Jul 27, 2008

Nitwit Tidbits (Part Deux)

Another week and more tidbits with little substance or interest:

Reverse Discrimination - There is no such thing. Discrimination is Discrimination. White - Black, Black - White, Brown - Green and on and on. Think about that.

Think about this.

Perhaps Philip is confusing discrimination with racism:

And you folks in the black community - shut up.

Any comment, buddy?

Wanna Laugh And See How Angry The Media Is : http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/front/5906550.html

Readers can decide fro themselves if author Rick Casey is angry. Regular readers will reailize that Philip routinely claims any opinion different that his own is "angry," "liberal," and "left-wing." 

Actually, Casey's commentary makes a lot more sense than any posted by Philip R. Klein.

Dress Code - The out of control NISD School Board implements a dress code. Meaning all NISD cadets ....sorry students must wear the same thing. Too frigging funny. Can you imagine 18 year olds wearing uniforms?

Typically, Philip is confused - a standardized dress code doesn't constitute required "uniforms." In the case of NISD, students are required to wear blue denim or navy, black or khaki pants. Only solid colored polo or oxford type shirts are allowed. 

Readers will notice that Philip's horse laugh fallacy in logic does not address any of the arguments for a standardized dress code. Care to discuss the issue, Philip, website-to-website, and its success in other local school districts - say for instance, West Orange-Stark?

Minimum Wage Increase - Do not fool yourself. This is just another chance to collect more taxes from the employees and the employers. Billions.

A Little Math - If one makes $5.85 for 40 hours per week you make $12,168 a year. Now you get a raise. If one makes $6.55 per hour for 40 hours per week you now make $13,624. You just got a 12% raise. For doing????? This is how silly we think. And you just made the government $311 more in payroll taxes. Now times that out?

Here's a little more math - only 25 percent of all those who make minimum wage are under the age of 21.  Of those, a disproportionate number, about half, come from homes below the poverty line. Regarding those adults, a full time minimum wage worker makes just $10,712 per year, well below the poverty line.

We probably wouldn't need minimum wage requirements if employers, such as former DQ owners, paid their workers a fair wage, rather than depend upon the government to set the absolute minimum.

Hello Dolly - Notice how other Counties with MORE citizens than Jefferson County can do more with less money? Interesting. Looking at the Dolly numbers coming in.

I apparently missed the comparison.

  • Hurricane Dolly: 75 Million in Damage (current estimate)
  • Hurricane Rita: 11.3 Billion (accepted estimate)

Polling :

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As I previously mentioned, readers should note that Philip's so-called "poll" this week generated only 59 votes, even though Philip claims he receives thousands of "hits" everyday. Bob always gets many more votes on his Texas Gulf Coast Gab polls.

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