Jul 20, 2008

The Fall Out

In his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review, Philip R. Klein continues to wax hysterical over the hiring of Naomi Lawrence-Lee as BISD Purchasing Agent.

Consider the irony in Klein's simplistic list of "steps that need to be taken:"

1) Release Lee from service.

2) Apologize to Lee for making a horrible mistake.

3) Apologize to the public that Thomas represents for making a horrible lapse in judgment.

4) Apologize to the school board to which entrusts him.

5) Change the way he operates.

Compare with Philip's statement in his editorial, "Stop Complaining:"

And most of all stop bitching - you voted them in.

If the majority of taxpayers are truly outraged over the hiring of Lawrence-Lee as PRK claims, they should remember this when they next vote for a BISD trustee.

That is, except for Philip - he's not eligible to vote in the BISD elections.

These taxpayers can also force the issue with a petition presented to the BISD trustees - the board is not legally obligated to act on the petition, but such a petition is infinitely more powerful than wingnut opinions based on rumor, hearsay, manufactured sources, and silly demands from an outsider who's repeatedly proven that he's not credible.

On an unrelated subject, a reader left a comment concerning oil as a dwindling resource. I greatly enjoyed reading his or her articulate opinion - I didn't publish this, since I wasn't sure whether this was intended for my eyes only.

I'm very familiar with the concept of peak oil.  Here's an excellent introduction to the subject of the Hubbert peak theory, with a bibliography for further reading.  Readers conversant with this subject will know that the U.S. imports roughly 1,579,000 barrels per day of oil from Saudi Arabia, yet we don't know the amount of oil in the ground there - it's a state secret. This doesn't bode well for America's Homeland Security in the future, so it seems to me that the prudent thing to do is reduce U.S. dependency upon oil, foreign or otherwise, as Al Gore suggests. 

However, my personal opinions are not what this blog is about, so perhaps Philip would like to defend his own wingnut opinions on this issue:

Gas Prices: Good Economy higher gas prices. Supply - demand.

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