nor will I accept, this dubious honor; rather, I was pointing out the inconsistencies in your statements. Although you missed the entire point as usual, I'm sure everyone else understood this. I'll not mention this particular issue again if you'll remove that link.

I do want to thank you, however. As a retiree, it's been a long time since someone called me a "whining, school boy." I look forward to a long relationship refuting your falsehoods and lies. I especially look forward to refuting your opinions on issues of real relevance.

Sincerely yours,

The Gutless Mr. Anonymous

Open Letter to Philip Klein

Dear Philip;

I heard the portion of your weekly radio show devoted to me and the Decline of Kline this past Saturday. Based on the number of local commercials that I heard during your two hours on the air, I'm guessing I'll probably pick up at least 5 or 6 new readers from that mention. Thanks!

While I certainly appreciate the mention, it's not necessary. Word is apparently spreading about this site. As an example, this blog was also mentioned on MegaDump last week. Who knows - maybe I'll even show up in Mr. Sluggo's Top 30.

Some observations on your statements:

1) Calling your radio show "the area's only radio blog" is an oxymoron. Since a blog is short for a web log, your radio show is really a radio show about a web log. This is typical of your basic misunderstanding of most issues, but in the greater scheme of things, this one is no big deal.

More importantly, that claim is a blatant falsehood. Drudge has had a two-hour show on KLVI for the past 10 years or so. I bet Drudge's ratings are better than yours, too.

2) Attributing the reason that I'm not displayed on your front page to the anonymity of this blog is another lie. The Trog Blog (Beaumont Underground) is anonymous, yet you regularly comment on that blog in Tidbits and a link is included on your front page. I really don't care if this site is displayed on your front page or not, but at least have the integrity to admit the truth: your ego is too fragile to allow regular criticism of your confused opinions.

3) I had to laugh when you claimed that you've only briefly looked at this site once or twice. I know you check here frequently - you are as subtle as a 9 pound hammer...that's funny, no matter who you are. According to my own anonymous sources, this blog has become one of your daily stops while combing the Internet looking for any mention of your name.

As an example, I particularly liked your recent exchange on the relatively unknown legal blog, De Novo:

Break Another Little Piece of My Door
by PG

Oh, to be writing an exam about
press rights again...

Port Arthur Precinct 8 Justice of the Peace Tom Gillam III] will be seeing a different side of the bench on April 23, as he makes an appearance as the plaintiff in a case filed against a local blogger.Gillam filed a legal case Wednesday morning in the 58th District Court against Philip Klein, said Brent Coon, one of Gillam’s two legal representatives."Philip Klein recently stated on the website 'Southeast Texas Political Review 2007' that Gillam recently engaged in an inappropriate sexual act with a woman at the (Port Arthur) courthouse," a statement released Wednesday by Coon and Beaumont attorney Gerald W. Eddins on Gillam's behalf, read. [Question: what would be an appropriate sexual act in which to engage at a courthouse?]"

Klein further stated in the same article that an employee walked in on Judge Gillam during the alleged act, became upset and left the courthouse in a manner that caused a glass door to break. This story is patently false, malicious and defamatory."Coon said Gillam is seeking unspecified damages from Klein and Klein Investments, Inc. of Nederland for the "damage done to his reputation and good name of his family." The judge's version of how the glass door broke is reported here.

Personally, I just want to sue SETX Political Review for inflicting emotional distress through heinous web design...

To which you replied:

Ouch - you do not like our design?

Philip R. Klein Editor

Posted by:
Philip R. Klein at April 20, 2007 11:52 PM
PG's reply was priceless:

I think you have a great concept with regard to focusing on local politics -- many commentators have said that this is really what "citizen journalism" is supposed to be about. In particular, having mp3s available of the last radio show you've done is excellent. And clearly you're successfully annoying the area powerful.

But yes, the web design is terrible. Unless the website is solely intended as advertising for Klein and Associates Political Relations/ Klein Investments, Inc., there's no reason to have that and the PO Box and phone number be the first thing that a visitor to the site sees.

1) Standard web design would put at the bottom of the page pretty much everything that you've put at the top: the statcounter, sponsor name, contact info, etc.

2) There are no permanent links to the individual articles and editorials. Suppose I want to direct my readers to your editorial "The Offer." There's not really any way I can get them directly to it. You seem to change the content on the URL regularly, so there's no stable way to see "The Offer."

3) Confusion between news and opinion. Today's "top story" on Sheryl Crow is really an editorial, yet it is not categorized with the other editorials. SETPR is not breaking a story here -- it is copying information from the national media and commenting on it.

4) Copyediting slows down the process of getting the message out, but it goes a long way to making a website look more professional and thus more likely to be taken seriously. The Sheryl Crow remarks are rife with grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors. No matter how good a point the writer is making, if I am an educated person who judges others based on their literacy (as most people do -- hence the social bias against Ebonics and other non-standard forms of English), then I am not going to bother reading this article because I will quickly dismiss the author as too careless to be likely to have informed, well-thought-out ideas.

Posted by: PG at April 23, 2007 01:18 PM

Bear in mind that PG's take was based on a one-time visit to your site. He obviously doesn't realize that no permanent links exist because you don't want anyone keeping track of past statements for accountability. Nor does he realize that any confusion between news and opinion is purely intentional. That is, if you truly know the difference between news and opinion.

I thought his fourth comment was the funniest, however. He apparently doesn't realize that those aren't mistakes in editing; rather, they're quite representative of your abilities, as evidenced by your frequent malapropisms such as "copy write" for "copyright" and "liable" for "libel."

If only PG knew you like we do - I'm sure he'd also have something to say about your fictitious sources, your personal agenda poorly disguised as political commentary, and your truculent attempts at bullying others.

Sincerely yours,

The Gutless Mr. Anonymous

May 4, 2007

Friday Fact Check

Let's look at Philip's articles over the past week:

On tidbits this week, check the photo of the big building. You'll notice the watermark is in the photo! This means that the picture was stolen without permission from Folio Photography, which is a British company specializing in aerial photography. The actual photograph is here. You'll notice this comment appears on each page of their site:

© Copyright 2006. Folio Photography.

Isn't ironic that someone who is concerned about "copy write" infringement steals copyrighted material on a regular basis for his website?

May Shocker - Philip claims the Valero Board of Directors on Wednesday rejected the Jefferson County Tax Abatement. Most of the news coming from the meeting had to do with the sale of their Lima, Ohio, plant, so we'll revisit this topic in the future.

Rhonda Dugas - Klein continues to harass Rhonda Dugas. In a case of Internet stalking, he published unauthorized pictures of her home and wrote a defamatory article claiming that Dugas is "UNDER INVESTIGATION" with big type in all caps. After reading the article, you'll find that he's again relying on those infamous anonymous sources. This is deja vu all over again - Klein wrote this same lie during Dugas' run for County Clerk.

I found this especially funny: according to Klein, this "investigation" of Dugas could result in a Class C misdemeanor charge of disturbing the if local authorities really conduct extensive investigations for disturbing the peace after the fact.

When you look at the amount of room that Klein devotes to Dugas, he obviously has some sort of fixation on her. Maybe the two of them should get a hotel room.

The Pig Trough - Philip Klein has pulled a red herring out of the Neches river on this issue of patrol boats for the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department. Philip obviously needs to do his homework, so he can "talk educated" about this subject.

The Port of Beaumont is the fourth largest port in the United States in terms of tonnage, busiest military port in the U.S., and the second busiest military port in the world. Here's Klein's homework assignment - how many patrol boats do other Sheriff's departments operate in counties with major port facilities across the U.S.?

Pig Trough (Part 2) - Philip claims the next Jefferson County budget will be around $130 million. If you look at his statement carefully, you'll realize that Philip heard nothing like this - he simply extrapolated his prediction for the new budget from the budget increase between 2005 and 2006. Considering the escalating costs of goods and services, such as gasoline, that may not be an unreasonable guess on Philip's part, so we'll revisit this issue at a later date, too.

Pig Trough (Part 3) - Philip mentions a 5 percent budget increase as if that's unreasonable. Actually, that's only a little over the average rate of inflation for 2006, so various budgets would need that much just to maintain the current level of services.

Really, Philip, you need to "talk educated" about this stuff if you want to avoid looking like a fool...oh, too late for that.

CIDA, Inc? - I covered this in detail in an earlier article this week, which you can read below.

May 1, 2007

Now, Ya'll Talk Educated

In the past several days, Philip has wracked up another couple of examples of why he's being sued for libel and slander. Check out the first posting this week on his website, which is a continuation of a theme that began on his radio show Saturday morning.

I pulled the show down and listened, which is archived on his site (see citation below). The first words out of Klein's mouth set the tone for the entire piece, "The most listened to radio show in Southeast Texas." If this is true, I have to wonder why only one local commercial aired during the whole two hours of Klein's show? Anyone wanna guess how can you tell when Klein is lying?

According to Klein, the original subject matter of this particular tirade was the VX controversy in Port Arthur. However, Klein's real focus was Hilton Kelly, who represents a local environmental group opposed to the incineration of this toxic nerve agent in Port Arthur.

Instead of sticking to an issue that certainly deserves more discussion, Klein spent most of his first hour making defamatory remarks about Kelly. I'm still trying to figure out what Kelly's membership in the Screen Actors Guild has to do with burning nerve gas in Port Arthur, but Klein apparently believes they're somehow linked.

In the second hour of Klein's show, Kelly called into defend himself. While Kelly repeatedly tried to discuss the real issue, Klein kept shouting him down. I also wonder if Philip forgot to take his happy pills on Saturday morning, because the manic depressive side of his personality certainly came out during this exchange. Philip, old buddy, I sincerely hope I didn't betray a doctor-patient privilege there.

Klein took two more calls immediately afterwards, both of whom tried to get back to the real issue of burning nerve gas. In the first call, Philip again shouted the caller down - one of the high points (or low points, depending upon your perspective) came during this exchange with the caller, who's name was Joe:
  • "Joe, Joe, Joe, now come on, now come on with me here, Joe, now listen to me. This stuff has already been...before it's even been brought here to Southeast Texas, Texas, it's already been dissolved to a point where you would need to wallow in it for two years to even get one point of one-tenth of a side effect. Now talk educated on this show, we demand our people to talk educated on this show, you're not talking educated, Joe. "

Philip, you need to cite your source for that figure of "one point of one-tenth of a side effect," because rather than "talking educated," you're sounding very stupid.

Philip closed that call out with this particular expletive:

  • "God Dang it, you just gotta get educated."

Apparently, the FCC's not among the thousands of people who regularly tune into Klein's show, because I'm pretty sure using God's name in vain is still a big no-no on the radio. Throughout the entire two hours, Klein never mentioned the real issue concerning this nerve agent. Not once.

Since Klein has challenged us to "talk educated," here's the real problem. After being neutralized, this nerve agent separates into two layers over time. The top layer reforms into the VX nerve agent, while the bottom layer remains chemically inert. This stuff has been sitting around for years, but the Army refuses to retest the compound or release any information on the current condition. The workers in the Newport, Indiana, plant where this stuff is currently stored allege the Army is misrepresenting the safety of this compound. This is what the lawsuit is about - information.

Another ancillary issue involves the legality of shipping this stuff across state lines, or in this case, eight state lines. Since Philip obviously has a hard time keeping track of even just one issue, I'll not confuse him any further by going into detail on this side issue.

The bottom line is this - Hilton Kelly's membership in the Screen Actors Guild, or whether his corporate paperwork is in order, has nothing to do with the issue of incinerating VX gas in Port Arthur. Either Klein is trying to divert attention; or more likely, he doesn't have the mental capacity to intelligently discuss this real issue.

In fact, Kelly's corporate paperwork issues do not make him any less credible than, say for instance, someone who married into a family business, ran the business into debt, and then had to duck out on local creditors by filing for bankruptcy. Or say, someone who smashed their big, black, SUV into a car with two innocent kids and then had to be dragged into court by the kids' parents to recover damages. None of this has anything to do with burning nerve gas in Port Arthur.

I'm curious about another thing here, as well. Klein has labeled Roberto Flores, Allen Lee, Rhonda Dugas, and now, Hilton Kelly as "stooges." Anyone notice a pattern here? All of these people are minorities, who represent a minority constituency. In the case of Rhonda Dugas, he's stalking her and has posted pictures of her home on his website today. I suppose we could even throw Tom Gilliam into this mix, which certainly seems to corroborate those past allegations of Klein's racism.

So that Philip won't accuse me of "copy write" infringement, here's the proper citation on his radio show quoted above:

And one last point, Philip. I noticed that you apparently passed on all those offers from those big attorneys in Houston - you know, the ones you said were beating down the door to handle your case. Instead, you went with some local talent. Good for you - he brings a whole new meaning to the term, "cut-throat lawyer."

As you suggested, I'm laying in a supply of popcorn, because Gilliam may not be able to win this suit, but you can certainly lose it.