Jun 24, 2008

Bridge Over Trouble [SIC] Waters (An Idiot Responds - Part 1)

OPEN NOTE TO PHILIP: In your response to the article posted by the the Port Arthur Firefighters, your bottom line was:

You guys are in a very bad place right now. Wake up. You are on a Bridge over Trouble [SIC} Waters.

Isn't that "Bridge Over Troubled Waters?"  The rest of your so-called response made as much sense as the title, particularly this statement:

And most of all - remember - there are guys like the ones that write this blog that are behind all of you 100%.

I can only assume that both Philip Kleins have the same problems with spelling, grammatical errors - and.......punctuation?



For my regular readers, I'll have more later this evening, although there's not really much to debunk here - just the angry and semi-illiterate ranting of a wingnut who got caught making up sources again.

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