Jul 19, 2008

Nitwit Tidbits

Philip R. Klein offers little substantive content in his latest Nitwit Tidbits on the Southeast Texas Political Review.  A large part is devoted to the issue of Naomi Lawrence-Lee:

A MUST READ : www.theexaminer.com - We know....we hate Southeast Texas. Corruption folks - this is what we talk about. Way to go Jerry Jordan. You will not hear this on the big three or the Enterprise.

As I previously pointed out, the Enterprise published a succinct editorial - read it here. 

Corruption At The DA's Office ? - From ACE REPORTER JERRY JORDAN'S Examiner article this morning :

"But many say that wasn't the only time that Lawrence-Lee had been caught personally benefiting at the county and taxpayer's expense.

A source at the courthouse said that Lawrence-Lee has been using the county's print shop for her own personal benefit for some time. Several years ago a county employee filed a grievance claiming that Lawrence-Lee had the print shop print business cards for a friend of hers in Louisiana. At the time the information was turned over to the district attorney's office but, according to the source, the evidence, which was a business card, was lost."

A fine example of Philip's personal agenda, which depends upon an anonymous "source at the courthouse."

More From The Article (This Shows The Sickness of our Leaders) -

"The girl is good. She has great qualifications and, in fact, she is over-qualified for the job she has. I think she has learned a lot and she has admitted some mistakes that she made. I think she is very remorseful for whatever happened. And, she has more than assured us that, if she does the job that I think she is capable of doing, then I think it will probably one of the best investments we have ever made in human resources." Carol Thomas interview from the Examiner.

Readers will notice that Philip R. Klein asserts that Dr. Carrol Thomas is representative of "our Leaders."  I suspect Thomas would have a hard time holding on to his position and salary if the BISD superintendent were an elected position.

Gene Bush - Our hero. Someone that will stand up! Hey Gene - have you seen David Teuscher? Seemingly the media has lost him also?

If voters object to this, the answer is simple - residents with a vested interest in the BISD should elect trustees that better represent their opinions and viewpoints.

After I pointed out that Philip had no dog in this hunt, a reader left this comment:O

You should Philip if he's ever used public resources for his own personal business like the fax machine at the Nederland Volunteer Fire Department if you want evidence of his hypocritical position, but he won't tell you the truth.

Interesting question  - any comment, Philip? 

Funny Quote - "A taxpayer voting Barack Obama is like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders."

Funnier quote from Philip R. Klein:

Folks - this is not about the color of skin - this is not about anything other than a huge political misstep that has to be corrected.

Compared with this quote from Philip R. Klein:

The Review has an opinion - and that opinion is that if Lee were white and not in the "click" - Lee would have been tried, convicted and paid big fines.

Let's consider the issue of Philip's racism:

Funny Quote - "A taxpayer voting Barack Obama is like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders."

The Author Says In Answer If He Cares If It Offends - "I don't give a damn," he said. "We have free speech in this country, and if it fluffs somebody's feathers, I'm sorry. I don't agree with Obama's tax plan."

The Complainer - "They put themselves in a crossfire," said Jevyn McDowell, who passed the sign on the way to her job. "We had our primary elections and Obama came out on top. I'm an African-American, and it looks like (Bob Costilow Realtors) is comparing black folks to chickens."

Our Take -  Jevyn McDowell is racist.

Our Thanks - To the Beaumont Enterprise for ANOTHER RACIST story.

Philip's final word on the subject:

How About Some Music ? :

"Barack the 'Magic Negro'"

Does anyone have questions as to whether Philip is ANOTHER RACIST?  Note to Philip: let me know when you want to discuss the real issue of Obama's position on taxes, instead of throwing mud at his cultural heritage.

The Big Three - Are going overseas with the Obama For President campaign on the presidents first foreign policy tour. Oh...wait...sorry...he is not president?

That title, the Foreign Policy Tour, is what McCain supporters are calling Obama's trip abroad.  Philip is merely aping those charges.  Ironically, Philip didn't mention that Obama chairs the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and that he's already met most of the foreign officials he'll see on his trip. 

Philip's dilemma is this: he's obviously not intelligent enough to rationally discuss the real issues, so he has  to resort to mud-slinging.  I suspect that most Americans are tired of this - I know I am.

Ten Years - Gore says we are all going to die in ten years if his energy plan is not followed. Pick your casket. Invest in a casket company on the stock market - which btw you need to be doing anyway. The baby boomers have begun to die.

Al Gore said nothing like this.  Instead, he issued a challenge to the U.S. to generate all electricity from renewable resources by 2018:

"So today I challenge our nation to commit to producing 100 percent of our electricity from renewable energy and truly clean carbon-free sources within 10 years," he said.

Here's a topic that I'd love to debate with Philip: What are the implications for Homeland Security of an energy policy based on the importation of a dwindling resource?  The Pentagon has already addressed this question.

Kool Aid - Here is our poll results for the week with a giggle.

Do You Support the Tax Payer [sic] Funded City of Beaumont Downtown Water Way [sic] Development?

Yes 79 %

No 19 %

Not Sure 2 %

Does anyone have any questions about the credibility of Philip's polls?

More to come later this week-end!

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