Mar 29, 2008

Flapjack Philip's Nitwit Tidbits

Philips R. Klein writes:

Get Out - Ms. Wright? Frankly, if we were cops we too would be pretty p***** off.

The Beaumont Police Department has bigger problems than Gethrel Williams-Wright.  The department is having a hard time recruiting officers; perhaps if they fixed that problem, the BPD might have better success at recruiting eligible minority officers. Care to discuss the real issues, Philip?

Flores - Nobody cares about Caesar [sic] Chavez. Everyone should honor the man that gave the land and made it possible for children to learn. Even the kids get that.

I think Philip meant César Chávez. PRK has already proven he has no idea who  Chávez was, since he previously called this native American a "Mexican Man."  I'm not as interested in the name on the building as what's happening inside - Fletcher is one of only 9 Recognized schools in BISD according to the 2007 Texas accountability ratings. Only 3 schools in our area achieved a higher rating.  And, celebrating the diversity of our common heritage is never a bad thing - we are all a nation of immigrants, which includes German-Americans with Nazi ties.  I don't care what they call Fletcher, as long as the school continues the high standards they've set in the past.

County Cashing Out - Selling a building rather than use it? Putting it on the tax rolls. That is smaller government. Toto - are we in Jefferson County?

Typically, Klein has completely missed the point.  The building was only recently donated to the County by the Rogers Foundation, and proceeds from the proposed sale will be used to finance the courthouse renovation.

I'll also note that the building originally housed the U.S.  Postal Encoding Center, which was closed and services, along with 600 jobs, were moved to Houston. I wonder why Philip or Congressman Ted Poe never commented on that?

GOP Talk - Big speaker fight coming. Is that best for the GOP and Texas?

Old news. In the last Speaker election, Craddick was re-elected with only a 12-vote margin.  Five months later, he had to quell a rebellion by his own lieutenants by refusing to allow a vote on a motion to remove him.

The best thing for Texas is to find a House Speaker who's not being sued for abuse of power over a $5,000 fishing trip to the Amazon, accused of using $15,000 in campaign funds for personal travel, and using $500,000 dollars in taxpayer money to redecorate his apartment in Austin.

Philip mentions a recent poll:

Hill Crash - 42% nationwide. Down. Giggle.

Hussein Crash...Sorry Obama Crash - 46% nationwide.

McCain Gain - 58% nationwide. Ugh....

Since Philip typically failed to cite his reference, readers can see all of the real numbers here, here, and  here.

Philip, of course, failed to include Fred Thompson's numbers after he predicted that Fred would win the Presidency in 2008:

Welcome Mr. President - Fred Thompson enters the race.

Any comments, buddy?

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