Jun 23, 2008

Midget Problem

When I think Philip R. Klein has hit rock bottom, he always surprises me by dredging up even more ridiculous stories. I thought the Philip's Gum Ball Investigation was silly, but this is absurd:

Sources close to the Jefferson County Commissioners confirm to the Review that Jefferson County Purchasing Agent Douglas Anderson III is under investigation by the EEOC for an "Age Discrimination" complaint and a secondary complaint of Anderson being uncomfortable around "Midgets."

Typically, Philip quotes an anonymous source:

"There is a problem that was not handled correctly. It seems the talk is that the county will have to pay out money again. This gig is flying way under the radar and the media has stayed away from it. I am glad to see someone pick up the trial. Keep looking. You just thought the former purchasing agent was bad. Just wait until you see this," said the source.

I'll revisit Philip's story in the future, but it's important to note that Anderson served as a supply officer in the Navy, and coordinated efforts of more than 30 government and civilian agencies to supply U.S. troops in Iraq.  During his 20 year career with the Navy, Anderson was also cited for cutting millions of dollars in federal government spending. 

Yet, Philip claims he's a Democrat:

Aren't democrats [sic] for the elderly and the little people?

I wonder how Anderson feels about obese and idiotic private investigators who imagine themselves as journalists?

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