Jul 14, 2008

Real Readers Write:

Here are a few comments from real readers over the past week, who ask some great questions and offered some interesting suggestions:

Is PRK aware that some unscrupulous employers have knowingly hired illegals, worked them like slaves for two weeks, then blown the whistle to INS just hours before they were to receive pay?  

I'm sure he's not aware, else his Dairy Queen franchises might have held on a little longer.

Klein must think all Mexicans have the last name Flores. He says "Greg Flores" is mad about the ICE raid. If he could read or listen, he'd know that it is "Roberto Flores," the head of the local LULCA group, who is upset.

I'm still waiting for Philip to "stand up and say we are wrong when we are wrong."  Maybe Philip, Pt 1, thinks Philip, Pt 2, should apologize and vice versa.

Loved your "Open Letter to Caroline Klein."  Very well handled and a great example of how Philip exploits his children for his own vanity. If he doesn't want anyone else to talk about them, then he should leave them off his website and stick to sniffing other people's underwear.

Thanks. I'm still awaiting Caroline's response, but she apparently takes after her father when it comes to exchanging substantive opinions.

I don't think politicians such as the Honorable Jack Brooks, Carl Parker, and others who have given so much to this area would appreciate the term politician being applied to Flapjack Phil, even if the association is one loosely made.

Not to mention the Honorable Steve Stockman.

I didn't realize that Phil Klein keeps ranting on the same subjects over and over again, until I started reading Operation Kleinwatch on a regular basis. I have a suggestion that might save you some time...perhaps you could number your responses and then just print something like "See same old subject #4 (or whatever) for the applicable response."

Funny suggestion, but a great idea!

My absolute favorite part of Operation Kleinwatch is when you tear apart Philip Klein's Reader Mail.  I can see the same stupid mistakes in those fake letters from his readers that Philip makes in his own writings. Keep up the good work!

What is wrong with you people.  Don't you realize this is a battle for the heart and sole of Jefferson County? I'm sick to my stomach over this?  He is wrong within he went on his smear campaign.

Gus, you should check this out. I tried sending a message to Philip Klein's Reader Mail address and got this message:

<setpoliticalreview@gtbizclass.com>: host mx2.biz.rr.com[] said: 550 #5.1.0 Address rejected setpoliticalreview@gtbizclass.com (in reply to RCPT TO command)

I tried sending this from several email accounts, but all of them kept bouncing. Apparently Philip's filtering the messages that come into that mail box.

This is probably because Philip began blocking email to that account after I started sending my articles to his reader mail address every day.  I was hoping he answer the numerous questions that I regularly pose, but he runs like a little girl from the hard questions.

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