Jul 27, 2008

IH10 Orange

In his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review, Philip R. Klein writes:

The democrats (now here comes the stupid part) want to now sin tax you per gallon. The real meaning is that they need more revenue to keep up the road programs - all  after you were told how bad you are for driving and using gas. The cost to you? How about another 10 cents per gallon. Yes...you heard it right. As much as you hurt and small business hurts - they want to sin tax you. Yes - they want more.

Actually, Republican Representative Don Young of Alaska is the one who suggested the federal gas tax increase. But, don't take my word for it - see for yourself.

Young is the former head of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, who's been pushing for the tax increase since the Minneapolis bridge failure.  His proposal gained credibility in January of this year, when an independent study by the non-partisan  National Surface Transportation Policy and Revenue Study Commission also recommended a gas tax hike.

Among the most ardent supporters of the gas tax increase is conservative Republican Paul Weyrich, who co-founded the Heritage Foundation and writes for NewsMax. Any question on whether Philip is completely confused and out of touch on this issue?

If so, then consider that Democrats favor another plan, which revolves around transferring $8 billion from the General Fund to the Highway Trust Fund. Despite President Bush's threat of a veto, the House passed the bill on Wednesday with a 387 to 37 margin. Veto-proof, I'd say.

I'd really love to discuss this issue in a more substantive manner, but Philip has already demonstrated that he's just a partisan hack following the party line with his bumper sticker mentality:

So you politicos over in Orange - explain your party stance to the public? No drilling - higher costs - less demands - fuel tax revenue decrease. Or maybe you want to sell a higher fuel tax to those already hurting? Inflation?

Philip is again talking about both sides of his mouth. Readers may remember his position on escalating gas prices:

Gas Prices: Good Economy higher gas prices. Supply - demand

What an idiot! Any comment, buddy?

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