Jun 29, 2008

Reading Philip R. Klein's Mail

I confess that I rarely read Klein's mail to himself these days - most of his self-penned messages are exercises in self-aggrandizement and ego masturbation:

"You are like our local Rush Limbaugh."

Thank you.

Excellent observation. The primary similarity is that the opposite of Rush Limbaugh is Al Franken, while Philip Klein's opposite number is Sam the Eagle.

Readers will have to ignore the obvious differences, however. For instance, Rush Limbaugh doesn't make up his sources, comprehends the issues, doesn't make stupid mistakes, can write a coherent sentence, is well-read and intelligent, is entertaining, and has a real radio show. 

However, I checked out Philip's latest messages to himself this morning and discovered no less than four postings devoted to Precinct 4 Constable James Trahan. Did I miss something?  

Any question on the origin of these messages can be answered by examining the alleged location of these readers:

From Hampshire Fannett :

Presumably, these purported residents would know how to spell Hamshire-Fannett.

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