Jul 31, 2007

The Full Moon Calls to Philip Klein*

I checked the phases of the moon and discovered that last night was a full moon, so perhaps this explains the following exchange that occurred today.

Special thanks to a reader who alerted me to this issue. His/Her message concerns a rant from a local video blogger, Mike Aguilar. His website, "Going Underground" is here, and his articles are called Video Rants.

Readers should note that the Mr. Aguilar uses a lot of profanity and the music is not to my taste, but the message in his first commentary is quite interesting:
The Sam the Eagle website that Mr. Aguilar references is located here.

Klein posted this response on his Talk Back Line:
As for the DOKS and Sam The Eagle - they have one, and one only, point - that is me and this site. When you attack me, when many others attack me - they sign their names and a debate is open. Sam the Eagle and the DOKS (Parkers) have a goal in mind - which is to effect a lawsuit that is pending and to try and discredit me. And that is all good - you do kind of the same thing from day to day. It makes good political debate. However, you are different. You sign your name because you are proud of who you are and proud of your stance. It makes people like me - respect you.

I have no respect for the bully on the playground that protects himself (or herself) with hiding. Stand up - be heard. Take your shot. Get ready to take your shots. That is my position. I know that makes you "question" me - but to compare Pong and Buck (who have no agenda other than to make people laugh) to sights that have a back door agenda, well, to say it frankly Mike - you are not that stupid. Neither am I. Again, I suggest to you and your readers - as with mine - that they are (how you say) a bunch of whinny ...... well you fill in the blank. They have more to lose than they have to gain by signing their names.
Oh, look - name-calling! Incidentally, that's "whiny," not "whinny." In response, let me get down in the mud with Philip and address his bizarre allegations directly:
  • Philip alleges that I am a "bully on the playground." Obviously, Philip is so emotionally insecure that he feels bullied by my little blog. If I'm truly a bully, then Philip is a coward for not defending his own statements after I consistently expose their idiotic nature. The anonymity of this blog is another of Philip's red herrings and has nothing to do with the real issues here - the counterpoints are very real.

  • The name of this blog is Operation Kleinwatch and its purpose is to fact check Philip Klein's lies, biases, unsubstantiated rumors, logical fallacies, character assassinations, and defamatory statements. After reading through my archives, even someone as dense as PRK can see that I do this on an article-by-article basis. So, in this respect, Klein is correct when he alleges that my sole purpose is to discredit his crazy ideas, just as his sole purpose is to denigrate Jefferson County and the good people who live here.

  • Klein refers to me in the plural as the "DOKS," apparently because he believes there is a conspiracy of lawyers behind my little blog. This is a paranoid fantasy and patently untrue. While I know a few lawyers, I am not an attorney, nor do I have any affiliation whatsoever with any of them regarding this site. Furthermore, all articles are written and posted exclusively by me with no other assistance beyond occasional tips left in the comments section (see below). Make no mistake - this blog and the expressed opinions are purely my own.

  • To avoid being identified with anyone else, I've closed all comments on my articles. Readers can still leave comments through the link on the sidebar, but these comments are not published and I'm the only person who sees them before they're deleted forever. Therefore, I'm not associated with "Sam the Eagle," or any other blog. However, I did read this blog tonight and noticed that he never mentioned Philip Klein by name. If this blog is truly about Klein, then we do share a common purpose (see above). I confess - I thought his reference to Philip's E.D. was funny! I've heard the same thing through a second-hand source who knew one of Philip's ex-wives. As such, it's unsubstantiated, but has the ring of truth when considering Philip's other more obvious emotional problems.

  • Klein answered any questions I have about his tenuous grasp of reality with this statement, "...and the DOKS(Parkers)...." In the past, I've ignored Klein's references to Beverly Parker as the author of this blog, but let me make this perfectly clear: I've never met Beverly and Carl Parker, and they have absolutely nothing to do with my blog. Philip Klein is a raving lunatic - he has no evidence of my real identity; instead he uses my anonymity to attack others.

  • If Klein had any real evidence of my identity, he would serve that promised subpoena directly. Readers will remember that Philip claimed several weeks ago a subpoena had been issued to Google. This is another of Klein's blatant lies; so, here's a challenge, Philip: try serving the Parkers with that subpoena - either put up or shut up, little buddy.

  • Isn't it ironic that after Klein claimed his attorney wouldn't let him comment on my blog, he's now done an about-face and discussed my blog in detail? I certainly hope that Klein will also let us know when his dog regurgitates his homework.

  • Regarding his allegation that my intent is to "'effect' [SIC] a lawsuit that is pending," this is also a patent lie. I'll comment on this litigation as it unfolds; but as I noted previously, the intent of this blog is to fact check Philip Klein on an article-by-article basis. Philip can be assured that I'll be here as long as my health holds up and Philip continues to post his misinformation. However, readers should also note the lawsuit filed by Tom Gilliam over PRK's defamatory statements was a deciding factor in the origin of this blog. I felt that someone needed to expose Klein's propaganda on a daily basis - the internet is a marketplace of ideas and thoughts, so readers deserve both sides of every issue.

  • I first met Philip Klein in 1996, although we're not close; just casual acquaintances. My first impression was that Klein had some severe emotional problems - watching him over the past 11 years has corroborated my initial impression. I subscribed to his Talk Back Line in 2000, although he deleted my account and booted me off in 2003 when I argued him into a corner. This was my first clue that Klein's fragile self-image can't take criticism.

  • I've heard rumors that Klein has been in therapy for a number of years. His bizarre conspiracy theories and deranged lies are evidence that this rumor is true. Here's some unsolicited advice, Philip: I suggest discussing a new prescription with your mental health professional - you seriously need the extra-strength happy pills.

I do want to thank Philip - I haven't had this much fun in years! This is quite an experience and makes retirement especially gratifying, since I have time to devote to fighting the dark powers. Yes, I read Harry Potter, too.

I have a question for you, Mr. Aguilar: if we compared Philip to one of the characters in Rowling's Harry Potter series, I would suggest Wormtongue - what do you think?

And, here's a question for Philip - what's the last book you read from cover to cover? I doubt that Klein will answer that truthfully, but I suspect his answer might be interesting for someone who's a "little light in the loafers."

* I'm going on a short hiatus for the remainder of this week - Klein claims he doesn't read my blog regularly, so I wanted to make sure that he doesn't miss this article. Please feel free to email Philip and let him know that I called him a coward (see point one).

Another Investigation

Klein finally catches up on the story regarding Darlene Koch with his own unique spin:
"And if you need to know, she is a Friend of Walker. Which means she has a heads up."
Koch served the Griffith administration for years, but didn't make it through the first year of the Walker administration. Klein never mentions Koch by name, but mentions Tom Maness three times and Judge Ron Walker twice. I especially liked Klein's conspiracy theory:
"The question is if [Walker] will give the order to Maness to make her a fall - or will they all get guts and file the charges."
Koch previously turned in an expense report for over 500 bucks in undocumented expenses during the Space Shuttle Columbia search in East Texas. The expense report was disregarded from what I understand, but this does seem pertinent to the current charges. Klein didn't mention that either, so the reader can decide where the real spin is.

All of this is very representative of Klein's lack of credibility. As another example, I also noticed Klein finally changed his "edtitorial" after leaving the last one up for a couple of months. In this new editorial, he discusses the crash of two news helicopters in Phoenix. While there are many interesting political stories on which he could comment, he chose a fluff story with no real relevance to politics.

Likewise, readers will remember that he promised an editorial on Operation Kleinwatch that never happened, much like his promised subpoena of Google and this blog. Instead, he's now repeating the same old excuse concerning his attorney.

According to unsubstantiated rumors I've heard, Klein's attorney is charging him up front because he thinks Klein is a poor credit risk. I can't say whether that's true or not, but it certainly sheds more light on Klein's many excuses about defending his articles after I punch holes in them.

Jul 29, 2007

Friday Next

Philip is in meltdown mode because several Jefferson County officials wouldn't take his phone calls last Friday afternoon. Maybe those officials were really gone, but maybe they didn't want talk to a local head case who was checking up on them at the end of a long week.

Klein promises to do this next Friday to other county officials, so I have a suggestion. When Philip identifies himself, leave him on hold and see how long it takes him to get the message. I bet he'll probably wait for at least an hour before realizing he's been taken.

Klein apparently believes that all government officials should work for minimum wage. Bexar County officials have budgeted raises for the new fiscal year; the entire article is here, but this chart compares the current and projected salaries:

This makes an interesting comparison with Jefferson County salaries.

I also ran across an interesting article over the week-end, which deals with a county official who apparently embezzled thousands of dollars. Funny that Klein's sources either failed to tell him about this, or he ignored the case completely in that article last Thursday where he regurgitated those missing generators as evidence of corruption in Jefferson County.

From Channel 4's website:

"KBTV-4 has learned that Jefferson County's Assistant Emergency Management Coordinator has been terminated. Darlene Koch is accused of embezzling thousands of dollars from an account that's supposed to be used for training and preparing for disasters. The account is funded by contributions from government entities and industry. Koch's supervisor Greg Fountain says the account had never been audited, so he requested an audit when he took office as the county's emergency management coordinator in January. The audit found that $6,000.00 in ATM withdrawals had been made during a five month period last year. Fountain says based on the evidence he had it was in the county's best interest to fire Koch. He says the case has been sent to the district attorney's office for further criminal investigation."
While Klein castigated Naomi Lawrence-Lee for using $311 dollars in county resources for private business, he made no mention of an investigation into $6,000 dollars in bogus ATM withdrawals.

Considering that Darlene Koch was one of those appointed during County Judge Carl Griffith's administration, I suspect Klein has a hidden agenda.

Jul 27, 2007

Quick Takes on Tidbits

Philip Klein's weekly feature where he expresses juvenile opinions on things about which he's clueless:

A Billion Dollar Investment - Anyone for odds? It would be nice. You know what that means - we will need 200 more employees at the courthouse and a huge raise for everyone.
Philip's premature expectation - first the company has to accept those "tax abetments."
Global Warming - On of the coolest summers in the history of SET. Interesting.
Very interesting - has to do with regional climate change to rain forest summer monsoon season. If you like living in a sauna, just wait until the cloud cover breaks.
Teen Birth Rate - The teens in our state have the highest birth rate? Rather than abortion rate? Interesting story.
So much for teaching abstinence in Texas Public Schools.
Wes Rivers - A good man. Our prayers with his family and friends at Justice.
And a close, personal friend of Jefferson County DA Tom Maness.
Line The Streets Saturday - Take a gamble and head on to PA Town. Bring a flag and show support to the family of the lost soldier. It means something.
And don't forget to write your local Congressman to express your opinion.
Lohan - Like anyone cares? Here is what we care about - driving drunk and could have killed others. Throw the girl in the jail and do not dare treat her like a victim.
If no one cares, why bring it up? Next.
Stock market - Bad day only. Watch it come back.
Which day was that, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday? Forget about the ping-pong GDP, the housing slump, the devaluation of the U.S Dollar abroad, the rocketing default rate on home mortgages, the credit crunch, an approaching brick wall on private equity deals, and flat business inventories - gas prices continue to escalate, so the economy must be in good shape, huh, Philip?
Executive Privilege Thought - The White House is a place that is home to presidents. GOPERS AND DEMOS. Someone needs to tell Ms. P that. It will come back and hit her in the ass.
Executive Privilege Thought: Things not found in the Constitution, especially when they catch the U.S. Attorney General in blatant lies.
Astro Nuts - Drinking before flight? What up?
Well, it worked for Lindsay Lohan - what do you expect?
Thank Goodness - Big news in SET. Two salons that do ... nails? They got popped for $10k each. That is funny stuff folks. DUI drivers do not even get popped that high. Funny funny stuff.
Two words: mycobacterial infections.
Rumors - Deal cut with Fire Fighters or real close.
Klein's been reporting this since 1999 - oops, out of time.

Philip Klein's Quote of the Week:

"The Tax Abetments are a chance to give incentives to Texas Refineries to purchase new equipment and get a tax break. "

Jul 26, 2007

The House of Investigations

If Philip Klein weren't so mean-spirited and obsessed with dirty laundry, I'd feel sorry for him - he attempts political analysis, but lacks the mental acumen and necessary literacy to comment on relevant issues intelligently. Hence, he's forced to repeat the same tired accusations ad nauseum. From his article today:
"Remember- this is Jefferson County Texas. One of the most corrupt counties in Texas."
For evidence, Philip resurrects the same items on a regular basis:
"Or how about the investigation into the missing generators after the hurricane. About $20k worth of Generators could not be found. So the investigator was begun. Around 10 were found, but the other 20 + could not be found. So after the investigation the DA's office with the help of the crack office of Jefferson County Auditor, the decision was made that the generators never arrived. This was even after the signed purchase order and invoice was submitted for payment. So the investigation was closed in saying that the generators never came and the purveyor got screwed out of $20k. No harm no foul?"
Generally, Philip's not even remotely familiar with the real facts of those issues upon which he comments - in this example, Klein claims that about 30 generators were delivered to Jefferson County during Hurricane Rita, with 10 still missing.

Actually, 217 generators were delivered, of which 19 were never accounted for after the storm. Someone of limited intelligence could misconstrue "20+" generators as being 217, but this is roughly analogous to arguing that the Neches River contains 100+ gallons of water.

Since Philip is confused about the facts in this case, we can safely assume he's mangled the rest of the details as well. For instance, he didn't mention that the vendor who supplied those generators to Jefferson County was never able to produce documentation that all 217 generators were shipped - in fact, the vendor wasn't even able to produce the serial numbers for the generators.

So, while Jefferson County got a bill for 217 generators, there is no other hard evidence that all 217 were shipped.

While Klein argues this is evidence of corruption in Jefferson County, he ignores the possibility that a private vendor from Georgia may have taken advantage of a government contract issued during a chaotic situation. A private company would never do that, would they?

Klein also resurrects the case of former Jefferson County purchasing agent, Naomi Lawrence-Lee, who left after printing flyers for her personal business using county resources worth about $311.00 dollars. Klein makes a big deal that no criminal charges were brought against Lawrence-Lee, but I'm sure it would have cost the county a lot more than just $311 dollars to prosecute the case. The question is, what's the most efficient use of taxpayer money?

If you accept Klein's point, perhaps we should prosecute every case - no matter how small. For instance, using the fax machine of a volunteer fire department for personal business would be punishable as a Class B misdemeanor, with a penalty of up to 6 months in jail, and a fine of up to a $2,000.

Klein failed to mention a couple of other investigations he's exposed in the past few weeks. How's that RICO investigation into Lamar University and the ongoing investigation into the Jefferson County District Attorney's office coming along, Philip?

While we're on this subject of investigation, how's your investigation into the mugging of Ms. Ortiz coming along, Philip?

Jul 24, 2007

Philip's Twofer Tuesday

Philip tenders two articles today. In Not "Our" Money, he writes:
"Concerns over Al Gores Global Warming spawns a bill to give plants around Texas tax abetments for burning cleaner fuels or production of such. The Tax Abetments are a chance to give incentives to Texas Refineries to purchase new equipment and get a tax break."
I rarely point out specific spelling errors that Klein makes anymore, because he now corrects them after I've posted. In this case, confusing "tax abetment" for "tax abatement" is so egregious that I felt obligated to mention it. This is what happens when one's primary news sources are local TV, YouTube, and the Guy from Boston.

Since Philip's writing ability is comparable to that of a middle school student, we can safely assume that his comprehension and reading skills aren't any better. I'd enjoy debating the global warming issue with Klein, but it's obvious he's not able to string together enough words to form a coherent sentence.

In the article (I use the term loosely), Port Arthur Quiet, PRK writes:

"All in all....it has been a quiet week [in Port Arthur]. And maybe we all can hope............."
Philip apparently fell sleep while holding his period key down in that last ellipsis.

Up until last week, Klein was hysterically predicting the "summer of death" in Port Arthur. Perhaps he finally found the mugger who assaulted Ms. Ortiz.

Jul 23, 2007

Good Knight

After making jokes about the death of former Port Arthur City Council member Felix Barker last week (see below), Philip Klein tenders another defamatory statement in his first article of the week:

"A source describes Walker as : 'Arrogant Judgmental, homosexual multiple partnered whore. Who leaves show for dinner and returns smelling like a cow pasture. Has boyfriends(s)(s)(s)(s)(s)(s)s buy him what he wants including house down payment, closing costs, lawn mower, refrigerator.........'"
Question for Philip - how does one pronounce, "boyfriends(s)(s)(s)(s)(s)(s)s?" Ironically, Klein has since removed that sentence from this manufactured quote, but I saved the original version of his story.

This is an excellent example of Klein's hidden agendas - he's never mentioned another local personality who's involved with soft gay porn. Dominick Brascia directed Breaking the Cycle, rated by a reviewer at Amazon.com as "Awful" with one star. This straight-to-video product is described as:

"...poor, simulated, soft-core gay male erotica shot on video (not film)."
Another of Brascia's low-budget wonders, "My Life as a Troll," was shown in 2001 at Outfest, the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. I found this description and review:

"MY LIFE AS A TROLL (director: Dominick Brascia): Sweet and sappy ultra-low-budget video film. Simply unbelievable that West Hollywood men would act the way they do in this film. One very nifty performance by David Chisum as a sympathetic straight man...but other than that this film is pretty dumb and worthless. "
I wonder why Klein would libel a local TV anchor because of his sexuality, but give another media personality a pass on the same issue?

Most importantly, what does Klein's obsession about the private lives of local media personalities have to do with politics?

Article Statistics:

  • Libelous statements: 2
  • Name calling;
  • Hidden agenda: 1
  • Sentence fragments: 3
  • Words: 705
  • Paragraphs: 20
  • Spelling errors: 1

Jul 21, 2007


Like much of what he writes, Philip Klein's Tidbits contain no relevant content this week. However, Klein's antisocial and misanthropic nature is readily apparent when he makes fun of the death of former Port Arthur City Council member Felix Barker:
"Heart Attacks - Do not run for Willie Bae's seat. He will put a voodoo on you. The girl is out. Willie is in."
I didn't know Felix well, but the times I had a chance to talk to him, I thought he was quite personable and sincere. His memory certainly deserves more than jokes from Philip Klein. Klein also makes fun of a tragic shooting in Orange County:
"Never Mind - A 3 year old shot grammy at home. They were going over pre-sex ed for kids. "
This comment is in very poor taste and references Klein's first item in Tidbits this week:

"Sex Education For UR Little One - Yes - the government wants you to start them on the old penis and V - Word thing in kindergarten! What ever happened to duck duck goose? Maybe they want to goose the duck? Please......
I'm not even sure what Klein is referencing with this juvenile gibberish, unless it's this recent exchange between presidential candidates Barak Obama and Mitt Romney.

Klein's comments not only show he's clueless about the real issues, but highlight his emotional problems. He's simply too immature to discuss a serious subject like this in an adult manner.

I firmly believe that responsible parents should teach their children about sex - when my children began asking those questions, I gave them truthful, but age-specific, answers to their questions - note the key phrase, "age-specific."

On the other hand, I'll always remember a conference I had with my youngest son's first-grade teacher, When an innocent student asked the inevitable question about the origin of babies, she repeated the age-old myth that babies come from storks.

The legitimate reasonable discussion here is not the issue of sex, but whether a local school board should reinforce those values that parents are supposed to be teaching at home. Given the current epidemic of child predators, teaching our children the difference between appropriate and inappropriate touching at every possible opportunity is only common sense.

Since all of my kids grew up to become responsible adults with well-paying careers and committed relationships, I think my method works just fine; if the rumors that I hear are true, making juvenile jokes about ducks and geese doesn't work.

I was in the Jefferson County Courthouse Wednesday on personal business and ran into Klein - next time, ask me about how well my grandkids are doing, Philip.

By the way, I noticed that Klein's weight had ballooned since the last time I saw him in person - is this a side effect of those psychotropic drugs he's taking? If so, perhaps he should speak to his therapist about adjusting those medications.

Philip's Quote of the Week:
"Knight is the led anchor on KBTV and has been at the station for around a year."

Jul 19, 2007

Are You a Leader?

Philip Klein comments on the resignation of Tim Sheffield from the Nederland City Council;

According to news reports this evening, the council person was presented with the opportunity to move out to the country near Mauriceville, Texas. After making the decision with his wife to move, he resigned after he bought the property in order to have the council appoint his successor.

Of course, now the naysayer come out of the woodwork and start screaming cover up and insider job. Our sources say no way.

"He wanted to make a move. He had a chance to move onto property in the country. So what? He had a chance to buy property. He did it," said the source close the city of Nederland.
Isn't it a little strange that Klein didn't mention Sheffield's name anywhere in the story, but has no problem slandering those by name with whom he disagrees? In the case of Rhonda Dugas, he even posted pictures of her home.

Philip and his bogus source also left out the rest of the story:

Sheffield’s real estate agent, Russell Falb with American Real Estate in Lumberton, however, said he had been working with Marie Sheffield in locating a home for the family for about three or four months.

“We looked in Lumberton, Silsbee, Buna and eventually Orange and Mauriceville,” Falb said. “They were looking for homes with lots of land around them.”

The agent confirmed that Sheffield and his wife put an offer down on the house in mid-May — around the same time as the May 12 election — and it took around 30 days to close on the property.
I find this despicable - the city of Nederland paid for an election while Sheffield, the front-runner and eventual winner, was actively seeking a home outside of his constituency. Normally, Klein would be screaming about this atrocious waste of taxpayer money.

But even more despicable, the citizens of Nederland will now have a council member representing them that is not accountable to anyone but the Mayor and his cronies. If this had been Audwin Samuel or Mark Domingue, what would Klein have said about this devious and dishonest subterfuge?

Is there a hidden agenda here?

Note to Klein: The U.S. is a democratic republic, where the Republican and Democratic Parties dominate the voting in nearly all elections.

Jul 17, 2007


Philip's confusion is readily apparent in his latest article:

As some in the democratic party continue to refer to the Uniform Crime Report - Southeast Texans woke up to four high profile homicides this morning. From Conroe to Port Arthur to the Beach.
Seven sentences later, Philip again refers to Port Arthur:
And for the first time in a few months, Port Arthur did not have any killings or shootings.
In just three paragraphs, PRK first claims there was a homicide in Port Arthur and then contradicts himself.

I'll also note that Klein, not the local "democratic party [sic]," is the person who keeps bringing up the FBI's Uniform Crime Report. He first commented on the UCR in an article on Monday, June 4th, entitled, "16,185," which was stolen from a Drudge Report notation on the report's pre-release. That number referred to national figures for homicides. In my article on that day, I noted that Philip did not mention the local numbers, where the number of homicides and rapes actually declined, while the total number of violent crimes increased by only 25. Typically, Klein has yet to address that misinformation.

Likewise, Klein's penchant for manufacturing sources is also readily apparent:

"According to sources close to the Police Department in Beaumont, detectives are racking up overtime and budgets are being blown out. "We are racking up the OT," one detective told us today. "This is crazy. What is wrong with the people. I just do not understand. They are simply just killing each other without any remorse."
Since Crystal Beach is in Galveston County and Conroe is in Montgomery County, neither Beaumont Police nor Jefferson County Sheriff's Deputies have jurisdiction over crimes committed in those cities. Crimes committed there wouldn't show up in the UCR for Beaumont or Jefferson County, either. Ironically, Montgomery County is a stronghold for GOP influence; so, this is clearly not a partisan issue, but I'm sure he'll include Houston homicides the next time he mentions the UCR.

Klein's uses this title for his articles frequently, so I wonder if he somehow identifies with Jack Torrance, the protagonist in Stephen King's novel, The Shining. Jack is a ne'er-do-well with a shaky hold on reality who moves to a large and isolated hotel in Colorado for the winter with his wife, Wendy, and young son, Danny. Jack's son is precognitive and has visions of his father's impending break with reality - in one such vision, Danny sees the word "MURDER" reflected in a mirror, hence, "REDRUM."

Too bad Wendy didn't have the foresight to divorce Jack Torrance and swear out a permanent restraining order against her ex-husband.

Article Statistics:
  • Manufactured sources: 1
  • Redundancies: 1
  • Factual errors: 2
  • Overt biases: 2
  • Logical fallacies: 1
  • Sentence fragments: 4
  • Misuse of article "A": 1
  • Words: 450
  • Paragraphs: 17
  • Spelling errors: 0
Note to Philip: Do you know the difference between "democratic" and "Democratic?" Obviously not, so check back Thursday!

ADDENDUM (8:08 AM 07/18/07): Special thanks to an eagle-eyed reader who pointed out that Klein has again stolen a copyrighted image on his front page from a Polish band, Redrum. Isn't that ironic?

Cat Fight with Brascia?

Philip Klein ignores a number of important stories today in order to post two fluffy articles of little interest:

"According to sources at KBTV and a source outside of KBTV, a fight of sorts has broken out at the TV station between two of the beauties being from LA and Dallas...We will keep you updated."
Who cares? However, Klein did manage to work another attack on Channel 6 into the story, even though this has absolutely nothing to do with KFDM.

In his article, "Brascia," Klein writes:

"According to a source close to Brascia tells the Review that the radio show will be broadcast syndicated nationally on 10+ stations starting Monday with a goal of hitting 200 stations by the end of the year.

Wonderful! Brascia been talking to himself for years, so even more people will get a chance to ignore him. I sure hope those "10+ stations" don't see his ratings here in Southeast Texas. We'll revisit Klein's prediction at the end of the year.

Meanwhile, Klein missed the all-night GOP filibuster in the Senate and the first two days of testimony in the VX hearing. As a political independent who agrees with Governor George Wallace's observation that there's not a "dime's worth of difference" between the two parties, I wonder why no Republicans are pushing for an "up or down" vote today.

Even more interesting, that hearing on the transportation of hydrolysate to Port Arthur got under way in Indianapolis yesterday. After two days of testimony, we've found that:

Critics of shipments of nerve agent waste from Indiana to Texas say the Army's own sampling shows levels that are too high.
No wonder the Army didn't want to release that information. The AP story here also stated:

Army officials acknowledged in court that they could not say with certainty that waste from neutralized VX nerve agent does not contain trace amounts of the deadly chemical.
This is the same nerve agent that former Secretary of State Colin Powell said was so lethal that less than a teaspoon could kill during his appearance at the U.N. to argue the case to invade Iraq. Too bad Klein missed this one - I was really looking forwarding to debunking Philip's important research into Hilton Kelley's missing Boy Scout records.

Now that I've pointed out these issues, however, he'll probably mention them tomorrow. I'll be watching!

Note to Klein: Trog plays the role of media critic much better at Beaumont Underground and he's got real inside sources. I suggest you stick to politics - you're just as confused, but at least it's consistent with the name of your website. Perhaps you should see your therapist for an adjustment in your meds.

Article Statistics (combined):

  • Blatant bias: 1
  • Manufactured sources: 2
  • Sentence fragments: 1
  • Words: 473
  • Paragraphs: 15
  • Spelling errors: 1

Jul 16, 2007

U-Pick It

In his latest article, Philip Klein writes about the Jefferson County Budget:

"...we understand that there will be a whopping $130 million dollar budget. "
Philip is already crawfishing from his statement on May 1st, when he claimed the next budget would at least $130 million dollars. I wonder if Klein's loss of memory is related to a deep-seated emotional problem?

Klein quotes "leaked" numbers from a "source on the fourth floor:"

"Some leaked numbers? How about 44% increase for Ford Park? Or maybe 9% for County Employees? Or maybe 18% for the commissioners? Or maybe around 22% for the Sheriffs Department? "
Actually, that source on the fourth floor was Channel 4 TV, who ran a story last Friday with those same numbers. We'll revisit these numbers at a later date, but this confusion between reality and fantasy sources is definitely symptomatic of severe emotional problems.

Article Statistics:
  • Manufactured Sources: 1
  • Inconsistencies: 1
  • Subject/verb disagreements: 3
  • Sentence Fragments: 7
  • Paragraphs: 15
  • Words: 537
  • Spelling Errors: 3

Jul 15, 2007

Philip Klein, Second Class Scout?

PRK's Tidbits this week contained no relevant content whatsoever, so instead, I'll revisit another topic from this past week concerning Hilton Kelley's Eagle Scout Award:
"We started with the Boy Scouts of America. We did a search for his name in three indexes and could not come up with the Eagle Scout award with his name on it. We called the Boy Scouts of America and they told us that led us to a Eagle Scout Search system called scoutorama. Again - no luck. According the local office of the Boy Scouts - there may be some names left off. So - we give the benefit of the doubt here at the Review."
Rather than give Kelley the benefit of the doubt, Klein spent a substantial amount of his so-called "radio show" on Saturday morning attacking Kelley on this issue. I checked the site myself and found that all search results are footnoted with this notice:
This Eagle Scout registry is provided for the intent of cataloging Eagle Scouts' contributions and accomplishments in an effort to encourage Scouters and others to support the principles of Scouting. Entries in
this record are provided voluntarily. This is neither a complete list nor is it an official or verified list of Eagle Scouts, and should not be relied on as such."
I'm also an Eagle Scout and member of the OA, so I ran my name in the database, as well. I wasn't there - in fact, none of the six Eagle Scouts from Troop 53 who received their awards at the same time were listed.

Another page on this site lists famous people who were also Eagle Scouts. These include the first Eagle to become President, Gerald Ford, and actor Harrison Ford, none of which are contained in the database that Klein searched.

Since I'm still involved with the local Scouting program as an adult volunteer, I'm quite familiar with the merger of three previous councils into the current Three Rivers Council. I've also tried to locate records from the old Sabine-Neches council in the '70's with no success - the records have indeed been lost; so, I'm quite curious as to which other indexes Klein searched. I challenge Klein to identify those "three indexes" that he allegedly searched, because I'd like to search them myself.

Pay close attention to this, readers - if Klein can't or won't produce the names and locations of those three indexes, then I've proven again that he's a liar. On the other hand, maybe he can provide us with an update on that RICO investigation into Lamar University.

By the way, Philip, in your own Scouting experience, did you make it past Tenderfoot to Second-Class Scout?

Jul 12, 2007



In defense of Goldstar EMS, Philip Klein writes:

"A raid the was pre-arranged by federal agents and the media being tipped off that the raid was coming to the corporate offices of Goldstar EMS in Port Arthur. And during the raid all cash assets of the corporation were frozen by the Federal Government causing the company to go into bankruptcy."

I'm sure Klein has more experience with bankruptcy than me, but I hope the raid was indeed prearranged - surely the U.S. Attorney's office doesn't conduct raids on a whim.

More importantly, Klein conveniently omitted the rest of the story. At the time of the raid, the Internal Revenue Service had already issued liens on the company totaling $1.3 million in delinquent payroll taxes, and that the company also owed Jefferson County $18,000 in back taxes. I wonder if that had anything to do with the company's Chapter 11 filing?

I suspect that the only thing that saved Goldstar was Hurricane Katrina. FEMA contracted for up to 50 ambulances a day at a cost of around $5 million. The contract went through through C. Henderson Consulting Inc., who subcontracted with Goldstar for up to 45 ambulances a day at a profit of $800 per vehicle per day. Klein didn't mention that either, but readers can form their own opinions on whether this constitutes profiteering during a crisis.

Ironically, Philip Klein castigated the media for reporting a federal raid on a local business, yet apparently believes a false rumor concerning a local Justice of the Peace deserves headline news. Or, that a witch hunt over Hilton Kelley's tax status is important, but over a million dollars in back taxes deserves no mention.

According to Philip's so-called sources, Goldstar will file a lawsuit against the "government, ambulance companies, media and former employees." We'll revisit this in "the next few weeks." Speaking of lawsuits, Philip, how's that Google subpoena coming along?

I'll refer readers who are interested in learning the real facts behind Goldstar to a story written by Jerry Jordon of the Examiner. Since Klein regularly praises Jerry for his investigative reporting, I'm sure PRK will admit this story is factual and completely non-biased:

Note to Philip: Here's a tip - when redacting documents, try using a black sharpie next time. It may cost more, but we won't be able to read the information being redacted. I certainly hope you don't get sued for that one, too, little buddy.

Uh Oh.....


Klein devotes a great deal of space to insignificant gaffes by new Beaumont City Council Members Bubba Pate and Get Williams-Wright. Anyone can see by Philip's prodigious weight that he would never let the threat of a red stain on a white shirt keep him from bellying up to the punch bowl for his fair share of free punch.

PRK focuses on these trivial matters, while ignoring the continuing story behind Jefferson County Clerk Carolyn Guidry and the county's voting machines - apparently his sources failed to inform him that she's now consented to conduct three local elections this fall. Maybe Philip's sources will let him know if this decision was made under pressure.

Article Statistics:

  • Blatant bias: 2
  • Grammatical train wrecks: 1
  • Gibberish: 1
  • Manufactured sources: 4 (Note: I lost count since Klein was unclear about which source said what)
  • Paragraphs: 18
  • Words: 752
  • Misspelled words: 1

Jul 11, 2007

Unsafe (More Hysteria)

In yesterday's entry, I posted this point regarding Klein's hysteria over the upcoming 2008 Jefferson County Budget and the issue of courthouse security:
"Here's a simple question that PRK failed to address: does Jefferson County need more courthouse security - if so, then who should pay for it? Security at the Montgomery County Courthouse is much better than here, but at a price - the tax rate in Montgomery County is roughly about 20 percent higher than Jefferson County."
Approximately four hours later, Philip responded with the same insipid arguments he's been regurgitating ad nauseum for years:
"We here at the Review have been telling you for years that the problem with Jefferson County is high crime, high unemployment and high taxation. All given to you on behalf of the Jefferson County Democratic party who owns and operates Jefferson County Texas."
Specifically regarding this issue of courthouse security, Klein's confusion is readily apparent throughout the article:
"And to add insult to injury to our police forces - it seems that their commanders can all of a sudden come up with $550,000 to pay for locking down the courthouse - but there are STILL only three cops on patrol overnight...If we here at the Review were on midnights with the Jefferson County Sheriffs Department we would walk in after hearing that they want to spend $500k for a courthouse lock down and some silly employee badges and get another job as fast as we could. "
Philip failed to mention that the Jefferson County Courthouse Security Fund totals about $438,000 dollars - this money comes from security fees assessed in criminal convictions and civil cases, not from taxes on local citizens as Klein would have his readers believe. This makes great sense to me - let those who use the courthouse most frequently pay for security measures.

To be fair, Philip's point over the need for increased security at the Jefferson County Courthouse is valid; however, his extreme partisanship and flawed logic is counterproductive and only confuses the real issues that should be considered. As another example, most of the homicides which Klein references are inside the city limits of Port Arthur and Beaumont, over which the Sheriff's Department has little jurisdiction.

Likewise, there are plenty of Republican-dominated counties who've implemented hefty security in their courthouses. For instance, Fort Bend County installed a new security system in 2002 at a cost of $1.2 million dollars, after a local resident threatened District Judge Gary Geick with a pellet gun. The plan finally adopted by Fort Bend County Commissioners, all Republicans, reduced access to one entrance, where a metal detector and X-ray machine were located. A system of panic buttons was also implemented at an additional cost of $12,500 dollars, and employees are now required to wear security badges.

Does any of this sound familiar? Similarities between Fort Bend County's solution and measures being considered in Jefferson County only underscores my point that this is not a partisan issue.

Your response, Philip?

Article Statistics:
  • Factual errors: 1
  • Blatant bias: 3
  • Malapropisms: 1
  • Manufactured sources: 3
  • Sentence Fragments: 5
  • Paragraphs: 28
  • Words: 1,264
  • Spelling errors: 4

Jul 10, 2007

Commissioners Gone Wild!

Actually, Philip should have called this article, "Philip Gone Hysterical:"
"You will see a spending spree like you have never seen before."

"The money shall pour like rain onto all of the pork projects..."

"...the tax rate, which is going to go through the roof."
Philip's makes some predictions, allegedly from another of Klein's manufactured sources:
"'The plan is try to take your eyes off the ball and talk about courthouse security and how they need more money and more police in the courthouse. Then they are going to talk about how bad things have been over the past 8 years and how they have to fix it all from mismanagement of the Griffith administration. They are going to compare Jefferson County to Montgomery county in the media, ' said the source."
Here's a simple question that PRK failed to address: does Jefferson County need more courthouse security - if so, then who should pay for it? Security at the Montgomery County Courthouse is much better than here, but at a price - the tax rate in Montgomery County is roughly about 20 percent higher than Jefferson County.

Klein's chronic confusion is also apparent:
"And we suggest that the first commissioner to stand up and talk about tax rates wins this years DUMB POLITICAL AWARD. Like we are all dumb with property valuations going through the roof and in some area up 33%? "
Oops! It's too late to claim the DUMB POLITICAL AWARD - Philip already won this year's prize unanimously. The Texas Property Tax Code provides that the maximum increase in a homeowner's assessed value is 10% per year times the number of years since the property has been appraised.

Klein also missed the real point - with the housing boom in past years, property valuations have skyrocketed everywhere, not just Jefferson County. If Philip truly believes that higher gas prices are a sign of a booming economy, he should explain to those of us who are political neophytes how these higher property valuations are different.

Article Statistics:
  • Overt bias: 1
  • Factual misconceptions: 1
  • Manufactured sources: 2
  • Sentence Fragments: 1
  • Words: 407
  • Paragraphs: 12
  • Spelling errors: 2

Note to PRK: "Gezzz" isn't a word found in the English language - did you mean "jeez," by chance?

Jul 9, 2007

Another Open Letter to Philip Klein

Dear Philip;

I hope you had a memorable Independence Day! I'm back from the family vacation and read your postings from last week - typically, those articles were long on confusion, but short on real facts.

For instance, most of last week's content at the Southeast Texas Political Review was taken up with your unique perspective on the Beaumont City Council Ward 1 race. You're apparently quite impressed that a Republican, Dr. Coleman, was elected; frankly, I think this does a huge disservice to the other Republicans already sitting on the Council. I know of two more - how about you?

Most importantly, your articles from last week reflected the same extreme partisanship and hate-mongering that we've come to expect from you. This is truly sad, since the Fourth of July should honor the commonalities we share as citizens of this fine country. We're at war, but idiots like you have a hard time figuring out who the real enemies are.

As another example from your character assassination on Hilton Kelley yesterday, you dodged the entire issue of those pesky chemicals in Port Arthur. Frankly, I could care less about whether Hilton Kelley worked as a stunt man on the Nash Bridges TV series. I'm more concerned about disaster plans in the event something goes wrong with this incineration project. Perhaps you could investigate whether the Port Arthur Fire Department has had any special training in dealing with this VX wastewater in case of an industrial accident.

Ironically, there's an even bigger story on how the city of Port Arthur got that contract that everyone has missed. Ferreting out that story should be easy for a hot shot like you. However, personally attacking Hilton Kelley conveniently avoids this real issue as I've pointed out before. I particularly liked this line:

"...to try and tell the public and pump yourself up on something that you are or were not questions your credibility."

Pot, meet kettle - Google tells me they're still waiting on that subpoena.

Article Statistics:
  • Logical fallacies: 3
  • Blatant errors: 2
  • Sentence Fragments: 4
  • Words: 2,059
  • Paragraphs: 276
  • Spelling errors: 5