Mar 8, 2008

More Nitwit Tidbits

I covered Philip R. Klein's mathematically-impaired statement on his primary predictions in detail below.   Here are a few other gems culled from this week's Nitwit Tidbits:

Winner - Obama in the caucus.

I'm not sure if this is another of Philip's predictions, or if he's just confused about the results from the precinct conventions :

Philip's ignorance about the whole political process never ceases to amaze me.  For instance, he wrote about the Texas Primary:

Obama has the numbers and Hillary will only pick up a net 25 or 26.

This statement is gibberish; even though Hillary had the numbers, she picked up  just four net elected delegates in the Texas primary. That's one delegate less than her net gain of five in miniscule Rhode Island. Even her big win in Ohio gave her  a net gain of only 9. Cumulatively, she received a net gain of only 18 delegates from all three primaries, not including any net delegates awarded during the Texas precinct convention. I'll have more on this topic below.

Furthermore, if one subtracts the three delegates that Obama won in the Vermont primary, then Senator Clinton won a net total of only 15 delegates in all four primaries, far fewer than Philip's prediction of "25 or 26" in the Texas Primary alone. 

Is there any doubt that Philip is making this stuff up, based on own misunderstanding? Most C-level students in high school government wouldn't make these rookie errors, else they'd be D-level students.  On his now-defunct radio show, Philip Klein spoke often of taking one Government class at Texas Tech, yet the Texas college curriculum requires two classes. I wonder what this could mean?

Regarding the delegates awarded through the Texas precinct conventions, here's the likely scenario:  we'll probably see an approximate 37-30 split for Obama, give or take a few points. Even though the primary had almost twice as many delegates at stake,  Clinton's primary margin was much narrower. We'll revisit this when the counting is done to determine who's closest.

In another of his Nitwit Tidbits, Philip again throws mud at David Sheffield:

Winner - David Sheffield. With the proof that a negative campaign still holds water and can win when you cannot be attacked.

Pardon me while I laugh! Philip apparently thinks we're all too stupid to remember that Second Coming font proclaiming, "26,000 Cases Refilled [sic]!!!"  Readers should also note that Philip has never provided any evidence that Sheffield ran a negative campaign.  As I've pointed out, commenting on an incumbent's official record in office is not considered negative campaigning.   

Loser - Mike White. Street rumor is that he lost the respect of his men and that filtered out. You can be Sheriff and not cocky.

More manufactured gibberish to inflate Philip's sense of self-worth.  If there is indeed a "street rumor" to this effect, then Philip started it and the rumor never made it past the Nederland city limits.

This isn't the issue at all.  White is on his third term and has always had a large contingent of people who simply don't like him, dating back to the odometer scandal during his first term. In the last election, Sheriff White won by default because he's didn't have a serious challenger. During most of White's terms, however, John Tarver actually ran the department. Since Tarver left, White has made some changes that didn't go over well with County Commissioners or the population of Orange County in general.

In this election cycle,  Keith Merritt is well-known, widely respected, and has served honorably as Constable for several terms.  As a former reserve deputy, Merritt also has some very specific ideas about how to make the OCSO more efficient.  Those are the dynamics at play in this particular race.  While Merritt did indeed have the CLEAT endorsement, those deputies who Klein claim no longer respect Sheriff White would only account for a very small percentage of the 60 percent majority who voted against White.   This is significant, since this election set new records for voter turnout in Orange County.

While Klein discussed those races in Hardin county, I'll note that Mr. 37-Point-5 percent missed the biggest race of all in Orange County.  Incumbent James Springer has held the Precinct 1 County Commissioner seat for the past 11 years and before that,  he was the Orange County Judge.  In this cycle, Springer lost his seat in a fairly tight race to a newcomer, David Dubose. Note that's David Dubose, not incumbent John Dubose, who won his Precinct 3 seat with a 60 percent margin.  I wonder how Philip missed that story?  Let's see how long it takes for Klein's sources to get the real "story behind the story," if ever. 

By the way, no Republicans filed for any of the Orange county races.  Since Philip claimed that Orange County is a "newly-created sea of red," isn't that a little ironic?

How about this item:

Loser - The Southeast Texas Unions. Endorsements? A joke process and all their candidates lost big.

David Sheffield, Keith Merritt, and Chris Humble all pulled majority votes in their elections after they were endorsed by the Sabine Area Labor Council. Those are just three to which I can link for proper citations, but Ed Cain and several others also had the labor endorsement.  If anything was lost, it's Philip's credibility.

Really, Philip should do his own homework, rather than waiting for me to provide the real facts. I'm sure that readers will remember that 5-4 split Philip predicted - he couldn't even get that right after I spelled it out for him. Is this hubris or just old-fashioned stupidity?

More importantly, does anyone still have doubts that Philip is making this stuff up?

Winner - Alma Cantu - she gets to move back to Groves and gets to start a new carrier [?] at the courthouse. They will take care of you Alma. You are one of them.

I'm not sure what Philip meant by this, unless he misspelled, "career." Does anyone know if Alma Cantu plans on being a carrier for the Port Arthur News?

Winner - Gilbert T. Adams. He first stopped the revolution at his front door....then he built it back up....and now he has what he has. We like this guy.

Philip, is that Gilbert, Jr, or the Third?  You seem to get them confused on a regular basis.  However, Gilbert is liked by everyone, especially me. However, Gilbert needs to fix those problems with the precinct conventions.  Given his past performance, I'm sure he'll have  the next conventions running like clockwork.

Loser - The Jefferson County GOP. What GOP?

One reason I'm an independent and not a Jefferson County Republican is because I don't want to be associated with an idiot like Philip Klein.

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