Mar 31, 2008

It Is A Girl (Or, What's a Contraction?)


Philip R. Klein comments on Anna Huff, who was named Chief of the Beaumont Fire Department this morning:

Our Take?

Does anyone really care what either Philip (Part 1)  or Philip (Part 2) thinks, especially after the two of them predicted that the next head of Beaumont Fire and Rescue would come from outside of the department?   Oops, missed that one, too! Or, is that "opps," Philip?

Any comments on that prediction, buddy?

My take?

You need to invent some new sources, Philip.

Mar 30, 2008



In his latest article, Philip R. Klein again demonstrates that he's truly in the dark over simple history. The gist of the article is a hysterical comparison between the upcoming Democratic Convention in Denver and the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago:

That leaves Denver as the next Chicago for the democrats [sic].

Unfortunately, Philip's not even aware of who was nominated in 1968:

The answer is that the democrats [sic] have only one way out - and that is to force a union, such as they did with Kennedy - Johnson to avoid a total melt down [sic].

That happened at the 1960 Democratic Convention, not the 1968 convention. Furthermore, Philip is completely confused over what happened at both conventions.

At the 1960 convention, Kennedy had about 32 percent of the delegates before the convention, while Johnson had less than 1 percent.    The only thing remotely close to a meltdown occurred when Adlai Stevenson supporters revolted. Like Johnson, Stevenson had only a small minority of the delegates, so the revolt was short-lived.  The Kennedy/Johnson ticket came about because Democrats needed a Southerner on the ticket.  Since Johnson was the only southern candidate, the choice was simple and obvious.

In 1968, Hubert Humprey won the nomination on the first ballot, but the nation's attention was more focused on the events occurring in the streets of Chicago regarding the anti-war movement than what was actually going on inside the International Amphitheatre.   Those demonstrations had nothing to do with the actual nomination, but marked a turning point in public sentiment against the Viet Nam war. 

Of course, Philip waxes hysterical with a reference to the Kent State shootings:

Thus - Neil Young - tee it up - Ohio.

That happened in 1970 and had nothing to do with any presidential election - typically, Philip's not even in the right decade.  If the riots in the streets of Chicago marked the turning point of popular opinion, those shootings only reinforced anti-war sentiment in Middle America.

In another  statement, I'm not even sure what Philip is referencing:

Locally, sources at the Senatorial Convention tell the Review that tensions were running high.

I've never heard of a "Senatorial Convention," but perhaps Klein meant the Jefferson County Democratic Caucus on Saturday. Are his purported sources so confused that they didn't even know what they were attending?

I'm reminded of Klein's numerous statements that Jefferson County would support Hillary Clinton. For instance:

Obama knows that this is Hillaryville.

Here's the final tally from Saturday's caucus:

More than three-fourths of the delegates who will represent Jefferson County at the Democratic Party's state convention in June will be there in support of Sen. Barack Obama

He missed that one by a country mile, but two other statements from Philip's article deserve mention. The first is more of the "same old think, over and over and over again:"

The United States will make a decision. That decision is socialism - or........

I first debunked this statement last September (see this article). The other statement is one of my perennial favorites:

And there may just start a major turn in a place called the United States....

At least Philip didn't reference the U.S. as "a sleepy little country we call the United States."

What sophomoric gibberish this is - if Philip turned this article in as an assignment for a history course in middle school,  he'd make an F. 

Philip claims:

Nobody wants to discuss the issues...

More accurately, Philip doesn't want to discuss the real issues. Any comment, buddy?

Special note for Philip: Why haven't you responded to any of my messages that I've been sending you on a daily basis over the past four weeks? The subject line is clearly identified as "Questions for Reader Mail" and includes my article each day. I'm sending them to, but  you're apparently ignoring those messages to manufacture your own questions.  

Mar 29, 2008

On Philip's "Blogger Report"


Each week, Philip R. Klein usually features an item called the "Blogger Report,' where he consistently misinterprets postings on other local sites. Philip offered this abbreviated version this week:

We have made some blogger changes. And there is nothing to report this week. Except Aggie woke up. Nice!!!

The Klein's Whack Pack took the dive. Less than three hits per day. We urge all of you to bookmark them and keep them alive. They are just out of the big show. Same old stuff. And when frustrated they take shots at the family. It is all good. We want them to succeed like all of us.

And Buck Bit Big Time Dust - he is GONE also.

Interestingly enough, neither Dr. Pong or Megadump have been updated in a month, yet Buck's latest posting went up on Thursday.  I wonder what that means?  Buck's still gets more visits than Philip's site, yet Philip pulled that one as well.

Regarding Operation Kleinwatch, Klein claims I'm taking pot shots at his family because I'm "frustrated."  Let me make this perfectly clear for Philip, since he's repeatedly demonstrated a lack of comprehension and a propensity for making up lies to bolster his credibility.

There is no frustration on my part; instead, I'm amused by Philip's childish response. He simply got angry and pulled the link after I noted that he left out pertinent information during his attack on a local citizen who's been fighting cancer for the past several years.  Here's the picture that instigated Philip's attack. Take some time to read the article, as well.

In this attack, he repeatedly called this citizen a "convicted criminal" because of a previous DUI conviction and  marijuana possession charge that was later dropped, but he never answered two questions that I posed:

  1. Did Philip vote for President Bush and Vice-President Cheney, even though they were convicted of DUI charges?
  2. Has Philip or any close member of his family ever been convicted of DUI or Marijuana possession charges?

These are quite pertinent. The citizen that Philip is besmirching has done much for the community, especially regarding work for cancer-related charities. Philip's statements should taken within the context of his own hypocrisy:

Nobody wants to discuss the issues - like why court cases for high profile people take 4 years to get to trial? No - they want to try to spin it around on me and / or my family. It is just par for the course.

As readers will know, I've repeatedly offered to debate Philip's wingnut opinions with logic and facts, but in almost an entire year, he's never offered a credible response to any issue I've raised. In this case,  consider his statement with another news item from this week:

Young was convicted of murder earlier today in the June 16, 2004 shooting death of his ex-girlfriend, 35-year-old Sheila Davis, in Beaumont's Old Town neighborhood.

Young was in good health and did not suffer from Lymphoma, yet this trial took four years. Any comments, buddy?  If Philip's statement concerning the issues is true, then why is he running away from the real facts in this case "like a little schoolgirl?"

Regarding Philip's claim that he dropped my link from his "big show" because my little blog has less than "three hits per day," that's a blatant lie. So far this month, 2,935 unique visitors read my blog.

Ironically, Philip checks this site more than three times per day -  here are the visits from Philip's home computer over the past several days through 10:00 AM this morning. Note that this doesn't include his office computer or his Verizon Wireless account for his Blackberry:

  • 25th March 2008 06:40:20
  • 25th March 2008 15:05:15
  • 25th March 2008 21:23:17
  • 26th March 2008 06:48:37
  • 27th March 2008 07:40:48
  • 27th March 2008 13:48:30
  • 27th March 2008 16:14:27
  • 28th March 2008 07:01:47
  • 28th March 2008 13:03:45
  • 28th March 2008 16:38:15
  • 28th March 2008 21:19:37
  • 29th March 2008 07:56:49

I don't care whether Philip links to my site or not - readers will find the site on their own. However, Philip should be honest about the reasons: he simply doesn't like people who expose his idiocy.

Flapjack Philip's Nitwit Tidbits


Philips R. Klein writes:

Get Out - Ms. Wright? Frankly, if we were cops we too would be pretty p***** off.

The Beaumont Police Department has bigger problems than Gethrel Williams-Wright.  The department is having a hard time recruiting officers; perhaps if they fixed that problem, the BPD might have better success at recruiting eligible minority officers. Care to discuss the real issues, Philip?

Flores - Nobody cares about Caesar [sic] Chavez. Everyone should honor the man that gave the land and made it possible for children to learn. Even the kids get that.

I think Philip meant César Chávez. PRK has already proven he has no idea who  Chávez was, since he previously called this native American a "Mexican Man."  I'm not as interested in the name on the building as what's happening inside - Fletcher is one of only 9 Recognized schools in BISD according to the 2007 Texas accountability ratings. Only 3 schools in our area achieved a higher rating.  And, celebrating the diversity of our common heritage is never a bad thing - we are all a nation of immigrants, which includes German-Americans with Nazi ties.  I don't care what they call Fletcher, as long as the school continues the high standards they've set in the past.

County Cashing Out - Selling a building rather than use it? Putting it on the tax rolls. That is smaller government. Toto - are we in Jefferson County?

Typically, Klein has completely missed the point.  The building was only recently donated to the County by the Rogers Foundation, and proceeds from the proposed sale will be used to finance the courthouse renovation.

I'll also note that the building originally housed the U.S.  Postal Encoding Center, which was closed and services, along with 600 jobs, were moved to Houston. I wonder why Philip or Congressman Ted Poe never commented on that?

GOP Talk - Big speaker fight coming. Is that best for the GOP and Texas?

Old news. In the last Speaker election, Craddick was re-elected with only a 12-vote margin.  Five months later, he had to quell a rebellion by his own lieutenants by refusing to allow a vote on a motion to remove him.

The best thing for Texas is to find a House Speaker who's not being sued for abuse of power over a $5,000 fishing trip to the Amazon, accused of using $15,000 in campaign funds for personal travel, and using $500,000 dollars in taxpayer money to redecorate his apartment in Austin.

Philip mentions a recent poll:

Hill Crash - 42% nationwide. Down. Giggle.

Hussein Crash...Sorry Obama Crash - 46% nationwide.

McCain Gain - 58% nationwide. Ugh....

Since Philip typically failed to cite his reference, readers can see all of the real numbers here, here, and  here.

Philip, of course, failed to include Fred Thompson's numbers after he predicted that Fred would win the Presidency in 2008:

Welcome Mr. President - Fred Thompson enters the race.

Any comments, buddy?

Mar 27, 2008

Reading Philip's Mail


Oh look, Philip has several new postings up, purportedly from his readers. Isn't it odd that all of his readers have the same problems with grammar and spelling as Philip?


We work hard. Do our job. And the DA throws it in our face.

We work hard, do our job, and the D.A. throws it in our face.

If I have a cloths store and I sell to...

If I have a clothing store and sell to...

What is the 'Lightfoot' references all about?"

What are the "Lightfoot" references all about?

I bet Mrs. Maness bought some clothes at the ladies joint?"

From March 8, 2008: "A judgment against him for not paying his food bill at a nice joint in Mid-County."  I have more examples.

If it is dismissed I will be at Mr. Manesss' front door.

If it is dismissed, I will be at Mr. Maness' front door.

And my favorite: have p***** them off now.

From today: "a little p***** of over a man..." (I think he meant p*****-off).

Addressing the rest of his comment:

They are attacking you and your family.

Answer : I have not seen it yet. But it is of the norm. It is all they have. Nobody wants to discuss the issues - like why court cases for high profile people take 4 years to get to trial?

Philip has seen it many times, according to the number of times he visited Operation Kleinwatch from his home, office, and on his Blackberry over the past two days. If not, then he's got a serious security breech on all of his Internet-enabled devices.

As I clearly pointed out in my article, What Klein Didn't Tell You, that misdemeanor trial has been reset several times, in full accordance with the law, because the defendant is undergoing treatment for Lymphoma and because she lost all of her possessions, including the family pets, in a fire.  I wonder what's next, perhaps videos on YouTube of Philip kicking the neighbor's dog or bullying elementary school students out of their lunch money.

Care to discuss the issue, buddy, or are you comfortable throwing mud at cancer patients without telling the whole story?

City of Beaumont


Philip comments on the case of John Q Public, who addressed the Beaumont City Council meeting on Tuesday anonymously. He references a story from the Beaumont Enterprise, but typically fails to properly cite his source. Here's the story.

I won't comment on the dichotomy of Philip's position concerning anonymous political speech, which should be obvious to anyone who's followed our exchanges in the past months.   Has Philip put the link to my blog back up, yet?

Instead, consider this:

That was not the problem - the problem was the comments [sic] made by city attorney [sic] Tyrone Cooper. "To come and speak before the council is a privilege. The council doesn't have to allow it," [stated Cooper.]

Philip's take:

So friggin [sic] what if the meetings go an hour longer. Sorry - the bars and malls will still be open and maybe dinner will be a little later. But you have to let the people talk. About whatever they want. You represent them.

As arrogant as Tyrone's statement seems, he's right.  If Philip truly believes that he has the right to speak during a meeting of elected officials, I challenge him to try addressing the next Texas Legislature or during a session of the U.S. Congress.

By the way, here's an offer for readers - I'll pay top dollar for a video of Philip being dragged away by armed guards from the rail in the U.S. Senate Gallery while yelling, "You have to let the people talk! Don't tase me, bro!"   I'd enjoy posting that on YouTube (for Philip, that's"u-tube").

Back on subject, the Beaumont Enterprise's article very clearly pointed out a problem with turning a City Council meeting into an open public forum:

In 2004, the Rev. Dean Tucker went on a rant asking the city to support legalization of marijuana. His speech and tone made those in attendance uneasy and caused a police officer to move in a little bit closer.

Tucker ended his speech without incident, but afterward the council thought about not televising the public comment portion of the meeting. They decided to continue to air the meetings, but established a set of rules for those who address the council.

Given the cost to taxpayers of televising those meetings, I'm not sure that allowing a wingnut unlimited time to rant because he forgot to take his medication that day is a wise thing.  I wonder whether PRK would seize the opportunity to turn a city council meeting into a three-hour Philip Klein TV show if citizens weren't restricted to just three minutes.  

But, don't take my word for it:

"It is a privilege. There is nothing in the Open Meetings Act that requires a city council to allow for public comment," said Katherine Garner, Freedom of Information Foundation of Texas executive director. "The city council has a right to control that part of the session and a lot of people think they have a right to speak, but they don't. It is not the law."

I'm also reminded of other abuses in recent memory. During the last election for County Judge, local Republicans grouped together to consolidate their three minutes before the County Commissioners into a half-hour commercial for Billy Job each week. This is clearly an abuse of the system.

Typically, Philip wanders from subject to subject in this article, usually ending with the "same old think, over and over and over again:"

Well.....this is usual for Southeast Texas. And we make a drastic comparison the two? If you want to make a public statement to your "elected" officials in have to tote [sic] the party line. And you have to fill out a form and it has to be approved by the body you are going to speak in front of......wait? Huh?

None of this is true. Disregarding the Philip's gibberish, readers will realize that he's still living in the cold war era. As I pointed out yesterday, this is another example of how far Philip is removed from the political mainstream.

If he were truly up to date, Philip would probably realize that the Russian Federation is now a presidential republic, structured as representative democracy. The Soviet Union fell apart during Reagan's administration and the current Russian Constitution was adopted during the Clinton Administration, after the constitutional crisis of 1993.   It's no longer a totalitarian state and with its distinctly capitalistic free market system, Russia is arguably the least socialistic of all the Northern European countries.

Furthermore, he argues that one has to "tote" the party line. I think he meant actually meant "toe," but to which party is he referring? There are currently 15 major political parties in Russia.

Isn't it strange that Philip hasn't entered the 21st century yet?  His party line argument would work if he were referring to a country like Iran, whose theocracy places strict limits on free speech and freedom of expression.  

Mar 26, 2008

Nanny (Nanny Poo Poo) or Wingnuts Gone Wild


Philip R. Klein wakes up in a new world every day:

In one of the most surprising moves (for us anyway), Nanny Beaumont City Council put on the table the Red Light Camera Program after ... well let's just say some phone calls to their city council persons.

This may be surprising for Philip, but that's only because he's completely out of touch with the political mainstream. Anyone who's been paying attention knows that public sentiment is running high against any cameras used for traffic enforcement.

As an example, the Texas Legislature passed a series of bills last year that severely limited the use of automated ticketing systems in the state.  All cameras used for speed enforcement are banned and the amount of fines on red light cameras is limited to just $75.00. Furthermore, the legislation requires warning signs at all such intersections and half of all profits from intersection ticketing systems to be deposited in a state trauma fund.

The legislation further limits the ability of cities to spend their remaining cut on anything other than public and traffic safety. The bills are HB 922, HB 1052, SB 1119, and HB 1623. All four bills were signed by Governor Perry and are now in effect.

Since the state legislature removed the profit motive for installing those cameras, automated traffic enforcement systems no longer make economic sense for smaller cities. Only in the biggest of cities, such as Houston and Dallas, can the cameras pay for themselves. This is exactly why the Nederland City Council bailed on their contract with ATS to provide those cameras.

Philip is obviously too ignorant of the real issues to discuss this intelligently, so instead he hysterically resurrects the"same old think over and over and over again," namely, wingnut partisanship:

Beaumont City Council has turned into a liberal think tank over the past six years. From smoking bans to liberal tax and spend programs, the City of Beaumont Council has been called one of the most far left government bodies in Texas.

Since Republicans hold a majority of seats on the existing Beaumont City Council, it's further evidence that Philip is completely out of touch with reality.  The GOP majority is as plain as black and white - two have publicly declared their party affiliation, while the other two are quite easy to ferret (pun intended, Philip) out. 

This leaves the question of who called the city council "one of the most far left government bodies in Texas." I challenge Philip to provide one citation for this statement and the Southeast Texas Political Review doesn't count.

Here's a tip for Philip - one of the city council members is positioning themselves for a mayoral campaign. I further challenge Philip to name that council member - that should be a simple task for a self-proclaimed expert in "political relations."

Philip's final word: is government gone wild.

We are taking odds on whether or not the Beaumont City Council will stop the Nanny gig on this one.

In truth, Philip's article is case of wingnuts gone wild.  We'll revisit the entire issue at a later date.

Speaking of revisiting issues, weren't those "26,000 cases refilled [sic]" by Hardin County District Attorney-Elect David Sheffield supposed to have been all over the national news by now? At least, that's what Philip promised earlier this year - I wonder if Bugs Coe paid his bill or if that's now another pending lawsuit? 

On Removing Links


Philip wrote last Friday:

As for [Operation Kleinwatch] - there is no interest from what we can see. Now we can take them down and that will cause all to say that we are scared of them...we will solicit comments from you the reader. Simply put - drop or keep. Let us know. Both are gutless but we feel that there has to be someone that keeps the voice from the left alive and well.

Let me be the first to say, "Chicken!"  I guess that means he won't be answering this week's question.

I do think it's rather ironic, however, that after making such a big deal about this, Philip quietly pulled the links late last night with no comment whatsoever.   I'm sure he got thousands of messages on this from all over the world (said with tongue firmly in cheek), so surely some were worth sharing with readers on his "reader mail" page. I'm sure I'd have great fun dissecting those postings.

Special Message to Philip: Since you never read my blog, you may want to check your home computer, perhaps even setup a login password - someone's been using Web Ferret on your computer to search Operation Kleinwatch.

Speaking of convicted criminals, is it really true that you voted not once, but twice, for two convicted criminals as President and Vice-President of the United States? Dick Cheney has one more DUI conviction than the subject of your recent article!  Let's not forget this one, either:


Mar 25, 2008

What Klein Didn't Tell You


In his latest article, West End, both Philips one and two wrote:

Ya know....we had to think twice about posting this story.

Perhaps a simple proofreading would have sufficed:

This morning, the Review received five calls from West Enders and Court House [sic] insiders, advising us that two Jefferson County Judges have had their picture made and are promoting a West End fundraiser for a cancer society with a well known women [sic] living in the West End of Beaumont - as a spoof photo.

The problem? The women [sic] is a convicted criminal.

I think Philip meant the singular "woman," instead of the plural "women."  Or, perhaps this is another reference to his multiple personalities, since the phone call advised "us" of the situation. I'm curious - does Philip hold a phone to each ear on these occasions? And, five phone calls in one morning out of the blue?  Sure, I believe that (said with tongue in cheek).

In the rest of the article, Klein goes on to detail four misdemeanors, of which three were settled.  The case concerning a hot check was dismissed after the defendant paid restitution of 34 dollars.  In the next two misdemeanors,  the subject was convicted, paid a fine, and served probation without incident. The ancillary charge of marijuana possession was filed 7 weeks after the original bust, but was quickly dismissed.  That charge sounds rather shaky, after looking over the court documents.  Note that these were all misdemeanors, not felonies.

Philip makes a big deal of the last misdemeanor arrest in 2004 and subsequent actions:

Are you ready for this one? Now you would think that the district attorney of Jefferson County Texas would be able to try a DUI case in 3 + years? Right?


Yes...the case is still pending.

Typically, Philip is obfuscating the rest of the story. The trial date for this misdemeanor has been reset several times, in complete accordance with the law, for two reasons:

  1. The defendant has been in treatment over the past several years for lymphoma (that means cancer, Philip).

  2. Her house burned down and she lost everything, including her pets who died in the fire. Too bad Philip wasn't on hand to save the family dogs.

Furthermore, these motions were made by her attorney,  James Makin, one of many local attorneys, like B. Terrell, with whom Philip has had legal problems over the years. 

Most importantly, all of this is reflected in the Court record: no illegal deals, no corruption, just a woman who's been in a fight for her life.  Given that perspective, I have no problems in putting off a simple misdemeanor trial until the major issue of her health is resolved and she gets her life back together.

Readers can make up their own minds about this issue, but I think Torchy deserves a lot more respect than what Philip has shown for the work she's done in recent years with local charities.  Readers will note that all of these charities are established and well-documented, not a fly-by-night scam where money is solicited by exploiting a child's death. 

By the way, whatever happened to all of that money Philip collected for Jacob's House?  I can't find any mention of the "Gadfly Foundation" on Philip's website anymore.  I can't find Jacob's house either. What happened to that?

Philip may claim to be a conservative, but no one can call him a compassionate conservative. I thought he'd hit rock bottom when he manufactured lies about a man with Muscular Dystrophy, but this is atrocious. 

Here's the question of the week for Philip: have you or any of your close family members ever been arrested for DUI or pot possession in a Texas county?  Say, for instance, Young County? If so, how did that case turn out, Philip?

Mar 23, 2008

Reading Philip's Mail


Here's some more evidence that Philip is manufacturing those items in his so-called "reader mail." His latest purported message reads:

"I am a black man that read your web site this week. I saw you posted a u-tube [sic] video.....he does not represent the black community."

No one else commented on Philip's silly video, so he invented some mail to draw attention.

Unfortunately, Philip may well be the only person in the entire world who refers to YouTube as "u-tube." From March 7th, 2008:

The Southeast Texas Political Review was contacted this past Friday regarding a u-tube [sic] video floating around the net regarding former State Senator Mike Galloway and a vote he made in the State Senate regarding judicial districts.

Actually there is a "utube," but they're a completely different company than YouTube.

Of course, Philip's racism is obvious in his response:

Answer : I understand. But the reason I posted it is simple. If that would have been a Mexican Man, a Chinese Man, or God Forbid a white man talking out of the other side of his mouth...well....what would the reaction be? You answer.

My reaction is about the same as when confronted with a "German Man" who's mistakenly convinced of his own Aryan superiority.  Didn't we fight a war about this?  I've often wondered just when Philip's family emigrated to the U.S.

Mar 21, 2008

Flapjack Philip's Nitwit Tidbits


In his first item, Philip R. Klein offers advice for striking non-union contract workers:

Voices Carry - Hey guys - if you do not like your job haul a** and get another one that pays more or go to school? Another black eye for Southeast Texas.

Good advice - if you hate the county you live in, haul yourself back to New Jersey and find a place where you can run another business into the ground.  A reader left an interesting comment concerning Klein's statement about Thurman Bartie. Philip wrote:

"...and all around walk away from your debts kind of guy".

According to the comment, "Pot, meet kettle." 

 Lightfoot - Pick up the pace kids. See story above - talk at the roundtable is that the Unions are planning a big come back and to take back over the labor market.

I let Philip's reference to the "roundtable"  slide earlier this week, since that really wasn't pertinent to the issue of the proposed trade agreement with Song Xian, China:

Why? That is the question running around the SET Business Roundtable yesterday after media reports focused on Mayor Deplores [sic] Princes announcement that she was headed towards China (and not China Texas) to find a sister city!

Philip doesn't sit at that table, else he'd know the group is actually called the Golden Triangle Business Roundtable. Furthermore, I've never seen Flapjack Philip during those meetings at the Pompano Club.  

While Philip claims that GTBR members oppose this proposed trade agreement, I'll note that the person who holds the chair of the Roundtable's Environmental Committee is actually one of those who'll make the trip to Song Xian.  The actual feeling at the GTBR is quite different than what Philip claims.  Typically, he's manufacturing sources again. 

Regarding Philip's cryptic reference to Lightfoot, readers can form their own opinions by looking over TR., SABINE CARP. H. & W. FUND v. LIGHTFOOT H.

The bottom line is this: trade unions never went away as Philip claims, they are and will continue to be an important part of market dynamics in Southeast Texas.

Walking On Sunshine - Get this....we keep telling you that you have been over taxed by $25 million. The number spit out the other day is $27 million. Talk at the court house is that number may peak by the end of the year at $35.5 million. Roll back? NO WAY!

Spit out by whom? One of Philip's manufactured sources?  This is simply more of Philip's "same old think, over and over and over again."  I've previously debunked Philip's simplistic notions concerning unreserved fund balances here.

Hardin County Mess - Seems David Sheffield is trying to play nice with DA Coe and wrote some nice things on his web site. The talk is that Coe will go into private practice and watch the place fall down around Sheffield. Our take? Coe is a good man. That simple. You cannot attack certain candidates and risk looking bad. Sheffield is one. That simple. That clear.

The election is over, Philip - what's the real story?  Did Sheffield put one of your clients away at some point in the past? More importantly, this is another example of Philip's big ducks.

Wildflower - The mayors and elected officials went and fed the elderly around Southeast Texas. Okay? Photo op?

Philip certainly missed the point on that one, didn't he! Local officials took part in the National Mayors for Meals Day, which helps bring publicity to a very worthy charity, Meals on Wheels.

But then, Philip has never been much on charitable giving.  Whatever happened to Jacob's House?  And, he's never answered my questions concerning the disappearance of that page soliciting money for Philip's so-called "Gadfly Foundation."   

There Is A Light That Never Goes Out - Get this one....they are tearing down a housing complex from the 50's! Great is not needed? No...bad news. They are going to build ..... garden homes with our tax dollars? We want a garden home? What?

The idea that HUD is building garden homes in Beaumont's North End exists in Philip's mind only. Rather, Klein is totally ignorant of this issue - warehousing citizens is not a good idea. I'd love to debate this with Klein, but he's not even remotely conversant with the dynamics concerning the issue.  How about it, Philip - care to give it a shot and defend your uninformed opinion?

Port Arthur News Good News ? - Judge Gillam gets sued (again) in Federal Court. Never made the paper? Scared of the Judge?

Philip doesn't read very well, which is why his information comes primarily from television and the Guy from Boston.  Try starting here for a newspaper reference.  Don't be afraid to ask for help with the big words, Philip - I have experience with helping the illiterate learn to read.

Nanny Says - You cannot use your cell phone in school zones. It is too dangerous. We will fine you. Thanks Nanny! We love you!

I've always been curious as to whether Philip was on his cell phone when he ran into Kara Mazzola.   It's sad that the Mazzolas had to take Klein to court to recover their medical costs.

Kids At Fletcher - The Hispanic community could not understand why the kids did not want to change the name of their school to a Mexican Man they know nothing about? v. radical activists? Kids rule activists drool?

Mexican man? Oh, look - Philip's racism is showing again!  One minor correction: Cesar Chavez was an American, born in Yuma, Arizona. This is another example of where Philip is not even remotely conversant with the real facts.

Question for Philip: do you think those kids have any real idea who William Fletcher was?  Here's a novel idea - let the kids vote for the name of their school!

Gun Control - DA Maness wants you to know that there are laws in how you law abiding families should handle your guns. Do not worry about those criminals. Just go to slaughter and they will send the flowers. The story is now gone from the KBMT site.

How interesting - Klein comments on a story and then claims the story has been pulled. Typically, this is another of Philip's bald-faced lies.  Here's the story on the KBMT website:

Here's the video on the story:

Readers will note that Tom Maness doesn't take a position, he merely explains the issue facing the Supreme Court. Still carrying those silly Glocks, Philip?  You're going to shoot yourself in the leg some day - try a Sig Sauer, if you can afford one. If not, go for a Ruger.

Sunday Bloody Sunday - Seems the kids over at KBTV - 4 have a story simmering regarding the question of who is lying in the Wildcatters business deal. We do too! Let's see who will publish first next week!

Considering that some of those "kids," are older than Klein, this is another excellent example of Flapjack Philip's condescending and arrogant attitude.

For those who really care, here's the lease agreement  between Jefferson County and the Wildcatters.  Here is some additional correspondence between county and Wildcatter officials.  Both of those were posted on the Wildcatters website.

Philip has never answered my questions: Why should Jefferson County taxpayers spend 4,000 dollars per game to subsidize hockey at Ford Park and how is this different from his notion of "nanny government?" I think we should at least get free tickets for our money, then at least some people might actually attend the games. Too bad Philip wasn't in town when the Golden Gators crashed and burned.

Blogger Report

Philip lists his top 5 most popular web sites; of those, two haven't updated their sites in over two weeks, while Mike Aguilar is in low gear.  Wasn't it just a few months ago that Klein claimed no one read Mike's website?  I guess I don't count. Judging from Philip's recent "reader mail," I guess Klein's readers don't count either.

The bottom five includes the KFDM forum, which moved to a new site here.  Philip, of course, still has the old link up here.  He apparently has a hard time understanding the multi-syllabic words in the explanation.

Flapjack Philip also mentioned Operation Kleinwatch, referenced here as DOK:

As for the Whack Pack - there is no interest from what we can see. Now we can take them down and that will cause all to say that we are scared of them......or we can keep them up and let them enjoy the big show. We are conflicted about to begin....Rhonda goes. Sam and DOK will stay and we will solicit comments from you the reader. Simply put - drop or keep. Let us know. Both are gutless but we feel that there has to be someone that keeps the voice from the left alive and well.

The emphasis is mine - apparently Philip (Part 1) and Philip (Part 2) are arguing with each other. I'd pay admission to see that! 

Philip (Part 1) claims there is no interest from what he and Philip (Part 2) can see. Here are the numbers of referrals that Operation Kleinwatch received from Philip's site yesterday, March 20, 2008:

Visitors Referring Link

I particularly liked this comment:

...we can take them down and that will cause all to say that we are scared of them

Most readers of this site will already know that Philip is too cowardly to go head-to-head with me on the issues. 

Consider, for instance, the number of questions that Philip refused to answer concerning his involvement as an authorized officer of the Nederland Volunteer Fire Department with the dismissal of Nederland Fire Chief Mike Lovelady. 

I first mentioned speculation on this issue in December, in reference to Klein's claim that Chief Scott Kerrwood in Vidor was on his way out. Incidentally, that never happened.

I again raised the issue here.  Philip claims he doesn't read Operation Kleinwatch, yet he responded to that article with one of his so-called "editorials." I first pointed out the inconsistencies in his response in this posting. Unfortunately, Philip went stone dead on the issue and never explained those inconsistencies. I pointed out even more inconsistencies here and here, but Klein again never answered those questions either:

Both are gutless but we feel that there has to be someone that keeps the voice from the left alive and well.

Readers can decided for themselves who is truly "gutless."   Furthermore, readers can decide for themselves whether I'm "from the left," as Philip claims. As I've pointed out before, one of Philip's typical ploys is to label everyone who disagrees with him as a "liberal," "left-wing," or "Democrat."  To a wingnut like Philip, the entire Republican party is liberal.

Since Philip is very confused, I've set up a poll on the sidebar to help him with these issues.  Take a few moments and let Philip know how you truly feel. Note that you'll need to vote on each item individually.

Mar 20, 2008

On Philip's Big Ducks


Apparently Philip R. Klein's reader mail is slowing, or else Philip (Pt. 1) is running out of questions for Philip (Pt. 2). He addresses a comment from Mike Aguilar's blog concerning his political endorsements:

We have never, will never and shall never endorse any candidate for any office. We say it before ever picks and pans we make on this web site?

I will and shall ignore ever grammatical train wrecks and bad punctuations in Philip's statement? 

Readers can compare Philip's statement with this item from an article this week:

And we here at the Review are throwing whatever help (besides money) behind [Thurman Bartie] that we think will bring Jefferson County to its knees...or at least start it headed that way.

Need I mention Bugs Coe?

Readers may also remember this glowing endorsement of Jimmy Dike, where both Philips unanimously agreed.  This came after he trashed every other candidate in the Jefferson County Commissioner Precinct 3 race, including an in-depth examination on holiday pay and comp time from Alma Cantu's time cards. Did either one of you finally figure out what comp time and holiday pay meant, Philips?

Jimmy Dyke [sic]. For over 10 years he has managed the biggest government project in the history of Jefferson County. That being Pleasure Island. And when you look about - you see a guy that understands the show. Sources this weekend tell the Review that Dyke  [sic] has simply put his resume out there. He is a leader with a positive outlook that is refreshing. And frankly - if any of the above should take the ride - it should be Jimmy Dyke [sic].  We would love to see him up there giving some common sense to some pretty big time guys in politics that have their own agendas in place and as a goal rather than what is best for Jefferson County.

Philip's statement certainly sounds like an endorsement to me, but let's apply the duck test.  If it walks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck....

Mar 19, 2008



In his latest article, Philip R. Klein comments on a proposed trip by a group of local officials to Song Xian, China. After a list of bulleted items consisting of gibberish, Flapjack Philip states:

Putting all the political stuff aside....two politicos are going to a communist country to try and establish a trade relationship. That is what this trip is about.

Here' the real motivating factor behind the trip:

The trip was proposed by the Associated Builders and Contractors, which wants this region to become a hub for Chinese imports.

According to my source with the Associated Builders and Contractors:

"We hope to establish a trade relationship with this area and China," said Barbara Mulroy, executive director of the contractor group which represents five Southeast Texas counties.

The goal is to help import materials directly to Port Arthur and distribute them from here, "becoming the hub of the chain rather than the tail end," Mulroy said.

"Materials availability is holding up projects" in this area, Mulroy added.

Makes sense to me, since the area is going through a boom period right now.

Regarding this trip, Philip only mentioned two of the prospective travelers:

In the last sentence (if we heard this right), Prince will be joined by County Commissioner Eddie Arnold?

Both Philips heard that correctly - Unfortunately, he missed the rest of the contingent:

Those invited to be part of the delegation include Prince, Jefferson County Commissioner Eddie Arnold, Carl Griffith and Port of Port Arthur representatives, Orange County officials, Lamar University officials and area business owners.

According to my sources:

"I think it's a huge opportunity," said Griffith, a businessman and former Jefferson county judge. His objectives are to scout out opportunities for Chinese investment and imports.

Griffith said in the midst of the rising tide of refinery expansion in Southeast Texas, it's important for the community to diversify.

With about 70 percent of area industry tied up in fossil fuels, a downturn in that sector could wreak havoc with the local economy.

Chinese businesses equipped with investment visas could help with that, Griffith said.
For example, one of the Chinese companies Griffith is looking into produces energy-efficient florescent light bulbs.

"There are so many new technologies out there and so many, many opportunities for our community," he said.

Griffith said he would pay for part of his expenses and the rest might be defrayed by the Chinese government.

As I've repeatedly pointed out, Philip and his alter ego, Philip, have a special relationship with the former County Judge, bordering on hero worship:

Carl R. Griffith Jr. - Oh boy. Here is our man...The leader of all leaders (and we are serious about that). The guy has his ticket written and the media loves him.

Is it a little ironic that neither Philip (Pt 1) or Philip (Pt 2) mentioned Griffith's involvement?

Philip did, however, take a shot at Jefferson County Commissioner Eddie Arnold. Unfortunately, Philip is unaware that Arnold has previous experience in building these trade relationships:

Jefferson County Commissioner Eddie Arnold has been part of such a mission before, when he traveled to Japan as a business representative when Nacogdoches was developing a sister city relationship there.

On that trip, Nacogdoches established trade connections and set up a foreign exchange program for Stephen F. Austin University.

Arnold also stressed the opportunities to exchange goods and services with the Chinese region. "It's an excellent opportunity to establish a trade corridor," Arnold said.

Arnold added he will be going on his own dime and will ask Commissioners Court to give him its blessing to act as a "goodwill ambassador" for the county to help facilitate future meetings and so forth.

The emphasis is mine. As someone who pretends to be a conservative free trader, Philip is certainly sounding like a liberal Democratic protectionist.   

Mar 18, 2008

Who Is Lying?


In his latest article, Philip R. Klein writes:

Fact - the current office holders want everything that has been built to be torn now. Fact - they know that some of their political futures are buried out there in those cement fields. Fact - it is a political monument built by the democrats [sic] that believe government can provide all to everyone in their lives (the NANNY theory). And Fact - it is just plan old politics in some cases.

None of this is fact; if so, where are the proper citations?  The answer to Philip's question is obvious.

QUESTION FOR PHILIP KLEIN: Since you oppose "nanny government," how do you justify spending $4,000 per game of taxpayer money to underwrite the Wildcatters? 

Is Philip (Pt 1) or Philip (Pt 2) speaking?

Mar 17, 2008



Philip R. Klein (Pt. 1) and Philip R. Klein (Pt. 2) write in their latest article:

And we here at the Review are throwing whatever help (besides money) behind the candidate that we think will bring Jefferson County to its knees...or at least start it headed that way.

Both Philips apparently hate their home turf so much that they want to bring "Jefferson County to its knees."     I hope Jefferson County residents who need underwear sniffed will spend their money with professionals who actually care about their home town.

Regarding Philips' financial contributions, those are almost nonexistent. Three contributions in 15 years doesn't exactly qualify Philip as a major political patron.  From the stories circulating, Philip has reneged on more campaign pledges than he's actually honored, so I wonder if "Philip Klein" are still dirty words around Senator Hutchison these days?

Philip asks:

Our question is simply this - What makes [Bartie] the frontrunner [sic]?

The answer is simple - Bartie is a front runner only in Philip's mind. Readers will remember that Philip declared Alma Cantu the front runner in the primary elections on numerous occasions. Apparently both Philips believe their own hype.

Over 75 percent of voters in the initial primary voted against Thurman Bartie.  As I previously pointed out, he was defeated in his last race against incumbent Commissioner Waymon Hallmark, which was largely split along racial lines.  That won't happen in this race.

Since Bartie's support comes primarily from four churches in Port Arthur, Sinegal can take Bartie easily.  Very few voters who supported any of the other candidates will vote for Bartie.   We'll revisit this after the run-off, but I think both Philips are suffering from premature expectation again.  

However, if I have any doubts that Bartie might pull this out somehow, I'm firmly convinced that Sinegal will win the race hands down.  Philip's endorsement with the Bugs Coe campaign worked wonders for David Sheffield.

Of course, Shane doesn't have a sharp campaign website like Thurman Bartie. If the spelling on Bartie's website wasn't so much better than Philips', I'd suspect that either Philip (Pt, 1) or Philip (Pt, 2) could be moonlighting as a web designer.

And, even if Bartie wins this, he's just nickel-and-dimes compared to the politician who convinced the county to build Ford Park.

Any comment, buddy?

Mar 16, 2008

600$ (The Real Facts)


In his latest article,  Philip R. Klein again proves that his comprehension skills are as limited as his writing ability:

Here is some fun. You know that $600 bucks that you are looking so forward to getting in May? Well - it seems that you are going to give it back with interest next year.

Here are the real facts.  Note that these are tax rebates, according to a Newsday article:

One misconception is that the rebate will be taxed as income on next year's return, said IRS acting Commissioner Linda Stiff. Another is that the rebate will reduce next year's refund.

With misinformation swirling, the IRS recently took another stab at clarifying the rebate rules.

From CNN Money:

Do I have to pay the rebate back?

No. And here's why.

Your rebate is a one-time tax cut - an advance on a credit you'll receive on your 2008 return.

It's based on your 2007 income initially. If it turns out that your 2008 income and number of children would have qualified you for a larger rebate than the one you received, you'll be sent the difference. If it turns out your 2008 income was lower than in 2007 and you should have gotten a lower rebate, you get to keep the difference.

Maybe Philip can get an ex-wife or two to answer questions, if they're still on speaking terms.  For everyone else, my information comes directly from the IRS

As CNN clearly stated, this rebate is a one-time tax cut, where Congress has added another $300 to the per-child tax credit and cut the tax on the bottom bracket from 10% to zero.

This means that taxpayers will owe less taxes next year. Most people pay their taxes continually during the year through withholding. Congress could lower this withholding or they could cut one big rebate check next year.

Instead, they've decided to give it to taxpayers up front as a lump sum, in hopes that that Americans will spend the money and reinvigorate the economy. 

Essentially, this is anti-withholding. When the income tax is prepared, one computes how much total tax is owed. Then, one subtracts how much has been already paid.  In this case, consumers will add in the tax rebate.

The net effect is zero: next April 15, our taxes are $600 lower than expected. Since consumers have already received $600, we'll all pay the same original amount and get to keep the $600.

This is why we have to figure it on our tax forms; otherwise, Congress would have to give another $600 at tax-refund time next year. Consumers who prefer can just tear up the check they receive and still get the rebate next year as a part of their regular refund.  Or, in Philip's case, he can tear the check up and apply this to his tax liability next year. 

I'll note that the Federal Government is getting this money by selling 30-year treasury bonds, and 30 years from now they'll have to pay it back with interest. In this respect, we'll have to pay the money back, but it won't come from next year's taxes as Philip claims.

Our First Amendment rights are a wonderful thing - it allows idiots like Philip Klein to print misinformation as fact.  Unfortunately, since Philip has a hard time even comprehending the terms of the tax rebate, I doubt that he can intelligently discuss the effects of the stimulus package on the U.S. economy. 

I see three problems:

First, the experience with the economic stimulus package shows clearly that the federal government now lacks the capacity to cope with the massive economic problems that are pushing the nation toward second-class economic status.

Second, the source of this inability is the unshakeable ideological belief of wingnuts like Philip Klein that income tax cuts are the cure-all for the nation's economic problems. This core belief led to a flawed stimulus package, a repeat of the bad logic leading to the administration's 2001 and 2003 tax cuts.  If those tax cuts had truly worked, we wouldn't be facing this problem in today's economy.  Running the most expensive war in the history of the U.S. on credit without wrecking the economy is impossible.

Third, the 2008 legislation has many of the same flaws as the earlier tax cuts that put the U.S. on the path toward fiscal insolvency, left the middle class in the worst financial straits in the post-World War II era, and brought the widest income inequality since the 1920s.

Here's a challenge to Philip Klein - let's discuss this issue in further detail.

Mar 14, 2008

Flapjack Philip's Nitwit Tidbits


That has a certain ring, don't you think?  In this week's edition, Philip has little to offer in substance.

Obama - Bloomberg is reporting this morning that the Super D's are flocking to him. Hillary's last stand?

The story is here. Philip has firmly staked a position on both sides of the issues since predicting that Hillary would win the nomination last December.  Or, is this the other Philip talking?

Wildcatters - Get out. And take your stuff. Goodbye. So says the county commissioners. Nobody will comment....(giggle).

Philip has a shady spot on both sides of this fence, as well.  Remember those sources from February:

According to sources, Sharon Terrell, wife of attorney and all around good guy B. Terrell, has cut a deal to keep the Hockey team in Southeast Texas against the wishes of the powerhouse "A" team in commissioners court.

In this case, perhaps Philip is just out of touch with the Terrells since B. sued him about about ten years ago.  Care to elaborate on that one, Philip? 

Sex In The City - Teacher gets to go home. No jail. Maybe we can fix her up with Klum [sic]? Oh...sorry...he likes them a bit younger?

That's Klem, not Klum.

I'm still having a hard time determining whether this is Philip One or Philip Two speaking, since he/they has/have positions on both side of this fence, as well. He didn't mention that this was a deal cut by Bugs Coe.  From Channel 4's story:

In a plea agreement reached with the Hardin County District Attorney's Office, White today plead guilty to one count of inappropriate relations and had the second charge dropped.

In exchange for the guilty plea, White received 10 years of deferred probation as well as a $2000 fine. She was also forced to surrender her teaching certificate.

Apparently, Bugs really did ask for a refund on that bill for Philip's "Political Relations."

City Council Beaumont - Erosion? Do not worry about that. Keep the development going! Just ask Pleasure Island how that is working out?

Philip is clueless, hence the gibberish. I especially like this quote from Council Member Bubba Pate :

"We're asking [the Federal Government] to come up with about $1.75 million to shore up the whole park, so we don't lose it through erosion," said At-Large City Council Member W.L. Pate, Jr.

Isn't it strange that Philip failed to mention that the Beaumont City Council has a Republican majority?

Where Are The Boats - It seems that there are more dead bodies in the river right now? Where are the Sheriffs boats? Anyone?

As I've pointed out before, Philip has a hard time reading once he gets past the big letters in the headline. From the Beaumont Enterprise:

Search crews from the U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Parks Service, Texas Game Warden's office and Orange and Jefferson county sheriff's office marine units searched a 15-mile stretch of the river Thursday but came away with no sign of the 56-year-old Foster or his aluminum boat.

The emphasis is mine, else Philip might get confused by the big words.

Spitzer - Got his......and she got hers and New York is getting.....?

...its first African-American Governor. Is that Philip's racism showing again?

Ward 4 Clean Up - Hey you guys in Beaumont - Ward 4 clean up set for Sat. Another do good feel good left wing project. Here is an idea - how about sending in the SWAT team for a real good cleaning? Any votes?

Yep, Philip's racism is definitely showing again. Sponsors for the Cleanup include these subversive left-wing organizations:

Sponsors are the city of Beaumont; Pear Orchard, Tyrrell Park and South Park neighborhood associations; and Lamar University Community Outreach Program.

Did I mention that the City of Beaumont has a Republican majority sitting on the Council?

Gillam [sic] Suit - The Port Arthur News was all over that story! Makes you wonder huh? It did not have the name Klein we guess.

That story is old news, but Philip's egocentric preoccupation is showing again.

NOAA - Coolest Winter since 2001. Al? SPIN : Our work is working! Watch and see.

Fact Check: 2001 was the 2nd warmest year on record, according to NOAA:

Is the climate warming?

Yes. Global surface temperatures have increased about 0.6°C (plus or minus 0.2°C) since the late-19th century, and about 0.4°F (0.2 to 0.3°C) over the past 25 years (the period with the most credible data). The warming has not been globally uniform. Some areas (including parts of the southeastern U.S.) have, in fact, cooled over the last century. The recent warmth has been greatest over North America and Eurasia between 40 and 70°N. Warming, assisted by the record El Niño of 1997-1998, has continued right up to the present, with 2001 being the second warmest year on record after 1998.

Isn't it sad that Philip has such a strong position on this issue, but can't debate the facts logically?  Referring to methane gas emitted by cattle is analogous to missing the forest for the trees.  I suspect that methane gas from all of the world's cattle doesn't come close to the hot air emitted from a single self-proclaimed expert on "Political Relations" in Nederland.

I enjoyed this entry in Philip's s0-called "blogger report:"

Caldwell - Finally talent. It is great insight in his words. We really like this guy.

Two out of two of Philip's personalities agree! 

Maybe Philip will comment on that apocryphal story that Al Caldwell fired Philip Klein after one show on KLVI back in the '90s. Philip wasn't heard on the radio again until he replaced the Saturday morning hog-calling show on KOLE 10 years later.  I could check the archives and found out if that one lasted longer:

This site will archive the Southeast Texas Political Review Radio show that was formally broadcast on KOLE Fox Radio.

Unfortunately, I can't find that on Philip's website.  Perhaps it's on the website run by the other Philip.

Mar 13, 2008

How (Now, Fat Cow)


Regarding yesterday's article, a reader commented:

St. Elizabeth is a Level III trauma Center not a Level I trauma Center as the village idiot states. A Level III does not have to have as many capabilities as a Level I. You would think that someone who claims to be a first responder would know the difference in a Level I hospital and a Level III hospital. This is probably why his job as an EMT was short. He was probably confused on which hospital to transfer injured patients to.  

Good point! I heard there was a problem with someone abusing company vehicles as well.  As I remember, the rumor had something to do with beating on an ambulance with a brass fire nozzle because this person didn't want to answer a call about half-an-hour before the end of their shift.

Philip's latest article was obviously inspired by a conversation with David Bradley, who represents District 7 on the Texas State Board of Education:

The Review took a look at one race, being the State Board of Education race.

Seemingly - the democrats [sic] have a problem. They have chosen a teacher that is studying Muslim studies? A former city council person that fought leaving her post?

Why is Philip commenting upon a race that he obviously knows nothing about?  Here's why.

The Texas School Board of Education is divided between eight people who want to keep science and religion separate in the classroom, and seven "social conservatives" from the Religious Right, like Bradley, who want to teach religious indoctrination creationism intelligent design the young earth theory instead of evolution.

Ironically, Bradley forgot to tell Flapjack Philip about the race that generated the most attention.  Incumbent Republican Pat Hardy retained her seat, despite being outspent 10-to-1 by Barry Maddox.  Maddox is another wingnut who claimed that history text books in Texas contain more information on Marilyn Monroe than American Presidents, while Hardy is a former school teacher and moderate Republican who refuses to pander to the Religious Right. 

This is a tremendous loss for the so-called "social conservatives," who see that the tide is beginning to turn against them. In the last regular session of the Texas Legislature, that backlash gained momentum. By the end of the session, a lot of their legislative agenda lay in pieces, with major defeats on issues including public education, religious freedom, medical research, and civil rights. For a good example of a political system that mixes religion and government, start with Iran.

Regarding that "former city council person that fought leaving her post," here's the real story from the Galveston Daily News.  Readers will find a substantially different version than what Klein presented concerning Laura Ewing.

Take a few moments to read through the the text of Article 16, Section 65 of the Texas Constitution, as cited in the Galveston News piece.  You'll note that this law concerns electded county seats, but nowhere are city positions mentioned.  The social wingnuts are targeting Ewing with a spurious charge, else Shelley Sekula-Gibbs would have had to resign her council seat when she ran for CD 22 against Nick Lampson in 2006.

Ironically, Ewing just happens to be running against Bradley in the November election; do you think there could a connection? And, is Philip endorsing Bradley for re-election?  If so, the clock is ticking for Bradley - just asks Bugs Coe in Hardin County.

Mar 12, 2008

We Smell (or, Does one Philip Smell Worse than the Other?)


Philip R. Klein continues to refer to himself in the plural. Sam the Eagle has a funny take on this, which I'll submit as the question of the week.

I found this reader comment very interesting today:

"Gumballs Anyone?" may well be one of the wingnuts finest grammatical train wrecks. After several reviews I'm still not sure what I read, but that's a good thing. Like you, I am surely glad Judge Walker is on top of the investigation "regarding gumballs being sold". Shall we call this The Great Gumball Caper?

I'm much more concerned about flapjacks like Klein running around armed impersonating a Private Investigator. I was surprised that Klein did not mention the victims under garments. Perhaps there is more to come as his investigation continues.  

Thanks for the comment - I'm glad I wasn't the only one who had a hard time understanding that gibberish. I, too, had to read it several times before I discovered it's more of Philip the Flapjack's "same old think, over and over and over again:"  

And the democrats [sic] have done it again in Southeast Texas."

That sentiment came from Philip's article today.  Really, if he hates Jefferson County so much, I wonder why he continues to live here. 

In this article, he references this story from Channel 4, which concerns speculation on a possible hospital district in Jefferson County. As usual, Philip mangles the numbers:

How? Forming a Hospital District to help St. E's recover $13 million dollars a year in loss [sic] revenues!

According to the story, it's 25 million dollars in lost revenue.  Philip's sources are as confused as he is about what this means:

"I think the senate would support a Hospital District to run an Emergency Medical Service. But to give cash to a hospital? No way?" - The source told us.

Neither Philip or his source seems to understand the difference between an emergency services district and a hospital district.  As Vanessa Holmes points out, the trauma center is only trauma center between Houston and Baton Rouge. What she didn't mention is that both of those trauma centers are funded by hospital districts.  In Texas alone, there are over 132 hospital districts,  but only 54 emergency services district.  Perhaps Philip' real source has more direct experience with an emergency service provider?

If Jefferson County residents don't want the taxing district, they'll vote against it.  And, if it passes, maybe Philip will trade his luxury home in Nederland for that two bedroom condo in Plano.

We'll revisit the issue when it's more than speculation and conjecture.

On a related issue, Philip wrote in this article:

Bend over and grab your ankles and say these words - "Thank you Jefferson County - can I have another!"

An anal preoccupation is highly symptomatic of a Narcissistic personality disorder - I've counted three such references so far this week. As I've pointed out before,  other symptoms include references to oneself in the plural ("We Smell"), egotistical self-aggrandizement ("...are we that popular...yes"), exaggerated talents ("...We are asked...from outsiders who call us for advice..."), arrogance ("POLITICAL ADVICE TO EDDIE "),  and overstated achievements ("...we got some insight from the Mexican Government...").  

Throw in problems with alcohol and issues as an ACoA, and you'll find a person who can barely function in normal society.  Sound familiar?

Mar 11, 2008

Gumballs Anyone?


Philip R. Klein comments on an purported case where a company owned by a convicted sex offender on adjudicated probation is filling gumball machines at the Jefferson County Courthouse:

The Review has learned over the last twenty four hours of an investigation ongoing by Judge Ron Walker regarding gumballs being sold.

Well - how about if the company that is doing business with Jefferson County and that supplies the gumball dispensers and gumballs is a ........ convicted and registered sex offender of a 8 year old and on probation for such?

I haven't checked the facts concerning Philip's allegations yet, but if true, I'm certainly glad that Judge Ron Walker is investigating this after it was brought to his attention:

The Review has found a leaked copy of a letter dated February 15, 2008, where a complaint was made against the gumball vendor.

From Philip's account, the vendor was approved by the past administration:

According to county records, JMD has been approved as a vendor the courthouse since early 2002 and continues to be an "approved vendor" for the county.

Who was the County Judge in 2002? According to both Philip, Pt 1, and Philip, Pt 2:

Carl R. Griffith Jr. - Oh boy. Here is our man...The leader of all leaders (and we are serious about that). The guy has his ticket written and the media loves him.

Flip-Flop Philip is talking out of both sides of his mouth again.

Philip's Big Day


One of the funny rumors currently circulating has to do with a local private investigator, who called the Jefferson County  Airport Manager's Office just prior to the recent visits by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

This certain individual informed the airport manager that he'd been hired to provide bodyguard services for some people who would arrive at the same time on the same days as the candidates.  An amazing coincidence, but this certain private investigator wanted to inform Jefferson County Authorities that he'd be traveling armed on and off premises during the event as a "courtesy.'

According to the rumor, this private bodyguard got angry and abusive with local authorities when referred to the Secret Service, who were handling all airport security during the visit. They wouldn't let him into the event, so this particular individual missed both rallies.

Any comments, Buddy?

Mar 10, 2008

On "Going Green" and Proper Citations


In Philip R. Klein's latest so-called editorial, he lambasted "junk science," and referred to several "scientific studies:"

First, three studies show that [methane gas emitted from cows] (yes I said [methane gas emitted from cows]) have a far greater effect on the atmosphere than gas engines.

Philip gave no proper citation on those "three studies."

Second, is the concerns on the forest industry. The true concern is that we are cutting too much timber. Well wait a minute? According to the US Government, there is more timber land now than ever in the history of the US?

More forest land than say, 1800, when less than 10 percent of the country was populated?  I find that hard to believe, but typically, Philip again failed to cite his reference.

In the meantime, I found this news item from Saturday of interest:

In a report published on Friday, March 9, 2008, the Lovenstein Institute of Scranton, Pennsylvania, released a four-month study on the intelligence quotient of bloggers throughout the United States. Since 1973, the Lovenstein Institute has published psychological profiles and research on various public figures. The Institute includes noted historians, psychiatrists, sociologists, human behavioral specialists, and psychologists. Among their ranks are world-renowned sociologist Dr. Werner R. Lovenstein and Professor Patricia F. Dilliams, a famous psychiatrist who holds the Chair of Advanced Thinking Skills.

According to statements in the report, most bloggers have significantly higher IQs than the average American.  Dr. Lovenstein explained that "bloggers tend to be more introspective and analytical, which require advanced skills in thinking and comprehension."

Over 4,000 bloggers were rated based on scholarly achievements, their writing, and their ability to comment on issues with with clarity. Several other psychological factors, including the Swanson/Crain System of Intelligence Ranking, were also used in compiling the report.

Most bloggers had IQs of over 120, but Dr. Lovenstein noted that one blogger in particular had a different score. "Philip R. Klein, Editor of the Southeast Texas Political Review, registered an IQ in the 20th percentile of the general population. This was the lowest score of any blogger we examined," revealed Dr. Lovenstein. "According to our criteria, Mr. Klein is a highly unstable individual who scored the lowest of all bloggers in the study with an IQ of just 24."

Professor Dilliams attributed Klein's low score to several factors. "His inability to comprehend simple concepts, poor grammar and spelling skills, simple confusion, and daily hysteria all point to an individual who failed to mature beyond early adolescence," commented Dr. Dilliams. "Typically, we find these type of individuals have a long history of bad debts, broken relationships, and psychological problems, which often lead to divorce, bankruptcy, and alcoholism."

The complete report documents the methods and procedures used to arrive at these ratings, including depth of sentence structure, cognitive processes, and logic.  The study was first commissioned on December 2, 2008, and released to subscribing member universities and organizations within the education community.

I occasionally wonder how gullible Philip thinks his readers are.



Philip R. Klein writes of the wounding of Police Officer Matthew Bulls in Port Arthur over the week-end:

Now they are shooting at the cops in Port Arthur...This weekend may have opened a new chapter in Port Arthur Texas.

Actually, now would be good time to remember those Port Arthur Officers who lost their lives in the line of duty, beginning with Police Chief Roy Grimes, who was fatally shot in 1919:

  • Police Chief Roy Grimes (1919)
  • Detective B.A. Harris (1923)
  • Officer A.R. Bradley (1936)
  • Officer Paul Emerson (1967)
  • Officer Steve Hall (1976)
  • Detective Milton Levy (1992)

Reality check for Philip Klein: This is not to trivialize Officer Bulls' injury, but they've been shooting at Port Arthur Police Officers for a long time.  In this case, I'm glad that Matt was able to take the bad guy down and that he's already out of the hospital. 

Anyone who's read Philip Klein's articles for more than a week will recognize that Philip is not really concerned with Officer Bulls, but instead only uses this opportunity to beat the same dead horse. In Philip's vernacular: "more of the same old think, over and over and over again."

Four months ago, Philip "broke the news" that leagues of Federal Agents were soon to descend upon Port Arthur:

Beleaguered with homicides, robberies, break ins [sic] and shootings, the cops of the City of Port Arthur were given the rally cry late Friday afternoon and were giving encouragement by the United States Federal Government.

Sources that we contacted late Sunday told us that not only is agencies [sic] in the United States have been lined up to help the local cops, pep rallies of sort will be given all week long to the shift officers in the Department.

Philip claimed that the US Attorney's office, the FBI, ATF, Secret Service, DEA, and the USCIS/Border Patrol were about to descend upon Port Arthur.

Of course, Philip is still confusing jurisdictions:

They answer is not more boats on the Rivers. It is more men on the streets. And doing whatever it takes to win the streets back from the crooks.

"Boats on the river," Jefferson County Sheriff's Department.  "Cops on the streets of Port Arthur," Port Arthur Police.  Got it, Philip?

As I previously pointed out, a good place to start is giving those officers a 30 percent raise, so the wage is competitive.  Of course, that would probably call for higher taxes and we all know how Philip feels about that, don't we?

Any comments, buddy?

Mar 8, 2008

More Nitwit Tidbits


I covered Philip R. Klein's mathematically-impaired statement on his primary predictions in detail below.   Here are a few other gems culled from this week's Nitwit Tidbits:

Winner - Obama in the caucus.

I'm not sure if this is another of Philip's predictions, or if he's just confused about the results from the precinct conventions :

Philip's ignorance about the whole political process never ceases to amaze me.  For instance, he wrote about the Texas Primary:

Obama has the numbers and Hillary will only pick up a net 25 or 26.

This statement is gibberish; even though Hillary had the numbers, she picked up  just four net elected delegates in the Texas primary. That's one delegate less than her net gain of five in miniscule Rhode Island. Even her big win in Ohio gave her  a net gain of only 9. Cumulatively, she received a net gain of only 18 delegates from all three primaries, not including any net delegates awarded during the Texas precinct convention. I'll have more on this topic below.

Furthermore, if one subtracts the three delegates that Obama won in the Vermont primary, then Senator Clinton won a net total of only 15 delegates in all four primaries, far fewer than Philip's prediction of "25 or 26" in the Texas Primary alone. 

Is there any doubt that Philip is making this stuff up, based on own misunderstanding? Most C-level students in high school government wouldn't make these rookie errors, else they'd be D-level students.  On his now-defunct radio show, Philip Klein spoke often of taking one Government class at Texas Tech, yet the Texas college curriculum requires two classes. I wonder what this could mean?

Regarding the delegates awarded through the Texas precinct conventions, here's the likely scenario:  we'll probably see an approximate 37-30 split for Obama, give or take a few points. Even though the primary had almost twice as many delegates at stake,  Clinton's primary margin was much narrower. We'll revisit this when the counting is done to determine who's closest.

In another of his Nitwit Tidbits, Philip again throws mud at David Sheffield:

Winner - David Sheffield. With the proof that a negative campaign still holds water and can win when you cannot be attacked.

Pardon me while I laugh! Philip apparently thinks we're all too stupid to remember that Second Coming font proclaiming, "26,000 Cases Refilled [sic]!!!"  Readers should also note that Philip has never provided any evidence that Sheffield ran a negative campaign.  As I've pointed out, commenting on an incumbent's official record in office is not considered negative campaigning.   

Loser - Mike White. Street rumor is that he lost the respect of his men and that filtered out. You can be Sheriff and not cocky.

More manufactured gibberish to inflate Philip's sense of self-worth.  If there is indeed a "street rumor" to this effect, then Philip started it and the rumor never made it past the Nederland city limits.

This isn't the issue at all.  White is on his third term and has always had a large contingent of people who simply don't like him, dating back to the odometer scandal during his first term. In the last election, Sheriff White won by default because he's didn't have a serious challenger. During most of White's terms, however, John Tarver actually ran the department. Since Tarver left, White has made some changes that didn't go over well with County Commissioners or the population of Orange County in general.

In this election cycle,  Keith Merritt is well-known, widely respected, and has served honorably as Constable for several terms.  As a former reserve deputy, Merritt also has some very specific ideas about how to make the OCSO more efficient.  Those are the dynamics at play in this particular race.  While Merritt did indeed have the CLEAT endorsement, those deputies who Klein claim no longer respect Sheriff White would only account for a very small percentage of the 60 percent majority who voted against White.   This is significant, since this election set new records for voter turnout in Orange County.

While Klein discussed those races in Hardin county, I'll note that Mr. 37-Point-5 percent missed the biggest race of all in Orange County.  Incumbent James Springer has held the Precinct 1 County Commissioner seat for the past 11 years and before that,  he was the Orange County Judge.  In this cycle, Springer lost his seat in a fairly tight race to a newcomer, David Dubose. Note that's David Dubose, not incumbent John Dubose, who won his Precinct 3 seat with a 60 percent margin.  I wonder how Philip missed that story?  Let's see how long it takes for Klein's sources to get the real "story behind the story," if ever. 

By the way, no Republicans filed for any of the Orange county races.  Since Philip claimed that Orange County is a "newly-created sea of red," isn't that a little ironic?

How about this item:

Loser - The Southeast Texas Unions. Endorsements? A joke process and all their candidates lost big.

David Sheffield, Keith Merritt, and Chris Humble all pulled majority votes in their elections after they were endorsed by the Sabine Area Labor Council. Those are just three to which I can link for proper citations, but Ed Cain and several others also had the labor endorsement.  If anything was lost, it's Philip's credibility.

Really, Philip should do his own homework, rather than waiting for me to provide the real facts. I'm sure that readers will remember that 5-4 split Philip predicted - he couldn't even get that right after I spelled it out for him. Is this hubris or just old-fashioned stupidity?

More importantly, does anyone still have doubts that Philip is making this stuff up?

Winner - Alma Cantu - she gets to move back to Groves and gets to start a new carrier [?] at the courthouse. They will take care of you Alma. You are one of them.

I'm not sure what Philip meant by this, unless he misspelled, "career." Does anyone know if Alma Cantu plans on being a carrier for the Port Arthur News?

Winner - Gilbert T. Adams. He first stopped the revolution at his front door....then he built it back up....and now he has what he has. We like this guy.

Philip, is that Gilbert, Jr, or the Third?  You seem to get them confused on a regular basis.  However, Gilbert is liked by everyone, especially me. However, Gilbert needs to fix those problems with the precinct conventions.  Given his past performance, I'm sure he'll have  the next conventions running like clockwork.

Loser - The Jefferson County GOP. What GOP?

One reason I'm an independent and not a Jefferson County Republican is because I don't want to be associated with an idiot like Philip Klein.