Jun 10, 2008

On Storm Clouds and Those "Anonymous Sources"

After issuing a retraction of his retraction, Philip R. Klein posted this article today:

The Southeast Texas Political Review has been told over the weekend that complaints have been filed with the Texas Ethics Commissioner on Willie Bae Lewis. According to the source, Lewis "violated two election codes."

Oh, look! More "anonymous sources!" 

The traffic to my little blog has exploded this week, with over 10 times the normal number of unique visitors.  I'm obviously getting a lot of new readers, so perhaps this is a good time to revisit a few of Philip's previous statements that he's attributed to his "anonymous sources." 

New readers should note that I debunk Philip's articles on a daily basis, as time permits. The following are just a few of many, many more that can be found in the archived articles on this site.

To my regular readers -mission accomplished!  I especially appreciate the support, tips, and valuable insight you've provided over the past 14 months, and for this I am grateful. As you know, Philip has claimed that I'm part of a conspiracy involving this lawsuit and as soon as the suit is settled, I'll disappear.  Together, we'll prove Philip R. Klein wrong again.

Regarding this subject of Willie Bae Lewis, Philip wrote on Monday, May 19, 2008:

Another source who spoke to the Review this morning told us that Willie's intent is to take as much time and money of the city [sic] and try to bring it down some more.

Well, that source certainly didn't pan out, did it? As it turned out, Willie Bae left his seat on the Port Arthur City Council without a whimper.

On March 11, 2008, Philip R. Klein wrote of an investigation at the Jefferson County Courthouse:

The Review has learned over the last twenty four hours of an investigation ongoing by Judge Ron Walker regarding gumballs [sic]  being sold.

Philip left us hanging on that one; he never referred to the Great Gum Ball Investigation again.

On Monday, May 5, 2008, Philip's sources informed him that Jefferson County Commissioners were considering a new "Tax Abetment" for the Total refinery:

Today, the Jefferson County Commissioners have on their plate a huge tax abetment [sic]. And this time it is with TOTAL. And it .... should pass. With yes votes from Arnold (leading the charge) and Waymon Hallmark.

"We will be watching today," said one manager to the Review over the weekend.

Actually,  the abatement in question was previously approved years ago on projects that were already completed.  Jefferson County Commissioners simply appointed a committee to review the agreement for compliance with the terms of the original abatement.

On March 4, the night of the Texas Presidential Primaries, Philip wrote:

The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned that lawyers for both Obama and Clinton have been dispatched to major cities and strong democratic held  [sic] counties - including Jefferson County - armed with lawsuits in an attempt to insure [sic] each candidate will obtain their proper amount of votes in the county caucus voting.

That one never panned out, either, so Philip's sources then revealed something else on April 21, 2008:

Sources close to the Clinton Camp in Austin say that William Jefferson Clinton will be making a visit in six cities across Texas in a last minute push for big money for Hillary before the next primary if she wins in Penn on Tuesday.

Hillary won in Pennsylvania, but Bill Clinton never made it to Texas for that visit. However, Philip's sources were quite confused, since he quoted his source as someone in the TDC (Texas Department of Corrections):

"There is a strong lawyer base that supports Hillary. We will start there," the TDC committee person told us.

Philip didn't explain why he quoted a source from the TDC, as opposed to state officers of the TDP (Texas Democratic Party - there is no "TDP committee"), but I suppose this makes some sort of sense to Philip.  Note that the TDP doesn't collect money for specific Democratic presidential candidates - only the candidates' individual campaigns have this responsibility. 

This wasn't the first time in recent months that Philip predicted a visit.  Back in January, Philip's sources revealed:

Okay - so get this....here comes Ms. Nancy [Pelosi] to Texas...what a joke." "We expect to raise around $300,000 for the speaker," said a loyal democrat [sic] in Houston this afternoon.

Nancy never made it to Texas, either, so apparently that source was quite disappointed.

On another subject, Philip's sources revealed on July 17, 2007:

"According to a source close to Brascia tells the Review that the [KOLE Morning Blend] radio show will be broadcast syndicated nationally [?] on 10+ stations starting Monday with a goal of hitting 200 stations by the end of the year

Actually, Brascia had quit by the end of 2007 and was off the air. In April, 2008, Philip wrote:

Sources close to KOLE radio told the Review that Dominick Brasha [sic] is scheduled to start back on the air this next Monday morning with a new show and new format.

That never happened, either.

On April 21, 2008, Philip wrote:

The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned from business sources in Houston that Louisiana officials have been told that the brand new LNG Plant which just accepted its first ship this last week, will lay off 160 employees as well as its corporate headquarters in Houston to lay off 160 employees. The ripple effect will be felt in Southeast Texas because of the 160 people that will lose their jobs - over 80% live in Southeast Texas.

Not only is this gibberish, but he couldn't even copy the story from the newspapers properly. The  cut was reported a week earlier, and 200 out of 360 jobs were on the block. Yet, Philip's purported sources still mangled  the information.  Here's the punch line: the LNG terminal here in Southeast Texas only employs about 70 people, so it's physically impossible that 80 percent of the layoffs, or 128 people, would come from here.

Regarding the new Chief of Beaumont Fire and Rescue, Philip wrote:

Sources close to the city manager tell the Review that the next Chief will come from outside the department."

Actually, Alma Huff, the new Chief, has over 20 years experience with the Beaumont Fire Department - definitely not an outsider.  However, she's the first female fire chief ever for the City of Beaumont, but Philip's sources missed that as well.

Back in March, Philip's sources commented on the proposed trade agreement with Song Xian, China:

Why? That is the question running around the SET Business Roundtable yesterday after media reports focused on Mayor Deplores [sic] Princes announcement that she was headed towards China (and not China Texas) to find a sister city!

Philip doesn't sit at that table, else he'd know the group is actually called the Golden Triangle Business Roundtable. Furthermore, I've never seen Flapjack Philip during those meetings at the Pompano Club.  

While Philip claimed that GTBR members opposed the proposed trade agreement, the person who holds the chair of the Roundtable's Environmental Committee is actually one of those who made  the trip to Song Xian.  

This comment was quite interesting.

Well Mississippi went democrat [sic] in a senate race this week. Why is that important? Well it has been held by a GOPER for the last ..... million [sic] years. Everyone is running around saying go democrat [sic] - but [sic] that really is not what the exit polls are showing.

In reality, Travis Childers won Mississippi's 1st Congressional District seat in the U.S. House of Representatives, not the Senate as Philip claimed. Likewise, that seat has been held by Republicans since 1995, not the last million years as Philip claims.  Prior to that, the seat was held by Democrats since Reconstruction.  Putting this into proper perspective, Republicans held the seat for 13 years, while Democrats held the seat for over 120. 

Philip's many sources also told him about the Wildcatters:

According to sources, Sharon Terrell, wife of attorney and all around good guy B. Terrell, has cut a deal to keep the Hockey team in Southeast Texas against the wishes of the powerhouse "A" team in commissioners court.

That one didn't pan out, either.  Note to Philip: how did B. Terrell's lawsuit against you a few years ago turn out?

This one was quite funny. Back in March, Philip's sources  revealed that the US Attorney's office, the FBI, ATF, Secret Service, DEA, and the USCIS/Border Patrol were about to descend upon Port Arthur to help the Port Arthur Police Department:

Beleaguered with homicides, robberies, break ins [sic] and shootings, the cops of the City of Port Arthur were given the rally cry late Friday afternoon and were giving encouragement by the United States Federal Government.

Sources that we contacted late Sunday told us that not only is agencies [sic] in the United States have been lined up to help the local cops, pep rallies of sort will be given all week long to the shift officers in the Department.

We're still waiting for the calvary to show up.

Back in January, Philip's sources revealed  candidates were waiting to run against an incumbent Jefferson County Commissioner:

Two are waiting in the wings to run the only GOPER for any seat - being Eddie Arnold.

Actually, no one ran against Eddie Arnold, either Democrat or Republican.

Philip has a political agenda.  As an example, he wrote on March 20, 2008:

We have never, will never and shall never endorse any candidate for any office. We say it before ever picks and pans we make on this web site?

This statement came shortly after Philip wrote this about Jefferson County Precinct 3 Commissioner candidate Jimmy Dike:

Jimmy Dyke [sic]. For over 10 years he has managed the biggest government project in the history of Jefferson County. That being Pleasure Island. And when you look about - you see a guy that understands the show. Sources this weekend tell the Review that Dyke  [sic] has simply put his resume out there. He is a leader with a positive outlook that is refreshing. And frankly - if any of the above should take the ride - it should be Jimmy Dyke [sic].  We would love to see him up there giving some common sense to some pretty big time guys in politics that have their own agendas in place and as a goal rather than what is best for Jefferson County.

During this time, Philip launched an "investigation" into Alma Cantu's time cards, but got confused over simple payroll concepts of comp time and holiday pay.

Philip has never addressed why he insists upon referring to himself in the plural, but I suspect it has something to do with his low self-esteem.  It's probably this same personality defect that leads him into making these outrageous statements in an effort to generate attention to himself. I've speculated on this quite a bit in past articles.

My favorite of the year (so far) has to do with Philip's mud-slinging at Hardin County Attorney David Sheffield,  who ran a successful campaign for Hardin County District Attorney. On January 22, 2008, Philip sources told him:

"Sheffield screwed up big time. He has attempted to cover up his mistake by going back and refilling over 800 cases in an attempt to correct the problem. But I have to tell you that any case that was settled or tried can be overturned without question. This is going to be a feeding frenzy if it gets out."

"We know of 27,000 cases that may be overturned," said a source that demanded there [sic] name not be used.

Of course, this never panned out. As it turned out, one (1) case had been appealed because of a technicality on the form used during court proceedings. By the time Philip printed this lie, the appeal had already run it's course and been denied (EX PARTE JOHN ERIC THOMAS, 234 S.W.3d 656).  No cases overturned. No convictions overturned, no other appeals and the issue was decided. Philip even predicted that incumbent Hardin County DA Bugs Coe would win in a landslide. Actually, Philip was half-right - there was a landslide, but Sheffield was elected, not Coe.

Philip even makes up most of those letters in his "Reader Mail" section. One of my favorites was this one, posted on Sunday, March 23, 2008:

I am a black man that read your web site this week. I saw you posted a u-tube [sic] video.....he does not represent the black community."

Philip may well be the only person in the entire world who refers to"YouTube" as "u-tube." Just two weeks earlier, he quoted another source on March 7th, 2008:

The Southeast Texas Political Review was contacted this past Friday regarding a u-tube [sic] video floating around the net regarding former State Senator Mike Galloway and a vote he made in the State Senate regarding judicial districts.

Concerning the incineration of VX hydrolysis in Port Arthur, Philip wrote on December 6, 2007:

So we did some calling around to find out how things went and the horrible damage and terrible environmental damage that was done from the burning of the VX Gas on Highway 73...What really bugs us over here at the Review is that the gas was disposed of properly, there was NO environmental damage and there is no media..

What Philip's sources failed to mention is that VX hydrolysis is a liquid,  not a gas, and the incineration was less than 50 percent completed at the time he wrote this. As of today, the effort si still not completed.

I should probably mention this statement from Philip earlier this year:

We will be providing you a play by play description of the rulings in this lawsuit Gillam v. Klein along with all of the evidence as such.

After posting a sworn statement from a witness, which he referred to as a deposition, Philip roped in another blogger, Mike Aguilar,  who also posted more of the sworn statement. Those went down within days and disappeared. In their place, Philip put up an "Under Construction' picture, which is still there.  

So, where's the play-by-play?

As I previously pointed out, these are only a few of the many, many things that I've debunked from Philip R. Klein since I started this blog in April of 2007.  Enjoy reading through the archives - unlike Philip, I leave everything up so that everyone can refer back to Philip's ridiculous claims.

And, don't forget to leave a comment!

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