Apr 30, 2008

Talk Radio Loses (Snore Alert)


Philip R. Klein displays another case of premature expectation in his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review:

Sources close to KOLE radio told the Review that Dominick Brasha [sic] was scheduled to start back on the air this next Monday morning with a new show and new format.

"The new owners did not want to start the show as a revenue generator...they wanted it to be a sold show by a production company," said the source.

I suppose this means that Philip won't be on the air again next week, as he originally announced last week.

I also thought there was already a big production company involved with a syndication deal. Readers may remember that Philip made this announcement on July 17, 2007:

"According to a source close to Brascia tells the Review that the [Morning Blend] radio show will be broadcast syndicated nationally [?] on 10+ stations starting Monday with a goal of hitting 200 stations by the end of the year."

I guess they didn't make their goal of 200 stations to be "broadcast syndicated nationally." Actually, this isn't the first time that Brascia's been turned out on the street. He was fired from a radio station in Denver:

NRC canceled the weeknight "Dominick and Bill Show," with co-hosts Dominick Brascia and Bill Thorpe. Brascia was fired, Brown said.

As a radio talk show host, Brascia played an excellent corpse in Halloween Something or Other.

(Yawn). Got anything of interest today, Philip?

On Wildcatters and Premature Speculation


Philip R. Klein has been quiet thus far today, so let's revisit a couple of older issues, shall we?

On March 21st, Philip teased an article that never happened on the Southeast Texas Political Review:

Seems the kids over at KBTV - 4 have a story simmering regarding the question of who is lying in the Wildcatters business deal. We do too! Let's see who will publish first next week!

Channel 4 won that round, since Philip never referred to the Wildcatters again.  This is clearly another case of Philip's premature speculation.

KBTV put up this update on Monday:

Earlier this week, I mentioned this item from March 4, 2008:

The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned that lawyers for both Obama and Clinton have been dispatched to major cities and strong democratic held  [sic] counties - including Jefferson County - armed with lawsuits in an attempt to insure [sic] each candidate will obtain their proper amount of votes in the county caucus voting.

Question for Philip: Have those lawsuits been filed yet?

Any comments, buddy?

Apr 29, 2008

Small Town (Birds of a Feather?)


In his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review, Philip takes up the case of Michelle Barnett, who's running for a seat on the Board of Trustees for the Nederland ISD:

A couple of weeks ago the Review was contacted by a candidate that lives and breathes here in Southeast Texas. And we must tell you.....she is getting "small towned [sic]."

So here is a lady that wants to run for political office - not because she dislikes anyone on school board - she just wants to give back. Here name is Michelle Barnett. 

In reality, this message was posted to Klein's mailing list yesterday:

From: obijohn@gt.rr.com
To: politics@setpoliticalreview.com
Subject: Did you Notice
Date: Mon, 28 Apr 2008 19:35:37 -0500

Mr. Klein,

Did you notice the city went around and ripped my political signs from the poles on Monday? I got a call from a business owner who said he had owned his business on Nederland Avenue for 12 years and never had they pulled signs off the pole at the corner of his business property. He said most of the time the signs stay there until they rot off. He found it odd they came on the first day of early voting and started pulling signs down.

I drove around town and saw "Captital [sic] Crew Construction" , "Glory Road", "Dirt and Demolition", "Gracie Ju Jitsu" and many other signs on poles all over the city. Many of these signs have been up longer than 6 months. Just wondering if you noticed?


I find this posting highly suspect, given that the message originated from an account called "obijohn." Or, consider the subject of this message and this previous quote from one of Philip's manufactured sources:

"Did you notice? Did you notice our members of our church's [sic]? Did you notice the vote we brought out for Mr. Obama? Did you notice what we did in Port Arthur? Did you see Mr. Klein?

I noticed, especially "Mr. Klein," "Did you notice,' "Captital," mangled punctuation, and similar grammatical train wrecks. I did indeed notice.

However, let's take this message at face value and assume that the real Michelle Barnett posted the item to Philip Klein's feedback line. If legitimate, Ms. Barnett has already shown poor judgement that brings her qualifications into question:

  1. Posting campaign signs on telephone polls is illegal.
  2. Appealing to a wingnut like Philip R. Klein shows poor judgement.

Regarding the illegality of those signs, the Texas Department of Transportation is explicit concerning state law on this issue. Likewise, Jeff Ortiz noted that the City of Nederland also has city ordinances on this issue in a later posting to Klein's mailing list:

From: Jeffjortiz@aol.com
To: politics@setpoliticalreview.com
Subject: Re: Did you notice?
Date: Tue, 29 Apr 2008 17:07:57 -0500

There is a sign ordinance within the city limits of Nederland. If you would like the ordinance you may ask the City Clerks office for a copy.

This situation has happened more than once to other candidates in years past and at the same time; the first day of early voting.

Jeff Ortiz

Since Michelle apparently didn't take the time to read basic campaign law, can voters expect her to do her homework if elected as a Trustee of the NISD?

Regarding item number two, candidates who associate themselves with Philip Klein have a history of crashing and burning.  Ask Bugs and Billy for more details.

In the past, Klein has argued that Barack Obama should be dismissed as a candidate for his association with the Reverend Jeremiah Wright. If this is true, perhaps Michelle Barnett should be held to the same standard.

Regarding Philip's bottom line:

Barnett may lose...but it will be because of small town politics and not because she may just be one of the most qualified to represent the people.

I sympathize with Ms. Barnett's problems concerning her campaign signs, but those signs will have little to do with the real outcome of the election. I suspect her association with Philip Klein will have a much greater impact.

In reality, the theft of campaign signs is quite common in both small towns and big cities. Here are a just a few incidents of many that I pulled during a quick search of recent news items:

Orlando Sentinel

[Ed] Earl, who is charged in connection with the thefts of more than 40 campaign signs in last fall's municipal elections, faced tough criticism at a council meeting Tuesday night as his political foes and others urged him to resign. Some argued that he should be suspended until his legal case is resolved.

Dallas Morning News:

For weeks, Mr. Jeter, Mr. Gears, Ms. Richardson and Ms. Cannaday have been mired in mudslinging and personal attacks in campaign literature and at candidate forums. They have said yard signs are being stolen or vandalized.

ABC TV Channel 11 WTVD/Durham, NC:

One candidate says hundreds of her campaign signs have disappeared, giving her opponents an unfair advantage.

News Channel 11 KCBD/Lubbock:

Paul Beane says more than twenty of his campaign signs were stolen in the last week. Candidate Tom Keisling says someone has also been stealing his signs. Jerry Bell says at least two of his larger signs were cut down and stolen, as well.

Channel 3 WLBT.Jackson, MS

[Tax Assessor candidate Charles Stokes] said last Friday afternoon he drove down Robinson Road and when he returned just over an hour later his signs had disappeared.

Mid-County Post, Santa Cruz, CA

It's not uncommon in a contentious election battle to have scattered theft and vandalism of campaign signs. But sometime during the night on Friday, Sept. 29, a large number of signs promoting Pajaro candidates Libby Wilson and Kim Turley were stolen. The two candidates, both Democrats, estimated the total value of the signs stolen at nearly $1,000 and police reports have been filed.

I'll leave the final word to an Operation Kleinwatch reader who left this comment earlier today:

Regarding Flapjack Phil's "Small Town" post let first say that I do not know Ms. Barnett but wish her well in her campaign.

If she contacted Klein for assistance in locating her signs I hope she got the rate in writing. If she contacted Klein as a political consultant hopefully she knows that's the kiss of death. If we are to believe Philip's post all 60 signs disappeared in less than 24 hours. I find it difficult to imagine someone trolling every street in Nederland in less than 24 hours just to take down signs. Surely at least one was left up and Phil simply exaggerates as usual.

It was quite amusing to see him describe her as ",,,a candidate that lives and breathes here in Southeast Texas". My guess is that means she actually exists unlike Philip's other sources. 

Gravy (Or, Philip's New Diet)


In his latest article on The Southeast Texas Political Review, Philip R. Klein writes of a complaint by Jefferson County Precinct 6 Constable Karl Holmes. According to Holmes, only officers with the Sheriff's Office were called to do off-duty security work at Ford Park in recent months.

Philip's take:

Well.....first we hate to see the cops mad at each other. Second, we support all cops. Even when they fight for territory. And third, if the SO Officers think they are going to get rich off Ford Park....well.......?

We agree that they need the work. And we agree that they protect us when we here in Jefferson County join together for an event (giggle), but exclusive?

Philip quotes another manufactured quote:

The SO Officers need to remember this day and what they did to some of their brothers. They wanted to have the place to themselves and they got just that. But when the other jobs come up and we all know what they are. They better remember today," said a source in a Jefferson County Constables office.

Philip's bogus quote is distinctly different from what happened at today's work session, according to my source:

In a compromise proposed by Commissioners Court, the sheriff's department would be in charge of security at Ford Park, but the rotation of officers would be drawn equally from constables and sheriff's deputies.

While pursuing the trees, Philip missed the forest:

After Philip's complaints about other athletic stadiums in the area, he's quiet on this one.  He also missed this:

Perhaps Philip was hoping no one would notice this:

Next week, Travis county courthouse officials will tour our courthouse to provide an assessment of the new security plan. Travis county which includes the city of Austin has had a courthouse security plan for years, which includes 60 security officers.

I suspect he's been cranking his "hot tube" too much again. Philip also wrote a new message to himself in his "Reader Mail:" 

Last week 2 two (sic) teachers were injured. 

Oops (or is that "Opps?")!  Another dead giveaway!  Here's a real question from one of my readers:

When you are blasting away at PRK's inane comments do you sometimes feel guilty, as if you  were shooting ducks on a pond? 

Never - it's a nasty job, but the sheer volume of Philip's manufactured sources, half-truths, character assassinations, and blatant lies demands that someone has to do it.

Apr 28, 2008

Philip's Deep Thoughts for a Monday


NOTE TO PHILIP R. KLEIN: Whatever happened to this prediction from March 4th on The Southeast Texas Political Review, or was this another manufactured source?

The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned that lawyers for both Obama and Clinton have been dispatched to major cities and strong democratic held  [sic] counties - including Jefferson County - armed with lawsuits in an attempt to insure [sic] each candidate will obtain their proper amount of votes in the county caucus voting.

I wonder if Philip has figured out the difference between "ensure" and "insure" yet? 

Concerning Philip's manufactured statistics from Friday's Nitwit Tidbits (see article below), a reader left this comment on Operation Kleinwatch over the weekend: 

I read your article on Friday about Klein's Top 10 list and thought you might be interested to know that one of those companies has his website and several others blocked for security purposes.  Our IT dept said that some of the elements on his page pose a security risk to unprotected browsers and there is no way that those hits could come from our company.

Peeking into Philip R. Klein's Reader Mail this morning, he posted this purported message:

From Port Neches :

"You could not win your way out of a paper bag."

Answer : Maybe ..... Maybe Not.

Considering the content, this is clearly another manufactured message; however, I found Philip's subject matter interesting. Philip first mentioned running for a political office last week; in the past, he's also threatened to run for the Jefferson County GOP Party Chair.  If elected, he's clearly outlined his plans for Jefferson County on several occasions. Most recently, he succinctly stated:

...we want Chaos!

Let's not forget that personal endorsement for Thurman Bartie:

And we here at the Review are throwing whatever help (besides money) behind [Thurman Bartie] that we think will bring Jefferson County to its knees...or at least start it headed that way.

This ties in nicely with his article today on his Top Story page, where he bullies middle school students out of their lunch money:

[BISD] has attempted to play denial in issues that seemingly just cannot go away, being [Vincent] students that are fighting, cussing teachers and most of all the assault of two teachers that were not investigated by the district according to sources inside the school district.

As is Philip's standard procedure, none of his statements are substantiated; instead, these claims are based upon hearsay from ill-defined "sources inside the school district."  Let's consider a few documented facts from the TEA about Vincent Middle School:

  • 60 percent of Vincent students are economically disadvantaged.

  • While the African-American students account for 47 percent of total enrollment, teachers of the same ethnicity account for only 16.2 percent of educators. Conversely, 75 percent are white.

  • The campus shows some progress: the campus has raised it's academic rating from Unacceptable to Academically Acceptable over the past three years.

If there is indeed a problem as Philip alleges, I think it's interesting to note his solution. Addressing the teachers of Vincent, Philip offers this unsolicited advice:

Make a statement and quit. There are many teaching jobs all over Southeast Texas. And the only way to affect change is to do one thing - simply get out of it.

This is not the sort of thinking we need from an elected leader of this county. Philip is too dense to see the real issues and typically has no real solutions to address a problem that may or may not exist. Instead, he politicizes the issue to offer more of the "same old think, over and over and over again:"

BISD has sold the future of the district on new classrooms, new football stadiums and new whatever....

This entire article is an excellent example of some deep thoughts from a very shallow mind.

Any comment, buddy?

Apr 25, 2008

Flapjack Philip's Nitwit Tidbits


Philip R. Klein's latest article on The Southeast Texas Political Review is another anemic attempt at self-aggrandizement; Philip devotes almost the entire article to a list of numbers purportedly measuring "hits" to his website.

Who Reads - We have been asked who reads the Review. So we did a three week study of weekly average readers. Kind of a top ten list. Listed below is the IP and the average weekly hits over three week.

10  United States Department Of Justice        321
9   Merrill Lynch Corporation                           339
8   City of Beaumont                                      414
7   KBMT – TV                                                 415
6   Clear Channel Corp.                                    532
5   City of Port Arthur                                      547
4   Beaumont Independent School District       637
3   Freedom Broadcasting – KFDM                   679
2   Hearst Newspapers – Beaumont Enterprise 712
1   Jefferson County                                         988

This entire list is gibberish. Here's why.

Let's first consider Philip's terminology, where he references "weekly average hits" and "weekly average visitors." These are two distinctly different things.

For instance, every page view by one unique visitor on Philip's site generates at least 12 real hits, since a "hit" is actually one call from a web browser to a server,

  • The American Flag image generates one hit
  • Philip's counters (there are two) generate two hits
  • Text on the page generates at least one hit
  • Philip's menu generates 8 hits, since each menu item is a separate application and loads by itself (a tremendous waste of both server and user resources) 

Since these numbers are for every page view,  a unique visitor generates at least 24 hits if he or she visits the front page and the topstory page. 

Unfortunately, Philip confuses the issue even more with his reference to "weekly average readers."  Is this weekly average unique visitors, returning visitors, or visitors of all kinds?  As an example, one person from the U.S. Justice Department could visit a page 321 times during this period to generate Philip's number. Conversely, 321 different people could generate the same traffic by visiting Philip's front page without reading any real content. 

See the problems with his terminology? He hasn't a clue about the subject matter, but this isn't unusual for Philip R. Klein and his Southeast Texas Political Review.

Next, let's specifically consider the traffic and some of those numbers he quoted, which are clearly manufactured.

In the case of Jefferson County, they subcontract their internet gateway to a local Internet Service Provider.  This means that traffic from the courthouse has an IP address which is the same as many residential customers. How can Philip tell which are from the Courthouse and which are from regular consumers? Answer: he can't, so that number is fabricated. 

Or in the case of KFDM, every employee in the building would have to visit Philip's site over 10 times throughout this time period to register that kind of traffic, no matter whether this number is returning visitors or page views.  It's certainly not unique visitors, since the KFDM payroll isn't anywhere near 679 people.

And Your Thoughts Are - Very interesting....we were even kind of shocked.

Philip's asks a question and answers it, too.  I suspect he's probably getting his "Top Story" page confused with his "Reader Mail" page.

Taken Out - We took out the biggest hits which were Time Warner / AOL / Hidden.

To obfuscate the issue even more, Philip uses the term "hits" here to denote "traffic." 

That Is Why - The slogan on the old Radio Show : "Admit It" - you read the SET Political Review.

For anyone reading Flapjack Philip's Nitwit Tidbits, this is true. For the other 99 plus percent of Jefferson County residents, not true.

Examiner - Another bomb shell. Kountze ISD is getting investigated by the Attorney General. Wow.

I hope it's as good as their bombshell on Goldstar EMS:

From The Talk Show Grave - Dominick Brasha comes from the talk show grave and will be starting his new show back on KOLE Radio on Monday the 5th of May. Good luck Dominick. The Review has been asked to do the Tuesday the 6th show as a co-host thing. We will be there.

Hopefully, Dominick Brascia will teach Philip how to spell his name correctly.

Based on the content of his Nitwit Tidbits this week, I think Philip's been cranking his own "hot tube" a bit too much.

Apr 24, 2008

Sticker Shock


In his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review, Philip R. Klein first complains about the increase in property tax evaluations and then wanders from subject to subject like a drunken P.I. on an all-night stakeout of area doughnut shops:

Let's get this straight - the values have increase almost 35% since 2003? Tax rates have increased.

Does anyone remember Philip's claim from last August:

"Well, the average price of property and taxable items has gone through the roof. To the tune of anywhere between 23% to 63% according the Jefferson County Appraisal District."

I'm glad he actually read the Beaumont Enterprise article this morning, else he'd still be making up numbers.

Actually, the entire U.S. was in a housing boom until 2006. At its peak in 2005, at least one economist called the boom "the biggest bubble in history."  In just one year, property values in states such as Florida, California, Nevada, Hawaii, and Maryland D.C, rose more than 20 percent. And in Palm Beach County, Fla., the median price of an existing home escalated 35 percent in just one year.

Real estate in Jefferson County didn't increase as fast, due to several factors such as Hurricane Rita. However, here's the good news for homeowners: the investment in your home continues to appreciate in Southeast Texas, while much of the nation is seeing their equity quickly evaporate.  Philip claims to be in the investment business (Klein Investments, Inc.) and a free trader, yet complains about market dynamics that he obviously knows little about.

Here's a tip for Klein; if he thinks his home appraisal is grossly overvalued, he should take advantage of market conditions and put it up for sale.  If his home sells, Philip will have made a nice profit and he can then move into that two-bedroom condo in Plano. If his home doesn't sell for the appraised value, then he has irrefutable proof for a protest.   Are there any lingering questions over how this bozo ran six Dairy Queens into the ground?  This is simply more of Philip's same old think, over and over and over again."

After commenting on the appraisal rates, Philip confuses the issue further by referencing another argument concerning fund balances:

Jefferson County has a fund balance of $25 million (shhhhhhhh.....really $37 [sic] but don't tell). For those of you in Port Arthur - the county has overtaxed you and kept $37 [sic]....oopps [sic]...sorry...$27 million more than they needed to operate. And no - you do not get it back.

On several occasions, I've challenged Klein to explain his fuzzy math concerning the fund balance - is is $25 million or $37 million?   Likewise, I've also previously debunked his wingnut opinion that a county should never have a fund balance:

Unreserved fund balances are important in mitigating current and future risks, and to ensure stable tax rates. Fund balances are also critical in long-term financial planning. Furthermore, credit rating agencies carefully monitor levels of fund balances and unreserved fund balances in a government's general fund to evaluate that government's creditworthiness.

For local governments, the accepted figure for an unreserved fund balance is from five to 15 percent of regular general fund operating revenues, or no less than one to two months of regular general fund operating expenditures. Jefferson County's unreserved fund balance is certainly within this parameter, so Philip is arguing from a position of ignorance.

For more information on this subject, please refer to the Government Finance Officers Association website on recommended practices. In particular, read the documents concerning Budgeting and Fiscal Policy. Really, Philip, you need to "talk educated."

Philip's argument that I'm attacking his family, his friends, and him personally to avoid the issues is just another lie to avoid defending his own wingnut statements. Question for Philip: what happens to the bond rating and credit score for a county with no unreserved fund balance? Any comments, buddy?

Philip then wanders to the issue of school bonds:

The local school districts have figured out how to get more of your money by bonds.

And tax rollbacks:

Smaller cities - may be forced into roll backs on their tax rates.

And ends with a complaint about the Republican Party of Jefferson County:

Our question? Where in the h*** are the Repubs?

Answer: As long as Republican candidates associate themselves with Philip Klein, the GOP in Jefferson County will never be a political factor. Just ask Eddie Arnold and Billy Job.

On Philip's "Navy" and LNG Security Zones


Philip R. Klein frequently derides the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office because they patrol the county's waterways. Philip contends that patrol boats for the JCSO are a waste of taxpayer money. As an example, here's one of his statements from an article by Philip that I debunked last December.

According to media sources, the scare with the biggest oil export terminal and port needs the Navy (Jefferson County SO) to patrol it. There are not enough Game Wardens....and you know the Coast Guard cannot do the job.

Oh, look - more manufactured "media sources!" 

Here's a  story from "a media source" that you won't see discussed on The Southeast Texas Political Review today, tomorrow, or any other day:

President Bush on Wednesday threatened to veto an $8.4 billion Coast Guard bill because it would make the agency enforce security zones around liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminals.

The White House said the requirement would "divert finite Coast Guard assets from other high-priority missions" and "provide an unwarranted and unnecessary subsidy" to the LNG owners.

The Government Accountability Office says a terrorism attack on an LNG tanker arriving at a terminal could ignite an explosion and fire so fierce that people a mile away would be burned. But GAO auditors also say the Coast Guard already is stretched too thin to meet its own standards for protecting arriving LNG tankers from attack.

Since the Coast Guard isn't enforcing security zones around those LNG plants, the patrol boats of Jefferson County make a lot of sense to me.  Of course, Philip contends that "no one wants to discuss the issues." 

Any comment, buddy?

Apr 23, 2008

"Crank the Hot Tube"


A reader left this comment:

Judging from his latest editorial, Flapjack Phil may have missed the target because, as he posted,  "...when I get home every night this week - I am going to crank the hot tube..." Man, what a nasty mental image that conjured.  

Is this another example of Philip's premature expectation?

On Proper Punctuation


Here's some more evidence that Philip R. Klein is writing those messages to himself in the "Reader Mail" section of The Southeast Texas Political Review. One of those latest items purportedly from a reader includes the following sentence:

"This web site is the most foolish reading I have ever read?"

I'll disregard the grammatical train wreck of "reading" and "read," which is another of PRK's signatures.

Instead, notice that Philip has a hard time determining where question marks are properly used.  Consider these examples from recent articles and editorials:

Now that is a thought?

Have a nice week-end?

Let's do it this way?

Here's one of my favorites:

You flop over on the floor. Your family calls 911? Mr. Blue shows up on the EMS unit.  He was hired because he is blue and racial equality.

Philip writes at an approximate sixth-grade level. Since writing, reading, and comprehension skills are all closely linked, we can safely assume his content mirrors his writing skills.



After I noted several missed stories (see article below) on The Southeast Texas Political Review, Philip R. Klein commented on one of them regarding a recent church vandalism in Port Arthur:

Wanna p--- a cop off?

Philip has no substantive comment concerning this story, so he typically manufactures a quote:

"Not in my city. No way. They can shoot each other. They can stab each other but they will not tear up the good peoples house. That is for d--- sure," said an officer with PAPD to the [Southeast Texas Political} Review this morning.

Such language! It's quite obvious that Philip does not attend a regular church service.

Readers will notice that Philip includes John 15:13 (in Greek) on every page.  Given Philip's actions, Matthew 7:1-5 and Matthew 15:1-9 (in English) would be more appropriate.

He Missed Again


While sniffing Lloyd Marie Johnson's dirty laundry, Philip R. Klein commented that he "missed" this "big story" on The Southeast Texas Political Review:

Wow! Seriously wow! Even we missed it. And it is a story.

Seriously, seriously, wow! Like totally for sure!

As if Philip knows what a real story is - here are a few more that he missed:

There are more, but Philip has a hard time discussing real issues.

Apr 22, 2008

PAISD Shocker!


A reader left this comment on Philip R. Klein's shocking revelations this week:

Gus, please, if you have the time, tell the rest of us how you stay so calm, cool, and collected with all of these "shockers" swirling about. They seem to be everywhere. I'm all nervous. How do you do it? 

On the opposite wall of my office, I have a dartboard mounted on a 4x4' piece of 3/4" plywood, which I colored with a walnut stain and finished nicely. When I'm stressed, I enjoy throwing a few darts. Of course, choosing the proper target is critical. Here's a copy of the target I use most frequently.  Enjoy!

In Philip's latest article on The Southeast Texas Political Review, Klein  comments on some purported delinquent taxes and a Class B misdemeanor by PAISD Trustee Lloyd Marie Johnson:

According to the Texas Department of Public Safety Criminal Database, Trustee Lloyd Marie Johnson, State SID # 3193896, aka Lloyd M. Johnson, was charged and convicted of Class B theft on August 13, 1992. She was sentenced to 6 months of probation and fined $300. The offense was adjudicated.

Typically, Philip is confused; in this case, he can't read the proper notations from the DPS database. Actually, the 1992 date is a sequencing code inserted into the database as a pointer to a complaint from 1983. Here's a copy of the original informational from the Jefferson County Clerk's office.

Readers will note that at the age of 23, Ms. Johnson apparently took one bottle of baby oil, two packages of steaks, and three bottles of nail polish from a private individual. Total cost: under $20.00.

Other court documents show that she pleaded no contest, for which she  did indeed pay a fine of 300$ and served six months of probation without incident. To me, this sounds like a domestic argument that ended with a lot of bad feelings.  

Philip also claims that Johnson owes back taxes:

[T]he Review has learned through public records that Ms. Johnson currently owes over $14,000 for unpaid federal taxes between the years 1987 to 1991. The Review could not find any releases on record.

I couldn't find this in any public database or court record, nor does Philip cite the source of his "public information" as he did with the DPS database.  Philip has already mangled the information on Johnson's misdemeanor, so I'd like to see the source documents on that IRS charge for myself.

Question for Philip: do you have any real documentation for this claim?  How about the name and a link to the database where you found these delinquent taxes so that everyone can examine the source documents for themselves?

Of course, I'm still waiting on Philip's documentation concerning his wild claim of "27,000 cases refilled" by David Sheffield in Hardin County.

In closing, however, I'll note that lots of people have problems with the IRS, even Presidents who are conservative Republicans.  I can think of several things that would be more serious for an aspiring politician; as an example, borrowing over $800,000 from the Small Business Administration and then declaring bankruptcy.

Most importantly, this is another example of how Philip confuses sniffing underwear with serious political discourse.   Care to discuss Johnson's performance as a PAISD Trustee, Philip?

Reading Philip's Mail (Philip's Trial Balloon)


A quick read of Philip R. Klein's latest "Reader Mail" will reveal that PRK is still making up the questions and answering them, too. However, Philip floats a trial balloon in a recently manufactured message:

From China Texas :

"We need someone like you to run for political office in Jefferson County. Have you ever considered."

Answer : Well......no. But I have now started to think a little. How much havoc could I stir up in Commissioners Court? How much fun would that be? How neat would it be for everyone in Jefferson County to really know the inside of where the money goes? Man oh man....it would be more fun than anyone could think of! Mark?

Spread the word: Philip is considering a run for the Jefferson County Commissioner's Court!  I'm sure that the many thousands in Jefferson County who read The Southeast Texas Political Review every day will rally to Philip's campaign (said with tongue firmly in cheek). 

Two Questions for Philip:

1) If you get this much "Reader Mail," why is your mailing list functionally dead? Or, is Levoid, Kevin, and Peter helping with the questions for "Reader Mail,"  too?

2) Any chance you'll get back on the air now that KOLE is resurrecting Dominick Brascia?   I bet all 34 of your regular listeners would tune in again!

Happy Earth Day, Philip!


Apr 21, 2008

On Philip's Latest Editorial


Philip R. Klein again proves he's completely out of touch with the political mainstream in his latest editorial, "Tax Day," on The Southeast Texas Political Review.

Philip writes:

I would really love to hear [a presidential candidate] say : "No longer will the IRS take your money and keep it from you. We will insure [sic] that you keep your money or your government will pay you for the use of it."

Could you imagine how fast they would be elected to office. [sic]

As soon as Ron Paul is elected, I'll let Philip know.   Philip doesn't explain who'll pay for those things like national defense, roads and bridges, and education if the federal government pays us.

Here's a hot tip for Philip: consult your dictionary for the difference between "ensure" and "insure."

Oh, C**P


Philip R. Klein consults his psychic source for another prediction in his latest article on The Southeast Texas Political Review:

Sources close to the Clinton Camp in Austin say that William Jefferson Clinton will be making a visit in six cities across Texas in a last minute push for big money for Hillary before the next primary if she wins in Penn on Tuesday.

I'm reminded of this prediction concerning another Texas fundraiser by Nancy Pelosi from January 28, 2008:

Okay - so get this....here comes Ms. Nancy to Texas...what a joke."

That prediction was also supported by another of Flapjack Philip's anonymous sources:

"We expect to raise around $300,000 for the speaker," said a loyal democrat in Houston this afternoon.

Nancy Pelosi never made it to Texas. We'll revisit Klein's latest prediction in a few weeks.

Readers Comment on Flapjack Philip's LNG Shocker


I received interesting comments this morning on Philip R. Klein's latest article that deserve passing on:

Gus, you did a good job debunking Klein's lies about Cheniere, but you missed something. Klein claims that 80% of 160 people, or 128 workers, will be cut from LNG's terminal at Sabine Pass. The full workforce was never projected to be more than 70 people so he's just making this up as usual.

Thanks! Philip's standard operating procedure is to make up corroborating facts for his wingnut opinions.

Another reader corrected an error that I made:

Under Philip's watch, one Dairy Queen didn't go bankrupt, but six.  "Klein Investments" is a joke.

That's not to mention Philip  R. Klein's Political Consulting and Bait Shop.

LNG Shocker


The moon is in full phase and in our resident lunatic's latest article, Philip R. Klein displays the same shrewd business acumen that bankrupted a local Dairy Queen:

The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned from business sources in Houston that Louisiana officials have been told that the brand new LNG Plant which just accepted its first ship this last week, will lay off 160 employees as well as its corporate headquarters in Houston to lay off 160 employees. The ripple effect will be felt in Southeast Texas because of the 160 people that will lose their jobs - over 80% live in Southeast Texas.

The DQ Dude can't even copy a story from the newspapers properly:

The Houston-based company said it has cut 200 out of 360 jobs, President Stan Horton is stepping down and it is negotiating with "a major North American natural gas marketing company" to take over its marketing business.

That announcement concerning 200 jobs, not 160, came last Tuesday, so it's almost a week old. Yet, Philip's purported sources still mangled  the information.

I particularly loved the Beltbuster's business analysis:

Cheniere Corporation's stock dropped from $40 per share to $9 per share over the last few months after it was announced that six power plants in China and Japan were shutting down and going from Nuclear power to LNG power, which took all of the gas out of the market and raised the price from $9 per to $14 per. Contracts had already be let at $10 per which will cost the company millions. Thus the layoffs.

"Contracts had already be let at $10 per which will cost the company millions." What gibberish!

Philip is so out of touch with reality that he doesn't even know that Asia is the growth market for nuclear power.  Here's the real reason that Cheniere's stock tanked:

Cheniere's share price also dived on Wednesday, from $14 to $11, on the news that Stanley Horton, the company's President & COO was leaving the company.  Double ouch.  It also disclosed that it was near an agreement with "a major North American natural gas marketing company" to acquire Cheniere's rights to market 2 Bcf/d of re-gasified LNG from the Sabine Pass LNG plant.

The company is renegotiating its contract for the Sabine Pass LNG plant, which implies the majority of those layoffs won't be coming from this area.  This is not what Philip claims, however, so we'll revisit this in the future.

Cheniere's real problem is two-fold:

First, Cheniere has bet it's entire existence on demand for LNG. It will own all or part of three Gulf Coast LNG terminals, the first of which to come online is Sabine Pass, which received its first tanker load from Nigeria on April 11.  Natural gas prices are high enough to support LNG imports, but domestic pipeline expansion projects have managed so far to limit the demand for imported gas.

The other problem is one of credit - a direct reflection of the nation's current economy:

The company is low on cash and seems to be in a situation where it could have difficulty getting more credit. According to Cheniere's 2007 annual report, unrestricted cash totaled $296.5 million, and the company admitted that "to execute our current business plan, we will need additional financing in the next 12 months, which we expect to obtain from issuing debt or equity securities, or conducting asset sales or obtaining credit support."

The company is simply over-leveraged. This problem is further exacerbated by demand in Europe, not Asia as Philip claims. 

Cheniere has borrowed nearly all of the $2.8 billion to construct its plants on the assumption that LNG exports to the U.S. would grow. But analysts say that more of it is going the European market than expected.

I'd love to discuss the issues with Philip, but he's too mentally bankrupt to understand simple business economics. From April 4, 2008:

81% - Say the United States is on the wrong track!!!! Wow! The stock market is okay, income is higher than it ever was, full employment in the US ..... oh...gas prices.

Cheniere's problem is an example of how the nation's credit crisis is affecting investments, but Philip is too stupid to see the correlation.  Instead, he's manufactured gibberish to hide his ignorance:

"Contracts had already be let at $10 per which will cost the company millions."

Any comments, buddy?

Apr 18, 2008

Flapjack Philip's Nitwit Tidbits


Philip R. Klein writes:

Another Shrine - And another shrine to government goes up on IAH-10. Giggle.

The money for the proposed Firefighter Memorial will be raised by private donations. I wonder why Philip hates the Beaumont Firefighters so much, unless he's possibly still angry because they passed on his job app.

Fill The Boot - Give the Fire Fighters your support for Jerry's Kids.

Taken from this story. After denigrating the Beaumont Firefighters, Philip makes nice with the Port Arthur Firefighters.  

Larry Thorne - Big pats on the back for Judge Thorne!!! Sending a message! We like that!

No complaints about consorting with "convicted criminals?"

Gas Prices - Drop the tax down and you have $2.20 per gallon in Texas. Nice!

Hardly - Texas levies a fuel tax of 20 cents per gallon, while the federal government levies a fuel tax of 18.4 cents per gallon. For those who have a hard time doing simple arithmetic, that's a total tax surcharge of 38.4 cents per gallon - I wish gas were selling at 2.59 per gallon.  Typically, Philip has no clue.

Unemployment - Only 7.4? Gezzz.

Another of Philip's blatant lies - here is the real number:

The Texas Workforce Commission says the unemployment rate for March is 5.4%, that's up from 4.8% last March.


NISD Stealing Signs - It seems the race for NISD Board of Trustees got nasty. One candidate is getting signs stolen? Sad.

Wow! That's never happened before (said with tongue firmly in cheek). 

Pope Not On the Rope - No rope lines for the Pope. Security issues. How sad.

No jokes about the Pope drooling?

Media Moves - A big name is leaving. Get ready for this one!!!

Hopefully, Philip is moving away.

Have a great weekend? 


Apr 17, 2008

Oh No....


Philip R. Klein writes:

According to our sources, the NISD Board of Trustee's [sic] are pushing for building a new high school - and get this....a new Bulldog Stadium.

Yes...another football stadium.

Of course, Philip manufactures a source:

"I was very angry when I left the meeting. We have schools built in the early 50's and 40's [sic] and we want to talk about knocking down new schools and leaving old ones up. And then hearing they might build a brand new football field. Someone has their head up their ***," said our source.

It's pretty obvious where Philip's head is at; neither he nor his source are remotely conversant with the facts surrounding this issue. It's also very obvious that Philip fabricated that source.

For instance, the Nederland Bulldog stadium was built in 1954. At age 54, it's actually older than Philip.   In my opinion, it's one of of the worse stadiums in the area and greatly in need of renovation; a wrecking ball would be a good start.

Philip's speculation is based on a plan first presented to the NISD trustees last December by Ronnie Trahan, the district's director of maintenance and transportation. At 148 million, I suspect that his plan will undergo some drastic pruning before it's placed before Nederland voters. However, his plan would replace the oldest buildings still in use.

Since Philip loves to debate the real issues (snicker), specifically which older buildings does Ronnie's plan leave? And, the plan specifically calls for "knocking down" which new schools?  NISD only has eight campuses, so even a dunce like Philip R. Klein should be able to figure those answers out.

Any comment, buddy?



I'm back and Philip is still an idiot (in my opinion)!

The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned this afternoon that the former owners of Goldstar EMS, whose offices were raided by the FBI and Medicare investigators has noticed the United States Attorney of the "Intent" to file for $205 million dollars in damages against the United States Justice Department and related agencies.

Been there, done that, got the t-shirt - still the "same old think, over and over and over again. "

Philip has never addressed my original questions. The Internal Revenue Service had already issued liens on the company totaling $1.3 million in delinquent payroll taxes, and that the company also owed Jefferson County $18,000 in back taxes before the FBI raid in the medicare investigation.  

Neither has Klein addressed questions raised in these articles:

Most importantly, what's Philip's relationship to the principals of Goldstar EMS and what's his hidden agenda?

Mark our words - if this thing goes through as it is written - it could be one of the biggest cases and miscarriages of justice in the history of this region.

Mark our words? How funny - which of those principals helped Philip write this article?  I'm still waiting on that national news concerning 27,000 cases to be "refilled" in Hardin County:

This may be the biggest legal story to hit in years and will go national.

Didn't David Sheffield win that election in a landslide?

Apr 4, 2008

Flapjack Philip's Nitwit Tidbits (4/4/08)


SPECIAL NOTE TO READERS: Due to a personal commitment on my time, I'll not be posting any articles until after April 16, 2008, or so.   However, please feel free to leave comments and updates for review (pun intended) when I get back to town.  At that time, I'll resume my normal publishing schedule. I appreciate your support - thanks to all of you who read my little blog!

Regarding his Nitwit Tidbits this week, Philip R. Klein has some real clunkers. I've rearranged his items to get some of the more outrageous statements right up front.

81% - Say the United States is on the wrong track!!!! Wow! The stock market is okay, income is higher than it ever was, full employment in the US ..... oh...gas prices.

I do so enjoy Philip's thoughts about the economy.  Growth in GDP has cratered to an annual rate of just 1.5 percent, the U.S. is in full recession,  the job market lost 80,000 jobs last month, the  Dollar is now worth less than half of a Euro, and  the U.S. central bank is bailing out investment banks who are in danger of collapsing.  

Yet, Philip thinks the stock market is okay; any questions on why a certain Dairy Queen in mid-county went bankrupt?

10% - The unemployment rate in Jefferson County. Employers are begging for people. Simply begging. Shipping people in from all over the place? The problem - they like it when Nanny gives them a check. We have said it a million times - high crime, high unemployment and high taxes equals - social dysfunction.

This is a blatant lie. The current unemployment rate for Jefferson County is up to 6.2 percent, according to the latest figures from the Texas Workforce Commission. 

That rate is up primarily because more people are now moving into the area in pursuit of jobs:

Analysts with the Texas Workforce Commission say the increase is due to more people coming to the area, looking for work. The commission shows in January of 2007 there were 10,200 people in the area seeking employment, but that number jumped to 11,200 this year.

Any comments, buddy?

KFDM - Lot's of people saying that KFDM is hurting thus running a million commercials on their news department. We say no...just ratings week.

Both Philips are completely mistaken.  Here's the ratings sweep schedule for 2008:

  • February 2008: 31 January - 27 February
  • May 2008: 24 April - 21 May
  • July 2008: 3 July - 30 July
  • November 2008: 30 October - 26 November

As you can see, "lot's [sic]" of people and one idiot aren't aware that the sweeps ended in February and won't start again until three weeks from now. 

How's that new radio show coming along, Philip - if it ever happens, do you think you'll get all 34 of your listeners back?

Holy Crap Shock Story : www.theexaminer.com There are no words to express the shock of this story. Wow!

I looked on the Examiner site and in the new Examiner print edition, but couldn't find an article entitled, "Holy Crap Shock Story."  Specifically, to which story is Philip referring? 

40 Years Ago - We all wonder if Dr. King were alive today that he would shake his head at the status of where this place we call the United States is now.

I think he'd be proud that we have an African-American running for President, in this "sleepy little country we call the United States."

Fire Fighters Email - Got lots of it...we will post some of it later today. By the numbers 50 positive 50 negative (in %).

The real question: how much of that mail is legitimate and how much is manufactured by Philip?

KBTV - New administration comes in Monday. The news department we heard will have a shake up.

Is Klein already crawfishing on his prediction that Channel 4 will shut the news department down to go with network news only?

Teens PG  In Texas - Take religion out of kids lives and give them condoms and what do you get? High STD rates and high PG rates in Texas. In fact - highest in the United States. Thank goodness all of our tax dollars going to these programs are working. Watch the left point to the fact that there is not enough.

I challenge Klein to name a Texas school district that freely dispenses condoms to underage children. Rather, the Texas law on sex education clearly mandates teaching abstinence and prohibits the distribution of condoms. Take a few moments and read through the regulations:

(e) Any course materials and instruction relating to human sexuality, sexually transmitted diseases, or human immunodeficiency virus or acquired immune deficiency syndrome shall be selected by the board of trustees with the advice of the local school health advisory council and must:
  1. present abstinence from sexual activity as the preferred choice of behavior in relationship to all sexual activity for unmarried persons of school age;
  2. devote more attention to abstinence from sexual activity than to any other behavior;
  3. emphasize that abstinence from sexual activity, if used consistently and correctly, is the only method that is 100 percent effective in preventing pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, infection with human immunodeficiency virus or acquired immune deficiency syndrome, and the emotional trauma associated with adolescent sexual activity;
  4. direct adolescents to a standard of behavior in which abstinence from sexual activity before marriage is the most effective way to prevent pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, and infection with human immunodeficiency virus or acquired immune deficiency syndrome; and
  5. teach contraception and condom use in terms of human use reality rates instead of theoretical laboratory rates, if instruction on contraception and condoms is included in curriculum content.
(f) A school district may not distribute condoms in connection with instruction relating to human sexuality.

A few moments with this and readers can plainly see why Texas leads the nation in teen pregnancies. Only in states that offer comprehensive sex education without the shame-based curriculum of Texas schools are real inroads being made. As an example, California's teen pregnancy rate dropped almost 40 percent in 8 years after a curriculum of sex education presented objectively in an age-specific manner began.

Evidence also suggests that age-specific sex education has an even greater impact on aberrant sex among teens, such as incestuous relationships between siblings.  Interesting, don't you think, Philip?

I'd enjoy debating this issue with Klein, but he apparently learned everything he knows about sex in the bathroom at Texas Tech (I suspect he was probably a late bloomer); Perhaps this may shed a little light on his broken marriages.

BISD - On schedule for new schools. Many behind the scenes are asking what the excuse will be next after all of this money is dumped into the new buildings regarding test scores. Start your list now.

What, no mention of demolishing Ford Park for the new high school stadium?  Klein knows not of what he speaks.

Bartie - Says he has this thing in the bag. We hope so. Not that we do not like Shane....we want Chaos!

Oh, look - Philip spelled Thurman Bartie's name correctly!

Speaking of Which - The Courthouse is having some issues with finding the vendors that want to do business with them.....we will have more on this next week.

Typically, I suspect Philip is all hat and no cattle. We're still waiting on this item from March 20, 2008:

Sunday Bloody Sunday - Seems the kids over at KBTV - 4 have a story simmering regarding the question of who is lying in the Wildcatters business deal. We do too! Let's see who will publish first next week!

I sincerely hope I didn't short-circuit Philip's plans with this posting.

No Prosecution - The PA business purchasing director got caught.....well never mind...no prosecution. Same old thing - his job loss is enough punishment. Gezz.....sounds like Jefferson County! Go BARTIEE!!

Neither Philip is sure how to spell Thurman's last name, so they just mix all of the possible spellings: Bartiee, Bartie, and Bartee.

Apr 3, 2008

PR Problem


Today's article marks the second time in a week that Philip R. Klein recycles the same articles and the same titles. Here's an article from last October:

Bad PR

We asked this question before and will ask it again - who is doing the Beaumont Fire Departments [sic] Union Public Relations. And whoever is doing it should be fired - now [sic].

I debunked that article here. In today's article, Philip writes:

The Beaumont Fire Department now has an official PR problem that Chief Huff has been thrown in the middle of. And it is not going away anytime soon.

Yep, "the same old think, over and over again."

I suppose the Beaumont FD needs a shrewd expert in political relations, like Philip Klein, to handle their public relations.  He's done a wonderful job with the Nederland Volunteer Fire Department by using the "sweep it under the rug" philosophy.  PRK never answered those questions about his involvement in the sacking of Nederland Fire Chief Mike Lovelady.  Read more about that here, here , here, and here. Any comments, buddy?  Or, is this a case of how "nobody wants to talk about the real issues?"

The issue that Philip is attempting to address in his latest article is the grievance filed by the Beaumont Professional Firefighters Local No. 399 regarding combined dispatch for police and fire service using civilian dispatch.  While Philip's take pure gibberish, the Beaumont Enterprise's story debunked Philip's claim.

Philip quotes a number of unsubstantiated opinions as "fact," but conveniently fails to address the comments of Lynn Holzer, who is a battalion chief for the Wichita Falls Fire Department. That department has a CAD system, administered by civilians:

"Sometimes we'd feel better if there was a firefighter dispatching us because there is some information that a fireman can relay to us that a civilian won't know to dispatch to us," Holzer said.

Ironically, this is the same point that the Beaumont fire fighters have repeatedly made.  The BFD doesn't have PR problem; Philip R. Klein has a comprehension problem.

Apr 2, 2008

How Much Money


Here's the key paragraph in Philip R. Klein's latest article:

So we went digging. And nobody is talking to us.

Since no one is talking to Philip, we can assume that this is all manufactured:

Sources tell the Review : "We have some accounts that have been paid in a questionable manner. We also have some unapproved vendors we are looking at that may have gotten money for work not completed or double invoiced." Said the source.

We'll revisit this topic later.

Cash Dance (from the Texas Department of Corrections)


Philip R. Klein's dubious sources are working overtime this week; today he's making up quotes from the Texas Department of Corrections. According to Philip, the TDC is apparently raising money for Hillary Clinton:

"There is a strong lawyer base that supports Hillary. We will start there," the TDC committee person told us.

Philip didn't explain why he's quoting the TDC, as opposed to state officers of the TDP (Texas Democratic Party - there is no "TDP committee"), but I suppose this makes some sort of sense to Philip.  Note that the TDP doesn't collect money for specific Democratic presidential candidates - only the candidates' individual campaigns have this responsibility. 

Klein is clearly confused over how campaign funds are generated.  I wonder if he's ever made good on those financial pledges to Senator Kay "Baily [sic]" Hutchison's campaign?

Philip has also changed his position on Hillary Clinton, of whom he's contended for years would be the Democratic Candidate for President:

Obama has it. Put your check books away and join us conservatives in the GOP that simple [sic] do not know where to go.

I think it's interesting that of the three leading candidates for the Presidency, Obama, Clinton, and McCain, only Barack Obama ran his campaign in such a way that he didn't go broke and have to borrow money.  At the beginning, he was badly outspent by Clinton, but his campaign strategy has been sound.

Note to Philip: Care to discuss the real issues, buddy, or is it more convenient to make up your own?  Look for a copy of this article in your "reader mail!" 

Apr 1, 2008



Reader's will notice that Philip has already changed his original prediction concerning Thurman Bartie's bid for the Precinct 3 Jefferson County Commissioner seat.  Philip wrote on March 6, 2008:

Clearly - unless a miracle is going to happen, Bartie is in.

Clearly, both Philips are having a hard time agreeing, since they had a different take in today's article:

Factually - we agree with the 4th floor. Bartee [sic] may go down but it will be close.

Factually, this is an excellent example of Klein's "same old think, over and over and over again." Compare the title of today's article with the title of his article from March 17, 2008. Both are simply called, "Thurman."  I've repeatedly debunked Klein's entire thesis here and here. We'll revisit this issue after the votes are counted, but I suspect that Klein will claim he predicted Sinegal by a landslide when the final numbers are published.

Speaking of dead horses, Philip's apparently having a hard time convincing readers that he pulled his link to my little blog because of traffic. From his latest so-called "Editorial (Operation Kleinwatch is referenced as 'DOKS'):"

We also took down the DOKS? Why?

Why not? They averaged around 21 hits a day coming out. Inbound we noted around 3 per day. People get tired of the same old thing. And I will not bore you with it now.

As we end this quarter tonight - we have almost direct 52,000 hits. According to our Stat Counter we are at around 167,438 which is down 1% over last year. Total hits including returns daily are holding even though at 254,922.

By referring to "hits," Philip is either disingenuous or he's completely clueless about web metrics.  Philip's numbers are obviously manufactured, since those numbers he quoted do not match the counter on his pages. 

Website traffic is measured in visitors and page loads. All other metrics are derived from these two base measurements.  As an example, if Philip's reference to a "hit' refers to a page load, then it's possible only one visitor loaded his page 52,000 times in the past three months. If "hit" refers to the number of people who visited Philip's site, then it's possible that 52,000 people loaded Philip's top page without actually reading any others when they saw the misspellings.

Referrals and referring links mean incoming traffic, which is taken from the browser's history file; try pressing the "Back" button on your browser as an example. This is a common metric.

However, it's impossible to determine exactly where outgoing traffic went, since the destination is not yet written into the browser's history file; try pressing the "Forward" button on your browser. Philip's confusion is evident in his statement, "they averaged around 21 hits a day coming out."  Does Philip mean incoming or outgoing traffic by "coming out?" I have no idea and neither does Philip.

We both use the same service to measure traffic to our sites at www.statcounter.com.  Here is a screen shot taken from March 20, 2008, just before Philip pulled the link. This metric measures the number of unique visitors to Operation Kleinwatch and the referring link between 12:00 Midnight and about 8:00 PM:

Philip will recognize the interface. Compare this with today's traffic so far:

Readers will note that I have a number of referrals from other sites, but I've not included them here since they're not germane to the issue. In reality, I usually average between 900 and 1,100 unique visitors per day during the week.  As readers can plainly see, Philip's original referrals are now just Googling my site, rather than clicking over from Klein's site. 

Philip won't admit this, but his page loads must be down by about 600 to 700 per day, since a unique visitor no longer has to reload his front page to find the link to my site.   Isn't it ironic how that works?

As I've previously written on several occasions, it matters not to me whether Philip links to my site - readers will find Operation Kleinwatch by bookmarking or Googling if they want to read the real facts behind Philip's fallacious statements. 

However, Philip should at least be honest about the real reasons. Since he can't defend his own wingnut statements, he refuses to debate the real issues.  By pulling the link, he hopes readers won't notice.

Special Note to Philip: A copy of this article has been sent to your email address for "Reader Mail," and when you get around to that promised redesign of your front page, please try to spell Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison's name correctly - did you ever make good on those pledges to her campaign fund?

Any comments, buddy?

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