Aug 10, 2007


Philip Klein's tidbits this week contained no relevant content. For instance, here were some of the high points:

"Bush Poll Numbers - Going up. "
In the stock market, they call that a dead cat bounce.

Gas Prices - Coming down.
According to one of Klein's past tidbits, this is a sure sign that the economy is in trouble.

Crime - Still High
After reading this, I had to wonder how Klein's investigation into that mugging in Central Mall is going (see sidebar) - any suspects yet, Philip?

The Review - Set records this week for readership. Over 10k.
Only 26 people are actually reading the messages on Klein's Talkback Line, but he claims 10,000 unique visitors to his website this week. Philip's counters are easily manipulated - readers will notice that every time a page is visited, the counter is incremented by one; so, even though only one person has visited two pages, the counter on every page shows two new visitors. Try it for yourself and see.

He's also using Microsoft Front Page to edit his site; the Front Page Extension that controls the numbers can be set by whomever edits the site. From watching Klein's site carefully, I've noticed the count generally advances from several hundred to over a thousand whenever Philip posts a new article. Gotcha!

I've mentioned Klein's so-called investigation into the Central Mall mugging, which now seems forgotten. He also failed to follow up on a promise to take attendance at the Jefferson County Courthouse on Friday afternoons.

Philip Klein's Quote of the Week:

"According to our sources and some media reports, the building will have only one entrance for the public and seven entrances and exits for the public."

Finally, some questions from readers. Buck Naked responded to my open letter (see below). He wrote:
He/she did make the comment that i was being I guess a mouth piece for Klein which is far from. I myself have met Klien one time on the radio show and have exchanged emails maybe two or three. I myself try to stay neutral and have fun with everyone.

Buck, you need to reread my statement:

You can make up your own mind about whether this is truth, just as I've made up my own mind that you're raising these questions on your own, rather than acting under Klein's direction because he can't defend his own ludicrous positions.

Another reader wrote:

I was reading older posts and was wondering what you were meaning by saying,

Hhhmmm - the only hysteria I see is centered in Nederland. I advise the rest of you to stay on top of conditions as they develop - I hope no one gets caught on the side of the road with an empty tank of gas again.
That was a flippant response to Klein's statement that everyone is "freaking out" over a recent tropical storm. Klein lives in Nederland, so hopefully you'll see the connection. This was not intended to denigrate the citizenry of Nederland.

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