Jul 31, 2008

Early Nitwit Tidbits


Not much going on here this week!

BPD - Watch it.....get ready for a lawsuit. This should be fun.

Premature speculation (part 1)? To be revisited.

Crockett Street - Still closed. Tax lawsuits filed. And ... uh.... the owners did not file an answer to the lawsuit. Looks like ....

Premature speculation (part 2)? To be revisited.

Judge Sanderson - He will make the call on the Port Arthur gig. All eyes are watching. We hear the case was weak. But who knows. Either way it goes upstairs.

Premature speculation (part 3)?  To be revisited.

Riverfront - Get this....maybe the city could sell the water front district to a taxpaying public firm rather than take a bunch of property off the tax rolls. Na....to easy. We want Ford Park II!

I find it ironic that Philip ignored this issue for approximately two years. As two examples, I pointed this out in January of 2008 and November of 2007.   I suppose Philip's sources aren't as up to date as the rest of us.

Next Week - We got the inside gig on the NISD bond. This thing might be dead.

Given the current economy and the amount of money the NISD is asking, it doesn't take psychic powers to figure this out.  We'll revisit next week.

Bennigans - Raise your prices or ...... Chapter 7. When government dictates...sometimes it is smart to get out.

While Philip blames the government, the Wall Street Journal had a different take:

Pressures such as high gasoline prices and dwindling home values have prompted consumers to eat out less often or switch to cheaper fast-food meals.

"There's just too many stores in this category," said Mr. Paul, whose firm has done work for Metromedia. "Most of these places aren't even that full on a Saturday night." Chains have already started slowing their expansion and shutting locations, and Mr. Paul expects that will accelerate.

Other large national chains that have filed for bankruptcy this year include Vicorp Restaurants Inc.'s Bakers Square and Village Inn and Buffets Inc.'s Old Country Buffet. Those chains, however, are trying to restructure and eventually emerge from bankruptcy, while Bennigan's and Steak and Ale are planning to liquidate.

I suppose Philip's opinion is consistent with his take on the economy:

Gas Prices: Good Economy higher gas prices. Supply - demand

Apparently, the gas prices in Nederland weren't high enough when those DQs went under.

Jul 29, 2008

Shocker (Philip's Psychic Powers)


Philip R. Klein again proves a limited vocabulary is indicative of a limited intellect. In this case, he's resurrecting one of his favorite titles.  Here are just a few in recent memory:

Any semblance of a real point is lost in Philip's hysterical rant. For instance, he wrote:

Commissioner Mark Domingue allowed his name to be used as a reference for Naomi Lawrence Lee's application....

Talk about arrogant. Talk about someone who thinks he is Teflon? What in the **** is he doing speaking for the county?  Is that not the job of the personnel department?

Philip is obviously confused about personal references. 

Philip's claim concerning his gift of telepathy is especially interesting. In this case, he divined the inner thoughts of Mark Domingue:

What in the **** is Mark Domingue thinking?

Well....we will tell you.

From his new editorial this week:

Strange? I think not. I firmly believe in the business I am of the 6th sense.

I wonder how that argument would hold up in a libel suit?  I don't pretend to be psychic, but I'm reminded of one of my late father's favorite colloquialisms: "Nutty as a fruitcake!"

By the way, Philip will channel your departed loved ones or read your palm for a small sitting fee. Call now: (409) 729-8798.

Jul 27, 2008

IH10 Orange


In his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review, Philip R. Klein writes:

The democrats (now here comes the stupid part) want to now sin tax you per gallon. The real meaning is that they need more revenue to keep up the road programs - all  after you were told how bad you are for driving and using gas. The cost to you? How about another 10 cents per gallon. Yes...you heard it right. As much as you hurt and small business hurts - they want to sin tax you. Yes - they want more.

Actually, Republican Representative Don Young of Alaska is the one who suggested the federal gas tax increase. But, don't take my word for it - see for yourself.

Young is the former head of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, who's been pushing for the tax increase since the Minneapolis bridge failure.  His proposal gained credibility in January of this year, when an independent study by the non-partisan  National Surface Transportation Policy and Revenue Study Commission also recommended a gas tax hike.

Among the most ardent supporters of the gas tax increase is conservative Republican Paul Weyrich, who co-founded the Heritage Foundation and writes for NewsMax. Any question on whether Philip is completely confused and out of touch on this issue?

If so, then consider that Democrats favor another plan, which revolves around transferring $8 billion from the General Fund to the Highway Trust Fund. Despite President Bush's threat of a veto, the House passed the bill on Wednesday with a 387 to 37 margin. Veto-proof, I'd say.

I'd really love to discuss this issue in a more substantive manner, but Philip has already demonstrated that he's just a partisan hack following the party line with his bumper sticker mentality:

So you politicos over in Orange - explain your party stance to the public? No drilling - higher costs - less demands - fuel tax revenue decrease. Or maybe you want to sell a higher fuel tax to those already hurting? Inflation?

Philip is again talking about both sides of his mouth. Readers may remember his position on escalating gas prices:

Gas Prices: Good Economy higher gas prices. Supply - demand

What an idiot! Any comment, buddy?

Nitwit Tidbits (Part Deux)


Another week and more tidbits with little substance or interest:

Reverse Discrimination - There is no such thing. Discrimination is Discrimination. White - Black, Black - White, Brown - Green and on and on. Think about that.

Think about this.

Perhaps Philip is confusing discrimination with racism:

And you folks in the black community - shut up.

Any comment, buddy?

Wanna Laugh And See How Angry The Media Is : http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/front/5906550.html

Readers can decide fro themselves if author Rick Casey is angry. Regular readers will reailize that Philip routinely claims any opinion different that his own is "angry," "liberal," and "left-wing." 

Actually, Casey's commentary makes a lot more sense than any posted by Philip R. Klein.

Dress Code - The out of control NISD School Board implements a dress code. Meaning all NISD cadets ....sorry students must wear the same thing. Too frigging funny. Can you imagine 18 year olds wearing uniforms?

Typically, Philip is confused - a standardized dress code doesn't constitute required "uniforms." In the case of NISD, students are required to wear blue denim or navy, black or khaki pants. Only solid colored polo or oxford type shirts are allowed. 

Readers will notice that Philip's horse laugh fallacy in logic does not address any of the arguments for a standardized dress code. Care to discuss the issue, Philip, website-to-website, and its success in other local school districts - say for instance, West Orange-Stark?

Minimum Wage Increase - Do not fool yourself. This is just another chance to collect more taxes from the employees and the employers. Billions.

A Little Math - If one makes $5.85 for 40 hours per week you make $12,168 a year. Now you get a raise. If one makes $6.55 per hour for 40 hours per week you now make $13,624. You just got a 12% raise. For doing????? This is how silly we think. And you just made the government $311 more in payroll taxes. Now times that out?

Here's a little more math - only 25 percent of all those who make minimum wage are under the age of 21.  Of those, a disproportionate number, about half, come from homes below the poverty line. Regarding those adults, a full time minimum wage worker makes just $10,712 per year, well below the poverty line.

We probably wouldn't need minimum wage requirements if employers, such as former DQ owners, paid their workers a fair wage, rather than depend upon the government to set the absolute minimum.

Hello Dolly - Notice how other Counties with MORE citizens than Jefferson County can do more with less money? Interesting. Looking at the Dolly numbers coming in.

I apparently missed the comparison.

  • Hurricane Dolly: 75 Million in Damage (current estimate)
  • Hurricane Rita: 11.3 Billion (accepted estimate)

Polling :

No original content from Philip R. Klein

More Polling :

As I previously mentioned, readers should note that Philip's so-called "poll" this week generated only 59 votes, even though Philip claims he receives thousands of "hits" everyday. Bob always gets many more votes on his Texas Gulf Coast Gab polls.

Jul 25, 2008

Reading Philip R. Klein's Mail


Philip R. Klein posted new messages on his Reader Mail page, again written by Philip himself:

From Orange County :

"I am not understanding why Nederland needs to spend $100+ million for schools.

Philip frequently has a hard time with the proper use of verbs. Whereas most people would use simple present tense with "I don't understand why...," Philip lapses into present progressive tense in an awkward and clumsy manner.

From Houston :

"When I got home last night, my wife demanded that I take her someplace Expensive.... So, I took her to a gas station..... And that's how the
Fight started..."

Four of Philip's grammatical tells are in this message - here are two that regular readers will spot immediately. Philip has a hard time with errant capitalization, as in "Expensive."  And how many periods properly go into an ellipsis? Philip typically uses five, six, and in some cases, a whole of line. I have a theory that one can gauge Philip R. Klein's mood by how many periods he Inserts - into an..........ellipsis?

By the way, Philip, whatever happened to this prediction from February:

We hear [sic] at the Review think that Hillary Clinton is the candidate to beat?

Any comment, buddy?

Jul 24, 2008

Nitwit Tidbits (Pt 1)


I had to comment on Philip's observation concerning the Megadump Blog in this week's Nitwit Tidbits on the Southeast Texas Political Review:

Mega - Gone batty. Three Klein Sites make it into the top 10.

Readers may remember Philip's comment from January 10, 2008:

Go to Megadump where he tracks stats. Those who change their message and stories end up in the top 10. Those who do not - and talk about the same old thing everyday drop out.

Readers should note that Philip's so-called "poll" this week generated only 59 votes, even though Philip claims he receives thousands of "hits" everyday.

How funny!  More to come later this week-end!



Philip R. Klein writes in his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review:

Bob Castilow [sic] is like many of us out here.

Let me guess: a local wingnut has a hard time spelling his name correctly?

The rest of Philip's article is invented gibberish, most of which is either racist or just plain wrong:

Never mind the message that Obama wants to tax you middle classers [sic]...

Apparently, Philip R. Klein considers himself as being in the upper class, else that would be "us middle-classers."  This seems rather presumptuous for someone who lives in a home valued at only $120,000

Likewise, those who've actually read Obama's platform on taxes know that Philip's statement is completely wrong. One of the centerpieces of Obama's tax plan is an 80 million dollar tax cut for middle-class taxpayers.

Obama would set the estate-tax rate at 45 percent on everything over $7 million. I have mixed emotions about this, but Paris Hilton makes a powerful argument for Obama's proposal.

Here's the point that both Philip and Bob Costilow apparently missed.

Obama's plan would indeed raise the capital gains tax to as high as 28 percent to finance his proposed tax cuts for the middle class.  This works - Ronald Reagan did it when he cut taxes on the middle class and raised the capital gains tax to 28 percent. 

Philip really needs to talk educated about the issue of taxes, instead of spouting the "same old think, over and over and over again." Under Jimmy Carter's  Revenue Act of 1978, passed under a Democratic congress, the capital gains tax was radically cut.  Reagan's Tax Reform Act of 1986, drafted and passed by the GOP-controlled Senate led by Bob Dole, raised the rate to 28 percent.

I'm sure there are many reasons not to support Barack Obama, but specious arguments from an ignorant wingnut based on personal bias is not one of them.

Here's another of Philip's idiot statements:

This has set the media on fire. They are making an issue of it because it is....well....good media? Or maybe....

While Philip's statement is largely gibberish, two stories by the Beaumont Enterprise and Channel 6 doesn't constitute setting "the media on fire" in my opinion.

And of course, we have Philip's typical racism:

And you folks in the black community - shut up.

According to Philip, Bob Costilaw can express his opinion, but African-Americans have no right to express their opinions.  I suppose this makes sense to a wingnut racist like Philip R. Klein.

Any comment, buddy?

Jul 23, 2008



Resident partisan hack Philip R. Klein displays more confusion over numbers bigger than three digits.

In his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review, Philip tries to tackle the issue of the Nederland ISD Bond:

Tax and spend. Tax and Spend. Tax and Spend. Tax and Spend.

In lieu of an actual point, Philip resorts to the "same old think, over and over and over again."

Voters in Nederland can decide for themselves whether this proposal is a fair one Hopefully they'll look at the real issues, rather than take someone's unsubstantiated speculation as fact:

Simply put - NISD could past [sic] a nice $20 million dollar bond and fix what they have.

Readers should note that Philip offers no evidence for this unsubstantiated opinion - I suspect that renovations to the 37-year-old high school will cost more than 20 million dollars. Langham Elementary is almost 70 years old, so Philip's figure doesn't make sense to me. 

Here's the bottom line that residents need to consider: what's the most effective way to address the needs of aging buildings that require significant maintenance and are not energy efficient? Should the district attempt renovations, which would add only a few years to the serviceable life of the building? Or should the district examine opportunities to replace facilities, which would serve the district for a period of 60 years, thereby reducing the financial drain on the maintenance and operations budget?  Any comment, buddy?

Of course, I don't have the capacity for numbers like Philip:

...the a [sic] preliminary budget that is being floated around may top $140 million dollars [sic].

Three weeks later, Philip wrote:

They came out with the number $122, then they said that they must subtract some costs to around $114 million. And hold the contingency fund (slush fund or over taxation fund) at $20 million. And what do you get?

Clear as mud!

Here's one of my favorites, taken from Philip's now-defunct radio show where he berated a listener for not "talking educated" about VX Hydrosylate:

It's already been dissolved to a point where you would need to wallow in it for two years to even get one point of one-tenth of a side effect.

And, who could forget this prediction from May 16, 2008:

Oil - Will go to $200 Per Barrel and Gas Will Be At $5.00 per by July.

Here's the real info, as I write this:

Oil Dashboard

July, Wednesday 23 2008 - 15:45:49
Price Change Trades Volume
$ 124.27 0.17 0.14% 117,089 272,507

1 Year Forecast: $161.55 / Barrel

On a closing note, readers will find one of Philip's obvious grammatical tells in this article:

And it makes us sick. Seriously sick.

Philip regularly uses this phrase - from a former quote of the week:

"We hear [sic] at the Review are just sick over the entire matter."

Consider these statements from his "anonymous sources," and postings from his "Reader Mail" page:

One county employee that demanded anonymity that works in the Jefferson County Courts told us : "I am just sick over this.

My husband and I read the Gus Pillsbury letter to your daughter and were just sick over a person that cannot sign their true name and calling you the things he called you.

For the record, I stated that I think Philip R. Klein is a liar. Read the letter for yourself here.

A person shameless enough to exploit his own children for the sake of his vanity will have no problem in manufacturing statistics and facts to bolster a case based on poor logic and uniformed opinions.

Jul 22, 2008

Real Readers Write


From the comment section:

Somebody is listening to "Uncle Hilty."  See today's Houston Chronicle:


From the article:

In a letter to the EPA on Monday, the House Committee on Energy and Commerce told the federal agency's chief administrator that the proposed approval of Veolia Environmental Services' petition would "effectively create an open border" for other countries' PCBs to be disposed of in the United States.

The confrontation comes nearly 30 years after legislation that banned the manufacture of PCBs, or polychlorinated biphenyls, also prohibited bringing them into the country. Veolia has proposed importing up to 20,000 tons of the chemical compound from Mexico for incineration, and the EPA has indicated it would approve the plan.

The Houston Chronicle quotes Hilton Kelley:

Hilton Kelley, a community activist who opposes Veolia's plan, applauded the committee's intervention.

"It's high time because we believe the EPA has overstepped its bounds," Kelley said. "What they've done is wrong and totally out of line."

What's the difference between Philip R. Klein and Hilton Kelley?  Hilton actually does something beyond underwear-sniffing and complaining  on a small-time, low-tech blog.

Any comment, Buddy?

Jul 21, 2008



Philip R. Klein's most recent article on the Southeast Texas Review is more of his "same old think, over and over again,"  although I seriously doubt that the Jefferson County budget would only amount to $122.  He probably meant $122 million.  Note to Philip: that's $122,000,000.

Philip's comments were based upon this article in the Beaumont Enterprise.  Consider his statement:

Here is the plan. They came out with the number $122, then they said that they must subtract some costs to around $114 million. And hold the contingency fund (slush fund or over taxation fund) at $20 million. And what do you get?

Philip is as confused as his rhetoric - compare this statement with his article from June 16, 2008:

The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned from inside sources at the Jefferson County Courthouse the a [sic] preliminary budget that is being floated around may top $140 million dollars [sic].

Oops!  Missed that one (again)!  Darn those inside sources!

I suppose this happens when one doesn't verify before publishing rumor and innuendo.  That is, of course, unless Philip simply manufactured this source.

Typically, Philip suffers from a lack of focus and wanders from issue to issue. Consider this claim from his latest article:

First, for the first two years of the Walker administration spending (hard dollars) has increased over 40%. Yes it has.

No it hasn't. In fact, Philip originally claimed on June 16, 2008:

This would bring over a five year [sic] period a spending budget in excess of a 40% increase over five years. 

As I've already pointed out, all of this is completely wrong:

Here are the real numbers:

  • Approved Expenditures for 2008: $110,247,921
  • Approved Expenditures for 2003: $92,152,538

The increase in Jefferson County's budget over the past five years is only about 19 percent, not 40 percent as Klein claims. 

Now here's the punch line that Philip apparently missed:  Since taking office, County Judge Ron Walker has only presided over one budget for 2007-2008.  The 2006-2007 budget was adopted under County Judge Carl Griffith. See for yourself here. 

Philip can't even read the county budget for himself.

For those readers who are still not convinced that Philip R. Klein has no clue, consider this statement in his latest article:

With the increase in budgets over the last two years - Ford Park could almost be paid off in cash (taxes).

In 2006, Jefferson County's debt service was $79,540,000, readers can do the math for themselves  - don't forget to figure in the interest.

Readers can see how Philip ran six Dairy Queens into the ground.

Philip offers this parting shot:

Now let's talk about bonds.........never mind.

Yes, let's talk about bonds, I seriously doubt whether Philip R. Klein even knows what Jefferson County's Municipal Bond Rating is?

Philip needs to do his homework, so he he can "talk educated" instead of sounding like a complete idiot.

Effective Immediately...


The following steps need to be taken at the Southeast Texas Political Review:

  1. Release Klein from service.
  2. Apologize to Klein for making a horrible mistake.
  3. Apologize to the public for making a horrible lapse in judgment.
  4. Apologize to the public again, who stopped believing Philip Klein several years ago.
  5. Change the way the Southeast Texas Political Review operates.

Jul 20, 2008

The Fall Out


In his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review, Philip R. Klein continues to wax hysterical over the hiring of Naomi Lawrence-Lee as BISD Purchasing Agent.

Consider the irony in Klein's simplistic list of "steps that need to be taken:"

1) Release Lee from service.

2) Apologize to Lee for making a horrible mistake.

3) Apologize to the public that Thomas represents for making a horrible lapse in judgment.

4) Apologize to the school board to which entrusts him.

5) Change the way he operates.

Compare with Philip's statement in his editorial, "Stop Complaining:"

And most of all stop bitching - you voted them in.

If the majority of taxpayers are truly outraged over the hiring of Lawrence-Lee as PRK claims, they should remember this when they next vote for a BISD trustee.

That is, except for Philip - he's not eligible to vote in the BISD elections.

These taxpayers can also force the issue with a petition presented to the BISD trustees - the board is not legally obligated to act on the petition, but such a petition is infinitely more powerful than wingnut opinions based on rumor, hearsay, manufactured sources, and silly demands from an outsider who's repeatedly proven that he's not credible.

On an unrelated subject, a reader left a comment concerning oil as a dwindling resource. I greatly enjoyed reading his or her articulate opinion - I didn't publish this, since I wasn't sure whether this was intended for my eyes only.

I'm very familiar with the concept of peak oil.  Here's an excellent introduction to the subject of the Hubbert peak theory, with a bibliography for further reading.  Readers conversant with this subject will know that the U.S. imports roughly 1,579,000 barrels per day of oil from Saudi Arabia, yet we don't know the amount of oil in the ground there - it's a state secret. This doesn't bode well for America's Homeland Security in the future, so it seems to me that the prudent thing to do is reduce U.S. dependency upon oil, foreign or otherwise, as Al Gore suggests. 

However, my personal opinions are not what this blog is about, so perhaps Philip would like to defend his own wingnut opinions on this issue:

Gas Prices: Good Economy higher gas prices. Supply - demand.

Reading Philip R. Klein's Mail


Philip offers another letter to himself in his latest additions to his "Reader Mail" page on the Southeast Texas Political Review:

From Beaumont Texas :

...This Board NEW what [Carrol Thomas] was going to do about 3 months ago but this way they can say they didn't have any thing to do with her hiring."

In 29 words, I see several of Philip's typical grammatical tells, such as uppercase letters to stress a poor point, a malapropism in the case of "new," the lack of proper punctuation, mispelling "anything," and bad sentence construction.

Note to Philip: Do you have any comment on why the purported mail on your Reader Mail page is written in exactly the same bad style as your regular articles, Buddy?

"So Bob, This One's for You, Buddy!"


Philip R. Klein needs to cut back on his Kool-Aid intake:

This is a prime example of the democrats [sic] theory of big government. If it fails - make it bigger.

Compare Klein's "same old think, over and over and over again," with these recent statements.

The City of Beaumont...this is a prime example of government stepping up and making life better for you and me. And to make it better - they are going to take your property - they are going to take property off the tax roll - and they are going to build to attract you to downtown. It is a "government master plan."

Reality: the Beaumont City Council has a sitting majority of Republicans.

Is there a bright spot. [sic] You bet there is...Kirbyville Texas! No more taxes. Cut expenditures.

Reality: the Kirbyville City Council has a sitting majority of Democrats.

Any comment, Buddy?

Jul 19, 2008

Nitwit Tidbits


Philip R. Klein offers little substantive content in his latest Nitwit Tidbits on the Southeast Texas Political Review.  A large part is devoted to the issue of Naomi Lawrence-Lee:

A MUST READ : www.theexaminer.com - We know....we hate Southeast Texas. Corruption folks - this is what we talk about. Way to go Jerry Jordan. You will not hear this on the big three or the Enterprise.

As I previously pointed out, the Enterprise published a succinct editorial - read it here. 

Corruption At The DA's Office ? - From ACE REPORTER JERRY JORDAN'S Examiner article this morning :

"But many say that wasn't the only time that Lawrence-Lee had been caught personally benefiting at the county and taxpayer's expense.

A source at the courthouse said that Lawrence-Lee has been using the county's print shop for her own personal benefit for some time. Several years ago a county employee filed a grievance claiming that Lawrence-Lee had the print shop print business cards for a friend of hers in Louisiana. At the time the information was turned over to the district attorney's office but, according to the source, the evidence, which was a business card, was lost."

A fine example of Philip's personal agenda, which depends upon an anonymous "source at the courthouse."

More From The Article (This Shows The Sickness of our Leaders) -

"The girl is good. She has great qualifications and, in fact, she is over-qualified for the job she has. I think she has learned a lot and she has admitted some mistakes that she made. I think she is very remorseful for whatever happened. And, she has more than assured us that, if she does the job that I think she is capable of doing, then I think it will probably one of the best investments we have ever made in human resources." Carol Thomas interview from the Examiner.

Readers will notice that Philip R. Klein asserts that Dr. Carrol Thomas is representative of "our Leaders."  I suspect Thomas would have a hard time holding on to his position and salary if the BISD superintendent were an elected position.

Gene Bush - Our hero. Someone that will stand up! Hey Gene - have you seen David Teuscher? Seemingly the media has lost him also?

If voters object to this, the answer is simple - residents with a vested interest in the BISD should elect trustees that better represent their opinions and viewpoints.

After I pointed out that Philip had no dog in this hunt, a reader left this comment:O

You should Philip if he's ever used public resources for his own personal business like the fax machine at the Nederland Volunteer Fire Department if you want evidence of his hypocritical position, but he won't tell you the truth.

Interesting question  - any comment, Philip? 

Funny Quote - "A taxpayer voting Barack Obama is like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders."

Funnier quote from Philip R. Klein:

Folks - this is not about the color of skin - this is not about anything other than a huge political misstep that has to be corrected.

Compared with this quote from Philip R. Klein:

The Review has an opinion - and that opinion is that if Lee were white and not in the "click" - Lee would have been tried, convicted and paid big fines.

Let's consider the issue of Philip's racism:

Funny Quote - "A taxpayer voting Barack Obama is like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders."

The Author Says In Answer If He Cares If It Offends - "I don't give a damn," he said. "We have free speech in this country, and if it fluffs somebody's feathers, I'm sorry. I don't agree with Obama's tax plan."

The Complainer - "They put themselves in a crossfire," said Jevyn McDowell, who passed the sign on the way to her job. "We had our primary elections and Obama came out on top. I'm an African-American, and it looks like (Bob Costilow Realtors) is comparing black folks to chickens."

Our Take -  Jevyn McDowell is racist.

Our Thanks - To the Beaumont Enterprise for ANOTHER RACIST story.

Philip's final word on the subject:

How About Some Music ? :

"Barack the 'Magic Negro'"

Does anyone have questions as to whether Philip is ANOTHER RACIST?  Note to Philip: let me know when you want to discuss the real issue of Obama's position on taxes, instead of throwing mud at his cultural heritage.

The Big Three - Are going overseas with the Obama For President campaign on the presidents first foreign policy tour. Oh...wait...sorry...he is not president?

That title, the Foreign Policy Tour, is what McCain supporters are calling Obama's trip abroad.  Philip is merely aping those charges.  Ironically, Philip didn't mention that Obama chairs the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and that he's already met most of the foreign officials he'll see on his trip. 

Philip's dilemma is this: he's obviously not intelligent enough to rationally discuss the real issues, so he has  to resort to mud-slinging.  I suspect that most Americans are tired of this - I know I am.

Ten Years - Gore says we are all going to die in ten years if his energy plan is not followed. Pick your casket. Invest in a casket company on the stock market - which btw you need to be doing anyway. The baby boomers have begun to die.

Al Gore said nothing like this.  Instead, he issued a challenge to the U.S. to generate all electricity from renewable resources by 2018:

"So today I challenge our nation to commit to producing 100 percent of our electricity from renewable energy and truly clean carbon-free sources within 10 years," he said.

Here's a topic that I'd love to debate with Philip: What are the implications for Homeland Security of an energy policy based on the importation of a dwindling resource?  The Pentagon has already addressed this question.

Kool Aid - Here is our poll results for the week with a giggle.

Do You Support the Tax Payer [sic] Funded City of Beaumont Downtown Water Way [sic] Development?

Yes 79 %

No 19 %

Not Sure 2 %

Does anyone have any questions about the credibility of Philip's polls?

More to come later this week-end!

Jul 17, 2008

"The Review Has An Opinion..."


Philip R. Klein's articles this week on the Southeast Texas Political Review have primarily been concerned with two subjects, Naomi Lawrence-Lee and the Amstar trial.  Philip's points get lost in his contrived hysteria and race-baiting. For example, Philip writes:

 Folks - this is not about the color of skin - this is not about anything other than a huge political misstep that has to be corrected.

At the same time, Philip writes:

The Review has an opinion - and that opinion is that if Lee were white and not in the "click" - Lee would have been tried, convicted and paid big fines.

Obviously, Philip doesn't know what this is about. Note to Philip: investigate the difference between "click" and "clique."

Typically, Klein completely loses focus and resorts to his  usual mud-slinging, name-calling, and underwear sniffing.  His latest article is ostensibly about the trustees of the Beaumont ISD, but Philip is obviously not aware of who actually sits on that board:

And where is David Teuscher? He is nowhere to be seen...If Teuscher does not stand up - and if he does not say anything - and sits on the sideline and does nothing - we all know that fix was in and he knew about this also. He knew what Thomas's plan was and he knew this was coming.

Actually, Dr. Teuscher has nothing to do with the Beaumont ISD beyond his service in the past as the co-chairman of the Citizens Advisory Bond Committee. He has nothing to do with hiring or day-to-day operations at the BISD, nor is he a trustee. And, I strongly suspect that Dr. Carrol Thomas doesn't consult with Teuscher on new hires.   Philip offers no evidence for his wild accusations.

Even though Philip doesn't have a dog in this hunt and can't discuss the real issue knowledgeably, he's still got an opinion.  Here's a better opinion from the Beaumont Enterprise, without the manufactured sources and facts, posturing, hysteria, and vituperative rhetoric. Best of all, it's about a third as long as Philip's meandering from subject to subject. 

Jul 15, 2008

"Caroline Klein" Responds!


Philip R. Klein posted this message today on his Reader Mail page:

From Austin :

Thank You for all the comments and feedback that I have received.  I have chosen not to respond to 'Gus's' letter. I said what I said and you got what you got from it.  I cannot respond to someone who cannot sign there name and then degrade my dad's integrity as well as mine.  Tonight someone very wise told me "People do what they do but their actions are not who they are."  My actions do not define me. My dad's actions do not define who he is.  Gus's actions do not define him. Your actions do not define you. What I wrote came from me. The way I feel. My view from the outside.  My opinion. With that, I hope you all have a wonderful week... I know I will.  :)


Any questions about the author can be answered by simply reading - for example a college graduate would presumably know the difference between "there" and "their:"

"I cannot respond to someone who cannot sign there name...."

There are three other obvious grammatical tells from Philip in this purported letter from Caroline, but anyone remotely familiar with Philip's writing will immediately recognize his style:

"What I wrote came from me. The way I feel. My view from the outside.  My opinion."

Exploiting children for the sake of one's vanity is abominable and a mark of poor parenting.

A Tale of Two Idiots


Philip R. Klein, Part 1, and Philip R. Klein, Part 2, both agree in his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review:

We like the idea by the Kirbyville City fathers making cut backs before any tax increase. It shows simply that the government can be just like you and me - when we are short of money - we cut back.

The Review is in full support of Nederland and Kirbyville city fathers.

Unfortunately, this is a "prime example" of his/their wingnut partisanship.  Consider this statement from his latest editorial:

This is a prime example of the democrats theory of big government. If it fails - make it bigger.

Question for Philip: Why haven't you published the political affiliations of Kirbyville Mayor Giles Horn and council members Laura Adams, Preston Williams, Vince Sessions, Lanette Hall, and Frank George?   

Any comment, Buddy?

Jul 14, 2008

Real Readers Write:


Here are a few comments from real readers over the past week, who ask some great questions and offered some interesting suggestions:

Is PRK aware that some unscrupulous employers have knowingly hired illegals, worked them like slaves for two weeks, then blown the whistle to INS just hours before they were to receive pay?  

I'm sure he's not aware, else his Dairy Queen franchises might have held on a little longer.

Klein must think all Mexicans have the last name Flores. He says "Greg Flores" is mad about the ICE raid. If he could read or listen, he'd know that it is "Roberto Flores," the head of the local LULCA group, who is upset.

I'm still waiting for Philip to "stand up and say we are wrong when we are wrong."  Maybe Philip, Pt 1, thinks Philip, Pt 2, should apologize and vice versa.

Loved your "Open Letter to Caroline Klein."  Very well handled and a great example of how Philip exploits his children for his own vanity. If he doesn't want anyone else to talk about them, then he should leave them off his website and stick to sniffing other people's underwear.

Thanks. I'm still awaiting Caroline's response, but she apparently takes after her father when it comes to exchanging substantive opinions.

I don't think politicians such as the Honorable Jack Brooks, Carl Parker, and others who have given so much to this area would appreciate the term politician being applied to Flapjack Phil, even if the association is one loosely made.

Not to mention the Honorable Steve Stockman.

I didn't realize that Phil Klein keeps ranting on the same subjects over and over again, until I started reading Operation Kleinwatch on a regular basis. I have a suggestion that might save you some time...perhaps you could number your responses and then just print something like "See same old subject #4 (or whatever) for the applicable response."

Funny suggestion, but a great idea!

My absolute favorite part of Operation Kleinwatch is when you tear apart Philip Klein's Reader Mail.  I can see the same stupid mistakes in those fake letters from his readers that Philip makes in his own writings. Keep up the good work!

What is wrong with you people.  Don't you realize this is a battle for the heart and sole of Jefferson County? I'm sick to my stomach over this?  He is wrong within he went on his smear campaign.

Gus, you should check this out. I tried sending a message to Philip Klein's Reader Mail address and got this message:

<setpoliticalreview@gtbizclass.com>: host mx2.biz.rr.com[] said: 550 #5.1.0 Address rejected setpoliticalreview@gtbizclass.com (in reply to RCPT TO command)

I tried sending this from several email accounts, but all of them kept bouncing. Apparently Philip's filtering the messages that come into that mail box.

This is probably because Philip began blocking email to that account after I started sending my articles to his reader mail address every day.  I was hoping he answer the numerous questions that I regularly pose, but he runs like a little girl from the hard questions.

"We Stand Up and Say We Are Wrong...."


Philip R. Klein wrote on January 25, 2008:

We stand up and say we are wrong when we are wrong.

Philip doesn't like to be called a liar, so perhaps this item from Friday's Nitwit Tidbits was just an oversight:

Big Story Greg Flores Is Mad - So what. Good job cops!

As I pointed out, Philip is confusing Greg Flores, PAISD Trustee, with Roberto Flores, head of the local LULAC chapter.

From Channel 4 News (emphasis is mine):

LULAC President Speaks Out About Immigration Raid

The head of the local chapter of the League of United Latin American Citizens is angry about a immigration raid that took place Wednesday in Port Arthur. LULAC President Roberto Flores says he wants more details about the raid that led to the arrest of about 40 workers at R&R Marine on Procter Street.

Flores wants to know if those taken into custody were truly illegal immigrants, or if they were rounded-up just because they were Hispanics. Flores also wants the US Attorney to pursue charges against the company, if it did in fact hire illegals.

Greg Flores had no comment. 

Any comment, Buddy - for instance, how about a retraction of an idiot mistake?

Jul 11, 2008

Nitwit Tidbits (Philip Outdoes Himself)


Philip R. Klein set a new benchmark for idiocy this week:

Big Story Greg Flores Is Mad - So what. Good job cops!

Philip is confusing Greg Flores, PAISD Trustee, with Roberto Flores, head of the local LULAC chapter.

From Channel 4 News (emphasis is mine):

LULAC President Speaks Out About Immigration Raid

The head of the local chapter of the League of United Latin American Citizens is angry about a immigration raid that took place Wednesday in Port Arthur. LULAC President Roberto Flores says he wants more details about the raid that led to the arrest of about 40 workers at R&R Marine on Procter Street.

Flores wants to know if those taken into custody were truly illegal immigrants, or if they were rounded-up just because they were Hispanics. Flores also wants the US Attorney to pursue charges against the company, if it did in fact hire illegals.

Greg Flores had no comment, but he does have grounds for a lawsuit.  I recommend seeking counsel from Gerald Eddins, Attorney at Law, who has experience in cases like this.

Based on Philip's earlier comments this week, I suspect all Latinos look alike to him:

As the raid started it looked like roaches running from the bug spray.

Readers will notice the racist implication. 

As I've pointed out whenever Philip spouts his wingnut opinions on this issue, the only way to fix the problem of illegal immigration is to remove the economic incentive.  If U.S. companies refused to hire undocumented workers, the immigration problem would disappear. Like Roberto Flores, I'm anxious to see what charges are in store for R&R Marine.

Philip also displays more racism:

Big Story Minority Businesses Get Funding - Last time we checked there is a question on what the term "minority" really means. Who is the minority?

I suspect Philip is simply jealous, since he's probably persona non grata at the Small Business Administration these days.

As I've previously pointed out on several occasions, the latest figures from the U.S. Census Bureau answer Philip's question eloquently. In percentages:

  • White persons: 60.9%
  • Black persons: 34.8%

Philip includes yet another prediction about gas prices:

$200 By The End of Summer - Washington Whispers. That means gas at 7 per gallon.

Here is what reputable analysts are really predicting:

Guinness, a highly-rated fund manager who was the chairman of Investec Asset Management for four years before retiring in 2002, said he expected the spike to $200 to happen in 2010 and predicted the average price that year at around $160 a barrel

Investment bank Goldman Sachs issued a similar prediction last week, saying oil could shoot up to $200 within the next two years....

Total's CEO Christophe de Margerie corroborated this assessment yesterday:

The head of French energy giant Total believes that oil prices will one day top $200 per barrel, but not this year, although the market will remain strong.

Compare with Philip's previous prediction:

Oil (May 16, 2008) - Will go to $200 Per Barrel and Gas Will Be At $5.00 per by July. That is what they are saying. Go figure.

Oops - he missed again.

Readers will notice that there is no general consensus about these inflated prices right now. One school of thought contends that this is directly due to increasing demand, while another suggests this is a bubble we're in. Others argue that the weak dollar is driving escalating oil prices, which are traded in U.S. dollars. Still others suggest that prices are due to rabid speculation in oil futures.

For those who are interested, here's an interesting article:

Why Oil Prices will tank

Arguments that $4-a-gallon gas (or even higher) is here to stay are dead wrong. Housing's boom-and-bust cycle tells you why.

Required reading for those who want to "talk intelligent" about this issue.

I enjoyed Philip's "unscientific" polling results:

Two Ways To Look At It - Walkers approval rating? Or Walkers disapproval rating?

Here's yet another way to look at it - the Texas Gulf Coast Gab blog treads the same ground as the Southeast Texas Political Review, except Bob displays no pretension about his conservative opinions.

Unlike Bob, Philip R. Klein claims he has a vast network of "anonymous" sources in every governmental entity from the Federal Government to the Kirbyville city council. He claims to be a "political consultant" and an "editorialist" in order to bolster his poor self-esteem.  His daughter even claims Philip is a politician, even though he's never been elected to a public office. 

The punch line: Philip's week-long poll generated only 76 votes, even though he claims he has thousands of readers who flood his mailbox every day with "reader mail." 

Bob's simple poll had 92 votes and ran for only three days.  How funny!

Jul 10, 2008

Sanctuary No More (An Idiot in Bloom)


In his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review, Philip R. Klein claims that Port Arthur is a sanctuary city:

Most of all the raid sent a message to a place that has seemingly had some issues with the Sanctuary City plan.

I've addressed this issue before here. As I noted in that article, Philip's entire claim is based on one unsubstantiated observation sent to an Ohio PAC website.

Philip's confusion is further corroborated by the map that he posted on the top page of the Southeast Texas Political Review.

He pirated the map from the New York Times, but apparently got confused as to where Port Arthur actually is.  Readers will notice that the three referenced cities in Texas are all west of Galveston Bay.  Port Arthur is east of Galveston Bay (the red notation is mine):


Any comment, buddy?

Another Philip R. Klein Flashback


Readers may remember this explanation from Philip R. Klein, after he removed the link to Operation Kleinwatch from the front page of the Southeast Texas Political Review

We also took down the DOKS? Why?

Why not? They averaged around 21 hits a day coming out. Inbound we noted around 3 per day. People get tired of the same old thing. And I will not bore you with it now.

Yet, roughly 50 percent of the messages on Philip's so-called "Reader Mail" page deal directly with my little blog or questions I've raised.

Here's Philip's conundrum: if he's truly writing most of those messages himself, he's reading my site on a very regular basis despite his claims. However, if those messages are real (snicker), then his readers are regularly visiting both the Southeast Texas Political Review and Operation Kleinwatch

How funny!

For example consider this spate of recent messages:

From Beaumont :

"My husband and I read the Gus Pillsbury letter to your daughter and were just sick over a person that cannot sign their true name and calling you the things he called you. By not signing your name are you not a liar too.....?"

Answer : An interesting take? Who knows? I think that since Gus attacks me - and his site is about me - it is not real smart to focus on his words. I see some personal attacks in there. Talking about her Grandfather is a new low - even for Gus - but it is what it is. That was Gus's way to try to show compassion from a very personal and angry attack to myself.

Oh, look!  I see one of Philip's grammatical tells in this purported message  from his reader: "My husband and I...were just sick over...."  I've documented this particular tell in an article on January 31, 2008:

"I am sick to my stomach."

I am sick over this...

Frankly, it makes us sick to our stomachs here at the Review...

It just makes me sick...

We are sick to our stomach [sic]...

I particularly like that last comment from Philip - I've discussed his use of the plural "we," and his poor self-esteem.  In that last example, "we" should be sick to our "stomachs."  Philip's Freudian Slip is showing again.

Regarding Bruce Allred, here's what I wrote:

Your grandfather (on your mother's side) was a prince among men and a close friend of mine. I still miss him greatly.

Readers can decide for themselves whether this was an "angry and personal attack" as Philip claims.

Readers should also note that reference to "personal," we'll see it several of these messages. When Philip irresponsibly publishes malicious rumors about a fictitious and adulterous affair, it's just "politics;"  when anyone mentions Philip's string of broken marriages and adulterous affairs in the same context, he considers this something "personal."  Pot - meet kettle.

Here's the next message on Philip's "Reader Mail" page:

From Port Arthur :

"......it is personal between you both. It came out big time in that letter to C. Are your going to respond?"

Answer : That is up to her. I think if Gus were to go back and look at the words they might have some regret. Angry - sad - arrogant - condescending - two words spelled wrong - I better stop now.

Another of Philip's grammatical tells is in this message, but reiterating, readers can decide for themselves whether my Open Letter was "angry - sad - arrogant - condescending," and had "two words spelled wrong." 

Readers will also notice that common theme again concerning the "personal" nature of my Open Letter to Caroline Klein that runs through these messages.  In this instance, it's echoed by Philip's purported reader.

On another issue, here's a challenge to Philip R. Klein: exactly which two words did I misspell?  This is your chance to show what a sad, arrogant, angry individual I really am, Philip.

Still another message from a reader about my Open Letter to Caroline Klein:

From Beaumont Texas :

"I thought your daughters editorial was wonderful. I read Kleinwatch and you were right all along......."

Answer : Thank you for the comment - and sometimes it is best to say nothing and let words stand for themselves.

Oh, look! I see another of Philip's tells in this message - it's one of his "Trifectas!" 

I'm confused: if Philip says nothing, there wouldn't be any words to "stand for themselves."  This could only make sense to Philip R. Klein.

Meanwhile, those "letters" keep pouring in:

From Houston Texas :

"Did you see the post to your daughter by Gus?"

Answer : Yes. I did. My daughter sent me a copy of it last night. And I was wrong - and I told my staff so this morning. Gus was never political like I said it was - it is solid personal. Gus is what Gus is - a scared individual with a personal agenda. Caroline will answer if she wants - and I will post it. But as she said last night : "There is something very wrong with that person."

Both Caroline and Philip claim they rarely read my site, but they're sharing my "post" within 48 hours of publication.   Their actions belie their claims.

And there's yet another reference to "personal" again, this time from Philip himself!  Really, buddy, you've got to try harder than this if you expect anyone to take you seriously - as I clearly pointed out, underwear sniffing does not constitute legitimate political commentary. Publishing pictures of a single mother's home after Hurricane Rita is mean-spirited, making fun of her speech and weight, and publishing altered and obscene photos of her on your mailing list has absolutely nothing to do with the issues that she raised during meetings of the Jefferson County Commissioners Court. In your opinion, that's just politics, huh?

On a personal note, I found this posting quite funny:

Who is Kelly, Jason and Beverly that I read about on these other sites."

Answer : They are referring to Kelly Pickard (sp), Jason Lovelady and Beverly Parker. That is my best guess. All three have issues with me and this site.

Answer to Philip: None of the above - guess again. 

I'm not sure what other sites he's referencing, since those names only appear on the Southeast Texas Political Review and its associated mailing list. It doesn't take an FBI agent to figure out why these particular people would have "issues" with Klein and the Southeast Texas Political Review.

For example:

...that has about as much chance of coming to life in the next five...ten...fifteen years as Beverly giving to a GOPER.

And if you want to go have a romp with the DOKS, grab Beverly and close your nose when the smoke comes over from LA.

Special note to Philip on Jason Lovelady: I can also understand why Jason Lovelady has "issues" with you.

You never addressed the questions I posed to your response concerning your involvement with the termination of Mike Lovelady.

For example, you stated:

I have never run for or have been elected president of the corporation known as NVFD, Inc.

I pointed out that there was no such entity as the "NVFD, Inc." There is, however, an exempt corporation called the "Nederland Volunteer Fire Department, Inc," and guess who the registered agent is, according to the Texas Comptroller Of Public Accounts:

PO BOX 686
NEDERLAND, TX 77627-0686
Registered Agent: PHILIP KLEIN

The Comptroller's site not only verifies that Klein is the "secretary treasure," but also a director of the corporation:




You also ignored the questions I raised on your response here, as well.  If you truly had nothing to do with Mike Lovelady's termination, then why on earth did your divorce lawyer read from a "prepared statement" at the Nederland City Council meeting where Lovelady was reprimanded.   And, who prepared that statement? 

I thought it was especially interesting that neither Lance Howell nor anyone else from the Nederland Volunteer Fire Department corroborated any of your multiple versions of the events.

Any comments, buddy?

Jul 9, 2008

Pipe Dreams


For my "Open Letter to Caroline Klein," follow this link.

In his latest diatribe on the Southeast Texas Political Review, Philip R. Klein writes of the proposed downtown renovation project in Beaumont:

A project such as this would need to be approved by the taxpayers.

So, what's the problem - isn't this how a democratic republic is supposed to be run? Typically, Philip mistakes his own wingnut opinion as fact:

Here are a few facts - Jefferson County Texas is a rouge county in Texas with serious social-economic [sic] problems. It has the deep bedded [sic] idea in those who run the county that government should and can provide solutions to business and economic growth. Seemingly those who run on the economic solutions by government - do not get elected - but those that do run an anti-government solution get elected. But then they are bit by the bug - or whatever and come up with huge government solutions to attempt to fix what is wrong.

Frankly speaking - Jefferson County is an undereducated, low income, government jobbed, crime ridden, high taxed county going nowhere.

Frankly speaking, if Philip really feels this way about his own home, then I'm sure he'd be happier living elsewhere. 

I've debunked all of this on numerous occasions.  As one example, the Jefferson County tax rate is in the bottom third of all 234 Texas Counties.  This article is simply more of Philip's "same old think, over and over and over again."  Got anything new, buddy?

Oops, He Missed Again


For my "Open Letter to Caroline Klein," follow this link.

On May 16, 2008, Philip R. Klein hysterically predicted:

Oil - Will go to $200 Per Barrel and Gas Will Be At $5.00 per by July. That is what they are saying. Go figure.

Apparently, "they" means the entire staff of Philip R. Klein Political Relations and Bait Shop. Yesterday's prices: $136 per barrel, while the national average for gasoline is $4.11. 

On a similar subject, Philip commented yesterday:

We here at the Review do not like the $4 per gallon gas.

Compare this comment with Philip's previous statement:

Gas Prices: Good Economy higher gas prices. Supply - demand.

I hope Bugs Coe got his money back.

Jul 8, 2008

Philip R. Klein On PCB


For my "Open Letter to Caroline Klein," follow this link.

In a posting to the Southeast Texas Political Review, Philip R. Klein wrote on June 18, 2008:

Our problem is that Uncle Hillty is a liar. He continues to just make these issues up. According to the EPA they can and do monitor and test Dioxins and can monitor and detect PCB's. "He does not know what he is talking about," said our source at the EPA.

Ironically, I have the same problem with Philip. Compare his statement from this purported "source at the EPA," with documentation on monitoring dioxins from the EPA's own website:

In addition, our awareness of dioxin sources and subsequent population exposure to dioxin emissions is limited by our inability to monitor this pollutant and assess exposure risk.

We can, however, find this airborne pollution after it has been metabolized by living organisms, such as fish. 

From today's Beaumont Enterprise:

Eating too much spotted seatrout and catfish from Galveston Bay and surrounding fishing spots could cause long-term health problems as a two-year study shows higher levels of dioxins and polychlorinated biyhpenyls, or PCBs, in the two types of fish, according to a news release form the Texas Department of State Health Services.

Here's the link to the document on the State Health Services website.  I suppose that Philip believes that only left wing liberals enjoy fishing.

Single Digits


For my "Open Letter to Caroline Klein," follow this link.

Philip R. Klein writes in his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review:

For the first time in regional tracking polls by Rasmussen Report tells the sad story of America's faith in Congress. Which is now at 9%. According to news reports this morning - this is the first time in the history of Rasmussen that the tracking poll has showed this much distaste for congress in its history.

FLASHBACK : The United States hires Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid and the democrats to run congress. And they get what they got - $4 per gallon of gas and a dead and do nothing congress.

Now - we here at the Review do not like the $4 per gallon gas - but we love the do nothing congress. Maybe they should start with drilling?

Philip didn't properly cite his reference - here's a link to the Rasmussen poll, so that you can read it for yourself.

Ironically, Philip didn't comment on this part:

Despite these negative attitudes towards Congress, Democrats continue to enjoy a double digit lead on the Generic Congressional Ballot.

By following the link to the Generic Congressional Ballot referenced by Rasmussen, we find:

Democrats continue to lead Republicans by double-digits in the Rasmussen Reports generic congressional ballot. When given the choice, 47% of voters nationwide would vote for their district’s Democratic candidate, while 34% would choose their Republican candidate.

Don't you just hate partisan hacks who draw errant conclusions based on personal prejudices? 

As I've pointed out before, Philip's logical fallacy is a textbook example of Cum Hoc Ergo Propter; that is, correlation does not imply causation. If Philip's statement were indeed true, then we could also note that gas has risen from $1.20 to $3.99 during the Bush Administration. Neither are valid arguments.

We could just as easily assume that when Philip R. Klein shows up to fight a fire, there will be damage from the fire. Therefore, Philip causes damage. On second thought, that may be a bad example.

It's even sadder when I can copy and paste the same old answers to Philip's "same old think, over and over and over again." 

As a centrist independent, I'm sure that neither party has all of the answers.

Jul 7, 2008

A Case of Misdirection


For my "Open Letter to Caroline Klein," follow this link.

Philip R. Klein writes in his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review:

However, it is interesting to watch according to town leaders. The guys that call themselves dedicated servants to the city that most of the townspeople seem to love and hold high - walked off the job when the going got a little hard for the sleepy town in East Texas.

Oh, look! It's another sleepy little town in East Texas! 

While Philip takes pot shots at the city's police force, readers should note the real issues. According to KBTV 4:

City officials tell KBTV-4 that all officers resigned; the last officer worked his final shift Monday morning. The Police Chief is said to be on vacation and will be back to work on Thursday. This comes after the city cut the hours of city employees to cover the high cost of fuel.

Officials are hoping the cut in hours will help save thousands of dollars. Council member Frank George says the council voted to cut 16 hours per month for every city employee. 

Philip's so-called take:

This is America and if these guys do not like what the city can offer as pay - they can get another job. The chief will hire some officers and the county can cover for a few days while the chief gets back from vacation. And that is that. A smaller police department working smarter. Out with the old and in with the new. And that is that.

Philip is speaking out of both sides of his mouth again - with the high price of gasoline, tax payers can expect to pay more for the same services they now enjoy.  Philip's notion of "a smaller police force working smarter" is gibberish - a two-person department can only do so much, no matter how smart they work.

I wouldn't want to live in any city where the officers on the front line are paid minimum wage for essentially what amounts to a part-time position.  No raises are one thing, but a cut in pay for a job where officers risk their life on a daily business is another.

But, Philip often claims he supports the officers on the street.

While PRK comments on the issue of the Kirbyville Fire Department, he failed to mention two other much bigger stories about which he's had much to say in the past. 

Here's one of those "FLASHBACKS" of which Klein is so fond from June 10, 2008:

The Southeast Texas Political Review has been told over the weekend that complaints have been filed with the Texas Ethics Commissioner on Willie Bae Lewis. According to the source, Lewis "violated two election codes."

It's interesting to note that Philip didn't say which one of the eight TEC Commissioners this was filed with, but since the complaints weren't filed properly according to TEC guidelines, that's probably why the TEC has no record of these complaints.

On Monday, May 19, 2008, Philip wrote of Wille Bae Lewis:

Another source who spoke to the Review this morning told us that Willie's intent is to take as much time and money of the city [sic] and try to bring it down some more.

That didn't happen either, since Lewis quietly packed up his belongings and left the building.

However, Philip missed the real story behind his story in the Port Arthur City Council Chambers. From the Beaumont Enterprise:

An ousted Port Arthur city councilman's dispute of his loss in the city's May election will be heard in a trial June 28, a judge ordered Monday.

Carroll "Cal" Jones, defeated by Elizabeth Segler, sued her after the May 10 election, claiming city election administrators improperly excluded mail-in ballots that could have swung the Position 2 race in his favor.

Isn't it ironic that even though Philip claims he's wired into sources in the Port Arthur City Hall, they somehow missed that big story.  As it turns out, Willie Bae wasn't really the story after all.

Here's another "FLASHBACK" for Philip from January 15, 2008, where he wrote of the jail dispute between Jefferson County and the City of Port Arthur:

And so war starts between the elected officials of Port Arthur Texas and commissioners court in Jefferson County.

He followed this up with a Tidbit on January 18, 2008,

Folks this is going to get good and bloody and we like good and bloody politics!

From Channel Four:

Jail Fees Dispute Between Port Arthur & Jefferson County Ends

Port Arthur has paid up and Jefferson County now has $250,000 in its coffers. County Commissioners accepted the money as part of a compromise settlement that ended a longtime dispute between the County and Port Arthur. The county had sued Port Arthur for being delinquent in paying for its city prisoners housed at the county jail. Port Arthur had refused to pay for inmates with class "A" and "B" misdemeanors since 2004. As part of the compromise, Jefferson County has dropped its lawsuit, and Port Arthur has agreed to pay the same jail fees as the other cities in Jefferson County.

Not only did I miss the bloodletting, but I apparently missed the entire war! Philip has no comment; instead, he's throwing rocks at the Kirbyville Police Department.

An Open Letter to Caroline Klein


Dear Caroline;

I read your guest editorial on your father's website and felt compelled to respond.

Please forgive the tardiness of my response. I took last week off in celebration of our country's 232nd birthday, but I wanted to answer your questions, correct several fallacies, and pose some questions to you.

On your musical reference, you missed the sarcasm inherent in the song, "Shiny Happy People." In a VH1 interview I saw with Michael Stipe, he wrote the song as a commentary about those superficial people who always claim they're happy. Still apropos, do you agree?

Given the nature of your editorial, I wondered whether your father purposefully solicited this editorial from you. If so, doesn't this constitute exploiting his children for his credibility?

Despite your claims, I've never mentioned you or your brother before now. I suspect you're taking your father's propaganda at face value without investigating for yourself. Please verify by examining my previous articles on the link in the sidebar, unlike your father who refuses to post his past articles detailing his ever-changing positions.

You asked this question:
I have seen a lot of things written about Charley and me. Dad chooses to shield us from a lot of it. He could easily let those little snide remarks about our family or his ex-wives get to him and upset him but he is better than that. I wish all of you would just stick to the facts of politics. You don’t have to bring family or ex-families into it. I mean, what is the point?
The point is this: your father's predilection for sniffing underwear does not constitute legitimate political discourse.

Rather, it's mean-spirited character assassination of the cheapest sort. If publishing malicious and false rumors about a purported adulterous affair by a sitting Justice of the Peace constitutes true political debate, then a history of broken marriages and adulterous affairs by the person making those claims is pertinent as well, don't you agree?

Regarding attacks on your family, I've only mentioned your uncle Peter, after he injected himself into the issue of Dr. Jeffrey Klem's prosecution. Here's an example:
How about enlightening us with your predictions on the elections, Dr. Klem?
This was one of many comments that your uncle left on my comments section and your father's mailing list, the Talk Back Line, where he erroneously identified me as Dr. Jeffrey Klem. This came after I pointed out that your father was exploiting three children and an intensely personal family tragedy to further his personal agenda against Jefferson County District Attorney Tom Maness.

You can read those articles here, here, here, and here.

I found your father's speculation on what actually occurred reprehensible. Since you're interested in child psychology, what effects do you think broadcasting lurid and graphic fantasies on KOLE-AM, a public radio station, had on these local girls? When your father conjured an imaginative story about Klem "putting his hands down three girls panties and fondling them" and you could actually hear him salivating. This was in extremely poor taste, yet your father regularly attacks "the media."

Your father has never addressed any of these legitimate complaints. His inflammatory rhetoric wasn't "about the children" as he claimed, but rather about his own personal agenda against Tom Maness.

I found your uncle's attack on me especially interesting considering the strained relations between Peter and Philip. Since you clearly stated that your father is a politician, perspective on Peter and Philip's comments from their relationship is certainly as relevant to this issue as the appalling and fictitious appeal to emotion exhibited by your father.

In my opinion, your father is a liar. As examples, he made these claims concerning the Klem case:

The Review has been told that the families will expose the workings of the District Attorney during a civil suit that has been filed in Jefferson County.
No civil suit was ever filed that "expose[d'] the workings of the District Attorney."

The Review has also learned that a FOX news production team has been floating around town asking questions. Hmmmm....now this might get really good.
According to the local Fox affiliate, no one from their station or the Fox News Network had a "production team floating around town asking questions." And the local Fox Radio affiliate didn't have a news department at the time Philip made that statement.

In some statements, your father maintained plausible deniability by attributing them to "anonymous sources." If these indeed came from an anonymous source as your father claims, why do you think he irresponsibly failed to verify whether those statements were true?

I'd like to hear your opinion on the incident concerning the de Novo blog, where you father claimed he was contacted by the author.

That never happened and was corroborated by the author. The entire incident is documented here and here. Incidentally, the author of the blog is a female, not a male as your father claimed. Wouldn't you agree that this is a blatant lie?

You asked:

My first thought is how people can really care that much about hating someone who has different political views?
As a person, indifference best characterizes my opinion of your father. I don't dislike him or wish him malice whatsoever. However, I strongly object to his manufactured lies, half-truths, smears, and personal attacks under the guise of credible political commentary.

Very little of what Philip does constitutes true political commentary. Whether your father could document Hilton Kelley's Eagle Scout Award has no relevance whatsoever to the questions Kelley as a community activist has raised about the wisdom of turning Port Arthur into the nation's toxic waste dump.

Likewise, publishing pictures of a single mother's home after Hurricane Rita has no relevance to the issues she raised concerning Carl Griffith's priorities for Jefferson County. If your father believes that speculating upon her emotional problems is relevant to the issues she's raised, then speculation on his own mental state is fair game as well since this has direct relevance upon his opinions, wouldn't you agree?

I look forward to hearing your reply. I'm sure your father will claim that I'm attacking his children again, but I'm interested in hearing your real opinions. If he refuses to print your response, you can always leave your comments here in confidence if you wish.

I hope you have more integrity than your father. While you give your father a lot of credit, I suspect your mother's side of the family had as much, if not more, to do with how you turned out. Your grandfather (on your mother's side) was a prince among men.

Sincerely yours,

Gus Pillsbury

Jul 6, 2008

City of Beaumont (Philip R. Klein's Acid Flashback)


Philip R. Klein writes in his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review:

On the front page of the Beaumont Enterprise this morning was the pipe dream that the city of Beaumont was going to use tax dollars and dig big ditches and holes in the middle of downtown and call it "little Kemah. And they think the millions that they are going to spend is going to bring people to the city with ANOTHER HUGE TAXPAYER PROJECT.

Actually, this has been under discussion for at least two years, but dumb and his dumberer sources have apparently been completely unaware of the issue until now.   If it's not on the front page in Second Coming font and doesn't have pictures, it's off Philip's radar.

Here's a short article that I posted on November 20, 2007, where I noted Philip completely missed the boat (pun intended):

Philip manufactures another quote from his alleged "sources" in an article about Jefferson County Commissioner Eddie Arnold:

What in the [H**l] is going on?" Asked one of our GOP readers this morning. "Has this son-of-a-***** drank the Jefferson County spending Kool-Aide?"

Oh, look! Philip called Eddie Arnold a "son-of-a-*****!" Is this protected speech under the First Amendment?

Ironically, Klein still hasn't mentioned the Republican majority on the Beaumont City Council, who propose to build a series of lakes in downtown Beaumont as a beautification project. I'm looking forward to fishing in Lake Coleman, Lake Beaulieu, and especially Lake Hayes - one can eventually visit the lakes by taking a bus into the proposed Bubba Pate Metro Transit Center.

In reality, however, we already have a series of lakes in downtown Beaumont. They're called potholes. Is this an example of Philip's hidden agendas?

I also referred to the project again on January 6, 2008, but Philip and his purported sources missed that one as well.

I think it's also very interesting that Klein continues to give the City of Beaumont a free pass. From today's Beaumont Enterprise:

City leaders say Beaumont is on the move and point to $180 million in construction projects slated to either begin or go into the design phase this year.

Klein is complaining about 10 or 20 thousand dollars for surveillance cameras at Ford Park, yet has nothing to say about millions of dollars to build Lake Hayes and the Bubba Pate Central Transit Center in downtown Beaumont. Brick sidewalks? A downtown waterway? Hike and bike trails connecting drainage ponds? And, of course, let's not forget the Crape Myrtles to be installed at high-traffic intersections.

If the artist rendering of downtown Beaumont is accurate, you'll need an boat and outboard motor to attend a show at the Jefferson Theatre in 20 years. Isn't it funny how Philip missed that parking issue?

I've mentioned this on several other occasions, but "The Editor" who promises the "story behind the story" somehow missed this issue until now.

In his article today, Philip again demonstrates his bumper sticker mentality and extreme partisanship:

The mindset of almost every elected official in Southeast Texas is left wing liberal have the government create it, build it and they will come.

Question for Philip: This is clearly not a partisan issue, so why do you refuse to acknowledge that the Beaumont City Council has a sitting Republican majority?

Philip continues:

What they do not get is that almost every single program over the past 10 years have failed. The government officials of Southeast Texas simply do not get it. The problem is high crime, high unemployment and high taxation. And they continue to create the problem (s) over and over and over and over - with no lesson.

Astute readers will also see further evidence of Philip's emotional problems.  Unfortunately, perhaps it's Philip who fails to "get it,"  since he doesn't explain how the reconstruction of Orleans and Pearl streets. the renovation of the Julie Rogers Theatre, and the Convention and Visitors' Bureau Office projects have failed.

Any comment, buddy?

Jul 5, 2008

Nitwit Tidbits (July 4th Edition)


Greetings from Toledo Bend. I trust everyone had a nice 4th of July!

I had originally intended on updating Operation Kleinwatch from the lake house each day while I was out of town for the holiday, but this week was so pleasant that I chose to ignore Philip R. Klein's  inane gibberish on the Southeast Texas Political Review. I didn't turn my computer on until this morning, only to discover that Philip has posted more of the same old same old - nothing of substance through the week, although I did get a good laugh out of several of his articles.

For instance, Philip's Nitwit Tidbits this week are high comedy:

Your Taxes - Now at 30% of the GDP - meaning almost 30% of your income in one way or another is going to.....federal taxes.

How funny - Philip apparently read some of my past articles debunking his previous position on taxes:

From January 2, 2008

Adding insult to injury - you pay over 60% of your hard earned dollars to the government to have them tell you what you can do and how to do it.

From October 10, 2007

It just makes me sick knowing that over 63 cents of every dollar I make goes to taxes in one form or another.

From September 6, 2007

 We are on the edge right now with taxes hitting close to 64 cents on a dollar.

In each case, I quoted figures from the Tax Foundation:

In percentages, government at all levels now takes 32.7 percent of the nation's income.

Of course, we can always depend upon Philip to do the right thing:

We stand up and say we are wrong when we are wrong.

Note to Philip: you don't need to explain what GDP is. Most of us already know and you probably make sense to those who don't.

Your Fuel - The United States Government is making more money per gallon than the oil companies....for doing nothing. While the Government sits there and tells you what and where you cannot drill - they make more money than the guys out there drilling and putting their money on the line. Wow.

Philip never reveals his sources, primarily because he makes up most of his facts. However, I've debunked Philip's confusion over gas taxes before on several occasions before. This is truly a non-issue.

In reality, the federal government takes 18.4 cents on every gallon of gas in taxes, which is used to maintain U.S. highways, without which Philip would have a hard time driving his hummer 80 - 90 mph while talking on his cell phones.

Oil companies, on the other hand, make approximately 8 percent profit based on total revenues.  At $4.00 per gallon, that works out to about 32 cents per gallon.  But don't take my word for it, do the math yourself. Shell posted record oil profits last year of $18.7 billion, based on $220.9 billion in total revenues.  Exxon Mobil also posted a record year of about $40.6 billion, based on revenues of $404.5 billion.  That's a little less than 10 percent profit on every gallon of gas sold.

Here's the fact that Philip overlooked, profits for oil companies are based on a percentage - in other words, the higher prices go, the bigger profits are made.  Federal gas taxes are limited to just 18.4 cents per gallon, no matter what the cost per gallon.

Let's talk about business. Philip!

Your Government - At a time where money is getting really short for the lower and middle class - both candidates running for president want to ..... tax you more and grow the government.

Actually, Obama's tax plan is a tax redistribution, according to an analysis by the Tax Foundation.  Lower and middle class taxpayers (those making under $250,000 per year) would pay much less in taxes, while the lower wage tax rates would roll back on those making above $250K annually. Most of that redistribution would come from taxes on capital gains and dividends, which would increase from 15% t0 28%. Obama's plan calls for reforming the AMT.

McCain's plan would permanently extend the lower tax rates from the Bush administration, which includes wages, dividends and capital gains. McCain has also pledged to end the AMT.

That's just a brief overview of both candidates positions on taxes, but more than enough to debunk Philip's idiot statement.  I'd love to discuss the real issues here, but Philip has to "talk educated" first.

Government Run Health Care - We have it. It is called Medicare and Medicaid. Is that the health care plan you want? We did not think so.

Question for Philip - does your mother and father use Medicare and Medicaid?  I thought so.

The Right To Bear Arms - Was almost taken away from you. Yes - the second amendment to the US Constitution was almost taken from you by four justices. If that is not a wake up call....tell us what is.

Previously debunked here, although Philip never commented on the wording of the Second Amendment, which specifically enumerates "a well-regulated" militia. 

Ironically, Philip refers to this as the "second amendment." If it's truly that important to him, why doesn't he follow standard grammatical rules and capitalize the Second Amendment. 

Anyone who would choose a silly Glock over a Sig Sauer or an AR15 chambered for a 9mm is an idiot, anyway.

The Iraq War - Silence from the media. Do you wonder why? Imagine that.

Typically, Philip is uninformed.  Here were a couple of Iraq topics I've been following over the past week:

Philip also missed the news from Afghanistan, where more soldiers were killed in June than in Iraq. This is not because Iraq occupation is going well, but rather because the Taliban is making a successful comeback in Afghanistan:

I'd love to discuss the real issues here, but Philip can't even keep up with his prerequisite reading.

Who You Want To Lead Us Into The Future In Jefferson County :

  • Jeff Branick 37 %
  • Mark Domingue 3 %
  • Miriam Johnson 3 %
  • A Republican 40 %
  • None Of The Above 18 %

Philip's poll is as biased as he is uninformed.  For instance, while he has a choice for "a Republican," he has no choice for, "a Democrat."  Furthermore, at least two of those choices will not run for Jefferson County Judge, while he left out two very obvious choices, both of whom have already expressed interest in the job.

We'll revisit this when after the campaign announcements are made.

Over 58% of the Jefferson County Population Wants Change - Listen up County Commissioners. Listen up.

According to whom?

Pow Wow Dance - Season ticket holders get screwed in a place where tradition is king - Port Neches. Stop crying - you voted for it. It will not be the first time your government will screw you? How about that bond issue?

This is a major issue that affects a whopping 29 season ticket holders. Notice the number of comments left on the Beaumont Enterprise story here.

Philip should be happy - with the wider seats in the new stadium, people like Philip Klein will no longer have to buy two seats.

The Need For A Divorce Kind Of Judge - Give us a frigging break. We walked down the courthouse today and not a court in session. We say when they work 7 hours a day running trials and are still backed up...come talk. More on this next week.

I'll revisit this when Philip prints more next week.

Unions Made At The Democrats - Seemingly the brains in the Unions in Jefferson County have kicked in. Seemingly they understand the more taxation the less there is for pay and the more they get taken away from their nest egg. And they are wondering why they support the D's?

According to whom?

In The End - We are all Americans. We all would lay down our lives for this country. Politics is what it is. Just politics. God Bless the USA. God Bless You. Even the ACLU.

If Philip truly believes this, he would focus on the commonalities that unite us all, rather than the differences that divide us.  No individual, organization, or political party has all the answers, except  perhaps Philip R. Klein.