Oct 29, 2007

The Big Update (or Recess Time is Over, Little Buddy)

I discovered 19 comments left while I was gone last week, so I've picked the top daily comments on Philip's articles. These are based solely on my own discretion:

Monday (October 22, 2007):
Per Philip's story about Jessica Hallmark, please find enclosed a dime for Philip to buy a real source and learn the true reason for Ms. Hallmark's departure from Judge Walker's office.

A Real Courthouse Source
Philip, I'll give you the dime when I see you next. You'll know it's me because it's a Reagan dime.

Tuesday (October 23, 2007):
Philip's right about the voting location for the Nederland EDC proposal. You have to go to Nederland City Hall and NOT the Rec Center to vote. Would you point that out please, because anyone who reads it on Klein's site, will think he's making it up.
Wednesday (October 24, 2007):
Little fillup compared apples and oranges again and came up with another dingbat conclusion...the San Diego public infrastructure including city, county, state, and federal guv'ment were all in place and undisturbed, but the entire New Orleans public infrastructure was non-existent for days. H**l, it took'em 4 days to find the Superdome and deliver fresh water even with a big hole in the roof.
Thursday (October 25, 2007):

Hey, Gus...you missed Klein's predictions on the elections. Save this so you can compare after:
Nederland - the GOB's will get what the want. The $400k is in the bank....as of now. The movement does not seem to be working and the average person knows nothing about it. Only the insiders are turning out.

Beaumont - We called it a 60-40 loss. We now call it a pick 'em with the MO going with the bond. This will be fun to even watch. The money that will be wasted and the controversy. Da Bond Folk have it going on.

Port Arthur - We are having trouble with this one. We want Willie Bae up on the council. It should shut things down. Or at least make it fun again. Everyone is getting along so darn good. We need dysfunction and Willie can bring that to the table. It is that simple. Team Bae is getting 'em out."
My vote for the quote of the week because he always uses the same old descriptions: "Let's get started in the sleepy town of Nederland, Texas.
Friday (October 26, 2007):

Special thanks to several readers who left Philip's comments regarding Operation Kleinwatch. Philip took his free pass quite literally, so I'll respond to this one:

The DOKS - It has been a while since we have read BPDOK - the funny thing is that it is the same think over and over and over again. Like living in Port Arthur in Stonegate....over and over and over again. Happy times we say. Here is an example in the discussion of the pipeline explosion near a certain high school being built :
BPDOK? What is that? I missed that one.

As I've previously pointed out on several occasions, if the content seems to be the "same old think [sic] over and over and over again," then perhaps Philip needs to come up with some new material. I'm suspect that most of us are tired of hearing about Hilton Kelley's missing Eagle Scout Award.

Here are a couple of suggestions:

Klein's convoluted thinking is readily apparent. Highly-suspect anonymous sources are valid, but I have no credibility because this blog is anonymous. Philip is still under the misconception that I'm Beverly Parker. Hence, the references to the Stonegate addition, Happy Times Video, and that "certain high school."

I assume that Philip and his brother are still estranged, otherwise they could compare notes. From the comments that Peter Klein has left, he's apparently convinced I'm Dr. Jeffrey Klem:

"Hey Dr. Klem. [Klein] is talking about you right now. Make sure you spend a little time discussing the logical fallacies of his remarks while ignoring the vileness of your crime.
I definitely see the family resemblance; how about you? I never heard the details behind that little tiff with Peter; perhaps Philip will share the real story behind the story? I think that would be as entertaining as the case of Hilton Kelley's missing Eagle Award. Since Philip references active readers of this site as DOKs, I suppose that Friends and Family of Klein should have their own acronym as well. How about the FFOKKERS?

Philip also wrote:

Here is how you do it. Take a story, then spin it out and compare it to another story. Take both out of context and you get a DOK story. Whoever DOK is seemingly has been reaching really really hard. Remember their goal - to help prove up a lawsuit for a buddy that passed on it. Yes...the story is coming out. Your guys have made a living and live big in the "backcountry" on cases like this.....why are you not running out there and signing them up?
Those comments (see below) concerning the recent Port Arthur pipeline explosion were taken entirely within the context of Klein's Southeast Texas Political Review. After Klein hysterically referred to the "blood of children on the hands of those who pushed for this high school," I commented on Philip's lack of manufactured outrage for Carver Terrace residents who were exposed to an unauthorized gas release containing hydrogen sulfide, a deadly agent with the same toxicity as hydrogen cyanide.

I must confess that I'm completely confused and have no idea of the meaning behind Klein's gibberish regarding my "goal." I'm fairly close to the source of this blog, so perhaps Philip will offer some substantive comments concerning this alleged story of a "lawsuit for a buddy that passed on it." I haven't heard that one.

Monday (October 29, 2007):

To bring everyone up to date, I've saved the best for last! I have a special treat from another reader who rebutted Philip's story in detail today:
First of all, not all cases are solved by DNA. If ... First of all, not all cases are solved by DNA. If those cases pose a question then yes - we agree. Let's be sure or let's retry it without the DNA and let the jury hear the facts.

Umm... I think someone has missed the point. The 200+ cases where inmates were exonerated by DNA evidence is not referring to cases where DNA evidence was used that was questionable, and later thrown own and the cases retried and the defendants still found guilty. These are cases where defendants were found guilty, and then DNA evidence later proved them innocent. On average, these defendants spent 12 years behind bars, with some spending time on Death Row.

Second, the suggestion of "Misidentification of Witness" is simply a smoke screen by the bar. So when they said it was him, it was really not him 10 years later? How do we know? This is a very weak argument.

Here is an example: A.B. Butler was charged in 1983 with kidnapping and rape. He was identified by the victim from mug shots and a lineup. Even though he had witnesses as to his whereabouts at the time, he was convicted and sentenced to 99 years. 17 years later, he was cleared by DNA testing of semen from the victim's skirt. Although this case was not one where the defendant was on Death Row, it does show how eyewitness testimony can be suspect.

Third, False confessions? Another very weak reason. A confession is a confession. Our US Constitution is very very clear. Everyone has a right to an attorney. That simple.

Everyone has the right to an attorney, unless they have been charged, or if they are being held as a material witness. When someone is picked up, most states allow 48 hours before they have to be charged with a crime. That is 48 hours of police interrogation, and most states do not require the police interrogation to be recorded. During this time, the police can lie, threaten, withhold medication, deprive people of food and sleep, just about anything in order to get a confession.

Here is an example, Israel, you know the country dealing with terrorism on an almost daily basis, has laws concerning confessions. Primarily, a confession is only admissible if the court finds that the confession was made voluntarily and willingly. If any force, coercion, or other methods are used to gain a confession, the confession is thrown out, and, in some cases, the interrogator can be criminally charged.

And last - there goes the ABA - pulling out the race card. It makes us sick here at the Review.

Racial disparities are not pulled out because someone wants to say it, especially the ABA. Disparity is based upon simple factors:
  • What is the ethnicity of the criminals found guilty of crimes that allow for capital punishment?
  • What is the ethnicity of inmates on "Death Row?"
  • If these two don't match (or are not fairly close) then there could be disparity
  • Check to see if there is variation over the years.
Simple. If you have a 50/50 makeup of criminals being found guilty of crimes allowing for capital punishment, but your death row is 20/80, then there is disparity.

Let's be real honest. There are some really bad men and women out there. They are killers. They want to hurt you, and me, as well as our children. To suggest anything other than the death sentence IS A DETERRENT is more of that liberal crap being spewed by a liberal group of lawyers.

Hey, no argument here. There are some pretty sick and twisted people out there. Many of them are so sick and twisted, that nothing is a deterrent to their actions. Put them in jail for the rest of their lives? They don't care. Put them to death? They don't care. When someone is that messed up, nothing is a deterrent to them.

Frankly - if a man grabs a women, rapes her, then kills her, he goes to the death house. That simple. No matter what his race is no matter what his shoe size is. He goes down. And any women who kills goes too.

All fine and dandy, but what about the people who were on the way to the "death house" is found to have not done the crime? What about those who have already gone, and we will never find out? The ABA is not calling for an end to capital punishment, but a moratorium on the executions until consistent laws are in place that would provide effective measures to insure that innocent people are not put to death.

It is another sad day in the United States of America. The left wing of the Democrats that run the ABA are off and running again and pushing a very sad agenda. That is.....you fill in the blank.

More importantly, what about the actual criminals that are getting away with these crimes? Aren't they being emboldened by innocent people going to jail for the crimes they commit? Doesn't that just encourage them to do it again and again? What about our children then?

Gus, feel free to use this, you don't even have to credit me.

Thanks, RCPII.

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