Jun 20, 2008

Nitwit Tidbits

In his latest edition of Nitwit Tidbits, Philip R. Klein writes:

Hmmm...Food For Thought - Take a look at this - since the Democrats have taken over gas has gone from $2.56 to $3.99 per gallon. Interesting.

Very interesting, considering Philip's "take" on high fuel costs:

Gas Prices: Good Economy higher gas prices. Supply - demand.

Of course, Philip's Nitwit Tidbit this week is a textbook example of the Cum Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc logical fallacy, that is, correlation does not imply causation. If Philip's statement were indeed true, then we could also note that gas has risen from $1.20 to $3.99 during the Bush Administration. Neither are valid arguments.

We could just as easily assume that when Philip R. Klein shows up to fight a fire, there will be damage from the fire. Therefore, Philip causes damage. On second thought, that may be a bad example.

Arnold - Says no drilling off the shore of Calf [sic]. Good - now the citizens pay almost $5 per gallon. Goodbye Arnold.

This is another example of Philip's false cause logical fallacy. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's position on offshore drilling has nothing whatsoever to do with his dwindling popularity in California, where a majority of residents have adamantly opposed offshore drilling since the 1969 Santa Barbara oil spill that dumped 3 million gallons of crude onto the beaches of Southern California.  Since Philip argues that our higher gas prices are evidence of how great our economy is, why should California residents change their minds?

Machine Guns - Get this....the county is going to buy machine guns for the navy .... sorry....for the SO this week. Seems the air force, navy and the army are ready for anything. By the way - still only three officers on duty on midnights. Get this......seven boats and three officers on duty.

Isn't it interesting that Philip has never commented on the source of funding for those boats? All of the new boats were purchased with a port security grant from the Department of Homeland Security of almost $1.3 million.  The department was required to put up about $330,000 in matching funds, which came from drug forfeiture money, not taxpayers as Klein has previously claimed.

Think about this: traffic through the ports of Jefferson County ranks fourth nationwide in terms of tonnage, and the Port of Beaumont ships the most military cargo of any port in the nation.  Given the strategic importance of this military and petrochemical cargo, and the lack of jurisdiction by the Coast Guard in those plant security zones (see below), outfitting the marine units seems logical to me.

Coast Guard - Has made it clear on Sunday. Big boat of LNG coming in mid-day - (giggle) - if Jefferson County crosses state lines in their boats and attempts to enforce any laws - out of their jurisdiction - they will act. This includes the chopper? We are going to watching this one.

Typically, Philip is quite confused. The Coast Guard has no jurisdiction over security zones around LNG plants.  I've debunked this falsehood before.  I assume this came from Philip's purported source in the EPA.

Mistrial II - Horse dragging. Enough yet? Or shall the left wing of the DA's office continue the madness. Trying to put a guy in jail for an animal? How about Klem or......

Another wonderful of example of Philip's self-anointed position as arbiter of all things conservative. If Philip disagrees with someone or something, he applies the label "left wing."  For those moderates such as myself, right-wing and left-wing extremists are two sides of the same coin.  Any wingnut comments, buddy?

Speaking OF Which - A big week next week for Judge Layne Walker. We will watch this one very closely.

I see that Philip's attempt at "taking on the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office" was quite impotent. After expressing "outrage," he's now relegated himself to "watching closely." I'm sure we'll revisit this in the very near future.

Ironically, Philip didn't watch this one quite so closely:

A judge has sentenced a former Ozen High School band director to 180 days in jail, ten years probation and a $2,000 fine for the sexual assault of a female who was an Ozen student at the time of the assault.

Judge Layne Walker sentenced Ferguson Parker, Junior on charges of sexual assault and improper relationship between educator and student. Parker pleaded guilty to the charges. Under the terms of the plea agreement, one charge of sexual assault was dropped. Parker must register as a sex offender.

No comment or outrage from Flapjack Philip on that one.

Your Tax Dollars - Two of the biggest pork projects in the History of Texas will welcome visitors to Southeast Texas. Get this $30 million dollars with $3 million going in SOMEONE'S POCKET? We wonder who? Enterprise please?

What is THIS GIBBERISH? Does anyone remember when Klein claimed that BISD trustees would tear down "seldom used Ford Park theater sites [sic]" to build a new football stadium?

Oops, that didn't happen:

The school board unanimously approved the purchase of an 85-acre tract of land south of Interstate 10, north of Fannett Road and east of Brooks Road.

I cited my source - where's Philip's source for these wild claims?

Poppy - Get's more press. And a giggle from us. Go to KFDM and look what they put up and what Poppy said - then go look at the true numbers. He is a snake oil salesman that continues to fool the media.

Does anyone have a clue as to who Poppy is?  Perhaps I'm just confused by Philip's persistent name calling.

Obama - Did a 180 on the money. Funny stuff. And the media is coming to his aid.

I think Philip's prediction on the next president is funnier:

Welcome Mr. President - Fred Thompson joins the race.

Oops (or is that "Opps," Philip)! He missed again.

Iran - Here we go. Israel is on the move.

How interesting! Even though Philip typically has no substantive political commentary, isnt this is a little beyond the scope of Southeast Texas?  According to PRK:

Let me make it easy for you....this is the SOUTHEAST TEXAS POLITICAL REVIEW - not the Texas Political Review. What....hmmmm.....?

Well, why not the INTERNATIONAL POLITICAL REVIEW, since Philip claims he has thousands of readers from all over the world?

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