Jun 13, 2008

Nitwit Tidbits

Another week - another group of [Nitwit] Tidbits!

Just When - Just when you think there is no hope in Congress, a speech is made that makes everyone go YES! Here it is. And we will say it...Poe for President.

I guess Philip has given up on Fred Thompson for President:

Welcome Mr. President - Fred Thompson joins the race.

On the next item, Philip demonstrates his propensity for going off half-cocked again:

Apology - We would like to be serious for a moment. We would like to apologize to Ron Franscell with the Bayou. We said the Ron was the culprit that wrote the bash piece on us from the Bayou. We accused Ron of being one of the problems in the media - which is arrogant, self serving and thinking that they are better than everyone. We have since learned though emailing with Ron, that he did not write the bash piece. It was written by Dan Sher, with the Beaumont Enterprise. Dan - you have shown how arrogant and stupid some are in the media. As you accuse this "citizen journalist" of getting it wrong - you got it wrong. The difference? It will be a cold day in hell before you are willing to stand up, sign your name to your writing and apologize for your statement on your blog. You were wrong - and you know it. Ron, we again apologize.

I think Dan hurt poor Philip's feelings, what do you think?  In defense of Dan, I think he was spot on in his observations, but you can make up your own mind by reading the piece that set Philip off.

However, If Philip verified his facts before reacting in a knee-jerk fashion, he wouldn't look like an idiot:

Port Arthur PD - Great job by all in Port Arthur. Crime is down big time. Except murder, rape and some other issues. 

Say what? Did I miss something or am I just dizzy from Philip's spin?

Shots Fired - Nice neighborhoods and drive bys in the city of Nederland? Mayberry going to Detroit? More on that next week.

I do so hope that Philip offers details of how he was shot in his front yard with a BB gun during a drive-by!  I wonder if he got the license plate? 

Airplanes - Great news on the front page of the Enterprise. No cut backs in service at SET Regional! That is great news. So we called our source at CO and they tell us..."that is round one. If the prices stay up or go up, get ready." Ouch.

In other words:

"Simply put - we stand by our first story - and we stand by our second story."

I'll mark that as another misstatement by a spurious source.

Port Neches PD - Solved a murder. The only one for many years. Great job by those guys! We hear it was a great team effort.

Joe Hopkins - Mayor Joe as some call him. A great man. Rest in peace sir. And our thoughts are with his family. If there were only more Joe's in public service.

As I've pointed out before, the only time Philip says something nice about Democrats is after they pass. I knew Joe Hopkins very well and no called him "Mayor Joe."  I'd trade 500 Philip Klein's for just one Joe Hopkins and get a bargain.

Get Ready Here Comes Hillty - News broke that more VX gas may be coming to Port Arthur. (Media Talking) - after the safety issues and the horrible record of....what....there were no safety issues and they have a great record of being safe? What is up with all of that? We smell Hillty trying to make a come back? IRS - can you hear the call?

Exactly where did the news break that "VX gas may be coming to Port Arthur?"  I couldn't find anything like that, although I did find these stories:

Is Philip making things up again?

Blaze - Governors Mansion burns. Has to be rebuilt. Maybe the Governor can show leadership and go to the private sector and the public.

Here's an interesting thought - how much will Philip donate to get the ball rolling?  How much is left in his "Gadfly Foundation?"

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