Jul 22, 2008

Real Readers Write

From the comment section:

Somebody is listening to "Uncle Hilty."  See today's Houston Chronicle:


From the article:

In a letter to the EPA on Monday, the House Committee on Energy and Commerce told the federal agency's chief administrator that the proposed approval of Veolia Environmental Services' petition would "effectively create an open border" for other countries' PCBs to be disposed of in the United States.

The confrontation comes nearly 30 years after legislation that banned the manufacture of PCBs, or polychlorinated biphenyls, also prohibited bringing them into the country. Veolia has proposed importing up to 20,000 tons of the chemical compound from Mexico for incineration, and the EPA has indicated it would approve the plan.

The Houston Chronicle quotes Hilton Kelley:

Hilton Kelley, a community activist who opposes Veolia's plan, applauded the committee's intervention.

"It's high time because we believe the EPA has overstepped its bounds," Kelley said. "What they've done is wrong and totally out of line."

What's the difference between Philip R. Klein and Hilton Kelley?  Hilton actually does something beyond underwear-sniffing and complaining  on a small-time, low-tech blog.

Any comment, Buddy?

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