May 26, 2007

Friday's Fact Check

Greetings from Toledo Bend! Klein waited until after 4 PM preceding a long holiday weekend to post Tidbits this week.


BISD Propaganda - no relevant content.

Gas Prices: "good economy higher gas prices. Supply - demand." Klein's simplistic statement is highly representative of his ignorance concerning basic economic fundamentals.

We're currently seeing inflationary pressure because supply from refineries with reduced refining capacity can't meet demand - I personally prefer not to spend my after-tax dollars on higher gas prices, and associated transportation, food , construction, and materials costs.

Consider the impact upon local taxes when highway costs and law enforcement costs escalate. Even the cost of ammo will escalate since shipping costs are included in the price one pays. Note to Philip, try not to shoot yourself in the leg with those Glocks - medical costs increase as well.

Questions for Philip - isn't one's perception of a "good economy" measured, in part, by differences between disposable and discretionary income? And, what would happen to the Southeast Texas economy if a power generating plant - say, Toledo Bend - ceased operations during the peak days of summer because of reduced water flow?

Orange County Fire House: "We are kind of impressed." See "Powerful People" below. Klein apparently hasn't seen the Orange Police Department - Orange will have the finest Fire and Police facilities in the area for a population only a little larger than Nederland.

Uniforms: "Our tax dollars will pay for [uniforms] in almost 50% of the children - what color will they be? Get it yet?" Klein is as subtle as a nine-pound hammer - see "Powerful People" below for more insight into his condescension and arrogance.

On this issue, if school uniforms prevent prison uniforms, then perhaps the PAISD should consider them carefully. Since Philip is "kind of impressed" with services in Orange, I'll note uniforms are working in the WOCCISD district.

Note that even though Klein has a history of manufacturing statistics, I didn't check his figure that 50 percent of students in the PAISD are criminals. Perhaps Philip can cite a source?

LU TO Hardin County: Philip invents a bogeyman in the LU Political Science department and asks the question "Are we that popular? Yes." See "Powerful People" below.

To The Beach: Philip admonishes his readers not to, " forget that sticker!!!!" His reason, "You need the money for that good old BBQ." Since the cost of patrolling a beach and those stickers are directly relevant to fuel costs, see the comment on disposable income above.

Salad Sisters - Manufactured content with no relevance.

Mid-Life-Crisis - Klein received a "rare" invitation, then insulted his hosts - how boorish. See "Powerful People" below.

Recounts - see "Clear the Machines" below:

Clear the machines: Klein demonstrates his bias against Jefferson county, when he blames recent voting machine trouble on the county's IT department.

ES&S machines continue to be a problem - this month Grayson County is asking the Texas Secretary of State's office to void a May 12 election, due to problems with ES&S machines similar to those that Jefferson County experienced. A citizen's commission in Sarasota County, Florida, investigating complaints with ES&S machines ended that county's relationship with ES&S. Comments, Philip?

There Were Four "Now only three." Who cares?

Internet Quote of the Week: Klein mitigates his inability to comment rationally on issues surrounding immigration reform by reprinting a posting.

Blogger Report: Who cares?

I did notice that Klein attempted to address some of the issues I raised:

  • "Alberto has to go is our opinion." Since Klein defended Gonzales in an article last month, his position has apparently changed over the past weeks. I'll reserve comment until Klein vacillates back to defending Gonzales. Klein avoided the issue I raised on the costs to our economy and taxes of rounding up illegals here in Southeast Texas.

  • "...the new guy - take a look at some of the other US attorney's and their political contributions. " Another fallacy in logic - the thesis is that Ratcliffe's appointment seems to be a case of political patronage. The issue is not other U.S. Attorneys; so, I'll do a point-by-point comparison if Klein will actually cite his examples.

  • "...we say add in the big fence and beef up the boarder guards." Philip is parroting talking points, since he missed my central thesis: until the U.S. removes the economic incentive for immigrants to illegally cross the "boarder...get it," then a big fence and more "boarder" guards won't fix the problem. How much would most Americans be willing to pay in increased taxes for that "big fence" and increased "boarder" patrols? See "Gas Prices" above.

Powerful People

Klein's preoccupation with power is symptomatic of anti-social narcissistic behavior. One need only listen to a few minutes of his radio show to spot his inflated sense of self-worth and fragile ego. Other symptoms include egotistical self-aggrandizement ("...are we that popular...yes"), exaggerated talents ("...We are asked...from outsiders who call us for advice..."), and overstated achievements ("...we got some insight from the Mexican Government..."). Here is more information on Narcissistic personality disorders. The list of symptoms could describe Klein perfectly

When considering Klein's avoidant, dependent, and obsessive-compulsive behavior, however, one could argue that he has a Cluster C disorder. Try looking in the Lamar University Psychology department.

Question for Klein: are those personality tests for certification as a private investigator subject to open records requests?

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