Jun 29, 2008

Reading Philip R. Klein's Mail


I confess that I rarely read Klein's mail to himself these days - most of his self-penned messages are exercises in self-aggrandizement and ego masturbation:

"You are like our local Rush Limbaugh."

Thank you.

Excellent observation. The primary similarity is that the opposite of Rush Limbaugh is Al Franken, while Philip Klein's opposite number is Sam the Eagle.

Readers will have to ignore the obvious differences, however. For instance, Rush Limbaugh doesn't make up his sources, comprehends the issues, doesn't make stupid mistakes, can write a coherent sentence, is well-read and intelligent, is entertaining, and has a real radio show. 

However, I checked out Philip's latest messages to himself this morning and discovered no less than four postings devoted to Precinct 4 Constable James Trahan. Did I miss something?  

Any question on the origin of these messages can be answered by examining the alleged location of these readers:

From Hampshire Fannett :

Presumably, these purported residents would know how to spell Hamshire-Fannett.

Jun 27, 2008

Nitwit Tidbits


Kids, study hard or this could happen to you:

Flip or Election - That is the question. So - we will have an answer this weekend. Whatever it is get it done. But it is Port Arthur....

Typically, Philip offers an opinion even though he's ignorant of the issue. Here are a couple of things he missed.

Four provisional ballots have not yet been certified or counted. The Early Voting Board is meeting today at 3:00 PM, so this issue could be decided by 4:00 PM today.

In the event of a real tie, the Port Arthur City Charter explicitly sets forth the procedure to be followed:

In the event of a tie between the two candidates for any office at said second election, they shall cast lots to determine who shall be elected thereto.

EMT Pay - Low pay to save your life.

I'm not sure about the relevance of this. Does Philip have a clue?

Polling - Even with Barrack and McCain. Interesting.

Either Klein is deliberately spinning polling data, or he's too stupid to realize that there is more than one poll out there.   Personally, I lean towards stupidity as an excuse.

Only one of eight recent polls has both candidates even, while the rest show Obama by at least four points.  Check it out for yourself - unlike Klein, I've provided the links to the real polls so you can make up your own mind:

Crude and Gas - By end of summer $200 per barrel and $7 a gallon. Drill now.

Compare Philip's latest prediction with these predictions in the past two months:

Per Barrel (May 9, 2008) - Estimated at $150 per by August 1. It will make it. And $5 per gallon is coming. There is no stopping it.

Oil (May 16, 2008) - Will go to $200 Per Barrel and Gas Will Be At $5.00 per by July. That is what they are saying. Go figure.

He's all over the road (pun intended)!   Let's not forget Philip's take on what escalating fuel costs really mean:

Gas Prices: Good Economy higher gas prices. Supply - demand.

Does anyone have questions about why Philip R. Klein has no credibility?

Gun Laws - Watch for a slew of lawsuits. It is going to get interesting.

Oh, look!  Philip read my article yesterday!

The Bayou - Who knew? The editor of the Bayou is doing a blog about Southeast Texas from.....San Antonio? What? It reminds us of two "old" professors from LU that taught Political Science and poisoned thousands of minds.

I'm reminded of something else - Sam the Eagle's latest article. Check it out here.

Philip apparently now believes that Sam and I are colleagues from Lamar University. For the record, I have no idea who Sam The Eagle is, nor do we collaborate. 

While Sam and I are dealing with the same subject, our approaches are very different.  I take a more scholarly approach, while Sam pokes fun.

Unfortunately, Philip's probably the only person in Southeast Texas who doesn't that realize Sam The Eagle and his whole cast of cartoon characters are just a reflection of how silly the Southeast Texas Political Review really is. Sam gets an A+ on parody.

Last Week Poll Results :

Of the 51 votes cast, 71 percent thought that Tom Gillian won in Philip's "court of public opinion."  I have several observations:

  • This corroborates my previous statements that most of Philip's readers really don't take him seriously; instead, they're visiting the site for a good laugh.
  • Philip claims he has hundreds of readers every day, yet only 51 people voted in his poll over the course of an entire week. The numbers don't add up.
  • Bob at Texas Gulf Coast Gab gets more respondents on his polls than Philip.  Isn't it ironic that Philip's polls showed up at about the same time that he added Bob's blog to his front page links?

Legislature - Our sources in Austin say that there will be a run on a cell phone ban in cars. Interesting.

Wow, no one saw that coming, even though this will be the third time the Texas Legislature has considered the issue.  As a word of advice, if you see a fat man on a cell phone in a black SUV or Hummer in your rear view mirror, get off the road as quickly as possible.



In this story on the Southeast Texas Political Review, Philip R. Klein makes this claim:

The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned that purchasing agent Douglas Anderson III, has resigned. His resignation comes as an EEOC lawsuit looms according to sources at the Jefferson County Courthouse.

According to my sources at the Jefferson County Courthouse:

Jefferson County purchasing agent Douglas Anderson III resigned this week to take a job with Veterans Affairs in Austin.

Given that Anderson is a 20-year veteran who retired as an executive officer and senior department head of the U.S. Navy's Supply Support division, it only makes sense to me that he's leaving for a job with Veteran Affairs in Austin. This makes even more sense when one considers his new salary vs. his 64K salary here in Jefferson County. 

I'll watch for that big EEOC lawsuit, about which Philip claimed earlier this week:

Sources close to the Jefferson County Commissioners confirm to the Review that Jefferson County Purchasing Agent Douglas Anderson III is under investigation by the EEOC for an "Age Discrimination" complaint and a secondary complaint of Anderson being uncomfortable around "Midgets."

If he's under investigation by the EEOC, one would think that might disqualify him from a job with the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs.

Maybe the EEOC suit is part of those 27,000 cases that Philip claimed were being "refilled" in Hardin County. I'll revisit this in the future.

Jun 26, 2008

Guns (Not to be confused with "Gun")


Philip R.Klein writes in his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review:

Today - four of the persons that are duly sworn justices - to whom are sworn to uphold and defend the constitution of the United States - voted to end the 2nd amendment.

No, they didn't.

Rather than take Philip's mangled opinion at face value, readers can make up their own minds by examining the dissenting opinions of Justices Stevens and Breyer here.

For instance, Justice Stevens wrote:

The Court would have us believe that over 200 years ago, the Framers made a choice to limit the tools available to elected officials wishing to regulate civilian uses of weapons, and to authorize this Court to use the common-law process of case-by-case judicial lawmaking to define the contours of acceptable gun control policy. Absent compelling evidence that is nowhere to be found in the Court’s opinion, I could not possibly conclude that the Framers made such a choice.

Justice Stevens argues that the Constitution does not prohibit local authorities from setting policy. As an example, nowhere in the Constitution are felons prohibited from carrying firearms; instead, this was a gun control measure enacted by elected officials.  For the intellectually impaired like Philip R. Klein. Justice Stevens argues that you can't have your cake and eat it, too. 

That is, unless a wingnut like Philip Klein actually favors letting armed felons loose on the street. Justice Breyer's dissenting opinion clearly points this out

Far more important are the unfortunate consequences that today’s decision is likely to spawn. Not least of these, as I have said, is the fact that the decision threatens to throw into doubt the constitutionality of gun laws throughout the United States. I can find no sound legal basis for launching the courts on so formidable and potentially dangerous a mission.

To discuss this rationally (either pro or con), one must be aware of the actual issues.  Unfortunately, Philip R. Klein's bumper sticker mentality precludes a grasp of the real points being argued.

Philip's simplistic interpretation is to be expected from someone whose choice of weapons is a silly Glock and an AR15 chambered for a 9mm - what an idiot. 

Jun 25, 2008

Gun (Stupid Titles with No Imagination)


One of the many problems I have with Philip R. Klein's opinions as published on the Southeast Texas Political Review has to do with PRK's  lack of comprehension. He's ignorant of the real issues, but nevertheless offers an opinion, often buttressed by his "anonymous sources."

As an example, readers may remember that a few weeks ago, Philip Klein claimed that:

Today, the Jefferson County Commissioners have on their plate a huge tax abatement. And this time it is with TOTAL. And it .... should pass. With yes votes from Arnold (leading the charge) and Waymon Hallmark.

And of course, one of Philip's anonymous sources purportedly confirmed the story:

"We will be watching today," said one manager to the Review over the weekend.

As I pointed out at the time, Jefferson County Commissioners actually appointed a committee to review previous agreements for compliance on projects that were already completed.  No new tax "abetments" were ever considered.

Philip's latest article is another case in point.  His opening paragraph is gibberish:

Seized drug money bought the guns this week in the Jefferson County Sheriffs office. Yes - they are big guns. And yes they will go onto the boats of the Jefferson County Navy. They will compliment the possible terrorist attack by who knows who that may attacked our plants and docks.

I'm still trying to figure out what Philip meant in that last sentence (the emphasis is mine). 

Note to Philip - there is a difference between "compliment" and "complement." A "compliment" is an expression of esteem, respect, affection, or admiration, so I'm not sure how the new guns would compliment a terrorist.  As a friendly suggestion, you should purchase a dictionary. If the price is too steep, try approaching the SBA for another loan. You could show them your "Motion for a Summery Judgement" as proof of need.

Philip argues that the money should have been spent on new patrol officers:

Boats, planes, and choppers are neat - but we need police cars and police officers on the streets.

Unfortunately, federal and state laws stipulate that a law enforcement agency may not "supplant" its own budget with confiscated funds, nor should "the prospect of receiving forfeited funds … influence relative priorities of law enforcement agencies." 

Instead, those funds are to be used for specific purposes, such as equipment or training.  As an example, buying and equipping boats to patrol those security zones around local plants where the Coast Guard has no jurisdiction is an acceptable use of seized assets.

Under certain circumstances, these funds can also be used for first-year salaries, as in the case of a newly-created position with an agency.  As an example, Orange County is using a portion of their seized assets for a new purchasing officer.

Unfortunately, the county must assume the salary after the first year - given how tight the budget is in Orange County, there's a good chance that position will disappear without an increase in property taxes.

So, here's the question that Philip either misunderstands or else, dodges: how much is he willing to pay in extra county taxes for more Sheriff's officers to patrol the unincorporated areas of the county with relatively little crime in the wee hours of the morning?

Any comment, buddy?

Jun 24, 2008

Bridge Over Trouble [SIC] Water (An Idiot Responds - Part 2)


As I pointed out in Part 1 (see below), there is little to debunk in Philip R. Klein's response to the article posted by the Port Arthur Firefighters Association.  Philip's reply is simply an angry knee-jerk reaction to getting caught in the middle of another imbroglio concerning his "anonymous sources."

If a picture is truly worth a thousand words, then this speaks volumes about The Southeast Texas Political Review

Bridge Over Trouble [SIC] Waters (An Idiot Responds - Part 1)


OPEN NOTE TO PHILIP: In your response to the article posted by the the Port Arthur Firefighters, your bottom line was:

You guys are in a very bad place right now. Wake up. You are on a Bridge over Trouble [SIC} Waters.

Isn't that "Bridge Over Troubled Waters?"  The rest of your so-called response made as much sense as the title, particularly this statement:

And most of all - remember - there are guys like the ones that write this blog that are behind all of you 100%.

I can only assume that both Philip Kleins have the same problems with spelling, grammatical errors - and.......punctuation?



For my regular readers, I'll have more later this evening, although there's not really much to debunk here - just the angry and semi-illiterate ranting of a wingnut who got caught making up sources again.

Jun 23, 2008

Philip Klein: Busted Again


On June 17th, Philip R. Klein wote in his article, The Fight Is On, on the Southeast Texas Political Review:

They have kept it very quiet from the media. But now they are ready to talk. And as one of the first media groups, being a blog, two members of the Port Arthur Fire Department are speaking with the Review.

The Fire Department and the City have reached an impasse according to the sources and it looks like their fight is headed to mediation. At stake? Two main issues - being money and a program called "boot strap" or as some in the fire department call "black strap."

The Port Arthur Firefighters Association responded with the following article on their website, which was published yesterday. Here's their statement in its entirety, although the bolded parts are mine (the title is a direct link to their original article):

Building Bridges Not Burning Them

Updated On: Jun 22, 2008 (14:15:00) 

On Tuesday June 17, 2008, a blog from the Southeast Texas Political Review website, written by Phillip Klein, was circulated around City Hall.  The blog alleged that two members of the Port Arthur Fire Department had come forward to speak on matters concerning the ongoing contract negotiations between Local 397 and the City.  The blog is completely unfounded, baseless, and without merit.

None of the information or statements in his blog is true or correct.  Local 397 and the City have not reached complete impasse, however a date for mediation has been set.  Neither side in the negotiation process has ever mentioned the implementation of a "Boot-Strap" program, nor has the City offered in any of its proposals anything less than four percent for wages.  Furthermore, the City Council has not provided any input into the negotiating process indicating an agenda that preferred the hiring of minorities over any other qualified individuals.

Port Arthur Professional Fire Fighters Local 397 and the City of Port Arthur are working together to achieve a complete contract with language that is acceptable to both parties.  Negotiations thus far have been positive and have contained constructive dialogue.  Local 397 is optimistic that a complete contractual agreement will be obtained prior to reaching complete impasse.

It is the position of Local 397 that Mr. Klein's blog is a complete fabrication.  No member of our organization would ever participate in such an irresponsible act as to offer such erroneous "insight" into the bargaining process.  Local 397 also rejects the tone and language used in Mr. Klein's blog and considers it sensational and inflammatory in nature.  This blog in no way represents the views or opinions of Local 397.

Only authorized statements or media releases provided by the principle officers of Local 397 represent the positions, viewpoints, or opinions of the Port Arthur Professional Fire Fighters Association.

Klein's blog, "The Fight Is On", is an egregious use of media charged with falsehoods that can only distract from the truth.  It is our hope that the irresponsible actions of this individual can be overlooked and that both parties in the bargaining process will continue to move forward.  

Chalk up another one to Philip's "anonymous sources." 

NOTE TO PHILIP: Has David Sheffield "refilled" those 27,000 cases in Hardin County, yet?

Midget Problem


When I think Philip R. Klein has hit rock bottom, he always surprises me by dredging up even more ridiculous stories. I thought the Philip's Gum Ball Investigation was silly, but this is absurd:

Sources close to the Jefferson County Commissioners confirm to the Review that Jefferson County Purchasing Agent Douglas Anderson III is under investigation by the EEOC for an "Age Discrimination" complaint and a secondary complaint of Anderson being uncomfortable around "Midgets."

Typically, Philip quotes an anonymous source:

"There is a problem that was not handled correctly. It seems the talk is that the county will have to pay out money again. This gig is flying way under the radar and the media has stayed away from it. I am glad to see someone pick up the trial. Keep looking. You just thought the former purchasing agent was bad. Just wait until you see this," said the source.

I'll revisit Philip's story in the future, but it's important to note that Anderson served as a supply officer in the Navy, and coordinated efforts of more than 30 government and civilian agencies to supply U.S. troops in Iraq.  During his 20 year career with the Navy, Anderson was also cited for cutting millions of dollars in federal government spending. 

Yet, Philip claims he's a Democrat:

Aren't democrats [sic] for the elderly and the little people?

I wonder how Anderson feels about obese and idiotic private investigators who imagine themselves as journalists?

Confusion (and Blatant Wingnut Lies)


In his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review, Philip R. Klein writes:

There seems to be a little bit of confusion with the jobless numbers that came out this past week in Jefferson County - seemingly - it went up. Meaning - more people became unemployed than the national or state average.

Philip is the only one confused, even though I've debunked his wingnut opinions several times before:

First of which is that Jefferson County has an illness. That illness is the fact that most of the unemployed are what they are - unemployed and unemployable. They have no want or need to get a job. In fact, most are criminals. They do not qualify for a job other than anyone who can work in a lower wage job. And did we mention the social break down issues of drugs? Ask any cop?

Second - the fact that there is no real job pool. It must come from...well.....India? Around the United States?

And last is the fact that culture of Unions and Big Government. Case in point - the outside and how they look at us. Like one of the highest rated the WORST PLACE TO RAISE A FAMILY [SIC]?

More of Philip's "same old think, over and over again." Readers should remember that this brilliant (said with tongue firmly in cheek) analysis comes from the same person who wrote:

Gas Prices: Good Economy higher gas prices. Supply - demand.

Let's first look at the real unemployment rates from the Texas Workforce Commission, something Philip neglected. I've included the current rates for the U.S., Texas, Beaumont/Port Arthur, and Houston/Galveston for comparison purposes:

  U.S. State of Texas Beaumont/Port Arthur Houston/Galveston
May, '08 5.2 4.3 5.6 5.5
April, '08 4.8 3.9 5.0 5.0

As I've pointed out before, Beaumont/Port Arthur traditionally has a higher unemployment rate than the state average. This is not reflective of Jefferson County's "illness," as Philip claims, but rather a function of the transient nature of our local labor pool and job market.  Since much of Houston's economy is based on the same factors as Jefferson County, it's interesting to note the parallel numbers.

Philip also claims there is no real job pool here, yet local trade schools, like LIT, LSCPA, and LSCO, are graduating several thousand new workers each year.  Nor do I have a problem with importing workers from around the U.S., since this only adds to the area's growth.

Furthermore, Philip claims Jefferson County is "one of the highest rated the WORST PLACE TO RAISE A FAMILY [SIC]."  I think he's lying - if not, I'd like to see Philip's citation on that.  Here's an interesting comparison to Philip's statement: the Worldwide Employee Relocation Council chose Beaumont-Port Arthur as one of the top 25 Best Small Metro Areas for Relocating Families in 2008.

Philip's bottom line:

There simply is no hope.

If Philip really hates Southeast Texas this much, why doesn't he move?  The answer is simple: Philip can't make as much money elsewhere, else he'd be out of here already. Instead, he's stuck in Southeast Texas and hating every minute of it.  How ironic.

Jun 20, 2008

Nitwit Tidbits


In his latest edition of Nitwit Tidbits, Philip R. Klein writes:

Hmmm...Food For Thought - Take a look at this - since the Democrats have taken over gas has gone from $2.56 to $3.99 per gallon. Interesting.

Very interesting, considering Philip's "take" on high fuel costs:

Gas Prices: Good Economy higher gas prices. Supply - demand.

Of course, Philip's Nitwit Tidbit this week is a textbook example of the Cum Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc logical fallacy, that is, correlation does not imply causation. If Philip's statement were indeed true, then we could also note that gas has risen from $1.20 to $3.99 during the Bush Administration. Neither are valid arguments.

We could just as easily assume that when Philip R. Klein shows up to fight a fire, there will be damage from the fire. Therefore, Philip causes damage. On second thought, that may be a bad example.

Arnold - Says no drilling off the shore of Calf [sic]. Good - now the citizens pay almost $5 per gallon. Goodbye Arnold.

This is another example of Philip's false cause logical fallacy. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's position on offshore drilling has nothing whatsoever to do with his dwindling popularity in California, where a majority of residents have adamantly opposed offshore drilling since the 1969 Santa Barbara oil spill that dumped 3 million gallons of crude onto the beaches of Southern California.  Since Philip argues that our higher gas prices are evidence of how great our economy is, why should California residents change their minds?

Machine Guns - Get this....the county is going to buy machine guns for the navy .... sorry....for the SO this week. Seems the air force, navy and the army are ready for anything. By the way - still only three officers on duty on midnights. Get this......seven boats and three officers on duty.

Isn't it interesting that Philip has never commented on the source of funding for those boats? All of the new boats were purchased with a port security grant from the Department of Homeland Security of almost $1.3 million.  The department was required to put up about $330,000 in matching funds, which came from drug forfeiture money, not taxpayers as Klein has previously claimed.

Think about this: traffic through the ports of Jefferson County ranks fourth nationwide in terms of tonnage, and the Port of Beaumont ships the most military cargo of any port in the nation.  Given the strategic importance of this military and petrochemical cargo, and the lack of jurisdiction by the Coast Guard in those plant security zones (see below), outfitting the marine units seems logical to me.

Coast Guard - Has made it clear on Sunday. Big boat of LNG coming in mid-day - (giggle) - if Jefferson County crosses state lines in their boats and attempts to enforce any laws - out of their jurisdiction - they will act. This includes the chopper? We are going to watching this one.

Typically, Philip is quite confused. The Coast Guard has no jurisdiction over security zones around LNG plants.  I've debunked this falsehood before.  I assume this came from Philip's purported source in the EPA.

Mistrial II - Horse dragging. Enough yet? Or shall the left wing of the DA's office continue the madness. Trying to put a guy in jail for an animal? How about Klem or......

Another wonderful of example of Philip's self-anointed position as arbiter of all things conservative. If Philip disagrees with someone or something, he applies the label "left wing."  For those moderates such as myself, right-wing and left-wing extremists are two sides of the same coin.  Any wingnut comments, buddy?

Speaking OF Which - A big week next week for Judge Layne Walker. We will watch this one very closely.

I see that Philip's attempt at "taking on the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office" was quite impotent. After expressing "outrage," he's now relegated himself to "watching closely." I'm sure we'll revisit this in the very near future.

Ironically, Philip didn't watch this one quite so closely:

A judge has sentenced a former Ozen High School band director to 180 days in jail, ten years probation and a $2,000 fine for the sexual assault of a female who was an Ozen student at the time of the assault.

Judge Layne Walker sentenced Ferguson Parker, Junior on charges of sexual assault and improper relationship between educator and student. Parker pleaded guilty to the charges. Under the terms of the plea agreement, one charge of sexual assault was dropped. Parker must register as a sex offender.

No comment or outrage from Flapjack Philip on that one.

Your Tax Dollars - Two of the biggest pork projects in the History of Texas will welcome visitors to Southeast Texas. Get this $30 million dollars with $3 million going in SOMEONE'S POCKET? We wonder who? Enterprise please?

What is THIS GIBBERISH? Does anyone remember when Klein claimed that BISD trustees would tear down "seldom used Ford Park theater sites [sic]" to build a new football stadium?

Oops, that didn't happen:

The school board unanimously approved the purchase of an 85-acre tract of land south of Interstate 10, north of Fannett Road and east of Brooks Road.

I cited my source - where's Philip's source for these wild claims?

Poppy - Get's more press. And a giggle from us. Go to KFDM and look what they put up and what Poppy said - then go look at the true numbers. He is a snake oil salesman that continues to fool the media.

Does anyone have a clue as to who Poppy is?  Perhaps I'm just confused by Philip's persistent name calling.

Obama - Did a 180 on the money. Funny stuff. And the media is coming to his aid.

I think Philip's prediction on the next president is funnier:

Welcome Mr. President - Fred Thompson joins the race.

Oops (or is that "Opps," Philip)! He missed again.

Iran - Here we go. Israel is on the move.

How interesting! Even though Philip typically has no substantive political commentary, isnt this is a little beyond the scope of Southeast Texas?  According to PRK:

Let me make it easy for you....this is the SOUTHEAST TEXAS POLITICAL REVIEW - not the Texas Political Review. What....hmmmm.....?

Well, why not the INTERNATIONAL POLITICAL REVIEW, since Philip claims he has thousands of readers from all over the world?

Jun 18, 2008

Real Readers Write


Another interesting and articulate comment from a reader (the layout and light editing are mine):

In today's (06/18) diatribe on "Uncle Hillty," Flapjack Phil finally exposed the reason for his fixation on Hilton Kelly. There were several apparent reasons for Klein's dislike of the man ranging from pure racism, to wingnut ideology, or infatuation, perhaps even resentment that Kelly is more adept at developing a non-profit organization.

Klein wrote:

"The bottom line - Hilton Kelly seemingly does what he wants - and the media is gaga over him. It is better TV to put a man on TV that wears a hat, yells at politicos nonsense and / or seemingly can spew out crazy comments and be taken seriously."

 With the exception of one small segment of this sentence you could substitute Klein's name and not notice the difference, but that one small segment tells the tale of why Klein persists in his dogged pursuit and attack on Kelly. That segment is "and the media is gaga over him."

Consider this sentence:

The bottom line - Philip Klein seemingly does what he wants. It is better TV to put a man on TV that wears a hat, yells at politicos nonsense and / or seemingly can spew out crazy comments and be taken seriously.

Philip is consumed with jealousy over the attention the media gives Kelly. Petty jealousy is so unattractive.

An excellent observation.

Uncle Hillty (Who's Really Lying?)


Like a one-trick pony, Philip R. Klein's latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review rehashes his vituperative personal attack on Hilton Kelley:

We warned all of you - we had advance notice that Uncle Hillty was on a come back [sic]  after weeks of staying under the radar....and guess what - here he is.

Here's Philip's purported warning from last week's Tidbits, written and published on Friday, June 13, 2008:

Get Ready Here Comes Hillty - News broke that more VX gas may be coming to Port Arthur. (Media Talking) - after the safety issues and the horrible record of....what....there were no safety issues and they have a great record of being safe? What is up with all of that? We smell Hillty trying to make a come back? IRS - can you hear the call?

As I pointed out on Friday, the issue had nothing to do with "VX Gas" or more properly, VX hydrolosate, a liquid.

Instead, the issue is over a Veolia's request for permit to burn imported PCBs from Mexico. Furthermore, the Houston Chronicle published an article the day before, which quoted Kelley among others:

"This adds insult to injury," said Kelley, who heads the Community In-Power and Development Association. "Enough is enough already."

A number of other articles in regional newspapers and national news services were also published before Nitwit Tidbits appeared on Friday. Klein also references an article from the Port Arthur News, but fails to provide readers with a link to the real article, which is here. I'm sure he doesn't want the visitors to his site to read the rest of the article for themselves.

As an example, Philip referred to this statement from Kelley, but failed to include that in his quote:

Kelley believes the EPA, under the current Bush administration, may allow the variance to Veolia and it would take a new administration to stop trucks coming to Port Arthur with PCBs if the EPA tables it.

“We’re inundated with toxic waste. We don’t need to set a precedent for other states or other countries to come here,” Kelley said. “It’s coming here on our own families.”

From this statement, Klein concluded:

And of course it is George Bush's fault was [sic] one of our favorites in the article.

Klein also spins Kelley's statement in another comment later in his article on the Southeast Texas Political Review:

So we made a call this morning to the EPA - and [sic] they told us that the air in Southeast Texas is just fine. That are no current regulatory issues and Veola [sic] is far and above the national standards. But you will not here [sic] that from Uncle Hillty. He says they lie and that George Bush told them to lie?

I'm not sure how Philip made this illogical and hysterical leap from Kelley's simple statement to "George Bush told them to lie." 

If Philip truly made the call to the EPA, perhaps he should question why his so-called source allegedly told him that "Veola [sic] is far and above the national standards," when the EPA's own website shows that the Veolia facility was found to be in violation or out of compliance during six inspections in the past five years.  The same site shows that the plant has received a warning letter, two verbal warnings, and a proposed administrative consent order  over the past three years.  In the same three-year period the company paid $13,920 in fines and penalties.

The TCEQ (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality) rates Veolia as only average, not "far and above the national standards."   The TCEQ issued an Administrative Order on March 23, 2006, with an assessed penalty of $31,920, and initiated another administrative action against the company this year.

As I've pointed out repeatedly, Klein regularly mistakes personal attacks for substantive commentary. I wonder whether Klein's sources will next reveal that Hilton Kelley was having sex with his secretary inside his office.

Kelley's observation about the Bush administration's relaxation of previously adopted standards is verified by a quick review of the real facts. Under the Bush Administration, over 400 major environmental rollbacks were implemented, the EPA's enforcement division was cut to its lowest level on record,  fines assessed for environmental violations dropped by nearly two-thirds,  and criminal prosecutions, the government's weapon of last resort against the worst polluters, are down by nearly a half.

I particularly liked this statement from Philip R. Klein:

Our problem is that Uncle Hillty is a liar. He continues to just make these issues up. According to the EPA they can and do monitor and test Dioxins and can monitor and detect PCB's. "He does not know what he is talking about," said our source at the EPA.

Compare Philip's statement from his purported "source at the EPA," with documentation on monitoring dioxins from the EPA's own website:

"Dioxin" is probably the most recognizable, scientifically studied, and toxic air pollution problem. Despite this dubious distinction, our understanding of how dioxin is formed in combustion systems and therefore, how to prevent dioxin from forming, is extremely limited. In addition, our awareness of dioxin sources and subsequent population exposure to dioxin emissions is limited by our inability to monitor this pollutant and assess exposure risk.

The emphasis is mine.

Readers can make up their own minds about who is really lying.

Note to Philip: Care to discuss the real issue, or are you simply too stupid to do anything but sniff other people's underwear and call it politics?

Jun 16, 2008

The Fight Is On


Philip R. Klein writes in his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review:

They have kept it very quiet from the media. But now they are ready to talk. And as one of the first media groups, being a blog, two members of the Port Arthur Fire Department are speaking with the Review.

How funny - Philip apparently considers himself as a legitimate member of the media, even though he lacks the necessary skill set, such as a command of the English language equivalent to at least the sixth grade level. Some real sources wouldn't hurt, either, instead of manufacturing sources like this one from earlier this year:

McCain Gone - Our DC friends say that McCain's show is over.

By the way, Philip, how's that deal with "INET" radio coming along?

As for our show, we are negotiating with another station in a new deal and if that does not work out and is good for all parties, we will explore the new frontier of INET Radio. We have hired a firm to start that process.

Hope you got a receipt, buddy, so you can sue them. But, I digress.

Philip continues:

The Fire Department and the City have reached an impasse according to the sources and it looks like their fight is headed to mediation. At stake? Two main issues - being money and a program called "boot strap" or as some in the fire department call "black strap."

This subject is the province of Mike Aguilar, who's a member of the Port Arthur Fire Department.  On this issue, I'll defer to him when he returns from vacation tomorrow, but here's a link to the IAFF Local #397 website.

Philip's racist, bumper sticker mentality  is apparent in this article, however:

We want all of you, black, white, green, purple and orange to think about this. What "if" any city came up with a plan to hire only "whites" under a "boot strap program" and elect to opt out a better qualified black? You know what would happen - Jesse Jackson would be in town having town meetings.

Again - we side with the firefighters. Up the pay to the cost of living - drop the boot strap and sign the deal. But no.....and we know as you know.....this is about black power. This is about getting what has been held back from the black power base (perceived) in Port Arthur, Texas. It is in the City, in the School District and most of all in the mainstream ideals of the city of Port Arthur.

There he goes again! More of the "same old think, over and over and over again." Philip somehow connects this issue of salary negotiations with the PAFD union in Port Arthur with Jesse Jackson.

Is this truly a sticking point in negotiations, are the City of Port Arthur and PAFD union members truly "headed to mediation," or is this another of Philip's trumped-up misconceptions based on his wingnut opinions?  I hope Mike Aguilar addresses this in his next article - eager minds would like to hear from a real person in the Port Arthur Fire Department on this issue.

Sticker Shock ("Same old Think...")


In his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review, Philip R. Klein again offers "more of the same old think, over and over and over again."  In this case, he's even recycling the same title from another article he wrote on April 24, 2008, about the same subject.

In this latest article, he speculates about the proposed Jefferson County budget for 2008-2009:

The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned from inside sources at the Jefferson County Courthouse the a [sic] preliminary budget that is being floated around may top $140 million dollars [sic].

Readers may have noticed that Philip is carefully attributing all of his speculation to those "inside sources," which provides plausible deniability for gross errors such as this:

This would bring over a five year [sic] period a spending budget in excess of a 40% increase over five years.

Here are the real numbers:

  • Approved Expenditures for 2008: $110,247,921
  • Approved Expenditures for 2003: $92,152,538

The increase in Jefferson County's budget over the past five years is only about 19 percent, not 40 percent as Klein claims.

While Philip's speculation is based on his statement that the budget to be adopted "may top $140 million dollars," readers should remember Philip's prediction last year that the Jefferson County 2008 budget would top $130 million. See Pig Trough here.  The reality was substantially different, with a budget that set approved expenditures at $110,247,921 and estimated revenues slightly over $103 million.

We'll also revisit these statements in the future as the budget hearings unfold:

The Review has learned that the county fathers will attempt to sell the budget one three main issues. They are (1) fuel costs, (2) the condition of the Jefferson County Courthouse, (3) the need to build infrastructure for the massive expansion in the oil industry.

The biggest budget increase will come from the Jefferson County Sheriffs office budget where the rumor is that the Sheriff will ask for a 22% budget increase to cover the cost of fuel and add patrol officers because many have opted to assignments at the Jefferson County Court House security detail. Such detail will take officers off the streets and 14 positions have been created by the new "Jefferson County Navy" as referred to by some local police departments.

Notice Klein's attribution, "...where the rumor is...."  Since I haven't heard those purported rumors, I wonder if Philip is referring to rumors first published on the Southeast Texas Political Review.

Jun 15, 2008

Real Readers Write


A very articulate comment:

Klein wrote, "Port Neches PD - Solved a murder. The only one for many years. Great job by those guys! We hear it was a great team effort."

While  the Port Neches Police Department is a fine organization made up of dedicated profesional individuals, Klein is obviously dredging for brownie points on this one.

From what I hear/read DNA evidence under the fingernails of the victim, obvious wounds from a scuffle on the reporting party, a footprint in the blood, blood on the reporting parties shoe, witness statements indicating a violent relationship between the victim and reporting party, along with an easily discredited statement by the reporting party made this one a crime that even Klein MIGHT have solved.  Perhaps Klein was dazzled by the work.

Of course to know these things Flapjack Phil would have to actually read the articles rather than simply the head lines.

If Klein had a clue, and he really wanted to do something for those officers besides simply acting like he gave a rats ass he'd be OUTRAGED that the PN City Council is going to hire from outside, shrugging off the dedicated officers who have given their best to the city for years. Oops, or is that Opps? Guess he missed that. Perhaps he can just call this an anonymous source that shall remain nameless and pretend he found this out himself.... Then again, given his track record I seriously doubt the potential candidates from within the PNPD want Klein on their side.

Excellent observations.

Jun 14, 2008

An Example of Pretentious Ignorance


In his Reader's Mail page on the Southeast Texas Political Review, Philip R. Klein posted a number of vituperative responses to comments left on the Bayou blog article  here.  I'm ignoring most of them, since they make as much sense as Philip's retraction of the Judge Gillam story and his subsequent retraction of his retraction:

"Simply put - we stand by our first story - and we stand by our second story."

However, I thought Philip's response to this comment was especially interesting:

[Philip R. Klein's] distortions of truth and refusal to take responsibilty <sic> for his actions are truly sociopathic <sic>.

Philip added the <sic> notations and replied:

I take full responsibility for everything I do and please learn how to spell the word before you accuse anyone of being  a sociopath. It kind of says something if you catch my drift?

Philip has a point - this clearly says that Klein arrogantly ignorant. In this example, the word "sociopathic"  is an adjective derived from the noun "sociopath:"

sociopathic [so'ci·o·path'ic adj.]

of or relating to a sociopathic personality disorder 

sociopathic." WordNet® 3.0. Princeton University. 14 Jun. 2008.
<Dictionary.com http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/sociopathic>.

The use of the word is quite common in psychiatric literature. For instance:

Dr. Hare's Checklist (Sociopathic Traits)

1. GLIB and SUPERFICIAL CHARM -- the tendency to be smooth, engaging, charming, slick, and verbally facile. Sociopathic charm is not in the least shy, self-conscious, or afraid to say anything. A sociopath never gets tongue-tied. They have freed themselves from the social conventions about taking turns in talking, for example.

2. GRANDIOSE SELF-WORTH -- a grossly inflated view of one's abilities and self-worth, self-assured, opinionated, cocky, a braggart. Sociopaths are arrogant people who believe they are superior human beings.

3. NEED FOR STIMULATION or PRONENESS TO BOREDOM -- an excessive need for novel, thrilling, and exciting stimulation; taking chances and doing things that are risky. Sociopaths often have low self-discipline in carrying tasks through to completion because they get bored easily. They fail to work at the same job for any length of time, for example, or to finish tasks that they consider dull or routine.

The Sociopathic Style

If the (sociopathic) shoe fits....

Jun 13, 2008

Nitwit Tidbits


Another week - another group of [Nitwit] Tidbits!

Just When - Just when you think there is no hope in Congress, a speech is made that makes everyone go YES! Here it is. And we will say it...Poe for President.

I guess Philip has given up on Fred Thompson for President:

Welcome Mr. President - Fred Thompson joins the race.

On the next item, Philip demonstrates his propensity for going off half-cocked again:

Apology - We would like to be serious for a moment. We would like to apologize to Ron Franscell with the Bayou. We said the Ron was the culprit that wrote the bash piece on us from the Bayou. We accused Ron of being one of the problems in the media - which is arrogant, self serving and thinking that they are better than everyone. We have since learned though emailing with Ron, that he did not write the bash piece. It was written by Dan Sher, with the Beaumont Enterprise. Dan - you have shown how arrogant and stupid some are in the media. As you accuse this "citizen journalist" of getting it wrong - you got it wrong. The difference? It will be a cold day in hell before you are willing to stand up, sign your name to your writing and apologize for your statement on your blog. You were wrong - and you know it. Ron, we again apologize.

I think Dan hurt poor Philip's feelings, what do you think?  In defense of Dan, I think he was spot on in his observations, but you can make up your own mind by reading the piece that set Philip off.

However, If Philip verified his facts before reacting in a knee-jerk fashion, he wouldn't look like an idiot:

Port Arthur PD - Great job by all in Port Arthur. Crime is down big time. Except murder, rape and some other issues. 

Say what? Did I miss something or am I just dizzy from Philip's spin?

Shots Fired - Nice neighborhoods and drive bys in the city of Nederland? Mayberry going to Detroit? More on that next week.

I do so hope that Philip offers details of how he was shot in his front yard with a BB gun during a drive-by!  I wonder if he got the license plate? 

Airplanes - Great news on the front page of the Enterprise. No cut backs in service at SET Regional! That is great news. So we called our source at CO and they tell us..."that is round one. If the prices stay up or go up, get ready." Ouch.

In other words:

"Simply put - we stand by our first story - and we stand by our second story."

I'll mark that as another misstatement by a spurious source.

Port Neches PD - Solved a murder. The only one for many years. Great job by those guys! We hear it was a great team effort.

Joe Hopkins - Mayor Joe as some call him. A great man. Rest in peace sir. And our thoughts are with his family. If there were only more Joe's in public service.

As I've pointed out before, the only time Philip says something nice about Democrats is after they pass. I knew Joe Hopkins very well and no called him "Mayor Joe."  I'd trade 500 Philip Klein's for just one Joe Hopkins and get a bargain.

Get Ready Here Comes Hillty - News broke that more VX gas may be coming to Port Arthur. (Media Talking) - after the safety issues and the horrible record of....what....there were no safety issues and they have a great record of being safe? What is up with all of that? We smell Hillty trying to make a come back? IRS - can you hear the call?

Exactly where did the news break that "VX gas may be coming to Port Arthur?"  I couldn't find anything like that, although I did find these stories:

Is Philip making things up again?

Blaze - Governors Mansion burns. Has to be rebuilt. Maybe the Governor can show leadership and go to the private sector and the public.

Here's an interesting thought - how much will Philip donate to get the ball rolling?  How much is left in his "Gadfly Foundation?"

Jun 12, 2008



Tonight we'll cover Philip R. Klein's recent postings on the Southeast Texas Political Review since his mea culpa earlier this week.

Last week, Philip R. Klein and/or his sources predicted the end of the Southeast Texas Regional Airport:

Our sources in HOU say that SET Regional is on the chopping block.

Typically, Philip predicted that Continental Airlines would leave Southeast Texas, never to return.  The truth is different:

Continental Airlines has announced it's ending service in a number of U.S. cities, but a spokeswoman tells KFDM News there won't be any change in service to the Southeast Texas Regional Airport.

"When oil was $70 a barrel it made economic sense to serve a number of communities, but not when oil is nearly $170," said Continental Airlines spokeswoman Julie King.  "It still makes economic sense to serve Beaumont-Port Arthur."

In his latest article, Uncle Hilty is Back, Philip R. Klein references an article about Hilton Kelley on an obscure website. I'm reminded of a libelous comment that Klein made about Kelley on December 14, 2007:

[Hilton Kelley] was...given thousands by the plants to shut up.

If true, the check from the plants apparently bounced.  Instead of commenting on the message, Philip attacks the messenger:

We have been asked [sic] around about Uncle Hilty. We started with our friends at the IRS C-3 [sic] group in Austin Texas. And guess what? No listing of a tax return for 2007? Although this may not be unusual for Kelly and his gang (sorry our bad) [sic]. As you will remember, two of his board members are convicted criminals.

Actually, Philip is referring to a 501(c)(3), which is a tax designation for a non-profit group. If Kelly's organization, the Community In-Power and Development Association, is delinquent in their taxes, the Texas State Comptroller didn't get the memo. 

I suspect that Klein is confused about a 501(c)(3).  After years of display, Klein took his page soliciting donations for his so-called Gadfly Foundation down shortly after Judge Gillam filed his lawsuit.

In the past, Klein claimed the Gadfly Foundation was a not-for-profit charity, where donations were dispensed by Philip R. Klein, under the auspices of Klein Investments, Inc., a for-profit corporation. Readers can do their own search on this dubious charity - the only Gadfly Foundation I found was listed in New York City. 

For several years, Klein referred to this charity as a corporation, Gadfly, Inc. Here's  his original announcement:

The Jacobs House will be our first project. In a private effort between Gadfly, Inc., private donors and corporate sponsors, the first project will be the building of two houses near St. Mary's Hospital and St. Elizabeth's Hospital for family members, siblings and parents of Premature Babies. This house will be a place, a haven so to call it, for family members to rest, visit and stay overnight free so that they can be near their new babies that are in PICU or NICU at both hospitals.

The Jacobs House was never built, but Klein continued to solicit donations through the Southeast Texas Political Review for years.  According to Klein, thousands of dollars were collected through the year, but we have no documentation as to how that money was disbursed.

While it's possible that Klein's Gadfly Foundation was an unincorporated nonprofit association and not a 501(3)c not-for-profit corporation, there are certain provisions for this type of charitable organization that must be met under the Texas Uniform Unincorporated Nonprofit Association Act (TUUNAA).

These associations are defined as an unincorporated organization consisting of three or more members under TUUNAA. If Klein Investments is a for-profit corporation, and Philip is listed as both the President and Director, I wonder how he got around those requirements and how he offered donors to his so-called foundation a tax deduction for a charitable gift.

Where did those donations go?

Another article earlier this week, Get Your Wallets Out?" is more of Klein's "same old think, over and over and over again."  As an example, he used the same phrase just last Friday in his Nitwit Tidbits:

45 Trillion - Get your wallets out. The government says it needs 24 trillion to fight global warming. Guess where that is going to come from? Anyone...raise your hands?

Likewise, the article is on of Klein's regularly recurring themes, security at the Jefferson County Courthouse. Ironically, his last article on this issue from May 22, 2008  had the same identical title on the same identical subject as another article on Tuesday, August 28, 2007. More of the "same old think, over and over and over again."

FLASHBACK :    A visitor was killed post [sic] a divorce hearing. The killer was an armed and uniformed sheriffs deputy.

So as you stand in line starting next week - think about that. Look around at the place that you pay for and are searched before going into. And welcome to your courthouse.

For the record that tragic shooting happened on the steps of the courthouse, not inside the courthouse proper. 

I'm reminded of  Philip's statement from Friday, August 10, 2007, attributed to another of his many sources:

"According to our sources and some media reports, the building will have only one entrance for the public and seven entrances and exits for the public. "

Was that a total of eight entrances and seven exits for the public?  More importantly, does anyone other than Philip Klein understand this gibberish? 

Klein has never responded to my question concerning the other 193 counties in the state who all have similar programs for courthouse security.  Since Texas has only 254 counties, only about 25 percent have open access. 

After this week, even the most obtuse readers will recognize that Philip has no credibility whatsoever:

"Simply put - we stand by our first story - and we stand by our second story."

Note to Philip: If you hate Jefferson County so much, why do you continue to live here?    Isn't it time that you pulled up stakes and moved somewhere else?

Real Readers Write:


A reader left this comment:

Gus, I love the "Two Faces of Philip Klein" picture!

I thought it apropos, considering the bottom line of Philip's latest editorial:

"Simply put - we stand by our first story - and we stand by our second story."

I'll have more later this evening!

Jun 10, 2008

On Storm Clouds and Those "Anonymous Sources"


After issuing a retraction of his retraction, Philip R. Klein posted this article today:

The Southeast Texas Political Review has been told over the weekend that complaints have been filed with the Texas Ethics Commissioner on Willie Bae Lewis. According to the source, Lewis "violated two election codes."

Oh, look! More "anonymous sources!" 

The traffic to my little blog has exploded this week, with over 10 times the normal number of unique visitors.  I'm obviously getting a lot of new readers, so perhaps this is a good time to revisit a few of Philip's previous statements that he's attributed to his "anonymous sources." 

New readers should note that I debunk Philip's articles on a daily basis, as time permits. The following are just a few of many, many more that can be found in the archived articles on this site.

To my regular readers -mission accomplished!  I especially appreciate the support, tips, and valuable insight you've provided over the past 14 months, and for this I am grateful. As you know, Philip has claimed that I'm part of a conspiracy involving this lawsuit and as soon as the suit is settled, I'll disappear.  Together, we'll prove Philip R. Klein wrong again.

Regarding this subject of Willie Bae Lewis, Philip wrote on Monday, May 19, 2008:

Another source who spoke to the Review this morning told us that Willie's intent is to take as much time and money of the city [sic] and try to bring it down some more.

Well, that source certainly didn't pan out, did it? As it turned out, Willie Bae left his seat on the Port Arthur City Council without a whimper.

On March 11, 2008, Philip R. Klein wrote of an investigation at the Jefferson County Courthouse:

The Review has learned over the last twenty four hours of an investigation ongoing by Judge Ron Walker regarding gumballs [sic]  being sold.

Philip left us hanging on that one; he never referred to the Great Gum Ball Investigation again.

On Monday, May 5, 2008, Philip's sources informed him that Jefferson County Commissioners were considering a new "Tax Abetment" for the Total refinery:

Today, the Jefferson County Commissioners have on their plate a huge tax abetment [sic]. And this time it is with TOTAL. And it .... should pass. With yes votes from Arnold (leading the charge) and Waymon Hallmark.

"We will be watching today," said one manager to the Review over the weekend.

Actually,  the abatement in question was previously approved years ago on projects that were already completed.  Jefferson County Commissioners simply appointed a committee to review the agreement for compliance with the terms of the original abatement.

On March 4, the night of the Texas Presidential Primaries, Philip wrote:

The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned that lawyers for both Obama and Clinton have been dispatched to major cities and strong democratic held  [sic] counties - including Jefferson County - armed with lawsuits in an attempt to insure [sic] each candidate will obtain their proper amount of votes in the county caucus voting.

That one never panned out, either, so Philip's sources then revealed something else on April 21, 2008:

Sources close to the Clinton Camp in Austin say that William Jefferson Clinton will be making a visit in six cities across Texas in a last minute push for big money for Hillary before the next primary if she wins in Penn on Tuesday.

Hillary won in Pennsylvania, but Bill Clinton never made it to Texas for that visit. However, Philip's sources were quite confused, since he quoted his source as someone in the TDC (Texas Department of Corrections):

"There is a strong lawyer base that supports Hillary. We will start there," the TDC committee person told us.

Philip didn't explain why he quoted a source from the TDC, as opposed to state officers of the TDP (Texas Democratic Party - there is no "TDP committee"), but I suppose this makes some sort of sense to Philip.  Note that the TDP doesn't collect money for specific Democratic presidential candidates - only the candidates' individual campaigns have this responsibility. 

This wasn't the first time in recent months that Philip predicted a visit.  Back in January, Philip's sources revealed:

Okay - so get this....here comes Ms. Nancy [Pelosi] to Texas...what a joke." "We expect to raise around $300,000 for the speaker," said a loyal democrat [sic] in Houston this afternoon.

Nancy never made it to Texas, either, so apparently that source was quite disappointed.

On another subject, Philip's sources revealed on July 17, 2007:

"According to a source close to Brascia tells the Review that the [KOLE Morning Blend] radio show will be broadcast syndicated nationally [?] on 10+ stations starting Monday with a goal of hitting 200 stations by the end of the year

Actually, Brascia had quit by the end of 2007 and was off the air. In April, 2008, Philip wrote:

Sources close to KOLE radio told the Review that Dominick Brasha [sic] is scheduled to start back on the air this next Monday morning with a new show and new format.

That never happened, either.

On April 21, 2008, Philip wrote:

The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned from business sources in Houston that Louisiana officials have been told that the brand new LNG Plant which just accepted its first ship this last week, will lay off 160 employees as well as its corporate headquarters in Houston to lay off 160 employees. The ripple effect will be felt in Southeast Texas because of the 160 people that will lose their jobs - over 80% live in Southeast Texas.

Not only is this gibberish, but he couldn't even copy the story from the newspapers properly. The  cut was reported a week earlier, and 200 out of 360 jobs were on the block. Yet, Philip's purported sources still mangled  the information.  Here's the punch line: the LNG terminal here in Southeast Texas only employs about 70 people, so it's physically impossible that 80 percent of the layoffs, or 128 people, would come from here.

Regarding the new Chief of Beaumont Fire and Rescue, Philip wrote:

Sources close to the city manager tell the Review that the next Chief will come from outside the department."

Actually, Alma Huff, the new Chief, has over 20 years experience with the Beaumont Fire Department - definitely not an outsider.  However, she's the first female fire chief ever for the City of Beaumont, but Philip's sources missed that as well.

Back in March, Philip's sources commented on the proposed trade agreement with Song Xian, China:

Why? That is the question running around the SET Business Roundtable yesterday after media reports focused on Mayor Deplores [sic] Princes announcement that she was headed towards China (and not China Texas) to find a sister city!

Philip doesn't sit at that table, else he'd know the group is actually called the Golden Triangle Business Roundtable. Furthermore, I've never seen Flapjack Philip during those meetings at the Pompano Club.  

While Philip claimed that GTBR members opposed the proposed trade agreement, the person who holds the chair of the Roundtable's Environmental Committee is actually one of those who made  the trip to Song Xian.  

This comment was quite interesting.

Well Mississippi went democrat [sic] in a senate race this week. Why is that important? Well it has been held by a GOPER for the last ..... million [sic] years. Everyone is running around saying go democrat [sic] - but [sic] that really is not what the exit polls are showing.

In reality, Travis Childers won Mississippi's 1st Congressional District seat in the U.S. House of Representatives, not the Senate as Philip claimed. Likewise, that seat has been held by Republicans since 1995, not the last million years as Philip claims.  Prior to that, the seat was held by Democrats since Reconstruction.  Putting this into proper perspective, Republicans held the seat for 13 years, while Democrats held the seat for over 120. 

Philip's many sources also told him about the Wildcatters:

According to sources, Sharon Terrell, wife of attorney and all around good guy B. Terrell, has cut a deal to keep the Hockey team in Southeast Texas against the wishes of the powerhouse "A" team in commissioners court.

That one didn't pan out, either.  Note to Philip: how did B. Terrell's lawsuit against you a few years ago turn out?

This one was quite funny. Back in March, Philip's sources  revealed that the US Attorney's office, the FBI, ATF, Secret Service, DEA, and the USCIS/Border Patrol were about to descend upon Port Arthur to help the Port Arthur Police Department:

Beleaguered with homicides, robberies, break ins [sic] and shootings, the cops of the City of Port Arthur were given the rally cry late Friday afternoon and were giving encouragement by the United States Federal Government.

Sources that we contacted late Sunday told us that not only is agencies [sic] in the United States have been lined up to help the local cops, pep rallies of sort will be given all week long to the shift officers in the Department.

We're still waiting for the calvary to show up.

Back in January, Philip's sources revealed  candidates were waiting to run against an incumbent Jefferson County Commissioner:

Two are waiting in the wings to run the only GOPER for any seat - being Eddie Arnold.

Actually, no one ran against Eddie Arnold, either Democrat or Republican.

Philip has a political agenda.  As an example, he wrote on March 20, 2008:

We have never, will never and shall never endorse any candidate for any office. We say it before ever picks and pans we make on this web site?

This statement came shortly after Philip wrote this about Jefferson County Precinct 3 Commissioner candidate Jimmy Dike:

Jimmy Dyke [sic]. For over 10 years he has managed the biggest government project in the history of Jefferson County. That being Pleasure Island. And when you look about - you see a guy that understands the show. Sources this weekend tell the Review that Dyke  [sic] has simply put his resume out there. He is a leader with a positive outlook that is refreshing. And frankly - if any of the above should take the ride - it should be Jimmy Dyke [sic].  We would love to see him up there giving some common sense to some pretty big time guys in politics that have their own agendas in place and as a goal rather than what is best for Jefferson County.

During this time, Philip launched an "investigation" into Alma Cantu's time cards, but got confused over simple payroll concepts of comp time and holiday pay.

Philip has never addressed why he insists upon referring to himself in the plural, but I suspect it has something to do with his low self-esteem.  It's probably this same personality defect that leads him into making these outrageous statements in an effort to generate attention to himself. I've speculated on this quite a bit in past articles.

My favorite of the year (so far) has to do with Philip's mud-slinging at Hardin County Attorney David Sheffield,  who ran a successful campaign for Hardin County District Attorney. On January 22, 2008, Philip sources told him:

"Sheffield screwed up big time. He has attempted to cover up his mistake by going back and refilling over 800 cases in an attempt to correct the problem. But I have to tell you that any case that was settled or tried can be overturned without question. This is going to be a feeding frenzy if it gets out."

"We know of 27,000 cases that may be overturned," said a source that demanded there [sic] name not be used.

Of course, this never panned out. As it turned out, one (1) case had been appealed because of a technicality on the form used during court proceedings. By the time Philip printed this lie, the appeal had already run it's course and been denied (EX PARTE JOHN ERIC THOMAS, 234 S.W.3d 656).  No cases overturned. No convictions overturned, no other appeals and the issue was decided. Philip even predicted that incumbent Hardin County DA Bugs Coe would win in a landslide. Actually, Philip was half-right - there was a landslide, but Sheffield was elected, not Coe.

Philip even makes up most of those letters in his "Reader Mail" section. One of my favorites was this one, posted on Sunday, March 23, 2008:

I am a black man that read your web site this week. I saw you posted a u-tube [sic] video.....he does not represent the black community."

Philip may well be the only person in the entire world who refers to"YouTube" as "u-tube." Just two weeks earlier, he quoted another source on March 7th, 2008:

The Southeast Texas Political Review was contacted this past Friday regarding a u-tube [sic] video floating around the net regarding former State Senator Mike Galloway and a vote he made in the State Senate regarding judicial districts.

Concerning the incineration of VX hydrolysis in Port Arthur, Philip wrote on December 6, 2007:

So we did some calling around to find out how things went and the horrible damage and terrible environmental damage that was done from the burning of the VX Gas on Highway 73...What really bugs us over here at the Review is that the gas was disposed of properly, there was NO environmental damage and there is no media..

What Philip's sources failed to mention is that VX hydrolysis is a liquid,  not a gas, and the incineration was less than 50 percent completed at the time he wrote this. As of today, the effort si still not completed.

I should probably mention this statement from Philip earlier this year:

We will be providing you a play by play description of the rulings in this lawsuit Gillam v. Klein along with all of the evidence as such.

After posting a sworn statement from a witness, which he referred to as a deposition, Philip roped in another blogger, Mike Aguilar,  who also posted more of the sworn statement. Those went down within days and disappeared. In their place, Philip put up an "Under Construction' picture, which is still there.  

So, where's the play-by-play?

As I previously pointed out, these are only a few of the many, many things that I've debunked from Philip R. Klein since I started this blog in April of 2007.  Enjoy reading through the archives - unlike Philip, I leave everything up so that everyone can refer back to Philip's ridiculous claims.

And, don't forget to leave a comment!

BREAKING NEWS: Philip R. Klein Retracts Retraction


According to Philip R. Klein's latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review:

Media outlets are reporting this morning that the Southeast Texas Political Review has issued a "retraction" of the story previously written one year ago regarding Justice Thomas Gillam.

This is incorrect. The Southeast Texas Political Review did not issue a retraction of its original story.

After receiving information from Justice Gillam, the Review simply provided updated information regarding the matters at issue.

Information provided to the media regarding any "retraction" is misleading and false.

Again - the Review did NOT and HAS NOT issued any retraction. We simply told the side of the story as presented by Justice Gillam and after review of the information - agreed with Justice Gillam.

According to Wikipedia.com

A retraction is a public statement, either in print, or by verbal statement that is made to correct a previously made statement that was incorrect, invalid, or in error. The intent of a public retraction is to correct any incorrect information.

Philip' original wording:

"Evidence that we now have obtained indicates that the Review must side with Judge Gilliam and his denial of the incident.

Philip is correcting his original statement and now agrees with Gillam over the details of the incident, but according to Philip, this wasn't  a retraction. If this is not a retraction, then Philip apparently stands by his original account that Gillam was having sex in his office, since a retraction is a public statement intended to correct errors in a previous statement.

Philip's retraction of his retraction makes sense only to wingnuts and the terminally confused.

Meanwhile, more real readers write:

    • "Judge Gillam is due an apology from those that attempted to smear his name by using this web site..." What a spineless attempt at dodging responsibility.

    • Fiilup's next tactical move will be to broadly label himself and the SETPR as a victim - a tragic victim - of an unscrupulous source that inflicted great damage onto his and the Review's reputation.  

    • Please ask Philip to take off the LSU shirt.  It is a total embarrassment to all Tiger fans.  

    • Gus, do you think Mike Aguilar feels like a fool after falling into the Klein trap?  

Jun 9, 2008

Real Readers Write:


More comments  from real readers. Several readers posted interesting questions:

  • How come Philip didn't call a big press conference to announce this crap?  Remember this:


  • If PRK is ordered to pay for libeling Judge Gilliam, what's the maximum loan he can secure from the SBA?  

  • Where's the outrage?  P.S. Keep up the good work, Gus. This is just one of a constant barrage of lies from Jefferson County's lunatic fringe.

Several addressed Philip's spin like this one:

  • Hey Gus, here's Philip's spin of the year

    "Questions have been raised on a story the Review covered this past year in March."

    Not to mention a lawsuit.

Some had to do with Philip's page entitled "The Lawsuit" on the Southeast Texas Political Review. Here's a sample:

  • Gus, ask P.Daddy Kline why he didn't put this notice up on his law page and leave it up for a few months.

  • I guess [Philip's Article] answers your question about what that guy is shoveling in the picture on Philip's lawsuit play by play page.

  • What happened to the depositions that Philip posted a few weeks ago?

Jun 8, 2008

Real Readers Write


A reader left this  comment:

"Seemingly, Judge Gillam is a victim in an attempt to smear him in the court of public opinion and that is not fair to him."

Someone needs to point out to filup that he's the only one that smeared him, no other media outlet raised the issue.  

Excellent point.

Philip Writes


From Philip's Reader Mail page:

From Beaumont Texas :

"This incident with the Judge, I don't think it's farfetched to consider it may all have been pre-planned in order to start a controversy within the city of PA and toward the PAPD. It makes news, keeps certain individuals in the news, and creates a cause to champion. I hope not, because this city does not need that.  However, there are certain things you just don't put past certain people."

Sounds rather far-fetched to me - who'd be stupid enough to publish something like that and try to pass it off as fact without actually checking the facts?

Philip R. Klein's Mea Culpa


Here's Philip R. Klein's latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review (read it fast before he pulls it down):

Questions have been raised on a story the Review covered this past year in March. So the Review made the decision to take another look at the original story and do some follow ups.

In March of 2007, sources called the Review telling us there was an incident of an encounter between a Judge and somebody – and an employee that may have been witness to the event and slammed a glass door and broke it. The Review published the story and it appeared on this website in March and again in April of this past year. It was further discussed on the Political Review Radio show on KOLE Radio.

Since that time, the Review has conducted a full and complete investigation into the claims. We have discovered numerous inaccuracies from witnesses and at least one of the original sources to the story has been found to have been lying to the Review. As well, this witness may have had a political agenda towards the judge in an attempt to run for the Judge’s office. The Review has had an opportunity to view the surveillance videotape which leads support to Judge Gillam’s side of the story.

Evidence that we now have obtained indicates that the Review must side with Judge Gilliam and his denial of the incident. Seemingly, Judge Gillam is a victim in an attempt to smear him in the court of public opinion and that is not fair to him, his family, supporters and any other public person that may choose to serve their community. In the Review’s opinion, Judge Gillam is innocent of the accusations against him.

Judge Gillam is due an apology from those that attempted to smear his name by using this web site and the media in general in an attempt to garner office.

Seems to me Philip R. Klein owes Judge Gillam an apology, as well.  

I especially enjoyed the part about "the Review has conducted a full and complete investigation...."  I'm sure Judge Gillam's  lawsuit had nothing to do with that "investigation."  I also wonder why Philip didn't conduct that investigation before printing rumor as fact? 

Note to Philip: How about those 27,000 cases that David Sheffield "refilled" in Hardin County?  When you get around to answering that question, I have many more!

Jun 7, 2008

Real Readers Write


From the Comments section:

Flapjack Phil has broached the ambulance subject ad nauseum as you suggest. My guess is he's contemplating a venture into the EMS business. (If he could get tax payers to foot the bill that is.) After all Klein is against big government, except when it benefits him. Have you ever heard him suggest the SBA be downsized? 

Note to Philip Klein: Did you ever pay that Dairy Queen loan back? 

Any comments, buddy?  

Nitwit Tidbits


In this week's Nitwit Tidbits on the Southeast Texas Political Review, Philip R. Klein has "more of the same old think, over and over again:"

Funny - Watching the MSNBC Show clips - some producer put in a segment about a young Cuban man that said : "I do not understand the leaders of the United States. Our healthcare system in Cuba is horrible. It is run by the government. The system in the United States is wonderful. It is not run by the government. Why then do those who run for government office want healthcare to be run by the government?" - All of the panel just looked at each other. It was really funny.

Repetitive Wingnut Theme: America is turning communist and/or socialist.

Note to Philip Klein: I couldn't find that video and typically, you failed to provide a link.  Did you make this up again? 

Bartie Tape - We are going to ask for it. We have got to see it. We checked 1400 Proctor - a big street. Why would anyone walk down the MIDDLE of 1400 Proctor? There is more to this story.

Repetitive Wingnut Theme: Preoccupation with Thurman Bartie. 

According to the real story here, Bartie was walking near the side of the road, not "down the MIDDLE" of Proctor:

Payne said Bartie was walking for exercise near the side of the street when two Port Arthur Police officers approached him. They called Bartie by name but asked for his identification anyway, he said.

Bottom line: does anyone other than Philip Klein and Thurman Bartie really care whether Bartie was arrested for jaywalking?

Airlines - Our sources in HOU say that SET Regional is on the chopping block. Note that we had the story 24 hours before the mainstream. Our source says that they do not about telling us before the story hit - they are leaving the company. Sad.

Repetitive Wingnut Themes: Anonymous sources; Jefferson County Bad.

Since Continental Airlines is now the sixth major airline in the past two months to make a similar announcement, it doesn't take a manufactured source who demands anonymity to figure this out. In this instance, Philip claims he knows more about the situation than the Manager of the Southeast Texas Regional Airport, Hal Ross:

Ross said Continental has not notified him of what changes, if any, he should expect from the announcement. He expects to know more next week when Continental is supposed to announce which airports and flights will be affected.

He said he doesn't know what to expect from the announcement, which could be anything from fewer flights to higher ticket prices, to no flights at all.

I'll revisit after the real announcement is made.

45 Trillion - Get your wallets out. The government says it needs 24 trillion to fight global warming. Guess where that is going to come from? Anyone...raise your hands?

Repetitive Wingnut Theme: There is no such thing as global warming.

How funny!  Philip apparently missed the news that Senator Leiberman's bill failed. 

Note to Philip Klein: I couldn't find that specific figure of $24 trillion - typically, you failed to provide a link.  Did you make this up again? 

Heat Buckled A Road - Global Warming in Orange. Story at 10.

Repetitive Wingnut Theme: There is no such thing as global warming.

Another of Philip's fallacies in logic; specifically, secundum quid.

BISD Chuckle - With over a $1.5 million in the red - BISD is giving raises! What in the hell is wrong with the trustees? Again ANOTHER EXAMPLE OF HOW NOTHING IN GOVERNMENT CAN BE SMALLER IN JEFFERSON COUNTY!

Repetitive Themes: BISD bad; Jefferson County bad; government bad;  Workers in the public sector never deserve raises.

Let me see - The salary for new teachers with no experience is $42,745 in the Houston ISD. but $38,900 in the Beaumont ISD.  Is there a reason that local schools shouldn't be competitive with schools elsewhere?

Newbee Lumberton School Board Girl - The sickness does not stop there. After a wild school board meeting in Lumberton last night - newbee to politics Julie Walker, the professed "know it all" according to administrative sources at LISD, said she wanted a "committee put together to study the acceptance of funds from the public." So tax dollars will be spent to study whether or not to accept citizens funds for a project? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh......(us screaming).

Repetitive Wingnut Themes: Major factual error, manufactured sources, inability to comprehend the issue, character assassination; Hardin County bad.

Actually, Lumberton school board member Pete Morrison created the controversy when he pushed for a capacity study by Lamar University for all five Lumberton campuses. When the vote came down, Walker voted with the majority.  Regarding the specific issue that Klein references, read the full story from the Beaumont Enterprise:

Morrison's motion failed by a vote of five-to-two. B.J. Sexton joined Morrison in voting for the study.

Morrison also asked that the board open a bank account to accept donations for the construction of a performing arts center.

"It's a good idea, but you need to take it down to a much smaller scale," said board member Julie Walker. "I don't think people are going to trust us with that right now. There is mistrust from the bond issue. I support the idea, but we need to form an independent committee and let them see if we should create a fund."

Readers can decide for themselves on who makes the most sense: Philip R. Klein or Julie Walker? Question for Philip and his "source:" How much would an independent committee cost, if anything?

Israeli - Warning to Iran. Bombs fly by the end of the summer says.....

Repetitive Wingnut Themes: Doomsday predictions.

I'll revisit this at the end of the summer.