Jul 11, 2008

Nitwit Tidbits (Philip Outdoes Himself)

Philip R. Klein set a new benchmark for idiocy this week:

Big Story Greg Flores Is Mad - So what. Good job cops!

Philip is confusing Greg Flores, PAISD Trustee, with Roberto Flores, head of the local LULAC chapter.

From Channel 4 News (emphasis is mine):

LULAC President Speaks Out About Immigration Raid

The head of the local chapter of the League of United Latin American Citizens is angry about a immigration raid that took place Wednesday in Port Arthur. LULAC President Roberto Flores says he wants more details about the raid that led to the arrest of about 40 workers at R&R Marine on Procter Street.

Flores wants to know if those taken into custody were truly illegal immigrants, or if they were rounded-up just because they were Hispanics. Flores also wants the US Attorney to pursue charges against the company, if it did in fact hire illegals.

Greg Flores had no comment, but he does have grounds for a lawsuit.  I recommend seeking counsel from Gerald Eddins, Attorney at Law, who has experience in cases like this.

Based on Philip's earlier comments this week, I suspect all Latinos look alike to him:

As the raid started it looked like roaches running from the bug spray.

Readers will notice the racist implication. 

As I've pointed out whenever Philip spouts his wingnut opinions on this issue, the only way to fix the problem of illegal immigration is to remove the economic incentive.  If U.S. companies refused to hire undocumented workers, the immigration problem would disappear. Like Roberto Flores, I'm anxious to see what charges are in store for R&R Marine.

Philip also displays more racism:

Big Story Minority Businesses Get Funding - Last time we checked there is a question on what the term "minority" really means. Who is the minority?

I suspect Philip is simply jealous, since he's probably persona non grata at the Small Business Administration these days.

As I've previously pointed out on several occasions, the latest figures from the U.S. Census Bureau answer Philip's question eloquently. In percentages:

  • White persons: 60.9%
  • Black persons: 34.8%

Philip includes yet another prediction about gas prices:

$200 By The End of Summer - Washington Whispers. That means gas at 7 per gallon.

Here is what reputable analysts are really predicting:

Guinness, a highly-rated fund manager who was the chairman of Investec Asset Management for four years before retiring in 2002, said he expected the spike to $200 to happen in 2010 and predicted the average price that year at around $160 a barrel

Investment bank Goldman Sachs issued a similar prediction last week, saying oil could shoot up to $200 within the next two years....

Total's CEO Christophe de Margerie corroborated this assessment yesterday:

The head of French energy giant Total believes that oil prices will one day top $200 per barrel, but not this year, although the market will remain strong.

Compare with Philip's previous prediction:

Oil (May 16, 2008) - Will go to $200 Per Barrel and Gas Will Be At $5.00 per by July. That is what they are saying. Go figure.

Oops - he missed again.

Readers will notice that there is no general consensus about these inflated prices right now. One school of thought contends that this is directly due to increasing demand, while another suggests this is a bubble we're in. Others argue that the weak dollar is driving escalating oil prices, which are traded in U.S. dollars. Still others suggest that prices are due to rabid speculation in oil futures.

For those who are interested, here's an interesting article:

Why Oil Prices will tank

Arguments that $4-a-gallon gas (or even higher) is here to stay are dead wrong. Housing's boom-and-bust cycle tells you why.

Required reading for those who want to "talk intelligent" about this issue.

I enjoyed Philip's "unscientific" polling results:

Two Ways To Look At It - Walkers approval rating? Or Walkers disapproval rating?

Here's yet another way to look at it - the Texas Gulf Coast Gab blog treads the same ground as the Southeast Texas Political Review, except Bob displays no pretension about his conservative opinions.

Unlike Bob, Philip R. Klein claims he has a vast network of "anonymous" sources in every governmental entity from the Federal Government to the Kirbyville city council. He claims to be a "political consultant" and an "editorialist" in order to bolster his poor self-esteem.  His daughter even claims Philip is a politician, even though he's never been elected to a public office. 

The punch line: Philip's week-long poll generated only 76 votes, even though he claims he has thousands of readers who flood his mailbox every day with "reader mail." 

Bob's simple poll had 92 votes and ran for only three days.  How funny!

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