Jan 31, 2008

Number Three (Or, How High Can Philip Count?)


Earlier this week, I mentioned (here) that Philip R. Klein missed several big stories while figuring out technical terms like "Comp Time" and "Holiday Pay" on Alma Cantu's time cards (see this article). 

He plays catch-up in his latest article, which begins with a brief and confused mention of the term limits question argued by Willie Lewis and ends on the "same old think, over and over and over again,"  crime in Port Arthur.

In between, he wanders from subject to subject, including the PAPD, Pimp C, the PA Chamber of Commerce, and others.

Typically, he claims three sources have called to comment on this gibberish:

The Review has been contacted by three sources over the last twenty four [sic] hours. One of which is in law enforcement. And the news is not pretty.

Philip's "source" libels the Port Arthur City Council members:

"We work for some on City Council that are criminals, support criminals and have even hidden criminals."

I'm sure the PA City Council would sue Philip for that statement, as well, if anyone were still paying attention to him. 

Almost everyone has figured out by now that Klein is a wingnut with no credibility.  As an example, several participants in the KFDM Talk Forum remarked that Philip and his sources all make the same grammatical mistakes and use the same colloquialisms.

Here's an example.  In this latest article, Philip's "source" states:

"I am sick to my stomach."

Compare that statement with the following statements from Philip and his sources:

I am sick over this...

Frankly, it makes us sick to our stomachs here at the Review...

It just makes me sick...

We are sick to our stomach [sic]...

I particularly like that last comment from Philip - I've discussed his use of the plural "we," and his poor self-esteem.  In that last example, "we" should be sick to our "stomachs."  Philip's Freudian Slip is showing again.

Even funnier, Philip Klein is totally confused over the term limit issue in Port Arthur, which is why he mentioned the issue only in passing:

While Willie Bae Lewis runs around in City Council meetings trying to get his term limits ordinance overturned...

Actually the Port Arthur City Council has voted to pursue this issue with the Department of Justice.  Furthermore, the crux of the issue isn't "term limits," but the length of terms and the plurality upon which city council members are elected.

Lewis wants to impose the city's original two-year limit on the council's two at-large seats with those seats decided by a simple majority. The new ordinance, as passed by Port Arthur voters, makes all council terms three years, to be decided by a plurality of at least 51 percent.

In two sentences and one paragraph, I defined the issue; isn't it ironic that Philip's sources couldn't do the same?

Revisiting an earlier issue, Philip wrote about Alma Cantu's race for the Jefferson County Precinct 3 Commissioner's race:

Alma Cantu may just be the front runner in the race for Jefferson County Commissioners Court in the democratic Primary [sic].

On Thursday, October 25, 2007, Philip predicted:

Cantu.....middle of the pack.

Any comments, buddy?

Jan 30, 2008

Out of the Inbox


I'm still rolling on the floor and laughing about Philip's article on his big investigation into Alma Cantu's time sheets (don't miss the article below). A reader left this comment:

Well "we" all now know that no one employed by Dairy Queen ever got holiday pay or comp time, or do "we"? My guess is only Philip never knew because daddy-in-law learned early on to keep him miles away from the books.

The very first time I became aware of Philip Klein was when a local TV station interviewed him as manager of that DQ. The issue was raising the minimum wage: Philip told the reporters that none of his employees supported raising minimum wage, even though that's what they were all making. I particularly remember the cowed and intimidated looks on his employees' faces, who were all gathered around Philip during the interview.

After I met Philip for the first time, I realized that he's just a wingnut bully whose opinions exceed his knowledge. Philip would probably feel quite comfortable running a sweat shop in Haiti, where he could beat his employees.

Any comment, buddy?

Deer Hunting with a .50 Sniper Rifle


As regular readers know, I enjoy reading most of the local blogs. For instance, I'm glad Mike Aguilar decided not to hang up his "Going Underground" blog. Before Buck gets depressed because I didn't mention him, I read his blog, Jeff Ortiz, and a couple of others on a regular basis as well. My favorites are linked on the sidebar.

Another blog that I check on a regular basis is Southeast Texas Gulf Coast Gab. Ol' Bob knows his guns and I enjoy reading his take on them. In an article posted earlier this week, he mentioned Philip R. Klein, while responding to this comment from one of his readers:


Philip Klein wrote, "Dude a CZPO1? Nada buddy. Glock and a PT111 for a back up. Seriously buddy. Look into it."

I trust your opinion. Which is the better gun?

Bob responded with this classic:

I take it that whoever left that comment wanted me to comment on Mr. Klein’s knowledge of firearms. His opinion is just as debatable as mine. To each his own, which looks better? The blonde, brunette or redhead? Everyone has their own opinion and they truly vary when it comes to pistols and revolvers. I only caught Mr. Klein’s radio program maybe 4 or 5 times while he was on KOLE but he made me laugh one day when he talked about going deer hunting and using his sniper rifle. It must have been his first time to go deer hunting.

Too bad Bob missed the program where Philip discussed ordering a dozen 9 mm assault rifles, not that he could afford them. That show was a real laugh - typically the AR-15 is chambered for the standard .223 or 5.56 mm round, but Philip apparently likes the 9 mm version. My guess is it's because recoil won't bruise his tender shoulder and the bullet doesn't travel as fast or as far. That's probably why he needed a .50 cal sniper rifle to knock down a deer.

That says something about Philip's hunting style as well. In the old days, one would spend a few weeks scouting before deer season opened to find the game trails, then hike in before dawn on opening day. Since Philip moving through the brush is roughly analagous to an elephant in the rain forest, I'm sure he's the type who'll feed all of the little Bambis from a feeder, then snipe them from a hunting blind while seated in a reclining chair when they come to eat. I'm sure Philip won't debate the issue with me, but that's not hunting - it's target practice. Where are the people of PETA when one really needs them?

Anyway, here's Bob's final opinion on the subject of Philip's Glock vs. the CZ PO1:

Now if I had to choose one of the above, it would be the CZ PO1. My reason is that I have fired a CZ75B in the past and it is one of the most accurate pistols on the market.

I agree with Bob - I've told Philip in person before that he'll end up shooting himself in the leg one day with that silly little Glock. I'm curious what Bob thinks about the SigSauer P229 in the .40 caliber version?

Cantu - Two (ROTFLOL)

Philip R. Klein reveals the results of his investigation into Alma Cantu's Time Cards:
She gets a Grade "A" from us.
I must confess, I underestimated Philip Klein. I would never have thought anyone in business was this ignorant about handling a simple payroll:
She has also taken one "Holiday" pay for the 1st of January. Meaning, it was a holiday but she got paid
Duh! Isn't that why it's called "Holiday Pay?" What a shrewd business mind is Philip Klein!

Klein is also quite confused about comp time, by his own admission:
And so we know now how many hours have been taken in vacation time, comp time (we had no idea there was such a thing) and holiday time to stump on the campaign trail.
Pardon me! I just knocked my lamp over while rolling on the floor and laughing out loud. Notice the use of the plural "we;" Philip's insecure over his ignorance.

Philip is ignorant of holiday time and comp time, but he attributes his ignorance to Jefferson County:
Sorry - we forgot this is Jefferson County...on with the story.
This article is an excellent example of why most people consider Philip an idiot. Tomorrow, we'll cover some advanced topics like overtime and time-and-a-half.

Any comment, buddy?

Short Takes


Philip R. Klein, shrewd political analyst, made these predictions about the 2008 Presidential races:

Welcome, Mr. President - Fred Thompson joins the race.

McCain Gone - Our DC friends say that McCain's show is over.

I rarely mention Philip's spelling anymore, but these gross mistakes deserve comment:

If Curran stays in Port Neches and takes on duel [sic] rolls [sic] then the assistant chief who is the logical guy in line for fire chief get's [sic] screwed in advancement.

Duel rolls? Translation: If Curran stays in Port Neches and takes on dual roles, then the assistant chief who is the logical guy in line for fire chief gets screwed in advancement. I'll ignore the grammatical train wreck.

Meanwhile, Philip missed these stories on his favorite subjects:

After whining about the dress code in the Nederland ISD a few months ago, Klein even missed this story:

So much for those "sources who demand anonymity." At least we can depend upon Philip to do the right thing:

We stand up and say we are wrong when we are wrong.

By the way, how are the negotiations for your new radio show coming along, Philip:

As for our show, we are negotiating with another station in a new deal and if that does not work out and is good for all parties, we will explore the new frontier of INET Radio. We have hired a firm to start that process.

Any comment, buddy?

Jan 29, 2008

Mid-County Madness?


Considering the content of Philip R. Klein's latest article, perhaps "Mid-County Idiocy" would be more appropriate.

Philip writes:

Our phones started ringing this past week when it was leaked that the City Manager of Port Neches was going to retire and two names had cropped up as possibles [sic].

Philip claims this was "leaked" in the past week, the Mid-County Chronicle covered this in an article on January 2, 2008:

In Port Neches, Mayor Glenn Johnson said they have several goals, but their biggest one will be hiring a new city manager to replace Randy Kimler who will be retiring at the end of April.

"We have a process in place and have been accepting applications. A small committee will be formed to narrow those for consideration and then present the finalists to the council," Johnson said.

The committee has been accepting applications for Randy Kimler's position since December, but apparently Philip is just now finding out about the opening.

I'm reminded of a recent example, where Philip claimed to have "broken" the news that Nancy Beaulieu was running for the Beaumont City Council. When he was corrected, Klein wrote:

Wrong. This is not true. We broke the news two weeks before she announced and brought the question up of what will Larry do.
As it turned out, Larry Beauliu was already off the air before Klein ever mentioned the issue. Give Philip six months and he'll claim he "broke" the story of Randy Kimler leaving as well.

Ironically, Philip missed this story in Port Arthur:

PA City Councilman Calls To Undo Term
Revisions Passed Two Years Ago

Willie Bae Lewis and Mayor Deloris Prince are feuding over the new terms approved by voters, but Klein has nothing to say about that.

Any comment, buddy?

Jan 28, 2008

Wanna Go ? [Sic]

In case you haven't heard, one of our State Senators, Kyle Janek, is resigning his seat in mid-term tomorrow. Janek represents portions of Jefferson and Chambers County, but somehow, Philip R. Klein missed that entirely.

I'm sad that Klein's too ignorant to discuss the political track record of Kyle Janek. I'll always remember that he held several town hall meetings after Hurricane Rita, but somehow missed ground zero in Jefferson County entirely. With representation like that, even a blockhead like Philip Klein should be able to see why the Republican Party can't find a foothold in Jefferson County.

Instead, Klein's latest article displays almost all of the qualities that endear him to wingnut watchers everywhere. He comments on a "political story" of little interest to anyone in Southeast Texas. Since his "story" is dealing with a Democrat, it's rife with arrogance and petty partisanship:
Okay - so get this....here comes Ms. Nancy to Texas...what a joke."
Nancy liberal San Fran Pelosi?
A manufactured and fictitious source:
"We expect to raise around $300,000 for the speaker," said a loyal democrat in Houston this afternoon.
Overt chauvinism and/or racism:
...the girl from the left coast.
And a prediction from his political advisor, Sister Cleo, that's not even in the ballpark:
We see a $100k fund raiser...that is it and that is all.
To be revisited at a later date.

On this subject, let's revisit another of his predictions attributed to a manufactured source. Philip wrote on Friday, August 3, 2007:
McCain Gone - Our DC friends say that McCain's show is over.
Apparently, Philip's "DC friends" include the crackheads around Truxton Circle. Didn't Philip recently state:
We stand up and say we are wrong when we are wrong.
Any comment, buddy?

Out of the Inbox

I've not published any comments recently - here are my favorites from the past week:
I have a question for Philip: If he's so big on people "manning up" by using their given names, why is it he's NEVER(!) used the proper name of a source for anything he's ever posted?
Excellent question - any comments, buddy?
Why did you drop the story of Klein and the NVFD? Some of us would like to get him out but he is burrowed in deeper than a tick on a longhaired dog.
Philip dropped the story. As I pointed out, he refused to answer the questions that I raised to his "editorial." In this case, Philip's silence was deafening.

Another reader brought up a real political issue:

Wonder when PRK Investigations will focus on the travel expense excesses of Texas Supreme Court judges Nathan Hecht, David Medina and Paul Green? Oh, I forgot: three are Republicans.
In Philip's defense, he's been busy breaking national news like that "story" about David Sheffield.
Philip said he never sided with a Democrat...you mentioned Carl Griffith, but left out another one of his big buddies...Mark Stiles. I never could figure out what Carl Griffith saw in Philip...Is this an example of "faitly flawed?"
As I wrote yesterday, Philip Klein - Blogger of Last Resort!
You owe me a new keyboard. I was working late and flipped over to your site to find your updated update response. When I got to this line,"Did I mention that Philip is picking on the handicapped - what a big bully he is." I spewed tea! Classic! Thanks for your entertainment.
Sorry - the management assumes no risk over damages incurred when reading this blog. Read at your own risk.
Oil futures = prices/barrel, not gas prices. this mistake is unlike you. Did you let Klein sit in for a few minutes while you went and took a leak?
Unfortunately, that mistake was totally mine - I certainly hope Philip's idiocy isn't contagious.
[Philip R. Klein] collected money for a charity (Jacob's House) that he promised to build and never did. Surely he has broken some law. People gave money with the understanding that it would be built. If nothing else the IRS should get involved to see if he reported this income and what happened to the money.
Apparently, Philip is no longer collecting money under the guise of the "Gadfly Foundation." Shortly after the Gilliam lawsuit was filed, he pulled the page soliciting donations from his website and replaced it with a picture of someone shoveling a load of something or other.

Is PK ready to shift the "corruption" title from Jefferson to Harris County? Has he heard that Harris DA Chuck Rosenthal is on the ropes after nasty e-mails were found on the Republican's official computer? And Thursday, Texas Supreme Court Justice David Medina was indicted for evidence tampering by a grand jury in connection with a fire that destroyed his Spring home last summer. In 2004, Medina, a Harris County judge, received this endorsement from fellow Republican and Gov. Rick Perry: “Texans can know that they have an experienced, intelligent justice in David Medina who will work with his colleagues to uphold our laws and constitution in accordance with the intent of our lawmakers and founding fathers. And Texans can know that he will keep the great trust they have placed in him.”

Your comments are always welcome - follow the link on the sidebar!

Jan 27, 2008

Sinegal's Political Abortion


Philip R. Klein's version:

According to sources close to former Democrat Shane Sinegal, he submitted his signatures to get on the ballot to run for Pct. 3 commissioner. And then started his campaign. Almost 21 days later - after the proper statute had run - a procedural error caught by....well lets just say they are not saying in the democrat party - called Senegal to tell him that he was OUT of the primary because of some improper pages not filled out.

Klein fails to mention that Darren Johnson, Precinct 2 Constable candidate, also failed to fill out the required paperwork properly and was booted as well, according to the Port Arthur News.

In addition to the usual "sources" close to the blah blah woof woof, Philip's invokes his sense of smell on this one:

We smell Cantu who is the most logical to be behind it.

Philip must have a cold. Leonard Rocaforte, incumbent Precinct 2 Constable, blew the whistle, according to the Port Arthur News: [Emphasis is mine]:

The deficiencies were first discovered after Johnson’s opponent filed a complaint. [W. Joe Deshotel, Jefferson County Democrat Party executive director,] said local party officials contacted the general counsel for the Secretary of State Elections Division to determine what action should be taken. They were told the missing information was considered a “fatal flaw,” making their candidacy invalid.

Though Johnson and Sinegal submitted petitions with the required number of names supporting their candidacy, both failed to fill in blanks asking for the their names, the position they were seeking and the primary they are running in.

Bottom line - fill out your paperwork properly and make sure all the I's are dotted and the T's are crossed. This is probably the primary reason that Philip R. Klein has never run for public office.

Why is Klein throwing mud at Ms. Cantu? How's that public information request for her time cards coming along, Philip?

Any comments, buddy?

Free for All (LONG Article)!


A reader left this comment:

This may be useful to you in some small way. "klein" is the German adjective for "small", and "kleinlich" is the term for "small-minded" or "mean".

This comment is quite pertinent when considering Philip R. Klein's latest editorial. I'm somewhat amazed at Klein's pettiness regarding a relatively innocuous posting by David Lowell, News Director of KFDM/Channel 6, on the talk.kfdm.com discussion forum:

For Mr. Klein, he has written many things about me and about KFDM over several years that are blatant falsehoods. He's never called me to confirm anything he's written. I corrected something once and even then he didn't understand what I told him. He questioned my ethics, which I find a huge irony. (When Nancy Beaulieu announced her candidacy for city council, I told Larry he'd have to come off the air during the campaign and he complied. A week or two later, Klein wrote on his blog that Larry had no business being on the air... I emailed him the story we read explaining to our viewers why Larry would not be around for a while. It seems like you'd at least watch to see if Larry WAS on before criticizing us for it.) I don't care to talk about him.

Philip went off the tracks in his response, which included an item in his (Nitwit) Tidbits and another of his so-called "editorials." I've addressed the (Nitwit) Tidbits item, but in this editorial, Philip wanders from subject to subject, most of which are not germane to Lowell's original posting and have nothing to do with the issues that David raised. Klein's straw man fallacy is readily apparent.

As an example, Philip resurrected the issue of Recall_carlpart_deux (RCPD), who at one time was an employee of KFDM. I understand that he's since moved on to greener pastures in another part of the country, where he's making considerably more money.

Unfortunately for Klein, RCPD continues to read the blogs from Southeast Texas and responded with his own comments, which he published in his first posting on the original Recall_carlpart_deux Yahoo! site since 2006.

Philip responded again to RCPD's comments with another posting, this time to Klein's almost-defunct discussion list. Apparently, Philip feels that the active participants on his discussion list, which number about six or so, will be more sympathetic to his wingnut arguments.

Confused? If so, you've just entered the "Kleinlich Zone."

Philip's short attention span precludes following a train of thought to its logical conclusion without weaving from unrelated point to unrelated point. Likewise, Klein's grammar goes out the window when he's upset and/or drunk, so Philip's original editorial and response to RCPD read like the label of Dr. Bonner's Pure Castile Soap.

I particularly liked these parts of Klein's original "editorial: [WARNING - I would say this is for mature audiences, but Klein's comments are quite immature]:

...some dumb ass that cannot read her A-B-C's but carries a "D" cup is on the news

...LeBlanc and his scared whinny ass.

...Remember that boy that ran off to Oregon where he can live with his other liberal friends?

Yet Klein complains about people who call him names. Other things that drew my attention:

So I am digging around this past week and found an old email references your talk back site. I admit - I have never really tooled around in it.

There is a real neat search system. So I put my name and this web sites name in there and poof - there is a bunch of stuff on me and this site.

Some of the stuff is very nice. A lady says she listened to the radio show and liked it. Another person calls me right of right. And other very funny comments.

I must say - enjoyable reading.

Philip's Freudian Slip is showing - Philip's idea of "tooling around" on talk.kfdm.com is to find out how many times his name is mentioned. I'm reminded of Bette Midler's famous line in Beaches, "That's enough about me, let's talk about you. What do you think of me?"

This has nothing to do with the issue of Lowell's post. Neither does this:

I understand over the past 16 years how guys like you dismiss guys like me with saying things about spelling, sentence context and other issues of facts v. fiction.

Philip's Freudian Slip is showing again Lowell never mentioned Klein's spelling and grammar, although Klein mentions this twice in his "editorial."

Yes David - I spell wrong. Yes David my sentence structure is not the best. And yes David - people tell us things that are wrong or we even get it wrong from time to time. With you - we stand up and say we are wrong when we are wrong [emphasis mine].

Oh yeah? In the past week, Philip quoted a 1997 opinion from an underling in former Texas Attorney General Dan Morales' office as evidence of corruption in Jefferson County, yet he was apparently not aware that current Greg Abbott rescinded that very opinion in 2004. I wonder which source in the Attorney General's office he consulted on that article?

Philip's article is full of self-adulation:

If he stays in it brings questions down on your station from us guys out here in the political world.

"Us guys out here in the political world?" Pardon me while I roll on the floor and laugh. Based upon his little world of Southeast Texas Political Review, Philip is indeed a legend in his own mind. As I've previously stated, Klein has no clue about real politics other than name-calling, ad hominem attacks, lies and half-truths, and unsubstantiated rumors. Remember that rookie mistake, "Welcome Mr. President?"

As an example from this past week, I've heard that Bugs Coe first approached every other newspaper, TV station, and radio station in town before he found someone who'd publish that garbage about David Sheffield - the "story" was obviously political mud-slinging of the worst sort, but Philip Klein's Southeast Texas Political Review, Blog of Last Resort, jumped on it as "Breaking News." Philip's prediction - this will go national. My question: was this pro bono, quid pro quo, or a paid service Klein's "political relations" biz? More importantly, Is this an example of Philip Klein's "political world?"

There is much more material to mine in this editorial, so I'll leave the rest for another time. Here's Klein's silly and childish response to Recall_carlpart_deux's comments. Readers can decide for themselves if Klein's response is petty and childish:

Editors Note :

This was sent to me this afternoon and I thought it was interesting. Watch for the spin, arrogance and most of all the....well you fill in the blank. My comments back are in Heavy Black (PRK). This drill is meant as a teaching tool for all of you.

Philip R. Klein, Editor

"Your friend - Philip R. Klein"

Wow, with friends like Philip, who needs... hell, I can't think of
anything other than how horrible that is already.

<PRK> And you guys thought I was kidding?

As you can tell, I read Klein's most recent Editorial, the one whining
about David Lowell. It's kinda funny, Klein says he wrote the
editorial after reading posts at http://talk.kfdm.com,/ primarily those
made by David Lowell. Well, in the two posts that David Lowell
mentions Lil Phil directly, at least the ones I could find, neither of
them mention me or the Recall Carl Part Deux yahoo group I created.
However, that does not dissuade our valiant... hero?... from dragging
me into this.

<PRK> Okay - spin back around on the whining gig. Add is condescending issues and call a name (Lil Phil). Talk down - not factual. Arrogance? You choose.

The first post I could find was this one:
in which David mentions how Klein had attacked KFDM for having Larry
on the air while Nancy was running for city council, without actually
checking first. A week before, Larry had stopped being on air, and
had even mentioned why he wouldn't be on air.

<PRK> Wrong. This is not true. We broke the news two weeks before she announced and brought the question up of what will Larry do. Amazingly until we brought up the question.......again......"PHIL" in the blanks.

And the other one:
Where David makes mention that Dr. Phil was unwilling to share Bob
Phillip's email concerning Klein's top story about the new lineup.

<PRK> Oops there now Chris. Go back and read what we wrote - then go back and read what David wrote. Stop spinning. Bob and Kelli are fine people. Look at the string. You can do way better than that.

Neither of those mention me. Part of the reason could be that the
chat system went up just before I left. Ahem... I put the first chat
server up when it was about Katrina, even though our corporate IT
folks said it couldn't be done without butt loads of money. I did it
with a left over desktop and phpBB. (sorry, I had to toot my own horn

<PRK> I did not know that Chris. That is great. And I am sincere. I am in awe of guys like you that can do things like that. Including SETPOLITICS. Yep....we got the records.

Now, Dr. Philip likes dragging me into this. So, I guess I will pipe
in, mostly because I like yanking PK's chain. So, I guess I will
respond to them in order that PK plopped them down.

<PRK> SETPOLITICS. Enough said.

1) I ran off to Oregon to be with my liberal friends.

Well, other than I miss my best friends in the world because they are
still in SETX, I guess I did move to be with liberal friends. You
know, it had nothing, and I mean NOTHING to do with the fact that we
were living in a area that just sits there waiting for a hurricane to
come along. Nor the fact that the best I could hope to make in SETX,
as a systems admin, was about 40K. And yes, I do consider myself
liberal. But hell, up here, even the Republicans push to have more
land added to the state and national parks!

<PRK> A little dry humor on Oregon v. Texas. You may have a point - out of context.

2) KFDM ran stories on a site called Recall Carl, while I was creating
Recall Carl Part Deux.

Actually, KFDM ran stories about a lawsuit by a politician against the
person who started Recall Carl. I started the second one because I
thought it was every persons right to speak their mind, and even more
so if it is about elected officials. Did I hide this activity? Yeah,
a bit. Why, because I didn't want to have heat brought on my boss by
simple minded dumb-asses. Moreover, I didn't want to lose my job over it.

<PRK> Let me help you with spin because you just got an F. Here is what you should have said - "I never had anything to do with RCCI. I was only RCCD. Now you admit you did not want "heat" on your bosses but you also did not want to lose your job over it? So...which was it buddy? If you REALLY cared about your bosses and your job you would never have done it. They call that ....... fill in the blanks. You never learn Chris.

3) Everyone in the news room knew it.

Well, only the weekend people knew it. Mostly because I would come up
and show them the new pictures I had created that day. Yes, I created
all of the edited photos on the weekends (if you doubt that claim, ask
my wife, but be ready for an ear-full about my time wasting on it).

<PRK> Oh you are wrong. The weekenders talk to the weekday guys. It was the weekday guys that were upset and CALLED ME. Now you admit - MEMBERS OF THE MEDIA (KFDM) THAT WERE DOING STORIES ON CARL GRIFFITH KNEW YOU CREATED, HOSTED AND EDITED A SLAM SITE ON A POLITICAL FIGURE THAT THEY HAD TO REPORT ON. Wow Chris - you put these people in a position. BTW - the guys that called me and sent me the evidence knew we would find out who you were and did not want their reputations hurt. I think you owe David, Larry and the rest an apology. I forgot - you were just a computer guy. Never mind.

4) Everyone not only knew it, but was upset that David was doing
nothing about it.

Along with the fact that only a handful knew, David Lowell, Larry
Beaulieu, and the chief engineer (my boss) had no idea. So, there
really wasn't anything they could have done about it.

<PRK> The question is (your theory) - what did they do when we broke the story? Nothing? Warned you? What did they do Chris? Wait - we just got your response from a still active web site?

On that note, I do want to mention when I did what I did. I did not
edit any photos while on company time. Not once. I did not use
company computers to make any photos or post to the yahoo group. I
did look up information during the day. Usually at lunch, but
sometimes I would look up something during down time. I would arrive
at work early so I could write articles, during down times I would
fact check what I wrote, and then at some time during the day, I would
post. I spent no more time working on the RCPD site, than someone
would who was taking part in an email discussion group of political
matters (AHEM!).

<PRK> You just go caught in a lie. You posted while at work. You just lied. You used KFDM equipment for a bash site for a political candidate. I would have fired you as fast as I could pull your ID and get your ass out the door. There is no excuse to risk the NUMBER ONE station in news to your political whims and mistakes. You were a part of their team. You let them down. You just lied and got caught again. A simple search of posts confirms that. Not to mention your own words. Because you did NOT post a picture and just posted words on company computers and on company time? Wow Chris.

5) Should David have gotten rid of me or told me to shut up?
Well, since he wasn't my boss, it would have been difficult for him to
do either. Other than the serious political implications of a news
editor telling someone what political views or activities they can
participate in. Yeah, that would be good. While he was at it, he
would have to block all emails to any political email discussion
groups, stop everyone in the building from participating in any
political events. How about he tell everyone in the building that
they can't vote? Would that make you happy? OK, how about telling
them they can only vote for who Lil Phil wants?

<PRK> What? Take your medicine son - or smoke another joint. This was not simply emails = this is a web site. Son, you worked for a news media organization. What do you not understand son? Your moves and your co-workers knowledge of what you were doing while reporting on issues that surround a political race brough KFDM into question. You are responsible.

6) I should have been man enough to know that I shouldn't have, nor
express, political opinions.

Phil, that is the reason why I tried, albeit not hard enough, to not
be obvious to the entire world that I was RCPD. Not because I
shouldn't, but because of jack-booted gestapo thugs like you who run
around telling people what they can and can't do. Then, calling
everyone at the station, including the big boss (Larry Beaulieu) and
making a stink.

<PRK> There are times where comments simply do not do the words justice. You just have to read those words above again and again and again to capture the true sickness of this young man.

7) "But we are talking about LeBlanc and his scared whinny ass."

Honestly, there is really nothing I can really say or do about that
statement. Really, I had no idea that my ass makes the sound of a
horse's neigh. Maybe you mean whiny, or it's alternative spelling,

<PRK> Okay - your are right. I give in. Whiny. I am not sure about your "ass" but I am sure about your "mouth".

I thought about a lot of other things to add, but not of them is
really worth the time or effort. You are a sad man Philip Klein, and
I pity you.

<PRK> Chris - you have made that clear. You, Toups and the others are SETPOLTICS have attempted that. You got caught (again). Here is the deal though buddy - why hide. If you are a true man to your name - man up and sign your name. Example below is more than I can put into words.


<PRK> Philip R. Klein

Feel free to leave your own comments - I may or may not publish them, but I'm always interested in your thoughts!

Jan 25, 2008

(Nitwit) Tidbits

Philip's header on his first item in (Nitwit) Tidbits eloquently captures the tone of his entire website:

For instance, Klein is still throwing mud at David Sheffield, even though his premise has been thoroughly debunked:

Sheffield - We did the research and got the cases. Over 1,320 so far that are in question. AG says the question must be raised. The media? Quiet. And this guy wants to be a DA? Oh...wait.
I've already covered what the DA said (follow link above) about this issue. The media is quiet because there is no story here.

Hardin County voters should take a close look at their current D.A., Bugs Coe, who's apparently aligned himself with Philip R. Klein (see Sheffield's site here). Here's a question for Klein: Is your work for Coe pro bono, quid pro quo, or did Coe pay for the services of Klein's "Political Relations" biz?

Sheffield posted the real story on his website:
Early last year there was a dispute about the form our office has used for the past 10 years to charge a defendant in County Court. I decided to refile our active cases to remove the issue and not deal with it in every case as it could impeade the flow of our work. An attorney decided to bring the issue to court and challenge the validity of our cases. The trial judge ruled in our favor and the case was appealed to the Court of Appeals where they also ruled in our favor. (see EX PARTE JOHN ERIC THOMAS, 234 S.W.3d 656) No cases overturned. No convictions overturned. The issue decided. However, this does not make good political read when you're trying to use it as a half truth to gain a political advantage.
Yet Klein claims that at least 1,320 cases are affected. If so, then attorneys for at least 1,320 convicted criminals in Hardin County missed it, as well. Perhaps Philip has some actual documentation, for instance EX PARTE JOHN ERIC THOMAS, 234 S.W.3d 656, to back up his preposterous claims? I have a hard time taking Klein at face value - so should you.

Moving on:

Sinegal - Gets the boot from the dems [sic]. How about that! Cantu will do! Dancing in Port Arthur? No [sic] so quick. Independent.
I wonder why Klein's "sources" didn't tell him about Darren Johnson? Here's the real story from the Port Arthur News:

Darren Johnson, a candidate for the Constable Precinct 2 position, and Michael “Shane” Sinegal, candidate for the Precinct 3 commissioners seat, did not properly fill out the top portion of petitions the candidates submitted in lieu paying a $1,000 filing fee.

Of the 21 Democrat candidates seeking a local office, 19 paid the $1,000 filing fee and three submitted petitions. Only one of the three petitions was filled out correctly.

Though Johnson and Sinegal submitted petitions with the required number of names supporting their candidacy, both failed to fill in blanks asking for their names, the position they were seeking and the primary they are running in.

The deficiencies were first discovered after Johnson’s opponent filed a complaint. Deshotel said local party officials contacted the general counsel for the Secretary of State Elections Division to determine what action should be taken. They were told the missing information was considered a “fatal flaw,” making their candidacy invalid.
More Gibberish:

Toxic Race For Prez - The media is all gaga over what they are calling a Toxic Race for President. First, man up. It is after all the President of the United States - not wimpy girl of the United States....ooopss [sic]...sorry.
If one takes the mud-slinging, half-truths, and unsubstantiated rumors away from Klein, he wouldn't know a real political issue if it bit him on his hanging chad.

Gilliam - So an attorney files a case for hundreds of people in the Justice Court? And they say the Justice is one of the plaintiffs? Huh? Auto Recusal [sic] ? Huh?

Oh look! Klein goes for double or nothing. How's that lawsuit coming, Philip - isn't it time for an update?

Paperboy - Got whacked in the head and got his paper money stolen. All together now - ONLY IN JEFFERSON COUNTY!
"Whacked in the head? That must be a technical term they use in the "political relations" biz. If not, Klein is a blockhead - crimes against paper carriers are quite common because they're easy victims. Toledo, Ohio, had a particularly brutal rash of crimes in 2005:

That's just three examples, but two other carriers were carjacked, one carrier was fatally shot, and another was the victim of a hit-and-run robbery, all in one year.

Note to Philip: Yes, there is a bigger world out there. If you really hate Jefferson County this much, wouldn't you be happier in that condo in Plano, or is the cash greener on this side of the fence?

I occasionally comment on Klein's "Blogger Report," where Klein offers unsolicited criticism at no charge to other local bloggers. One is noteworthy this week:

KFDM Talk Back - Okay get this....we found this place with about 500 members so we took a look around in the history and dug into the archives. We are on there a few times....but David Lowell makes a point of making some comments. So we wondered why and we found out why after reading a post of his. So they win a place in the big show. Enjoy! Oh...and David gets an Editorial.
Philip writes that "we" found the KFDM site, "we" took a look around, and "We" are on there a few times. His use of the plural "we" is highly symptomatic of those who suffer from poor self-esteem, which is, in itself, highly symptomatic of Adult Children of Alcoholics.

Experiences during childhood play a major role in shaping a person's basic self-esteem, especially regarding the relationships with members of one's immediate family. Because Philip has doubts about his self-worth from growing up in a dysfunctional family, he bolsters his poor self-image by referring to himself in the plural. Philip's extreme narcissism is also evident, "We are on there a few times."

Talk.KFDM.Com has been up for several years, which Philip claims the site has "about 500 members," here's the reality:

We have 2264 registered users
Our users have posted a total of 102162 articles
Because ACoA's have a hard time with criticism, Philip automatically assumes the role of victim when responding to David Lowell's relatively innocuous posting:
For Mr. Klein, he has written many things about me and about KFDM over several years that are blatant falsehoods. He's never called me to confirm anything he's written. I corrected something once and even then he didn't understand what I told him. He questioned my ethics, which I find a huge irony. (When Nancy Beaulieu announced her candidacy for city council, I told Larry he'd have to come off the air during the campaign and he complied. A week or two later, Klein wrote on his blog that Larry had no business being on the air... I emailed him the story we read explaining to our viewers why Larry would not be around for a while. It seems like you'd at least watch to see if Larry WAS on before criticizing us for it.) I don't care to talk about him.
In a few sentences, David Lowell has articulately presented an argument which essentially captures an entire range of complaints that many people have against Philip Klein. David's complaint is real, based on Philip R. Klein's lies and half-truths, extreme opinions based on an ignorance of the real facts, and his inability to admit an error.

PRK responds with a long, poorly-reasoned, and juvenile "editorial" reminiscent of a schoolyard bully who's been bested. Over the week-end, I'll address Klein's editorial, with a little help from my friends.

Jan 23, 2008

Names On Cop Cars (Yawn)


As I've pointed out, things must be awfully slow in the "Political Relations" biz if the only political issues Klein can write about are names on cop cars and beating up on handicapped candidates.

In his latest article, Philip R. Klein writes:

A long time ago - namely in December of 1997 - the Attorney General of Texas came out with opinion 97-112. It is a simple one page letter. And here is what they said:
"An elected official may not inscribe his or her name on a county-owned motor vehicle."
Klein doesn't provide a link to the actual opinion, but it's actuallly Letter Opinion 97-112 from Dan Morales' office. Is Morales out of jail yet? I suppose it doesn't really matter anyway, since this was only a Letter Opinion from an underling in Morales' office, Rick Gilpin, not the Attorney General as Klein claims.

Instead of providing links to the actual opinion, Klein simply manufactures an anonymous source:

I think we have a violation," said a Texas Attorney General's office representative when shown the picture.

Anyone who's dealt with the Texas AG's office knows that this is definitely not the way they do business. Even more interesting, that "Texas Attorney General's office representative" was apparently not aware that our current AG has overturned Letter Opinion 97-112.

In 2004, Greg Abbott overuled Morales' interpretation of Section 721.004 of the Texas Transportation Code in GA-0158. Note that this opinion is directly from Abbott, not an underling. The original question about which Abbott opined was whether a county could sell advertising on county-owned vehicles. Abbott found that:

In our opinion, Letter Opinion 97-112 incorrectly concludes that section 721.004 provides an exclusive list of the items that may be printed on a county-owned vehicle.

Readers should also note that since Abbot found Morales' office misconstrued that entire section of the Texas Transportation Code, his opinion did not specifically address names of elected officials:

Attorney General Letter Opinion 97-112 incorrectly construes the statute, and we overrule this construction. We need not revisit here, however, the opinion's ultimate conclusion: "An elected official may not inscribe his or her name on a county-owned motor vehicle." Tex. Att'y Gen. LO-97-112, at 2 (Summary).

Rather, Abbott addressed the entire issue in his summary (emphasis is mine):

Section 721.004 of the Transportation Code provides a list of the minimum types of identifying marks that must be printed on a nonexempt county-owned vehicle. Attorney General Letter Opinion 97-112's construction of section 721.005 is overruled.

Inscriptions other than those described in section 721.004 may be printed on a county-owned vehicle, but they may not obscure the required identifying marks or make identification of the vehicle difficult.

A county has no authority to place decals advertising private businesses on county-owned vehicles in exchange for a payment from the business.

I found this particularly interesting - Abbott argued that the county has ultimate authority, except for the aforementioned advertising:

Moreover, the commissioners court exercises ultimate authority over the content, design, or placement of any particular decal. The sheriff's vehicles belong to the county, which acts through its commissioners court. See Jack v. State, 694 S.W.2d 391, 397 (Tex. App.-San Antonio 1985, writ ref'd n.r.e.); Tex. Att'y Gen. Op. No. JC-0214 (2000) at 5.

Klein is confused again, anyway - he clearly states:

Constable Joe Stevenson has put into place a program to "inspire" the employees that work for him by assigning police cars and putting his deputies names on them.

Since Constable Stevenson's deputies aren't elected officials, then arguably, LO97-112 isn't applicable at all.

Note to Philip: Can't you make up something better than this? Aren't there more important things we can discuss? For instance, how's that public information request on Ms. Cantu's time cards coming along, Philip? And, didn't Fred Thompson look presidential on all of the news shows yesterday?

Jan 22, 2008

Update (To Philip's Updates) Updated Again

I enjoyed Philip's "Updates" concerning Hardin County Attorney David Sheffield. David Sheffield replied to Klein, but Philip doesn't identify where Sheffield's statement came from:
I'm very disappointed that my opponent would team up with Mr. Klein and use half truths, innuendo and unamed <sic> sources in an attempt to smear me in such a way."
Philip implies that Sheffield corresponded directly, but that statement actually came from Sheffield's own website. Isn't it a little odd that Philip left that out?

Readers should examine Sheffield's statement for themselves, especially the parts that Klein changed or omitted. For instance, Klein's edited and rewritten version is distinctly different than Sheffield's actual statement:
I'm very disappointed that my opponent would team up with Mr. Klein and use half truths, innuendo, unamed sources and references to some kind of phony investigation in an attempt to discredit me in such a way.
I especially liked this sentence, which Philip also left out:
I guess I must join the long list of political persons Mr. Klein has written stories about using alleged investigations and unnamed sources and half truths etc.
Note to Philip: For the record, "sic" is placed within square brackets, sometimes italicized, to indicate an incorrect spelling or improper punctuation. I use it frequently when referring to your articles. Pointed brackets are used to set off html tags.

Philip responds to Sheffield:
Now - according to County Attorney David Sheffield - the Review is siding with a democrat [sic]?
Two words: Carl Griffith. It seems to me that Philip served as Judge Griffith's attack poodle for years. For PRK's efforts, Griffith returned the favor to became the only elected official to appear on Philip's short-lived radio talk show.

I previously commented on Klein's mudslinging in the Precinct 3 Jefferson County Commissioner race and Alma Cantu. Apparently, Philip is serving as an attack poodle for another candidate in that race, as well. By the way, Philip, how is that public information request for Ms. Cantu's time cards coming along? Surely you've heard back from the County by now, since by law, they must respond within 10 days?

Then, there was the example of Allen O'Briant who ran against Ray Chesson as J.P in Jefferson County. Philip launched another mud-slinging campaign against Chesson, but failed to reveal that his attorney at the time, Joeli Shipley, also happened to be O'Briant's campaign treasurer.

There are more cases, but I doubt that Philip will acknowledge any of them.

Philip Klein magnanimously publishes only a portion of Sheffield's explanation:
"Here's the real story. Early last year there was a dispute about the form our office has used for the past 10 years to charge a defendant in County Court. I decided to refile <sic> our active cases to remove the issue and not deal with it in every case as it could impeade <sic> the flow of our work."
Readers should compare this abbreviated version, with the full version on Sheffield's website. Here's the link again.

I found Philip's confusion over spelling especially humorous. Apparently, Philip thinks "refile" is incorrect, based upon his own misspelling:
He has attempted to cover up his mistake by going back and refilling [sic] over 800 cases in an attempt to correct the problem.
Refilling cases? How funny! If Klein is correct, then the Washington Post misspelled "refile" as well.

DeLay Woes Prompt Rush to Refile Forms
Regarding Sheffield's statement, Philip resorts to another of his so-called sources, who demand anonymity:

According to sources at the Hardin County Court House [sic] : [sic] "David is digging the hole deeper. He needs to just shut up right now."
I'm reminded of his comment to the Beaumont firefighters on October 15, 2007:

Our advice - shut up and sit down.
On December 14, he wrote:

[Hilton Kelley] was...given thousands by the plants to shut up.
On November 17, 2007, Klein had this advice for a blogger in Tidbits:

Barrow: "Shut up. Seriously - shut up. Case closed."
On September 14, 2007, he wrote:

Shut Up And Drive - It seems that the mainstream wants nanny to make rules regarding handless [sic] cell phones in Texas.
It seems to me that those words from his alleged source in the Hardin County Courthouse came directly from Philip R. Klein.

Here's the biggest question of all in Klein's story. He claims:

The SET Political Review has obtained copies of over 800 cases that have had to be re-filed [sic] in Hardin County by County Attorney Sheffield. The Review has also obtained copies of over 2,000 cases under investigation for the lack of filing the "Informational" as prescribed by Texas Law.
He also identifies the source of this paperwork:

[The] Review has received a list from a county employee this morning and we are researching it now.
Consider that the charge for copies of records obtained through a public information request is set by the Texas Administrative Code, Title 1, Part 3, Chapter 70, Rule §70.3, which mandates that standard paper copies are .10 per page. Exceptions are made when the actual costs are at least 25 percent higher.

Furthermore, consider that Klein claims to have at least 2,800 pages of documents if each case is only one page, which is doubtful. By Klein's own admission, these records were provided to him by a county employee. At the minimum price of 10 cents per page, that would cost about $280.

Who paid for those records?

If these were simply given to Klein by a Hardin County employee, as he claims, then someone in Hardin County is guilty of theft - the same charge that Klein made concerning the former Jefferson County Purchasing Agent, Naomi Lawrence-Lee, whose own theft amounted to only slightly more, around $334.00, as I remember.

That is, of course, unless an elected official in Hardin County authorized the release of those records at no charge - say, for example, an incumbent District Attorney. Perhaps Sheffield, as County Attorney, should follow up on the possible misuse of county supplies, which is even more serious since the materials in this possible theft were used for political purposes.

Did I mention that Philip is picking on the handicapped? What a big bully he is.

Any comments, buddy?

Breaking News!

Remember this?
Welcome, Mr. President - Fred Thompson joins the race.
That was then, this is now:
Thompson Abandons White House Bid
Fred didn't even make it into February - Klein committed a rookie mistake (see below).

Any comments, buddy?

"It's the Economy, Stupid"

Over the past few months, Philip R. Klein wrote about the U.S. economy:
"It is the economy stupid. And it is doing pretty d**n good."
When the problems in credit, gas prices, and housing first began to affect the stock market last year, Philip predicted:
"Stock market - Bad day only. Watch it come back."
Of course, Philip didn't say when it would "come back" - would that be 2008, 2009, or 2010? Meanwhile, I'm still watching, four months later.

Klein further suggests the reason our economy is doing so well:

"Good economy - higher gas prices. Supply - demand."
Philip then predicted:

"Gas Prices - Coming down."
As Philip predicted, gas prices have fallen to about 88 bucks a barrel so far today. Of course, when he made that comment, gas was selling at 65 dollars.

The big financial news so far this morning (as of 8:48 AM CST):
The Federal Reserve, confronted with a global stock sell-off fanned by increased fears of a recession, slashed a key interest rate by three-quarters of a percentage point on Tuesday and indicated further rate cuts were likely.
Any comments, buddy?

Jan 21, 2008

Hardin County Shocker

Philip R. Klein writes of Hardin County Attorney David Sheffield, who's running against incumbent District Attorney Henry Coe in the Democratic primary:
County Attorney David Sheffield since being in office since 1993 has filed cases for prosecution by sworn complaint only.
Philip's sources tell him:
"Sheffield screwed up big time. He has attempted to cover up his mistake by going back and refilling over 800 cases in an attempt to correct the problem. But I have to tell you that any case that was settled or tried can be overturned without question. This is going to be a feeding frenzy if it gets out."

"We know of 27,000 cases that may be overturned," said a source that demanded there name not be used.
I'm reminded of Philip's so-called sources who allegedly repeated a wild and untrue rumor concerning a certain Jefferson County Justice of the Peace who was allegedly having sex in his county office. As I remember. those sources also demanded that "there" name not be used, as well. How's that lawsuit going, Philip?

Ironically, that's also approximately the total number of cases that Sheffield has prosecuted as Hardin County Attorney. Klein's final analysis:
This may be the biggest legal story to hit in years.

Sheffield is running for Hardin County District Attorney and if the story holds and he really did not file the "Information" then he is done in the public service business - let alone running for Hardin County District Attorney.
The entire accusation sounds rather suspicious to me, especially considering the source. Is Philip's hidden agenda surfacing again? Sheffield has served as special prosecutor in other counties over the past years, including Jefferson County. By the way, how's that "Public Information Request" on Ms. Cantu's time cards coming along, Philip?

We'll revisit this story in the future, after the real facts come out.

Jan 20, 2008

Asking The Question (Philip's Race Card)

In his article for Martin Luther King Day, Philip R. Klein's racist comments are predicated on confusion, ignorance, and perversion of the real facts. For instance, he writes of MLK:

Martian Luther King wanted one thing. Fairness and equality under the law for those who are black.
Perhaps "Martian Luther King" is an inadvertent mistake, since I'm sure Klein has given his employees the day off to perform community service on company time. Yet, Klein butchered a common name that seven-year-old children spell with no problem. The question that Philip is really that ignorant begs credulity, so one must wonder whether this mistake is by design. While Klein pretentiously interprets what Dr. King said, it's obvious that PRK has never read Letter from a Birmingham Jail.

Here's another example:
Let's look at Jefferson County.

What race is the minority race in Jefferson County? And do they have "minority business loans?" The answer is no. Why not? They are a minority.
There are several minority races in Jefferson County, but only one race has a simple majority. That race is white, according to the latest published figures (2006) from the U.S. Census Bureau:

  • White persons not Hispanic: 48.4%
  • Black persons: 34.8%
  • Hispanic: 13.3%
  • Asian: 2.8%
  • American Indian: 0.4%
  • Native Hawaiian: 0.1%
  • Persons reporting two or more races: 0.9%
Philip's confusion is rampant in this statement. Even though Klein has experience in the area of "business loans," area those concerning minorities are administered from the federal level, not local.

Typically, when Klein can't support his wingnut opinions with evidence, he simply invents facts or sources with reckless disregard for the real truth.

As another example of Klein's disregard of truth, consider his comment about Jefferson County Sheriff Mitch Woods in his (Nitwit) Tidbits on Friday:
Speaking of Which - Where was Mitch? He got a scholarship named after him and he was a no show at the award gig. Busy guy we say!
As I pointed out, there was no "award gig" and the scholarship is non-existent at this point. Rather, Joyce Wood made one contribution of $2,500 as seed money for a scholarship on behalf of Sheriff Woods. Meanwhile, Mitch Woods was not even in the U.S. when that donation was made - he was out of the country with his family celebrating the marriage of his son, which had been planned for months.

Yet, Philip, failed to mention those pertinent facts. Dr. King had strong opinions about that.

Any comments, buddy?

Jan 19, 2008

Nitwit Tidbits (Finally)

Philip finally figured out that yesterday was Friday, but his (nitwit) tidbits went up late. Concerning that "big gang fight with guns" at Lamar University, Philip wrote:
Hmmm - Seems the deal at Lamar was covered by the Lamar Paper but not the mainstream.
Seems that Philip is confused again. The University Press is bi-weekly, but since the semester just started, the UP hasn't actually put out a new issue yet this year. The latest issue available is from last semester.

However, Klein is dead wrong about the other local media - The Beaumont Enterprise covered the story. The Enterprise version of the story corroborates most of my details from yesterday, although they did not mention that authorities were unable to confirm the sighting of the gun with the other witnesses.
Hardin County Mess - We have a story for you....you are going to not believe this one. Next week.
Big fight in the Lumberton High Cafeteria.
Can Someone - Answer this question for us.....why is the Hardwick deal such a big deal getting the media trifecta? Someone?
Hit and run committed by a drug addict on deferred adjudication, indicted on an intoxicated manslaughter charge, teen-aged victim, all sounds like news to me. Of course, it's not as big as a fight in the Lumberton High Cafeteria, but news nevertheless.

Murders - Did anyone here of any this week? A few stabbings and shots fired and a jumper off a bridge...but no killings! Good news. The boats and helicopters are working!

I did "here" about this and this, but Philip has conveniently ignored those stories.

Readers will also notice that Klein has never responded to any of my points about law enforcement and the tools they use. As an example, he wrote last August:

Purchasing Another Helicopter From Homeland Security: In a county of Jefferson County's size, there are now three choppers in service. More than ANY county the size of Jefferson County.
I responded:
Not true - as just one example, McClennan County with a population of 226,189, has three helicopters. Jefferson County is actually larger, with a population of 243,189. There are others, but one case is enough to prove Philip's statement is factually incorrect.
What, no comments, buddy?
Speaking of Which - Where was Mitch? He got a scholarship named after him and he was a no show at the award gig. Busy guy we say!
Philip is confused - there is no scholarship and there was no "award gig." The real story is that Joyce King donated 2,500 dollars as seed money for a scholarship that will ultimately honor Sheriff Mitch Woods. Klein can't even do a proper spin without mucking it up. I wonder if Philip has actually read any of King's books? I enjoyed all of them.
Unemployment - Rises in Southeast Texas. You have got to be kidding right? Look at the signs in windows. Oh...businesses are doing criminal checks now? Sorry.
I agree, Philip is indeed a sorry individual - more of the "same old think, over and over and over again."

I'm glad that Philip is part of the solution and not part of the problem. How's Jacob's House coming along, Philip? And, why did you take all information about the "Gadfly Foundation" down? What's that guy shoveling on the "Gadfly Foundation" page now?
Fire Fighter Money - Please go to Crocket Street and give some money to the Fire Fighter this weekend.
Is Philip now trying to buddy up with his good friends, Beaumont Fire and Rescue? Does Philip' plea for money extend to the Beaumont City Council?
Cop Story - We have a cop story coming Tuesday. Pissed off courthouse folks leaked it to us. Interesting.
Which "courthouse" was that, Philip? The one in Beaumont, the one on Lake Shore drive, or the one in Hardin County? Isn't he banned from the Jefferson County Courthouse?
Look Who Is Back Reading The Review :

16th January 2008 19:19:01 No referring link

Welcome Home from China was it Neal?
Oh look! Not only does Philip track the postings on his discussion list, but he's now hacking into the computers of his readers. How interesting! Try hacking into my computer, Philip - I've got a little surprise for you set up in the firewall.

On a personal note: My condolences to Jeff Ortiz and his family. My prayers are with you in your time of grief.

Jan 18, 2008

Klein's Rookie Mistake

Philip R. Klein is still apparently confused about the day, since it's after 1:00 PM as I'm writing this and he still hasn't posted (Nitwit)Tidbits for the week. Maybe he's still chasing down the "story behind the story" on that "shooting" at Lamar University yesterday (see article below).

Instead, I'll respond today to part of his latest "editorial," where he commented on Fred Thompson's presidential race:
Fred Thompson came running out of the gates there was a brief period of excitement. That went away quickly when his team failed him.
Thompson's been accused of walking for the Presidential nomination, instead of running.

As a reminder, here's what Klein wrote of Thompson back in October:
Welcome Mr. President - Fred Thompson enters the race.
Klein made a rookie mistake - he believed the hype around Thompson, rather than examining the real facts. At the time, I commented:
Another case of Klein's problem with premature expectations; so far, the only thing notable about Thompson's campaign is that he's losing more support every day.
Those staffing problems happened before Thompson even officially announced his race. Most of this came under the direction of his campaign manager, Bill Lacy. This came from September 5, 2007, before Thompson officially announced:
At Lacy's direction, Thompson is purging his staff of people with little campaign experience and replacing them with a traditional campaign staff.
The bottom line is this - if Thompson can't manage his own campaign staff, then how could be be expected to manage the entire country?

I can see why things are slow in Philip's "Political Relations" biz these days.

Any comment, buddy?

"Breaking News" Update

Philip hysterically wrote yesterday afternoon:

The Southeast Texas Political Review is receiving numerous calls regarding a possible gang fight with guns at Lamar University that broke out in one of the dining facilities.
As it turns out, Philip is again publishing wild and unsubstantiated rumors. Isn't he getting sued for that?

A simple fight broke out in the Cardinal's Nest inside the Setzer Student Center, during which one person claims they saw a student pull a gun from a backpack. Authorities couldn't corroborate this statement with any of the other 30 or so people who witnessed the fight.

No shots fired, no guns, no injuries, and no damage. Just one easily excitable blogger filling in his own blanks, because he doesn't have a real source for information. Reiterating, things must be pretty slow in the "Political Relations" biz if Philip is down to this. I wonder what he'll do next - maybe a weekly report on fist fights at the local middle schools?

I hope Philip still doesn't think today is Thursday. I'd hate to miss out on his (Nitwit) Tidbits this week.

Jan 17, 2008

What Day Is It?

Philip R. Klein has breaking news:
Last Publish : Thursday, January 17, 2008 04:59:58 PM

Breaking News

The Southeast Texas Political Review is receiving numerous calls regarding a possible gang fight with guns at Lamar University that broke out in one of the dining facilities.

According to two sources - "an incident has occurred and we are investigating."

We will have more on Thursday.
Would someone tell Philip what day it is?

Good Eats

In this article, Philip complains about the tamale stands in Mid-county:
We are talking about the Road Side Restaurants that spring up all over Southeast Texas. And no - we are not talking about the link and drink guys - we are talking about the road side guys that rake in thousands every year all over Jefferson County and pay no taxes and have no health department license to operate.
Things must be pretty slow in the political relations business these days. This article is so incoherent that I had a hard time determining if Philip advocates more government regulation on the roadside vendors, or less regulation on regular restaurants.

Typically, Philip blames society's problems on the usual suspects:
[It] is liberal big boys picking on the little boys.

Big government works - right?

Maybe that would be a great question for ....... ? The media? Sorry - Ashley's mug picture is being shown for the nine millionth time.
Yup, it's the "same old think, over and over and over again."

A reader left this comment on Philip's article:
In reference to the wingnut editorial on roadside food vendors, perhaps Philip should hold a Restaurant Entrepreneurs Seminar. He could teach them the finer points of marriage into a reputable business where you take out a large SBA loan then file for bankruptcy. I am sure with his expertise and guidance he could actually eliminate the very problem he addresses. Instead of running road side food shacks they could all finance "political consulting firms" and "non-profit organizations". They might even want to start a blog offering their opinions.
Let's revisit Philip's article this week on Alma Cantu and her race for the Precinct 3 seat on the Jefferson County Commissioner's Court. I found Jeff Ortiz's article very interesting. Upon reading Klein's article, I first wondered the same thing - did Philip go to the Jefferson County Courthouse in Beaumont looking for Ms. Cantu? If so, maybe that's why everyone was snickering behind his back.

Any comments, buddy?

Jan 16, 2008

Cantu (Can Do?)

Philip R. Klein's latest article concerns the race for Jefferson County Precinct 3 Commissioner:
The dirt has begun to be flung!
Guess who's throwing mud?
The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned that Pct. 3 Commissioner Candidate - and current County Employee Alma Cantu may have violated election laws concerning advertising for office while working as a county employee by wearing her election shirt displaying her name and candidate information.
Of course, Philip quotes a number of sources "inside the Jefferson County Courthouse:"
Adding insult to injury, The Review has learned that Cantu may have been campaigning on "company" time as she has been reported by fellow employees to the media.
Not to worry - Philip Klein is on the case:
The Review this morning has filed a Public Information Request and will compare such information of Cantu's payroll records to public appearances that have been sent to the Review by sources inside the Jefferson County Courthouse.
I'm sure we're all anxiously waiting for those records.

I wonder who's feeding Philip this information - could it be the campaign of Jimmy Dikes, who's currently a Pleasure Island Commissioner? As I pointed out on January 3rd, Dikes was the only candidate in the Precinct 3 race that generated positive comments from Philip, who threw mud at every other candidate.

In the interest of objectivity, perhaps Klein will answer the question as to whether he has any personal interest in this race. If so, I wonder if he noticed that Gerald Eddins is also a Dikes supporter - isn't that ironic, or is it really true that politics make for strange bedfellows?

I hear that lawsuit doesn't look too good for Philip - I'm curious as to whether Philip noticed the snickering behind his back when he last visited the Jefferson County Courthouse?

Readers will also notice that Philip has failed to print that "nice email" from his "old friend," Bob Philips, to which he referred in his (Nitwit) Tidbits last week:
We received a very nice email from an old friend Bob Phillips giving us some correction on the story we ran on KFDM.
I challenged Philip to print the email, since his readers deserve both sides of the story.

It is true, however, that Philip and Bob are old DQ buddies. Philip, of course, went on to parlay his work with the Texas Restaurant Association into a new political relations gig.

Any comments, buddy?

Jan 15, 2008

Tuesday Catch Up

Philip has posted three articles in two days, but none deal with questions I raised about his involvement with the Nederland Volunteer Fire Department and the termination of Mike Lovelady (see last articles below).

Nevertheless, let's visit these new postings.

Where's Ron?

In Philip R. Klein's latest article, Philip draws a number of conclusions about Judge Ron Walker, primarily based on this observation:
Walker is not good on camera and team Walker knows that.
Philip should know about looking good on camera. At one point, Channel 6 had a story posted on Klein's press conference, where he commented on the lawsuit filed against him by Justice of the Peace Tom Gilliam. The story is still up in text form, but they've taken the video down. My guess is that pushing out that video of Philip took up way too much bandwidth. I think we can all agree that at least Judge Walker doesn't look like a beached whale on camera and his shirt is neatly tucked before the cameras start rolling.

I wonder how much business Philip lost with the Ferguson law firm after he began blasting Ron Walker? Could this be a reason he's suddenly making nice with Judge Walker:

The longer Walker is in office the more we like him. Keeping his mouth shut and running things with an Iron Fist.
Any comments, buddy?

Port Arthur Texas

Philip writes:

And so war starts between the elected officials of Port Arthur Texas and commissioners court in Jefferson County.
Actually, this war has been going on since October, 2004, when Jefferson County first required local cities to pay for the housing of their respective inmates. While Philip is clearly unfamiliar with the issue, the county's lawsuit was filed in April, 2007.

I particularly liked this observation from Philip:

Sources very close to the situation in Port Arthur are high upset over the entire matter.
High upset? Does anyone else in Southeast Texas speak like this, or is this just a New Jersey thing?

Let's keep moving folks, nothing of interest here, except that I'll note that the attorney representing the City of Port Arthur is Carl Parker. Perhaps Philip's source who's "high upset" is Beverly Parker?

Any comments, buddy?

Hand Out

In this article, Philip addresses the cost of running a mayoral campaign in Southeast Texas:

For a local race contested such as a city council or mayors race - the average cost for a small city is around $8k. For a bigger city such as a Port Arthur or a Beaumont or Orange - the cost can top over $25 in a hot race. For a bigger city such as a Port Arthur or a Beaumont or Orange - the cost can top over $25 in a hot race.
Philip Klein, "political consultant and editorialist," is apparently unaware that there are three distinct municipalities that make up the greater Orange area, each with their own prospective mayors and city councils: Orange, West Orange, and Pinehurst.

The City of Orange proper has a population of 18,643, according to the last U.S. Census. Compare this with Nederland, which has a population of 17,422. Yet, Philip claims that an election cost over three times as much in Orange as in a "smaller city" like Nederland.

Perhaps this is why Philip has no clients for "Klein Political Relations." As a suggestion, Philip could solicit business from Judge Ron Walker. If Judge Walker won't return Philip's calls at the Jefferson County Courthouse, Philip could leave a message for him at the Ferguson firm.

Any comment, buddy?

Jan 12, 2008

(Nitwit) Tidbits (What, No Comments, Buddy?)

Philip's latest is an excellent example of why I prefer to call his articles each Friday "(Nitwit) Tidbits." Consider this insightful and astute statement:

Need Cops - Call BPD. They need cops.
Philip never commented on this issue when I addressed this subject last year. From November 17, 2007:

Here's a question for Philip: How many patrol officers are needed in Port Arthur to bring the force up to full roster? Here's a hint: Beaumont currently has 15 openings and Port Arthur is actively seeking new recruits.
Philip also refers to an email:

Nice Email - We received a very nice email from an old friend Bob Phillips giving us some correction on the story we ran on KFDM. Fist, Phillips is Kelli's last name, second she is on 5 and 10 which we think she should be on 6 and 10 (but who are we?) and we have to say two really great people that found each other. We wish nothing but bliss and happiness to them both. Both are talents - yes; but more importantly - both are great people.
"Fist," Philip should share that "nice email" with his readers. Don't we deserve to hear both sides of the issue? I'm sure Bob's comments concerning Philip's interest in the private life of Kelli Adkins are very friendly.

Concerning Channel 6, Klein asks the question:

Lowell - We cannot figure out this guy. Does everyone know someone who you are nice to every time you see them or bring their name up and they are just a jerk when your name is brought up.
David Lowell is the News Director for Channel 6. Question for Philip: Do you think his attitude might have something to do with your consistently derogatory statements about Channel 6?

Philip can't compliment KFDM for a job well done without including his opinionated insults. Consider his so-called "Media Awards" this week, where Philip begrudgingly recognized the quality of Channel 6's product:

Jackie Simien who bolted from KFDM this past year as did Angel San Juan.

Well, his news product has gone down a little with the new techno stuff

Well take away all of the mistakes……and ……..get the idea?
By the way, Channel 6 was the first news media to break this story:

"Substantial Settlement" Provides First Legal Victory to Victims of West Brook Soccer Team Bus Crash
This is the same bus crash in which Philip called the Westbrook High School Girl's Soccer Team a "bunch of smelly little girls."

On a different subject, I have some supplemental information concerning Philip R. Klein's first editorial of the year, "Happy New Year DOKS!" This so-called "editorial" was in response to my first article of the New Year. In this article, I opined that Philip was directly involved in the termination of Nederland Fire Chief Mike Lovelady and that he considers the Nederland Volunteer Fire Department as his personal fiefdom. In his "editorial," he issued a challenge:

Seemingly after reading this part of your quote I spoke to most of the guys at the hall. After the laughter died down to those I spoke with, and fought fire with for the last two days….well you get the idea. And a liability? Please. You can spin better than that. And all of them tell me that they never spoke to any of you. Did you make that up DOKER? I spoke to 9 of the 12? Three I did not speak with. Any comments buddy?
Readers can find my comments here and here. Unfortunately, Philip pulled his editorial down after only six days. How interesting - no comments, buddy?

In his "editorial," Philip referred to a study of the Nederland Fire Department conducted by an outside party:

Each firefighter was interviewed by a consultant hired by the city council regarding their thoughts on the leadership of the department post complaint.
Concerning this consultant, I challenged Philip with this question:

Philip has also not commented on the "consultant hired by the city council" who investigated the "crisis in leadership" within the Nederland Fire Department. I'm still curious about Mike Clawson's credentials and how he was chosen by the Nederland City Council for this task. Did they take bids from qualified HR companies? No comments, buddy?
As noted, Philip quickly pulled his editorial without comment, but Jeff Ortiz posted the minutes of the Nederland City Council Meeting where Lovelady was terminated. See his article here.The Council unanimously voted to terminate Lovelady, despite unanimous opposition from concerned citizens who spoke during the meeting.

These minutes contain information about Mike Clawson, the consultant hired by the city:

Mike Clawson, Clawson & Associates, briefly reviewed his findings of the two investigations. He stated that the City engaged his services to investigate claims and threatened litigation brought against the City by the Nederland Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.
Readers will noticed that Mike Clawson very clearly identified where those original complaints originated. Doesn't "threatened litigation" sound familiar?

There is also a clue as to Clawson's identity - he's head of a company called Clawson & Associates. I searched the Texas Comptroller's site for this corporation and here's what I found:

Company Information: CLAWSON & ASSOCIATES INC
AUSTIN, TX 78731-4548

Registered Agent: MICHAEL R CLAWSON
AUSTIN, TX 78703
Registered Agent Resignation Date:
State of Incorporation: TX
File Number: 0800102305
Charter/COA Date: July 15, 2002
Charter/COA Type: Charter
Taxpayer Number: 11418388242
I'm not sure if this is the same company, but it's the only Clawson & Associates listed with the State of Texas. And, the principal officer is Michael R. Clawson.

Isn't it interesting that, if this is the same Mike Clawson, he's apparently having problems paying his taxes, but was hired to audit a financial matter with the City of Nederland? As readers will remember, Philip castigated Hilton Kelley's not-for-profit company for the same thing last year. I wonder if Philip R. Klein knew Mike Clawson before this "investigation" into the "crisis in leadership" of the Nederland Fire Department?

Any comments, buddy?