Jun 18, 2008

Uncle Hillty (Who's Really Lying?)

Like a one-trick pony, Philip R. Klein's latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review rehashes his vituperative personal attack on Hilton Kelley:

We warned all of you - we had advance notice that Uncle Hillty was on a come back [sic]  after weeks of staying under the radar....and guess what - here he is.

Here's Philip's purported warning from last week's Tidbits, written and published on Friday, June 13, 2008:

Get Ready Here Comes Hillty - News broke that more VX gas may be coming to Port Arthur. (Media Talking) - after the safety issues and the horrible record of....what....there were no safety issues and they have a great record of being safe? What is up with all of that? We smell Hillty trying to make a come back? IRS - can you hear the call?

As I pointed out on Friday, the issue had nothing to do with "VX Gas" or more properly, VX hydrolosate, a liquid.

Instead, the issue is over a Veolia's request for permit to burn imported PCBs from Mexico. Furthermore, the Houston Chronicle published an article the day before, which quoted Kelley among others:

"This adds insult to injury," said Kelley, who heads the Community In-Power and Development Association. "Enough is enough already."

A number of other articles in regional newspapers and national news services were also published before Nitwit Tidbits appeared on Friday. Klein also references an article from the Port Arthur News, but fails to provide readers with a link to the real article, which is here. I'm sure he doesn't want the visitors to his site to read the rest of the article for themselves.

As an example, Philip referred to this statement from Kelley, but failed to include that in his quote:

Kelley believes the EPA, under the current Bush administration, may allow the variance to Veolia and it would take a new administration to stop trucks coming to Port Arthur with PCBs if the EPA tables it.

“We’re inundated with toxic waste. We don’t need to set a precedent for other states or other countries to come here,” Kelley said. “It’s coming here on our own families.”

From this statement, Klein concluded:

And of course it is George Bush's fault was [sic] one of our favorites in the article.

Klein also spins Kelley's statement in another comment later in his article on the Southeast Texas Political Review:

So we made a call this morning to the EPA - and [sic] they told us that the air in Southeast Texas is just fine. That are no current regulatory issues and Veola [sic] is far and above the national standards. But you will not here [sic] that from Uncle Hillty. He says they lie and that George Bush told them to lie?

I'm not sure how Philip made this illogical and hysterical leap from Kelley's simple statement to "George Bush told them to lie." 

If Philip truly made the call to the EPA, perhaps he should question why his so-called source allegedly told him that "Veola [sic] is far and above the national standards," when the EPA's own website shows that the Veolia facility was found to be in violation or out of compliance during six inspections in the past five years.  The same site shows that the plant has received a warning letter, two verbal warnings, and a proposed administrative consent order  over the past three years.  In the same three-year period the company paid $13,920 in fines and penalties.

The TCEQ (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality) rates Veolia as only average, not "far and above the national standards."   The TCEQ issued an Administrative Order on March 23, 2006, with an assessed penalty of $31,920, and initiated another administrative action against the company this year.

As I've pointed out repeatedly, Klein regularly mistakes personal attacks for substantive commentary. I wonder whether Klein's sources will next reveal that Hilton Kelley was having sex with his secretary inside his office.

Kelley's observation about the Bush administration's relaxation of previously adopted standards is verified by a quick review of the real facts. Under the Bush Administration, over 400 major environmental rollbacks were implemented, the EPA's enforcement division was cut to its lowest level on record,  fines assessed for environmental violations dropped by nearly two-thirds,  and criminal prosecutions, the government's weapon of last resort against the worst polluters, are down by nearly a half.

I particularly liked this statement from Philip R. Klein:

Our problem is that Uncle Hillty is a liar. He continues to just make these issues up. According to the EPA they can and do monitor and test Dioxins and can monitor and detect PCB's. "He does not know what he is talking about," said our source at the EPA.

Compare Philip's statement from his purported "source at the EPA," with documentation on monitoring dioxins from the EPA's own website:

"Dioxin" is probably the most recognizable, scientifically studied, and toxic air pollution problem. Despite this dubious distinction, our understanding of how dioxin is formed in combustion systems and therefore, how to prevent dioxin from forming, is extremely limited. In addition, our awareness of dioxin sources and subsequent population exposure to dioxin emissions is limited by our inability to monitor this pollutant and assess exposure risk.

The emphasis is mine.

Readers can make up their own minds about who is really lying.

Note to Philip: Care to discuss the real issue, or are you simply too stupid to do anything but sniff other people's underwear and call it politics?

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