May 16, 2007

Mid-Week Mania

So far this week:

Bush / Congress: Philip again invokes his anonymous sources - this time, in Washington, DC!

Philip's dubious source attempts to comment intelligently on the latest Gallup Poll. If this source is real, then I have no doubt as to why the overall Congressional approval rating remains in the toilet. More likely, Philip is again attempting to reinforce his lack of credibility by manufacturing another source.

Since Philip has neglected to cite relevant articles as usual, here's the link to this latest Gallup poll. Philip routinely fails to cite these articles, since he usually misses the forest for the trees. For example, while Congressional approval rating in this latest poll is slightly lower than the overall 2007 average, the poll notes that Americans have been more positive in their assessments of Congress than last year, when an average of just 25% approved of Congress.

I think that it's also worth noting that the highest approval rating Congress has had in the few years was only 44%, according to the AP-Ipsos crosstabs. The president’s numbers will move with his reaction to world events, but with both parties present in Congress and forced to compromise, it’s hard to please anyone.

That's not to say I'm apologizing for the job done by Congress. This week, Congress is tackling illegal immigration - I predict nothing will be done, primarily because of partisan politics.

Since you brought this subject up, Philip, I look forward to discussing this with you in further detail. Or, will you dodge this issue as you did in the de Novo blog lie (see below)?

Port Arthur: Philip devotes one line to "Ester" Benoit's call for a recount. According to Philip's source, "the vote was too close." In this case, we were able to identify Philip's source of information here.

Post Mortem: Seven out of ten ain't bad - for Philip, it's astounding! As I noted previously, most of those were obvious and typically, Philip either missed truly contested races entirely, or conveniently omitted them from his original prediction, as in the case of the Lumberton referendum on alcohol sales.

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Anonymous said...

In regards to Klein's editorial "politics of raising a son", I just wonder if it has ever crossed Philip's mind what kind of a legacy he is leaving for the son he loves so much.