Dec 10, 2007

War (Or, Philip's Predilection for One-Word Titles)

Today, Philip informs us of a pending federal crackdown in Port Arthur:
"If you are a criminal in Port Arthur Texas you can either leave or go to jail. And if the DA cannot do his job the US Attorney will," - so says a source close to the City of Port Arthur Police Department earlier Sunday to the Review after calling us.

Beleaguered with homicides, robberies, break ins and shootings, the cops of the City of Port Arthur were given the rally cry late Friday afternoon and were giving encouragement by the United States Federal Government.
In addition to the US Attorney's office, will this help also include the FBI, ATF, Secret Service, DEA, USCIS/Border Patrol, and the military? You bet, according to Philip [WARNING: grammatical train wreck straight ahead]:
Sources that we contacted late Sunday told us that not only is agencies in the United States have been lined up to help the local cops, pep rallies of sort will be given all week long to the shift officers in the Department.
I wonder if that support includes raises for our local officers? When I exposed one of Philip's logical fallacies, he never commented on salaries for PAPD officers or the number of current openings before the department is at full roster.

Does anyone see anything of political interest in this windbag diatribe?

While Philip's sources call him at all times of the day and night about those PAPD Pep Rallies, they apparently failed to inform him about a potential problem with Jefferson County Commissioners. According to KBTV/Channel 4:
...[T]wo Houston companies have received more than $ 5 million in construction business from Jefferson County...county officials did not believe going through the normal bid process for repair work would be efficient. So commissioners opted for job order contracts with construction companies already approved by the state. Commissioners entered job order contracts with KBR and Jamail Construction, both companies are based out of Houston. Those contracts are still active more than two years after Rita. KBTV has learned that in the past two years Jefferson county has spent more than $1 million with KBR, and over $4 million with Jamail. This worries local union officials who think the process is taking money away from local laborers. Jerry Pillsbury, the organizer for Pipe Fitters Local 195 says his workers could have done some of the air conditioning work for the county, but neither Jamail nor KBR gave them a chance. Although most county officials are pleased with the work the two companies have done for the county, but now officials started thinking about putting a cap on work order contracts. That will be discussed at the next commissioner's court meeting. KBTV has learned that not all job order contracts have been limited to under $ 200-thousand dollars. Repairs to the amphitheater after Rita cost the county around a million dollars, and that project went to Jamail construction without going through the bid process. All commissioners except Eddie Arnold approved that move.
This story was filed on Saturday and has many of Philip's favorite recurring themes: local labor, business, Eddie Arnold, Jefferson County Commissioners, and five million dollars that went to outside contractors, instead of Jefferson County businesses - how did Philip miss that?

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