Jul 6, 2008

City of Beaumont (Philip R. Klein's Acid Flashback)

Philip R. Klein writes in his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review:

On the front page of the Beaumont Enterprise this morning was the pipe dream that the city of Beaumont was going to use tax dollars and dig big ditches and holes in the middle of downtown and call it "little Kemah. And they think the millions that they are going to spend is going to bring people to the city with ANOTHER HUGE TAXPAYER PROJECT.

Actually, this has been under discussion for at least two years, but dumb and his dumberer sources have apparently been completely unaware of the issue until now.   If it's not on the front page in Second Coming font and doesn't have pictures, it's off Philip's radar.

Here's a short article that I posted on November 20, 2007, where I noted Philip completely missed the boat (pun intended):

Philip manufactures another quote from his alleged "sources" in an article about Jefferson County Commissioner Eddie Arnold:

What in the [H**l] is going on?" Asked one of our GOP readers this morning. "Has this son-of-a-***** drank the Jefferson County spending Kool-Aide?"

Oh, look! Philip called Eddie Arnold a "son-of-a-*****!" Is this protected speech under the First Amendment?

Ironically, Klein still hasn't mentioned the Republican majority on the Beaumont City Council, who propose to build a series of lakes in downtown Beaumont as a beautification project. I'm looking forward to fishing in Lake Coleman, Lake Beaulieu, and especially Lake Hayes - one can eventually visit the lakes by taking a bus into the proposed Bubba Pate Metro Transit Center.

In reality, however, we already have a series of lakes in downtown Beaumont. They're called potholes. Is this an example of Philip's hidden agendas?

I also referred to the project again on January 6, 2008, but Philip and his purported sources missed that one as well.

I think it's also very interesting that Klein continues to give the City of Beaumont a free pass. From today's Beaumont Enterprise:

City leaders say Beaumont is on the move and point to $180 million in construction projects slated to either begin or go into the design phase this year.

Klein is complaining about 10 or 20 thousand dollars for surveillance cameras at Ford Park, yet has nothing to say about millions of dollars to build Lake Hayes and the Bubba Pate Central Transit Center in downtown Beaumont. Brick sidewalks? A downtown waterway? Hike and bike trails connecting drainage ponds? And, of course, let's not forget the Crape Myrtles to be installed at high-traffic intersections.

If the artist rendering of downtown Beaumont is accurate, you'll need an boat and outboard motor to attend a show at the Jefferson Theatre in 20 years. Isn't it funny how Philip missed that parking issue?

I've mentioned this on several other occasions, but "The Editor" who promises the "story behind the story" somehow missed this issue until now.

In his article today, Philip again demonstrates his bumper sticker mentality and extreme partisanship:

The mindset of almost every elected official in Southeast Texas is left wing liberal have the government create it, build it and they will come.

Question for Philip: This is clearly not a partisan issue, so why do you refuse to acknowledge that the Beaumont City Council has a sitting Republican majority?

Philip continues:

What they do not get is that almost every single program over the past 10 years have failed. The government officials of Southeast Texas simply do not get it. The problem is high crime, high unemployment and high taxation. And they continue to create the problem (s) over and over and over and over - with no lesson.

Astute readers will also see further evidence of Philip's emotional problems.  Unfortunately, perhaps it's Philip who fails to "get it,"  since he doesn't explain how the reconstruction of Orleans and Pearl streets. the renovation of the Julie Rogers Theatre, and the Convention and Visitors' Bureau Office projects have failed.

Any comment, buddy?

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