Mar 29, 2008

On Philip's "Blogger Report"

Each week, Philip R. Klein usually features an item called the "Blogger Report,' where he consistently misinterprets postings on other local sites. Philip offered this abbreviated version this week:

We have made some blogger changes. And there is nothing to report this week. Except Aggie woke up. Nice!!!

The Klein's Whack Pack took the dive. Less than three hits per day. We urge all of you to bookmark them and keep them alive. They are just out of the big show. Same old stuff. And when frustrated they take shots at the family. It is all good. We want them to succeed like all of us.

And Buck Bit Big Time Dust - he is GONE also.

Interestingly enough, neither Dr. Pong or Megadump have been updated in a month, yet Buck's latest posting went up on Thursday.  I wonder what that means?  Buck's still gets more visits than Philip's site, yet Philip pulled that one as well.

Regarding Operation Kleinwatch, Klein claims I'm taking pot shots at his family because I'm "frustrated."  Let me make this perfectly clear for Philip, since he's repeatedly demonstrated a lack of comprehension and a propensity for making up lies to bolster his credibility.

There is no frustration on my part; instead, I'm amused by Philip's childish response. He simply got angry and pulled the link after I noted that he left out pertinent information during his attack on a local citizen who's been fighting cancer for the past several years.  Here's the picture that instigated Philip's attack. Take some time to read the article, as well.

In this attack, he repeatedly called this citizen a "convicted criminal" because of a previous DUI conviction and  marijuana possession charge that was later dropped, but he never answered two questions that I posed:

  1. Did Philip vote for President Bush and Vice-President Cheney, even though they were convicted of DUI charges?
  2. Has Philip or any close member of his family ever been convicted of DUI or Marijuana possession charges?

These are quite pertinent. The citizen that Philip is besmirching has done much for the community, especially regarding work for cancer-related charities. Philip's statements should taken within the context of his own hypocrisy:

Nobody wants to discuss the issues - like why court cases for high profile people take 4 years to get to trial? No - they want to try to spin it around on me and / or my family. It is just par for the course.

As readers will know, I've repeatedly offered to debate Philip's wingnut opinions with logic and facts, but in almost an entire year, he's never offered a credible response to any issue I've raised. In this case,  consider his statement with another news item from this week:

Young was convicted of murder earlier today in the June 16, 2004 shooting death of his ex-girlfriend, 35-year-old Sheila Davis, in Beaumont's Old Town neighborhood.

Young was in good health and did not suffer from Lymphoma, yet this trial took four years. Any comments, buddy?  If Philip's statement concerning the issues is true, then why is he running away from the real facts in this case "like a little schoolgirl?"

Regarding Philip's claim that he dropped my link from his "big show" because my little blog has less than "three hits per day," that's a blatant lie. So far this month, 2,935 unique visitors read my blog.

Ironically, Philip checks this site more than three times per day -  here are the visits from Philip's home computer over the past several days through 10:00 AM this morning. Note that this doesn't include his office computer or his Verizon Wireless account for his Blackberry:

  • 25th March 2008 06:40:20
  • 25th March 2008 15:05:15
  • 25th March 2008 21:23:17
  • 26th March 2008 06:48:37
  • 27th March 2008 07:40:48
  • 27th March 2008 13:48:30
  • 27th March 2008 16:14:27
  • 28th March 2008 07:01:47
  • 28th March 2008 13:03:45
  • 28th March 2008 16:38:15
  • 28th March 2008 21:19:37
  • 29th March 2008 07:56:49

I don't care whether Philip links to my site or not - readers will find the site on their own. However, Philip should be honest about the reasons: he simply doesn't like people who expose his idiocy.

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