Nov 30, 2007

Klein's Tidbits (Or, More Gibberish on the Fly)

When I first heard the news this afternoon of an armed man holding hostages at Hillary Clinton's campaign office in New Hampshire, my first thought was that Philip had finally lost his tenuous hold on reality and snapped. At the time I'm writing this, the identity of the culprit has not been released, but I certainly hope it's not Philip.

Big Government Meets TV - A blurb hits the back page of the Enterprise Business section. Seems the liberals over at KFDM got socked with the $10,000 fine from the FCC. Their crime? They did not say anything about child programming on their web site or ran a commercial. Big Government meets Liberals. What they create bites them in the butt. Funny Funny Funny.
I wonder if the Beaulieus have made any political donations? If so, we might get a feel for just how liberal they really are. I suspect Philip's obsession with the local media has more to do with his inability to get a job as a political "editorialist."
Hunter Going On The Hunt - This race should be some fun. A democrat in the newly created red sea. Now, how will he run is the question. There was a suggestion that he will ride Hills coattails. You just have to giggle over that. Think about this....Texans for Hillary? You will see the GOP out in droves. Let's see if Larry Hunter will align himself with the D's. We will have more on this next week.
Typically, Philip is vague about his content - he's talking about the state rep district 19 race in Orange and Lumberton Counties, where former Vidor Mayor Larry Hunter will challenge incumbent Mike Hamilton.

Philip is already throwing mud, but Hunter is very well respected - he's one of the few local attorneys who has actually argued a case before the Supreme Court. The case, U.S. v. Bean, was a travesty of justice involving Tommy Bean. You can read the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals decision here and the Supreme Court decision here. I hope you're taking notes, Philip, because it's obvious you have no idea who Larry Hunter is.

Hunter is a good man who can quote scripture as well as law. Considering Philip's relationship with Mike Hamilton, I'm anxious to read Philip's take.
Groves Cash - Big money in a big complex getting ready to house a bunch of people building big projects putting more money on the big tax rolls. Big news.
Yet, Philip claims Jefferson County is not "business friendly" (see posting here). Did I mention that an ACoA typically has a hard time telling the truth? Rather than making those trips out west, perhaps PRK should look for a therapist closer to home.

This is simply another example of how Philip has carefully thought through the facts and come down on both sides of the fence. Read the full story here.
Just When You Thought They Hit Bottom - Get just thought murders were bad in Port Arthur. Now they are running in and holding up hair salons. Gezzz.
Remember Rodney King
Who cares?
CNN - The most trusted name in news gets whacked with.........lets just say it. Talk about bias.
Unlike Philip, I actually watched the debate - more noticeable was the slugfest, name-calling, and mud-slinging that went on between candidates. I don't think I want any of these people in the White House.
Hollywood - We were out in La La land this past week and found the big talk in La La land to be about the big time anti-war flop films. Nobody wants to do another one.
If Philip was truly in Los Angeles this past week, then he must have been hanging out in those happy bars in West Hollywood.

This is not what the "big talk" is about in Hollywood right now. I emailed a friend who lives in L.A. and who also happens to work for a movie production company. Here's part of his response:
Haven't heard that mentioned at all. The real talk here is the strike by the screenwriters, which has everybody sitting at home, twiddling their thumbs until the whole thing gets settled.
Considering Philip's opinions on organized labor, I wonder how he missed that one?
Imus - He is back Monday. This should be some fun to listen to.
I'm holding my breath until Philip gets back on the air.
Barney Cam - Get ready for the Whitehouse Christmas Cam. Here is the link :
Jeez, Philip (or is that Gezzz?), isn't that a big waste of taxpayer money?
Baby Grace - Give us the needle. We will put it in and push the juice. Not a problem.
While Philip assumes his position as Vigilante Man, astute readers will note that Trenor and Zeigler are only charged with injury to a child and tampering with evidence - neither are capital crimes. Can we blame that one on District Attorney Tom Maness, as well?

A reader left this comment:
Philip uses the "L" word (Liberal) on anyone who argues with his crackpot ideas, but from his political profile on your web site even Ronald Reagan was a Liberal by Philip's standards.
The reader is apparently referring to this previous posting, where Philip is off the scale. Keep those cards and letters coming! I enjoy reading all of them!

Nov 29, 2007

One Point $38K

After I posed the question "how much exactly is 'one point $38k?'" (see postings below), a FFOKer (Friends and Family of Klein) wrote in defense of Philip's math skills:
You never seem to let me down. I see that you take the typical liberal media standpoint and take everything out of context. I guess you can blame it on PK bad grammar but I am pretty sure you know what he meant. If you take the sentence as a whole it would read, “The money? How about at one point $38k.” Now if you take the liberal standpoint you could just say “one point $38k”. Which would make him sound like he is trying to say something like one point two million or similar. Keep up your liberal standpoint so I can have my daily humor.
How funny! According to this gibberish, Philip's quote (see sidebar for entire quote) makes sense and that I've taken Philip's statement out of context because of my "liberal standpoint." Here's the actual figure, as reported by the "liberal media:"
The event attracted nearly 300 donors from as far away as Maryland. Shortly after, about $380,000 poured into the Clinton campaign from attendees and their families.
No ambiguity there; so, please explain how a person gets "one point $38k" from $380,000?

Perhaps Klein did this unintentionally based on ignorance; more likely, he purposefully manipulated the number so that one is left with the impression that "he is trying to say something like one point two million or similar."

PRK has an interesting, but minuscule, group of wingnut fans. I wonder if all of them are as articulate as Philip?

Nov 28, 2007

The Plano Facts About Port Arthur

Regular readers will recognize Philip's latest spate of Hillary-bashing as the "same old think, over and over and over again."

I'm reminded of Philip's predictions in April and May of 2004. He first claimed that a source "high up in the democratic [sic] party" had revealed a secret plan where Al Gore would be nominated as the presidential candidate. A few weeks later, he claimed that Hillary Clinton would be the Democratic candidate. In the real world, John Kerry already had enough delegates to secure the nomination in the first ballot during the Democratic National Convention in July.

Astute readers may also realize that Philip never answered my questions concerning his Quote of the Week (see sidebar). How much exactly is "one point $38k?" And, if waiters truly gave the Clintons some "buss boys [sic] and cooks in Chinatown," how much do "buss boys [sic]" go for on eBay?

I suppose Philip isn't commenting on the Republican horse race because he's already predicted the outcome of the entire 2008 Presidential Election:

Welcome Mr. President - Fred Thompson joins the race.
Since I've previously addressed Klein's position on Hillary Clinton, I'll revisit another issue. After being taken to task by a reader who pointed out Klein's false analogy between Beaumont and Plano (see posting below), I did some research on this particular issue.

According to a 2006 estimate, the median income for a family in Plano was $96,867, while the per capita income was $36,514. In Port Arthur, the median family income was $32,143, while the per capita income was $14,183. Only 3 percent of Plano's population live below the poverty line, but 25 percent of Port Arthur's population lives in poverty.

I also found that Plano was listed as the highest income city with a population of 130,000 or more, while it was ranked the most affluent city in the United States with the lowest poverty rate of 6.3% for a city with a population exceeding 250,000.

The average price of a three-bedroom home in Plano: $243,703 - the average price of a three-bedroom home in Port Arthur: $$128,892. Even more interesting, Plano is composed of the four wealthiest zip codes in Collin County, the wealthiest county in Texas and one of the most wealthy 1 percent of all counties in the entire United States.

Readers can decide for themselves if Philip's comparison of Port Arthur and Plano is valid or if it's a fallacy in logic.

A Reader Writes

A reader left this comment on the latest articles posted by Philip and me. In this article, Klein hysterically ranted on three recent murders in Port Arthur:
I'm curious how you overlooked this observation:
"You d**n sure do not see this crap in Plano now do you?" Said one officer that voiced his frustration with us this afternoon.
First, who in his or her right mind would compare any part of Jefferson County with Plano, a high SES suburb of Dallas? And hasn't Klein heard about the "cheese" heroin problem there? Apparently, because they're flush with cash, the kids in Plano just buy their heroin and OD without bothering to shoot each other.
I'm not sure about Philip's response, but I plead guilty as charged! This is indeed a false analogy; Klein's comparing apples and oranges.

Thanks for pointing that out - I'll have some more info on this later as penance!

Nov 27, 2007

M U R D E R I N C (Not "Redrum" Again)

Philip Klein writes in his latest article:
Three homicides in a week for the sleepy little town of Port Arthur. And for Jefferson County - a big week - counting the one in Port Neches last week. All involve criminals and drugs.
Three murders in one week doesn't fit my definition of sleepy, but perhaps Philip should find a new literary crutch. In the past 45 days, he's referred to Lumberton, Nederland, Beaumont, Port Neches and now, Port Arthur as a "sleepy little town[s]."

Has anyone also noticed that Philip's sources tend to curse a lot? For example, a 6-foot rabbit named Harvey stated to Klein:
"Be d****d if somebody lets us loose to take care of some of this. We have bonds for this and that, but we need a bond to put about 50 more cops on the damn street. These thugs knows that we are working hard to catch them. But the DA puts them back out on the street faster than we can catch them," said the source.
Perhaps hiring officers to fill current vacancies would be a good start. Here's a question for Philip: How many patrol officers are needed in Port Arthur to bring the force up to full roster? Here's a hint: Beaumont currently has 15 openings and Port Arthur is actively seeking new recruits.

Considering the pay scale on the PAPD recruitment page, a 30 percent raise in wages is not an unreasonable request. We'll revisit this issue when Philip next rails against raises and contract negotiations for civil servants. For more information, start here.

Typically, Philip is confused about the source of funding:
Guys like Blanton, Coffin, Marsh, Woods, Bush and others need more officers on the streets. Ford Park? How about some of that money?
Ford Park is funded by Jefferson County, while the PAPD is funded by the City of Port Arthur. Most high school students in PAISD's government classes know the difference between county and municipal funding. Yet, in his recent editorial, Philip wrote:
There are times I have found in all of these schools I have the honor of going to and learning the criminal and abnormal mind that they tell you to sometimes sit back and let them do what they do.
Isn't it sad that Klein apparently flunked high school civics, so exactly how many degrees has Philip earned from "all of [those] schools [he's had] the honor of going to and learning the criminal and abnormal mind?" I suspect he's learned much more about the "abnormal mind" from his personal therapists.

I mentioned the PAISD - a reader left this discerning and clever comment:
Have you noticed the similarity in the writing styles of PK and Julia Samuels? Mangled syntax, misspelled words, CAPITAL LETTERS WHEN A POINT IS WEAK and a plethora of "???" and "!!!" when there is no point at all. And he mocks Port Arthur's "childruns" while she considers herself an educator.
How true! We'll revisit Philip's current editorial frequently in future months.

Nov 26, 2007

Where Are All The People? (Or, How PRK Spent Thanksgiving)

I'm debunking two pieces tonight, so for Philip's most recent article, "Sanctuary," see the posting below. Philip's thesis in his first posting back from the Thanksgiving Holiday is simple:
The cold hard fact is that Jefferson County is dying.
Only Philip would allege that Jefferson County is dying, when over 2,500 jobs have been added to the local economy in the past year. Last month's unemployment rate is the lowest in 30 years and only one point behind the state average. Philip's report on the death of Jefferson County is greatly exaggerated.

I've speculated on Klein's personality disorders in the past; his proclivity towards either/or, black/white, or us/them thinking is common among adult children of alcoholics. Likewise, adult children of alcoholics often mistake disagreement with personal criticism, suffer from low self-esteem, and manifest an over-developed or misplaced sense of responsibility. For instance, an ACoA may risk his or her life to rescue a dog from a burning house, then squander medical resources to seek public approval.

Because an ACoA perpetually feels victimized, he or she may develop feelings of paranoia. From this perspective, consider Philip's frequent portrayal of himself as a "red speck in a sea of blue," or his innate ability to find conspiracies where none exist:
Remember - the democrats own and operate Southeast Texas - and their idea of bigger government and government intrusion into business is....well.....there you have it.
An ACoA often remains dogmatic in the face of overwhelming evidence:
Ask anyone - and we mean anyone - that has a business in Southeast Texas and they will tell you that the Government and those who run it are not "business friendly."
Jefferson County has at least six tax abatement agreements in effect, including Motiva, Total, and Valero, which will pay no property taxes for the first two years of a nine-year contract, and then pay 10 percent of the taxes it would owe for the next seven.

In the case of Motiva, the plant will pay no taxes on a $3.5 billion expansion project for the next three years. Total taxes rise to $4.16 million by 2012 on the project. The project will generate more than 3,500 construction jobs and about 300 new permanent jobs - the expansion is equivalent to the first construction of a refinery in the U.S. in three decades.

Those figures on the Motiva expansion do not include ancillary businesses and vendors who will service the the largest refinery in the U.S. and one of the world's biggest. Perhaps that's why Port Arthur currently has 29 tax abatement agreements in effect, if I'm not mistaken.

Yet, Philip stubbornly maintains that Jefferson County is not "business friendly." Did I mention the "same old think, over and over and over again?" This isn't legitimate political comment, it's a personality disorder (in my opinion).

Sanctuary (There's No Salvation)

In Philip's latest article, he comments on a list of alleged sanctuary cities compiled by The Ohio Jobs & Justice PAC:
According to the following cities are considered sanctuary cities :
Austin, TX
Baytown, TX
Brownsville, TX
Channelview, TX
Denton, TX
Dallas, TX
El Cenizo, TX
Ft.Worth, TX
Houston, TX
Katy, TX
Laredo, TX
Mcallen, TX
Port Arthur, TX
Now you may ask - what is a Sanctuary City? The answer is simple - a Sanctuary City is a city that does not enforce the immigration laws of the United States of America. It is that simple.
I'm sure my readers know what a sanctuary city is, but what is the Ohio Jobs & Justice PAC?

I searched and, but couldn't find any records of donations or contributions (Gadfly Foundation redux?). I'm sure that Philip is impressed because the spelling on the website is marginally better than his, but the Alexa rank is #775,386 - more readers than Mike Aguilar's Going Underground, but not as many as Buck's blog.

Let's reexamine that list, complete with information that Klein conveniently stripped before posting:
  • Austin, TX (Congressional Research Service)
  • Baytown, TX (6-13-07 Local reader observation)
  • Brownsville, TX
  • Channelview, TX (6-13-07 Local reader observation)
  • Denton, TX
  • Dallas, TX
  • El Cenizo, TX (6-13-07 Congressional Research Service)
  • Ft.Worth, TX
  • Houston, TX (Congressional Research Service)
  • Katy, TX (Congressional Research Service)
  • Laredo, TX
  • Mcallen, TX
  • Port Arthur, TX (6-13-07 Reader/resident observation)
Port Arthur's inclusion in this list is based on one unsubstantiated observation sent to an Ohio PAC website by a local reader. As I've documented in previous articles, Philip has a subscriber to his discussion list from Ohio. Coincidence?

Philip completely missed the immigration debate last year, but here's the bottom line: until the economic incentive to work illegally in the US is removed, then nothing will slow illegal immigration. By enforcing existing hiring laws, undocumented workers already living in the US will be forced to emigrate home when jobs disappear. Perhaps someone will get Philip a copy of Dubner and Levitt's Freakonomics for Christmas and then explain the multi-syllabic words.

Furthermore, it's the only solution that's economically possible. If Klein has objections to taxes for upkeep on the JCSO's helicopters, then I'd love to hear his opinion on the cost of handling 12 million illegal residents.

Klein's confusion is obvious in his manufactured quote:
We did some calling this afternoon and found that most cops were oblivious to consideration by the web site.

"Well, they are right. Where are we supposed to take them? To the Jefferson County Jail? They will just boot them out the door. And try calling INS? If their last name is not Shaheed they are too busy," said one PAPD officer this afternoon.
Letting formally charged inmates loose without due process is illegal, so Klein's implication is that local courts are letting them go. Specifically, Philip, which Jefferson County Judges are you talking about? And, are you really suggesting that Jefferson County should pay for the incarceration and transportation of these illegals to the border? Note that PRK's befuddled source also references the INS, a federal agency.

Philip offers no substantiation for his wingnut opinion beyond manufactured sources, doctored data, and a horse laugh fallacy in logic:
Again folks...just another day in San Francisco....ooopss....Jefferson County Texas!
Again, folks, just the "same old think, over and over and over again," but at least Philip has learned that "oops" has more than one "O."

Nov 25, 2007

Tidbits (by a Turkey)

How apropos - Philip's tidbits are written by a turkey every week. In his latest, Philip continues to mine the "same old think, over and over over again," with this observation:
Turkey Award of the Year - Goes to Gus Pillsbury of the DOKS and one of our Whack Packers. Why? Not why you may think. We were forwarded some interesting items and quotes. Get this....Gus was taking Klem's side in his sentencing this past month. Thanks to some cops that passed that along to us....guys at the JCSO! What a turkey Gus. What if it were your kid? Take a firmer stand next time. Remember Gus...your buddy that would not try the case says : NEVER EVER HURT A CHILD.
If Philip isn't lying about his source, I formally challenge him to provide the name of one of those "cops that passed that along to us....guys at the JCSO!" I'm sure that most, if not all, deputies realize that Klem's sentencing took place in August, not October as Klein claims.

I suspect that Klein's real source is his brother, Peter, who apparently believes that I'm Dr. Jeffrey Klem. Readers will notice some of the same phrases in Peter's latest comment, which he left two days before Philip's article appeared:
I dunno which is worse...your obsession with a man (not that there's anything wrong with that) or your inability to leave even the mention of little girls underwear alone (there is something wrong with that even though your buddy Maness doesn't agree).
Since both Peter and Philip seem to share the same preoccupation with "little girls underwear," perhaps their sister could offer some insight into the origin of this preoccupation and the strained relationship between Peter and Philip.

For the record, however, Tom Maness is not my buddy and I believe that Dr. Klem's crime is despicable. Equally despicable is intentionally inventing inflammatory falsehoods and hysterically distorting facts about the case to selfishly further one's political agenda.

On his August 19, 2007, radio show, Klein accused the victims' parents of accepting a bribe as part of the plea agreement. He also later claimed that:
The Review has also learned that a FOX news production team has been floating around town asking questions.
I missed that story on Fox News - perhaps Philip will post a link to the story. Typically, Klein also manufactured a source who makes the same grammatical train wrecks as Philip:
One county employee that demanded anonymity that works in the Jefferson County Courts told us : "I am sick over this. This family got shafted. And it was an inside deal. Everyone up here knows it. I want everyone to know it was not the Judges fault either. He was forced into the deal also," said the source.
The truth is quite different. The Beaumont Enterprise documented that the victims themselves originally signed off on the plea agreement, but changed their minds only after they discovered they would have to testify in the Harris County trial.

Originally, Harris County prosecutor Suzanne Hanneman tried to float a similar deal, where the two Harris County victims would not have testified. However, District Judge Mary Lou Keel refused to accept the agreement. As the Houston Press noted, the victims were then given the two options left open by Judge Keel: they could dismiss the charges, or go to trial. Therefore, Klein's claim that "It was not the Judges [sic] fault" doesn't hold water. Judge Stevens could have thrown the agreement out, just as Judge Keel did.

The facts surrounding this case are further muddied by a civil suit, which was filed before the criminal charges. In the civil suit, we discovered that Klem is directly related to two of the three Jefferson County victims and that Buck Treadway is also named as a defendant. He's the pastor of a local fundamentalist church and grandfather of two victims, and apparently didn't believe the story offered by the victims. As I've stated before, this entire case has become so convoluted with religious fundamentalism, incest, sexual assault of minors, and family "sleepovers," that it could have been featured on an episode of the Jerry Springer Show.

As a footnote, Klem will end his cardiology practice in Beaumont, effective tomorrow. As it now stands, his court date on criminal charges in Harris County is set for next April - we'll revisit Klein's statements about the case at that time. As I've also noted in the past, Philip seems to derive perverse pleasure in speculating on the sordid details of this case. During some of his past radio broadcasts, listeners could plainly hear Klein salivating and spitting on the microphone as he imagined the sexual contact between Dr. Jeffery Klem and the victims.

Regarding an unrelated issue, Klein's tendency towards plagiarism is exposed in this posting. Perhaps Mike Aguilar will explain where Klein got his "Gang of Seven" nickname for certain Jefferson County officials. In the case of Klein's so-called "whack [sic] pack," Philip stole that from Howard Stern, who ironically uses a lot of graphic sexual descriptions, too.

Nov 21, 2007

Number 4 (5 is next, Philip)

In his latest article, Philip Klein hysterically writes:
In a County owned and operated by the Jefferson County Democratic Party - a new award has been given this year - Beaumont, Texas is now #4 as the fourth most unsafe city to life in!
"Number 4 as the fourth most unsafe city" in Jefferson County! Imagine that - Philip doesn't say which Jefferson County cities were ahead of Beaumont, but the options are limited since there are only a few incorporated cities in the county.

I'll correct Philip's grammatical trainwreck. Typically, Philip failed to cite his sources, but he's referring to the 14th annual City Crime Rankings from the Congressional Quarterly Press,. The new rankings were released on Sunday and widely reported yesterday. According to the Beaumont Enterprise:
Beaumont came in as the 83rd most dangerous city, an improvement over last year's 71st-place ranking, according to the 14th Annual City Crime Rankings.

In Texas, Beaumont was ranked the fourth most dangerous city, behind Dallas, which was first, and Houston, which was third.
While Philip clearly states that Beaumont is the fourth most unsafe city in Jefferson County, he was apparently confused while attempting to apply his own spin to the data. Readers can view the actual rankings and statistics here.

In his article, Philip professes to anticipate spin about these numbers.
Here is the spin - "The Numbers are Messed Up." Or how about this goodie - "The way they do the numbers and figure crime is not right."
Philip missed the real criticisms from law enforcement professionals about these annual rankings. As an example, the calculations are based on voluntarily reports. These reports make their way to the FBI, which does not check them. Since several cities, such as Chicago and Minneapolis, did not provide complete reports, they were not ranked. While Philip apparently thinks this is "spin," how would this affect Beaumont's ranking if Chicago and Minneapolis were included?

Some cities also manipulate the data in a number of ways, including reporting forcible rape as assaults, etc. Because of this, both the FBI and the American Society of Criminology oppose the ratings and call them unreliable. In closing, I plan to have a nice Thanksgiving Dinner with my family in the fourth most unsafe city in Jefferson County. I hope all of our readers do the same!

NOTE TO PHILIP: Stay inside your house tomorrow! No one wants to see you mistaken for a giant turkey and shot in a drive-by with a BB gun.

Nov 20, 2007


Philip manufactures another quote from his alleged "sources" in an article about Jefferson County Commissioner Eddie Arnold:

What in the [H**l] is going on?" Asked one of our GOP readers this morning. "Has this son-of-a-***** drank the Jefferson County spending Kool-Aide?"
Oh, look! Philip called Eddie Arnold a "son-of-a-*****!" Is this protected speech under the First Amendment?

Ironically, Klein still hasn't mentioned the Republican majority on the Beaumont City Council, who propose to build a series of lakes in downtown Beaumont as a beautification project. I'm looking forward to fishing in Lake Coleman, Lake Beaulieu, and especially Lake Hayes - one can eventually visit the lakes by taking a bus into the proposed Bubba Pate Metro Transit Center.

In reality, however, we already have a series of lakes in downtown Beaumont. They're called potholes.

Is this an example of Philip's hidden agendas?

Nov 19, 2007

Say Do What (Or, Name Three Words that Philip Can Spell)

Philip digs deep into his big bag of subject matter and comes up with the "same old think, over and over and over again," for today's article. In his first sentence, we have a typical example of Klein's race-baiting and racial prejudice:

What did Mark Porterie say about the High School being built for the "children's" of Port Arthur?
He then quotes Mark Porterie, the executive assistant to the PAISD superintendent concerning the new Memorial High School:

The new high school will include a new band hall, auditorium, commons area, junior varsity football field, field house, science labs, library, concession buildings, band practice fields, baseball field, softball field, track and field events, two gymnasiums, etc. to meet the needs of the population of Port Arthur, Porterie added. - Port Arthur News
Readers can view the original story in the Port Arthur News here. Klein then posits the question:

Since when does this "meet the needs" of the population of Port Arthur? How does a JV football field, field house, library, concession buildings, band practice fields and on and on help the needs of the population of Port Arthur?
Klein implies that residents of Port Arthur have no need for libraries since they can't read. I also wonder why Klein apparently believes that the Port Arthur ISD deserves less facilities than most other 5A schools in Texas. Considering the football talent that has come from within the PAISD, I'm comfortable with the PAISD decision. I wonder how Jimmy Johnson and Goose Gonsoulin feel about the modernization of the PAISD athletic facilities?

While Klein frequently claims this is an example of how Democrats of Jefferson County like to "tax-and-spend," compare the proposed facilities of the Port Arthur ISD with the current facilities of the Fort Bend ISD. I chose Fort Bend County because, until recently, it was considered a Republican stronghold in Texas:

  • Wheeler Field Mercer Stadium
  • Hopson Field House/Hall Stadium
  • Frankie Field
  • Kempner Stadium
  • Don Cook Natatorium
And that's not to mention the band practice fields, concession buildings, field houses, "and so on." Pardon me, Philip, but your petty partisanship is showing again.

I'm reminded of Klein's article from August 21, 2007, where he argued that the quality of education from a college or university is directly proportionate to the success of the school's football program.

Instead of the "same old think, over and over and over again," here are some topics that Klein could have commented on:

I'm sure that Klein will conveniently choose to ignore that unemployment rate of 4.9 percent in Southeast Texas.

Here's another item that Klein first mentioned, but needs updating. In July, he wrote:

"According to a source close to Brascia tells the Review that the [Morning Blend] radio show will be broadcast syndicated nationally on 10+ stations starting Monday with a goal of hitting 200 stations by the end of the year."
Ironically, not only is the Morning Blend no longer broadcasting locally on 1340 KOLE radio, but they're apparently no longer being carried by the Talkstar Network. According to the network's lineup, the original program, American Daybreak, is back and Brascia is nowhere to be found. That didn't last long, did it - So much for those "sources close to Brascia." By the way, Philip, how are your "negotiations" with other local stations going? Perhaps you should consider getting a "ham radio (pun intended)" license.

Revisiting another item from Klein's Tidbits last week, I pointed out that Philip insulted almost every local blog (see below). In the case of Mike Aguilar and Buck Naked, he personally attacked them. Mike Aguilar responded with an excellent smackdown - I found this statement of particular interest:
In the past you have accused many of bringing your family into this arena. The blogging arena. You have stated, and I have agreed with you, that family is out of bounds. Imagine my surprise when I read you had referred to, not only my divorce, but to Buck’s family problems as well!
Mike makes an excellent point, but Philip has a special dispensation - he has more experience with divorce and sniffing underwear than both Mike and Buck combined. Mike also commented on Klein's mistaken assumption that I'm Beverly Parker:

And, as for Beverly Parker, I think she is a smart and beautiful woman and like her. Do I think she is “Gus”? I have no idea. Like I said, I ain’t got no dog in that hunt.
I suspect that the only person who is unduly preoccupied with my real identity is Philip Klein. I've repeatedly pointed out that Philip has a hard time defending his own poorly-conceived and wingnut positions with people who are knowledgeable about the subject matter. Instead, he resorts to personal attacks, manufactured sources and statistics, or diverting attention from the real issues. As I've written, Hilton Kelley's Eagle Scout Award has nothing to do with the issue of safety at local refineries.

The bottom line is simply this: since the blogging world is a marketplace of ideas, Philip lacks the mental acumen to logically argue the issues on their own merits.

Nov 17, 2007

Tidbits ("[B.S.] by any other name...")

I was quite disappointed in Philip's Tidbits this week, which contained little relevant content. The bulk of his article (I used the term loosely) was devoted to attacks on other local bloggers. I'll address those below, but first this item:
Sour Grapes - Chris Bell lost and now shows he is a bigger loser. How about this - says the GOV held back reporting a million dollars. Okay? How did that effect anything?
Readers will probably remember this item from August 14, 2007, where Philip addressed a late campaign report from Fanniece Hawkins:
The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned that former political candidate Fanniece Hawkins has failed and refused to file her final campaign finance report being in direct violation of campaign contribution reports."

"...According to the Texas Ethics Commission, the violations are 'outrageous and out of line' but they have no control but to investigate it and turn the information over to the local DA."
As it turned out, the Beaumont Enterprise discovered that Hawkins was one of fourteen candidates who failed to file on time because of confusion in election laws. Orange County also had a number of candidates who failed to file in a timely manner:
The election code is so confusing and fraught with potential problems that it probably should be amended, said John Kimbrough, Orange County district attorney.
This is a wonderful example of Klein's petty partisanship and bias - it's apparently okay for Governor Rick Perry to allegedly launder over a million dollars in illegal contributions from Bob Perry because he won the election, but late campaign report filings are unnacceptable. This only makes sense to an extremist wingnut.

Philip missed something interesting in Fort Bend County this week. Let's first revisit Philip's statement from Tuesday, October 9, 2007:
"Team Lampson is in election mode again knowing that he will have a line up of people on the GOP side to run against him. And they are lining up.
Klein predicted Lampson would go down in flames in next year's congressional elections. In reality, the entire Ft. Bend Republican Party imploded this week when the party chair, secretary, treasurer, and parliamentarian all resigned because of infighting:
Citing infighting, Fort Bend GOP chair resigns

RICHMOND — The chairman of the Fort Bend County Republican Party resigned his post, partially blaming incessant infighting in the party.

Gary Gillen, who was elected in April 2006, made the announcement today at a luncheon meeting of a local Republican women's group.

The party's secretary, treasurer and parliamentarian also resigned.

"I hope these resignations will end this internal conflict. I urge Fort Bend County Republicans to continue their support of our elected officials despite the actions of this fringe group," Gillen said in a released statement.

Gillen, 50, said constant bickering within party ranks and personal attacks on him and his family made it impossible for him to continue to serve.
Even Philip should realize that with the passing of Tom DeLay's machine, the Republicans in Ft. Bend County are in chaos, with infighting between the mainstream and extremist fringes. Personal attacks, extremist fringe - all of this sounds quite familiar, doesn't it?

Regarding those personal attacks, let's examine some of Philip's comments about other local bloggers in Tidbits this week:
Dr. Pong: "...get your crap together Doc or get off the net."

Bayou: "...Go back to your newspapers."

Pearson: "...I hope and pray you are not wearing girls underwear."

Barrow: "Shut up. Seriously - shut up. Case closed."

Tommy T: "Tom is on the rag."

Kevin:> Oh boy, here we go. Kevin is going to repeat everything we and others have been saying for years."
Does anyone see a common thread (beyond Klein's preoccupation with "little girls underwear")? I saved the best items for last.

In his observations on Going Underground, Klein attacked Mike Aguilar by associating him with me, apparently because Mike responded to my call concerning the World's Smallest Political Quiz (see previous articles):
And if you want to go have a romp with the DOKS, grab Bev and close your nose when the smoke comes over from LA. Enough of your whining and get down on it. And when you talk about us - remember - that is only popular with the vocal minority crowd.
While his brother Peter thinks I'm Dr. Jeffery Klem, Philip still believes I'm Beverly Parker. If so, both of them are idiots.

Too bad they're apparently still not talking, else Philip and Peter could compare notes. We're still waiting to hear about the circumstances behind this sibling estrangement, but I wonder if this estrangement had anything to do with a certain family court case in Harris County some years ago? If things get a little slow over the holidays, perhaps I'll post the transcripts. Even more humorous, Philip apparently believes that everyone else is in the "vocal minority," while he's channeled the ghost of Richard Nixon to resurrect the "silent majority."

This brings us to Klein's attack on Buck, after he commented on this so-called "Breaking News" item from Klein this week:
“The Review has learned that KOLE has canceled their morning show effective in the morning. Both hosts, Dominck Brasha and Jeff Roberts will leave KOLE. Afternoon host Ronnie Linden will be staying on and is said to be working at no cost to KOLE for the near future. Sources close to Linden tell us that he is not far behind Brasha as the station continues its free fall.”
Readers may remember this posting from Philip in July:

"According to a source close to Brascia tells the Review that the radio show will be broadcast syndicated nationally on 10+ stations starting Monday with a goal of hitting 200 stations by the end of the year."
So, are we still on track for those "200 stations by the end of the year?"

If my sources are correct, then local ratings show that Klein never had more than about 35 regular listeners during his entire stint as a talk-show host, despite his wild claims of having "thousands of people" who listen regularly.

Furthermore, I suspect that KOLE has been in free-fall for a long time, because the station has been a revolving door for at least three years. I lost track of News Directors at KOLE; they had so many, that the position has been vacant for months. And, why would Ralph McBride unload the station for chump change?

Regarding this "Breaking News" item, Buck called Klein's bluff on his misinformation:"
Correct me if I am wrong but Dominick said this morning that him and Jeff were quitting due to not getting a straight answer from the new owners. Now this is different then being cancelled as you say the show was. Dominick said he and Jeff discussed it and felt it was best to leave now. Also don’t you find it kinda crappy to tell folks that Ronnie is working for free? I love Ronnie to death as I know you do but isn’t that a little private to spread?
Klein responded with a personal attack on Buck, but no relevant content:

Here is another one that plays crybaby during his divorce. Yes - I just opened the door Buckaroo. Let's answer your question that you already know the answer too. Dom and Jeff are leaving because the show is canceled. Do you really think they would not keep going if their employer did not pull the plug? Stop making something there that is not there. Now back to you buddy boy. You are another that is a great guy with great ideas and a way of looking at things like your butt boy Aggie. Seriously Buck - get back into the fling of things. Sure, we know, it hurts to be alone. So make the best of it. Make a list of the great things and a list of the bad things in life. Sometimes those lists are not equal. SO WHAT. They call that life. We learn some of our best lessons off of the bad lists. And when we learn we grow. As for picking on me - that only goes so far. Take a look at Megadump and his ratings poll. Do you see anything funny on there? Where are your buddies DOKEY and SAMMY? Another lesson taught and learned. "One topic" people get boring. You can only ride our coattails so long. Get back in the mix. Say goodbye to the girl. Be a great dad that you are. And frankly - stop being a cry baby. Gezzzzz. As for Ronnie - as we told Ronnie, why make others money and you not benefit. Ya - it is fun. Yaaaa-he is good. But his price goes down when he rides the train free. He knows that. Now have at me or do something more constructive like talk about the corruption in Jefferson County or the crap you put up with in the trailer park. Again...gezzzz.
Readers will notice that Philip had little valid comment on Buck's original comment; instead, Klein personally attacked Buck because of his divorce. How funny - doesn't Klein have extended experience with broken marriages?

Klein also attacked Buck as well for allegedly consorting with me. "The same old think, over and over and over again." Here's a parting thought: does anyone know how Sluggo determines his Megadump ratings. Since he doesn't have access to data concerning traffic to each site, how does he/she come up with his weekly list?

Nov 15, 2007

BREAKING NEWS (Buck's gotta question)

An eloquent question from Buck:

Your Test Results Are In, Little Buddy

Since Philip didn't do his homework on the World's Smallest Political Quiz, I've scored the test according to how I think he would answer:

Scoring Notes:
Question 1 - Philip is inconsistent, so he gets a maybe. He argues that censoring political speech is wrong, as long as the speech is not anonymous, not about his wingnut opinions, or not written by a Democrat.

Question 2 - In times of war, I suspect that Philip would support the draft, as long as it's not his children.

The rest of the questions are no-brainers.
The results show Philip is off the scale:


CONSERVATIVES tend to favor economic freedom, but frequently support laws to restrict personal behavior that violates "traditional values." They oppose excessive government control of business, while endorsing government action to defend morality and the traditional family structure. Conservatives usually support a strong military, oppose bureaucracy and high taxes, favor a free-market economy, and endorse strong law enforcement. CONSERVATIVE political consultants who are also private investigators are usually extremist wingnuts.

Special Note to Philip: I confess - I threw in the wingnut line; but I think the quiz nailed you. Do you disagree?

Ungovernable ("Same Old Think, Over and Over and Over Again")

In today's article, Philip Klein resorts to a hysterical regurgitation of his oft-repeated theme:
Racked with insider deals. Nepotism. Theft of goods and services by county employees. Lack of prosecutions. Judges not following the law. And outright abuse of the county taxpayer money - the watch dogs in Austin have determined that Jefferson County Texas has become ungovernable.
Of course, we have to consider the source: this is the same person who's being sued for allegedly concocting a story concerning a Jefferson County J.P. So far this week, we found that Klein was unaware of the U.S. Constitution's mandatory age requirement for U.S. Representatives; claimed the "new owners" of 1380 KRCM are shutting the station down (there are no new owners of 1380 KRCM); and apparently fabricated statistics concerning the Beaumont ISD. In this last example, Klein pulled his so-called "editorial" down approximately two hours after I posted the real statistics.

Speaking of sources, Klein quotes several in his latest article, all of whom make the same grammatical errors:
"I think you have one leader down there. It is the woman mayor," said one source with the attorney generals office, "but other than her, take a good hard look at what you have. Over the past year we have watched a DA come off the bench and publicly support a county seat. We have seen the same DA not prosecute someone for stealing items and time from the county. We have seen judges simply forget what the law is all about and lawyers rely on the 9th," said the source.

"We have no party down there," said one GOP member. "The guy you got seems to like the check book thing. I guess having a liberal tax and spender republican is just as good as a democrat? Boy you guys have problems," said the source.

Another source in the democratic party told us : "D**n, they do have control and do what they want. But I kinda think that is what the people want? Why would they elect them to office?

"Think about this one young man," said the source. "You have a type of anarchy. There are no checks and balances between those who enforce the law and those who make the law. There is a serious blurred line in the sand. We watch everything they do down there. It is a hot bed for corruption. And it has now come to a point that the county is ungovernable," said the source.
I was a little surprised that an extremist like Klein failed to comment on Veteran's Day, nor has he mentioned the Viet Nam Traveling Memorial now on display.

Philip Klein is quite the archetypal hypocrite. I'll have more later!

Nov 14, 2007

Open Letter to Philip Klein (I'll Show You Mine...)

Dear Philip;

On the advice of Kevin McCarthy, I took the World's Smallest Political Quiz. In the past, you've occasionally described me as far left, liberal, and even a Democrat. Since we're discussing politics, I'm sure my bias surfaces occasionally; however, I suspect that most readers who are keeping score will find my results are not surprising:

CENTRISTS espouse a "middle ground" regarding government control of the economy and personal behavior. Depending on the issue, they sometimes favor government intervention and sometimes support individual freedom of choice. Centrists pride themselves on keeping an open mind, tend to oppose "political extremes," and emphasize what they describe as "practical" solutions to problems.

The RED DOT on the Chart shows where you fit on the political map.

In the past, I've accused you of being to the far right of Attila the Hun; in fairness, you're probably no more extreme than President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Here's your chance to show us exactly what Philip Klein represents.



Addendum for other local bloggers: I'd enjoy seeing your results as well.

Watching Philip Watching Hardin County

As promised, let's revisit one of Klein's statements from yesterday:
Starting with the powerhouse KFDM - Jackie Simion [sic] is rumored to be leaving in December. The Review has learned that she will leave to work with ........ well lets just say she is going to the Rogers family. And that is a good thing for a good women [sic]. The search is on for her replacement which we are told will NOT be internal. Thank goodness!
According to my sources, Kelli Adkins will replace Jackie Simien in January. We'll compare rumors then to see if Philip's information is as bad as his spelling and bias.

In today's article, Philip predicts the future of Hardin County:

Seemingly the current Sheriff, Ed Cain, may be pulling a candidate. Sources tell us that an unnamed ex-employee, that was ..... well....quit (wink wink) is going to run Ed Cain for his seat. The interesting part is that the Hardin County GOP is being flirted with by....well...both candidates. Seemingly they have read the tea cards in Kountze and they are red. Which makes this a might bait and switch for both will be a wait and see.
This is an example of Klein's arrogance; while Klein would have readers believe he has inside information, Darrell Werner has made no secret of his intentions to run for Hardin County Sheriff. Tip to Klein - did you miss his home address, as well?

Klein's statement concerning the GOP is purely spin - Philip predicted that Hardin County would "go red" in 2002, 2004, and 2006. Klein provides us with an update on these earlier predictions:

So far .... no red tide. But we are watching the rumors. Hardin County is going red...and there nothing anyone can do to stop it.
We'll revisit this and the rest of Klein's predictions next spring. Truthfully, I wonder if anyone really cares to which party these local politicians belong, beyond extremist partisans such as Philip Klein. I'm always reminded of a quote by Governor George Wallace when he declared his third-party candidacy for President, "There's not a dime's bit of difference in the two parties."

I particularly liked this statement by Philip:

As for the rest of the gang - a young kid that is a GOPER is going to run Mike Hamilton. Why? He has illusions of grandeur in thinking that he has sat on a school board which qualifies him at the ripe old age of 19 (?) to run for office.
Perhaps someone can remind me of Tuffy's qualifications for State Representative when he first ran as a professional pie-maker.

More importantly, this is another example of Klein's ignorance - the U.S. Constitution sets the minimum age for a Representative at 25. Isn't it a little strange that a self-proclaimed political consultant apparently missed that detail?

Astute readers will also notice that Klein never speculates on politics in Orange County - perhaps his manufactured sources have a hard time spelling names like, "Thibodeaux," "Dubose," "LeBoeuf," and "Kimbrough."

Nov 13, 2007

Media Moves (Or Blowing Smoke)

In Philip's article today, he makes a number of predictions concerning local media. We'll revisit these predictions in coming weeks, but this one can be debunked today:
Sadly, we have confirmed that KOLE is going to a "canned" format and 1380 may be going "dark" in order to save money (?) as the new owners come in?
In the real world, the new owners, Birach Broadcasting, only purchased 1340 KOLE. This can be verified by reading the original press release.

The other station, 1380 KRCM, still belongs to Ralph McBride's CityGate Media and was not included in the sale. If the station is going "dark," Ralphie is shutting the station down, not the "new owners" as Klein claims.

Nov 12, 2007

The Mode (Say, What?)

In Philip's article today, he wrote:
The Mode is Positive," so says three sources that we have spoke with over the weekend regarding the debate between the Fire Fighters of Beaumont and the City of Beaumont.
Do you think that Philip's three sources (snicker) meant to say that the "mood" is positive, rather than the "mode?"

A reader left this comment:
PRK's inane comments make Julia Samuel look like a Rhodes scholar.

Thank You

  • Lance Cpl. Jeremy W. Burris
  • Spc. Kamisha Jane Block
  • Pfc. Brandon Keith Bobb
  • Sgt. 1st Class John Michael Hennen
  • Spc. Ryan Berg
  • Sgt. Daniel Winegeart
  • Staff Sgt. Edward Charles 'Jay' Reynolds
  • Staff Sgt. Benjamin Dewayne Williams
  • Chief Warrant Officer Wesley Charles Fortenberry
  • Lance Cpl. Shane Goldman
  • Sgt. 1st Class Gary L. Collins

Nov 9, 2007

The Klein Parodox

In Philip's so-called editorial, he aggresively attacks the Beaumont ISD. Unfortunately, his conclusions are based on erroneous information - while some numbers are merely exaggerated, some are so far from reality that they can only have been fabricated.

The paradox is this: does Klein intentionally manufacture this information to vilify and denigrate those with whom he disagrees, or is he so uninformed that he actually believes the data?

In this latest, PRK's entire premise is based upon three errors contained at the beginning of his long-winded and inarticulate rant:

  1. Forty percent of the kids coming into the 9th grade do not graduate.
  2. The TASK Testing speaks for itself.
  3. Seventy percent of the students are on government assistance.
Let's address each of these. My information can be found on the Texas Education Agency website. Most of this data came from two reports, Secondary School Completion and Dropouts 2005-06, and Academic Excellence Indicator System 2005-06 District Performance.

Because Philip refuses to cite his sources, the implication is that he's intentionally distorting or even manufacturing data.
(1) Forty percent of the kids coming into the 9th grade do not graduate.
The real facts:

Annual Dropout Rates,
by Grade Span, 2005-06
Beaumont ISD, District Number 123910

(2) The TASK Testing speaks for itself.
A reader left this comment:
Potential quote of the week?:
"The TASK Testing speaks for itself".> almost makes you want to cry.
Or laugh, depending upon one's perspective. Thanks for the Quote of the Week nomination! Here are the real numbers, which aren't too far from the statewide average, with the exception of BISD math scores.

3) Seventy percent of the students are on government assistance.
Here are the real numbers:

I'll have plenty of time to address the rest of Philip's editorial over the coming weeks - in many cases, his editorials have stayed up for years. Perhaps it's time for Philip to put the "Dear District Attorney Maness!" post up for another two years. I liked this line:
That motto has gotten you elected to office for many years Mr. Maness. But guess what? It will also cost you your office this next election cycle.

Yes District Attorney Maness! We are going to get you unelected from office.
Reality Check: Since Philip first made that threat, Maness has been reelected twice.

Tidbits (The Full Moon is Calling to Philip Again)


Check back later this week-end - I have a special article on the Klein Paradox, which will include a reader's nomination for Klein's Quote of the Week.

In Klein's Tidbits today, he offered his opinion on lessons learned in the Ninth Court of Appeals decision regarding that pay increase for Beaumont Firefighters. Unfortunately, little made sense. My favorite line:

Is the legal fees worth it?
Reminds me of one of the great Bushisms of all time:

"Is our children learning?" (Florence, S.C., Jan. 11, 2000)
I defer to Mike Aguilar, who commented in his blog, Going Underground:

Big question now is – will the City and Union come to any type of agreement concerning past wages or will the City giggle as they hand over 2% for this year and pocket three years of back pay. While the FF may have lost the battle, the City could take a hit if they act the part of the sore winner. More on this Monday…
Klein also commented on the case of George O. Adams, who was busted for running a puppy mill:

Dogs Dogs Dogs - Judge Chesson fined a guy $7K for dog abuse. The man you ask? On welfare, Medicare and....well never mind. He might as well head to jail.
Adams was on Medicare because he retired from a local refinery. I know very few people who fail to sign up for Medicare upon reaching their 65th birthday. As a retiree, he was on pension, supplemented by Social Security and his income as a Pentecostal clergyman.

Typically, Klein is completely wrong: Chesson didn't fine Adams at all - rather, Adams agreed to pay $7,513.80 in restitution costs to the Humane Society of Southeast Texas for the costs incurred in the care and upkeep of 18 dogs, administering shots and vaccines, and placing the animals for adoption.

This misinformation is consistent with Klein's hidden agenda concerning Ray Chesson. During Chesson's reelection, Klein claimed he would be soundly defeated by 70 percent, as I remember. When the counting was done, Chesson was reelected with 85 percent of the vote, which is a record for a JP in Jefferson County history, I think.

I suspect that Klein's hidden agenda began when he served as an attack chihuahua for a certain county judge. As a true Southerner, I've never liked clam crowder.

Stock Market - Taking a dive. It was a matter of time with oil where it is. Watch the hit to 100 per and the spigots open.
Compare this statement with Klein's Tidbit from May 25, 2007:

Gas Prices: good economy higher gas prices. Supply - demand.
Klein's inability to comprehend even the simplest of economic concepts never ceases to amaze me. High oil prices are only one part of the picture - Klein neglected to mention the housing glut, the subprime mortgage crisis, and the weak dollar. All four factors are contributing to extreme recessionary pressures, which the Fed has tried to mitigate by lowering interest rates twice in recent months. Fed Chairman Bernanke yesterday effectively told the Congressional Joint Economic Committee to expect a recession in the next year. Really, Philip, "you gotta talk educated."

Pelosi Still Lost - Congress is still at about 11% in the polls. That is funny. What is even more funny is Pelosi is still doing the troops thing while the operation is working just as planned. Funny stuff!
I'd love to discuss Iraq with Klein, but he doesn't have the mental acumen to defend his own positions. Consider that hostilities may escalate with a possible Turkish invasion, Iran is apparently stepping up its covert operations, and that, even though the year is not over yet, 2007 has already set the record for the most U.S. casualties in Iraq. And, that's not to mention the other developments in the Middle East, such as the current constitutional crisis in Pakistan.

Even the final report on Iraq from General David Petraeus found that while some military progress had been made, the political progress that was hoped for has not been achieved. Only 6 of the 18 benchmarks set by Congress have been met as of September.

Bottom line: the military has done their job extremely well - now it's time for the diplomatic corps, led by Condi Rice, to do their job. Only a wingnut Pollyanna would claim the "the operation is working just as planned."

CNN's 1 - 4 - Say that Bush is the worst president ever. Remember now it is CNN. So.....that does not beat Carter at 3-4. Funny stuff!
I had to really search for this - I was sure that Klein meant Congress' veto override yesterday, but couldn't figure out all of Klein's bizarre references.

The CNN article that Klein is basing his statement on can be found here. You'll notice that nowhere does the article claim "Bush is the worst president ever." I assume that Klein's figure of 1-4 means four vetoes and one override. If this is correct, then Klein's figure of four vetoes and three overrides during the Carter Administration is completely wrong. Carter exercised 37 vetoes, of which two were overridden. Ironically, Carter's predecessor, Gerald Ford, had 12 overrides, while the record belongs to Andrew Johnson with 15. So much for "talkin' educated."

Finally, we have this item:

Special Message To Caller - Yes - we are interested in the source that wants to talk to us about current happy times in Austin.
Klein's oblique reference to Happy Times Video implies that he's still under the delusion that I'm Beverly or Carl Parker. How funny.

Nov 8, 2007

Guess Who (Timing is Everything, Philip)

In today's article, Klein wrote about the "same old think, over and over and over again:"
Who is speaking this Thursday Night? You bet ya! Uncle Hilton Kelley. Activist, former Eagle Scout (we cannot find it), former stunt man (we cannot find it), former SAG Union member (we cannot find it and neither can SAG nor IMDB), buddy of Don Johnson (his reps tell us they have no idea who Hilton is), Nash Bridges TV show star (we could not find his name on any credits)......awe we could go on...but why?
As I've pointed out, Philip's ad hominem attack on Hilton Kelley has nothing to do with the issues that Hilton Kelley is addressing. Ironically, Klein is silent on this story from today:
Breaking News: Fire and Explosion Reported at Valero
Yup, the "same old think, over and over and over again" from Klein, but this development certainly underscores the point that Kelley is making.

Nov 7, 2007

Post Mortem on a Post Mortem

In Philip's "Post Mortem" he writes of Dr. David Teuscher:

Now listen to us. Be very clear a new king has been crowned. And he is a Rhino Repub. And his name is Dr. David Teuscher. A doctor and a newly born political leader. He will be a man that those wanting to win public office must now come pay homage to. He joins an elite rank of names like : Reaud, Umphrey, Rogers, Parker, and other others.
A trifecta - this is an excellent example of how uninformed Philip really is, his proclivity for exaggerated melodrama, and his poor command of basic comprehension skills.

If Philip meant RINO (Republican In Name Only) and not Rhino (large, aquatic, odd-toed ungulate), then he's dead wrong about Dr. Teuscher. He served for years on the State Republican Executive Committee and his endorsement was prominently displayed on most of David Dewhurst's and Rick Perry's reelection literature; Perry appointed Teuscher to the Texas Tax Reform Commission. He was also on the Statewide Steering Committee for Todd Staples; a central figure in the loose coalition who pushed the anti-smoking ordinance through the Beaumont City Council; occasional front man for the Texas Medical Association (remember Prop 12, Philip?); and that's not to mention Dr. Teuscher's military service and awards.

Teuscher is a regular guest on local TV and radio, which is why I challenged Klein to invite Teuscher to appear on Philip's now-defunct radio romper room for wingnuts. Klein didn't invite Teuscher or was turned down - which one was it, Philip? I think we all could agree a radio debate with Teuscher and Klein on the BISD bond issue would have been infinitely more interesting than the 18th airing of the same "Bloggers Round Table." Isn't the Best of Klein an oxymoron?

I especially liked this misinformed comment from Philip:

"a Repub lead the charge to the biggest tax increase and bond issue in the history of Southeast Texas."
Do you think there will be a tax rollback election in Beaumont over the city budget? Klein berated Jefferson County Commissioners for a tax cut, but missed all of those rollback elections. Isn't it a little odd that a self-described political analyst, editorialist, and former radio talk-show host who receives hundreds of daily phone calls and email messages missed the complaints over the wording on those rollback referendums? Some people thought they were voting for the rollback, only to find later they were voting for the tax increase.

In an example of Klein's low-grade race-baiting, he asks a question and answers himself:

The question is do the children's really win?

The answer - is now we watch. It is a bunch of money being spent in a very liberal county where it is run by good old boys and corruption is around every corner.
Oh look - it's the "same old think, over and over and over again."

Nov 6, 2007

Mr. 50 Percent

Philip correctly predicted only two of the four races that he cherry-picked.

Beaumont ISD Bond Issue: $388.6 Million
  • FOR: 8,634
  • AGAINST 6,373

Klein's Prediction: we approach......the big is still a pick 'em advantage BISD Bond. It will be close and it will be within 2 +/- on either side.
Comment: Philip missed that one by the proverbial country mile. In his original prediction he wrote:
If Teuscher and team lose - his stock goes down way big.
Since Philip missed this one so badly, how much more does his stock "go down way big?"

City of Nederland Referendum: Split 1/2 Cent Sales Tax
  • FOR: 394
  • AGAINST : 324
Klein's prediction:

Advantage failure we think. The business community is not happy with this
one. And it would be a big defeat for the boys on the bench. never
know in this small town
Comment: Klein's prediction is gibberish - since the referendum passed and did not fail, I'm writing this off as a miss by Klein.

Port Arthur City Council Position 7
  • Lewis 1,612
  • Albright 1,574
  • Wise 801
Klein's prediction:
A run off maybe...well probably. But it will be what it is....Willie Bae's to lose.
Comment: Has the fat lady sang yet?

Lumberton Alcohol Referendum Prop. 1 - Sale of All Alcoholic Beverages
  • AGAINST 1,239
  • FOR 938
Lumberton Alcohol Referendum Prop. 2 - Sale of Beer/Wine, Off Premise
  • AGAINST 1,129
  • FOR 1,042
Lumberton Alcohol Referendum Prop. 3 - Sale of Mixed Beverages in Restaurants
  • AGAINST 1,254
  • FOR 904
Philip's prediction:
We say - the Church's win. No drinking.
Comment: I think we all got that one right.

I'll have more later!

Sticking Up for Big Bro

Peter Klein, brother of Philip, left this comment today:
How about enlightening us with your predictions on the elections, Dr. Klem?
Peter is apparently more dense than his brother - this blog is about Philip, not me. Perhaps someone in Peter's neighborhood will devote a blog to him and his trampoline business. Philip and Peter remind me of a bad movie I once sat through.

By the way, Peter, you've never answered my questions: are you still estranged from your brother? Last time I heard, the two of you weren't talking, but I never got the details on that disagreement - I wonder if your sister has some insight on the origin of that little misunderstanding?

Pickin' Cherries (Philip's Prediction Issue)

Philip cherry-picks four races to predict in today's elections:
Before we start, we want you all to know that we have not been hitting the ball very good. This last go around we were 70% in our predictions.
I'm already dizzy from the spin - after cherry-picking ten no-brainer races in the last election, Klein only got 70 percent of his predictions correct. As I remember from the past 6 years, his predictions usually fall into the 20 to 40 percentile.

While Philip commented on the Beaumont Bond issue, he ignored the bond issues in Port Arthur, West Orange-Cove, Warren, and East Chambers. Likewise, there is no mention of the 16 propositions on the Texas Constitution. He also failed to mention the six city propositions in Port Arthur, which total $17 million for things like street and drainage improvements, a new fire station, and repairs to the police station. No mention of the Ward 1 and Ward 3 elections in Groves, either, and you'd think Klein would be all over the tax rollback elections in the Hamshire-Fannett and Silsbee ISDs.

On the BISD bond issue, Philip writes: we approach......the big is still a pick 'em advantage BISD Bond. It will be close and it will be within 2 +/- on either side.
On a side note, Philip takes a few shots at Dr. David Teuscher:
We said long ago that this bond was dead. Then team BISD got, David Teuscher, Dr. Dave that is in the political world, an avid GOPER, to stand up and be the front man.
This is another mistake by Philip; actually, the truth is quite different. Dr. Teuscher was one of the original members of the citizen's bond committee - as such, he was directly involved in this issue from the beginning, rather than simply a "front man" according to Klein's claim.

On the Lumberton referendum to allow alcohol sales, Philip predicts:
We say - the Church's win. No drinking.
On the Nederland proposal to use EDC money for street repairs, Philip's prediction is as clear as bayou mud:
Advantage failure we think. The business community is not happy with this one. And it would be a big defeat for the boys on the bench. never know in this small town.
Concerning the Port Arthur City Council races, Klein predicts:
A run off maybe...well probably. But it will be what it is....Willie Bae's to lose.
In closing, Philip wrote:
......we took a shot a four that could go either way.
Say what?

Nov 3, 2007

End of the Week Roundup


I've omitted the nonsensical items:

Thank You - We have gotten very little done in the last six hours due to the phone calls and emails. Thank you all. We may come back some day.
Something doesn't add up here. Klein's discussion board went absolutely dead after he posted that "Special Announcement." Surely at least one of the purported thousands of subscribers to his list would post something along those lines.

Who Is Left - We have been told that Dominic Brasha is left with Jeff Roberts and they have been given a two week window. Ronnie Linden is also left with a two week window.
My prediction - Philip is off of the radio in Southeast Texas forever.

Hughes - Yep...Karen Hughes, a former Bushy is raising up the Governors Flag to have a maybe run in Texas. Is that a Cat Fight we hear brewing?
Let's ask Senator Rick Perry, shall we?

Klein apparently missed the rumors surrounding Hughes unexpected departure. The announcement of her resignation came just one day after the national news media broke the story that someone in the State Department granted immunity to the hired guns from Blackhawk.

In her tenure at the State Department, her "listening tours" were an abject failure and only increased resentment towards the U.S. For example, in Egypt, Hughes stressed to a skeptical audience the religiosity of our president and insisted that the U.S. Constitution includes the phrase “one nation under God,” which it does not. That phrase didn't enter U.S. culture until 1954, when Congress added the words, 'under God,' to the Pledge.

In Saudi Arabia, Hughes repeatedly described herself inappropriately and condescendingly as a “working mom,” and urged a mostly silent group of Islamic women to obtain the right to drive because the inability to operate a vehicle “negatively shaped the image of Saudi society” in the U.S. During her lecture, she equated driving a BMW with “freedom.”

In Turkey, Hughes attempted to connect with her audience by saying, “I love kids,” before being confronted by women troubled about the deaths brought about by the invasion of Iraq. She also heard concerns about America’s apparent intention to introduce democracy by force and explained that “to preserve the peace, sometimes my country believes that war is necessary.” I was a little unclear over how that translated into Turkish.

In Indonesia, Hughes incorrectly insisted that Saddam Hussein had gassed "hundreds of thousands of Iraqis." She was confronted by an Indonesian student who rattled off a list of countries that the U.S. has recently invaded and then asked, "Who's the terrorist? Bush or us Muslims?" Hughes refused to answer.

The real rumors say that Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice showed Hughes the door.

Galveston ISD - Sound familier? A threat by GISD to sue a local blogger? Get out. We wrote case law on that one.
While Klein states that he "wrote case law on that one," what really happened is that Klein's spurious lawsuit was thrown out by both the District Court and the Texas Appeals court. The Supreme Court refused to even consider his next appeal. I've documented this before and you can read the actual Appeals Court decision for yourself at the link on the sidebar.

Here's the bottom line: in order to be considered case law, a decision must affect later cases. I challenge Philip to name one case where Klein & Associates v. PAISD,, was cited as legal precedent.


In announcing the end of his radio career in Southeast Texas, Klein wrote:

As for our show, we are negotiating with another station in a new deal and if that does not work out and is good for all parties, we will explore the new frontier of INET Radio. We have hired a firm to start that process.
Considering the rumors about Klein's ratings which apparently showed that he only had abut 35 regular listeners, I seriously doubt that Klein will show up on another radio station in Southeast Texas anytime soon. A standard joke is that the Nederland PD dispatchers had more regular listeners than Klein.

I'm further reminded of those statements Klein made about three years ago, where he claimed to be "in negotiation" with radio stations in Houston and Dallas.

I confess, however, that I am a bit saddened at the passing of Klein's radio show. For instance, who'll represent Jefferson County's lunatic fringe and wingnuts on the radio now? I admit that I listened on a regular basis - I thought his show was the definitive, but unintended, parody of a real radio talk show. Philip's show answered the question concerning what would happen if no one called to talk on a radio talk show.


In this article, Klein continues his political campaign against the BISD Bond Issue, this time by invoking the dreaded "L" word:

Liberals believe the number failures are due to not spending enough money. Conservatives believe that money is not the answer. Just good management by professionals and those that cannot do the job have to leave.
Klein's simplistic and misinformed understanding of the differences between conservatives and liberals is a logical fallacy - specifically, a straw man, where Philip misrepresents the position of those who favor the BISD Bond.

Philip's bias is obvious - one of Philip's few guests in the entire history of his radio show opposed the bond, but Klein never gave those who support the bond equal air time. At the time, I challenged him to discuss the issue with Dr. David Tuescher, who served on the public committee responsible for the bond proposal. Tuescher and many other members of that committee, such as Mark Viator and David Raiford, are definitely not flaming liberals, as Klein claims.

Unfortunately, Philip can't go head-to-head with those people, because he lacks the mental ability to construct a reasoned argument to support his own ill-formed position.