May 28, 2007

Lewis v. Prince

In today's article, Klein personally endorses the mayoral campaign of Deloris Prince in Port Arthur:
"But the true story is that Ms. Prince needs to be the next mayor of Port Arthur. At least she understands business. At least she does not have lets say a sorted history....of judgments and etc?"

Klein meant "sordid," not "sorted." If he's confused about simple two-syllable words, then he's not credible on those issues requiring a prerequisite basic knowledge of the subject matter. For example, consider Philip's simplistic statement about the economy from last Friday: "good economy higher gas prices. Supply - demand."

Philip urges the police and fire unions in Port Arthur to "get involved;" I'm sure his personal endorsement will mean much.


Anonymous said...

If judgements are a concern to Mr. Klein, he should never endorse Ronnie Linden for anything.
Thomas vs Linden
Dixon vs Linden
Andrie vs Linden

Anonymous said...

What do you expect from a Texas Tech non-graduate? Sordid is a 4th semester word.

Anonymous said...

If Klein's endorsing Prince, then the fire and police unions will go for Lewis.

a.b. said...

It's a sordid depiction of a bunch of sordid people doing unbelievably sordid things when they spread sordid lies about public officials. Sorted like the Judge Gillam rumors.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't Klien have a few sordid judgements in his past?

Anonymous said...

Yes. Has to do with his Fruit of the Loom endorsement?

Anonymous said...

Klein has a fruit of the loom endorsement? For the big boy underwear?