Jun 1, 2008

Open Postscript to Philip R. Klein (Re: I'm Back)

Dear Philip :

Since you seem to enjoy looking at pictures of pedophiles and salivating speculating on graphic descriptions of their acts, I thought you might enjoy this photo while you're "cranking your hot tube."

The male in the photo is FLDS Prophet Warren Jeffs. That little girl is one of his brides, a 12-year-old child named Marrianne, whom he married in 2006. Jeffs was 52 at the time.   You can see more of these disgusting photos  here at The Smoking Gun, after they were released by Texas authorities during recent court proceedings.

In addition to the questions contained in the open letter below, I have a few more for you.

Question 6: If this is truly "about the children" as you claim, what's your opinion of this posting from your so-called "talk back line:"

I got your point.  How about this?  Let's keep expanding the role of social services to make arrests.  Particularly to protect our children.  Especially someone else's children!  Especially when your socialist educators don't have access to them.  Say, perhaps, where they live in a gated community.

Let's just assume, since you love big Republican and Democrat government (they're one in the same to me now), that you decide that children shouldn't be raised in a polygamist setting because it's bad for them.  Never mind that if they want to exchange vows before God and have multiple marriage partners, the last I checked, as long as they didn't have the state grant them a marriage license, they could do and live however they want.  There's a legal difference between polygamy and bigamy.  I guess it's just bad to have a polygamist family setting, it's bad for the children.  After all, they need one Mom and one Dad to raise them.  Marriage, after all, is supposed to be between one man and one woman.

So, I think that every homosexual should have their children taken by the state social services and placed into foster care.  Also, every single mother who had children out of wedlock should also be sterilized and have their children placed into foster care. Sounds like to me the social services (mostly run by liberal Democrats and now some Republicans) have already abolished most of what is allowed under the constitution when taking children from their parents in West Texas.

I'm glad I'm a Libertarian! 

I'm reminded of an old saying about birds of a feather, or in this case, wingnuts who flock together. 

Even though your subscriber claims he got the point, he actually missed it by a country mile.  The FLDS cult regularly arranges involuntary "marriages" between children as young as 12 to older men, so it seems rather hypocritical to claim outrage "for the children" in the case of Kerry Foulk. Any comment, buddy?

Question 7: I noticed that you first referred to Kerry Foulk as:

The criminal is Kerry Fault of Port Neches, Texas.

However, you referred to her repeatedly through the remainder of your article as "Kerry Folk:"

Kerry Folk was a substitute teacher in the Nederland Independent School District.

Since her real name is Kerry Foulk and you've mangled it twice, is this another example of your "purposeful inability to get stories correct," or just stupidity on your part?

In closing, note that I've honored your request. You specifically named me in your laundry list of people upon whom you've called to express outrage. I look forward to hearing your response to these questions and those contained in my original Open Letter below.  

If you refuse to respond, we can all assume that your statements weren't really "about the children" at all, but rather just another poor attempt at exploiting crimes against children to whip up hysteria over the Jefferson County District Attorney. If this is indeed the case, you're as despicable as Kerry Foulk.

Sincerely yours,

Gus Pillsbury

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