Mar 26, 2008

On Removing Links

Philip wrote last Friday:

As for [Operation Kleinwatch] - there is no interest from what we can see. Now we can take them down and that will cause all to say that we are scared of them...we will solicit comments from you the reader. Simply put - drop or keep. Let us know. Both are gutless but we feel that there has to be someone that keeps the voice from the left alive and well.

Let me be the first to say, "Chicken!"  I guess that means he won't be answering this week's question.

I do think it's rather ironic, however, that after making such a big deal about this, Philip quietly pulled the links late last night with no comment whatsoever.   I'm sure he got thousands of messages on this from all over the world (said with tongue firmly in cheek), so surely some were worth sharing with readers on his "reader mail" page. I'm sure I'd have great fun dissecting those postings.

Special Message to Philip: Since you never read my blog, you may want to check your home computer, perhaps even setup a login password - someone's been using Web Ferret on your computer to search Operation Kleinwatch.

Speaking of convicted criminals, is it really true that you voted not once, but twice, for two convicted criminals as President and Vice-President of the United States? Dick Cheney has one more DUI conviction than the subject of your recent article!  Let's not forget this one, either:


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