Jul 17, 2008

"The Review Has An Opinion..."

Philip R. Klein's articles this week on the Southeast Texas Political Review have primarily been concerned with two subjects, Naomi Lawrence-Lee and the Amstar trial.  Philip's points get lost in his contrived hysteria and race-baiting. For example, Philip writes:

 Folks - this is not about the color of skin - this is not about anything other than a huge political misstep that has to be corrected.

At the same time, Philip writes:

The Review has an opinion - and that opinion is that if Lee were white and not in the "click" - Lee would have been tried, convicted and paid big fines.

Obviously, Philip doesn't know what this is about. Note to Philip: investigate the difference between "click" and "clique."

Typically, Klein completely loses focus and resorts to his  usual mud-slinging, name-calling, and underwear sniffing.  His latest article is ostensibly about the trustees of the Beaumont ISD, but Philip is obviously not aware of who actually sits on that board:

And where is David Teuscher? He is nowhere to be seen...If Teuscher does not stand up - and if he does not say anything - and sits on the sideline and does nothing - we all know that fix was in and he knew about this also. He knew what Thomas's plan was and he knew this was coming.

Actually, Dr. Teuscher has nothing to do with the Beaumont ISD beyond his service in the past as the co-chairman of the Citizens Advisory Bond Committee. He has nothing to do with hiring or day-to-day operations at the BISD, nor is he a trustee. And, I strongly suspect that Dr. Carrol Thomas doesn't consult with Teuscher on new hires.   Philip offers no evidence for his wild accusations.

Even though Philip doesn't have a dog in this hunt and can't discuss the real issue knowledgeably, he's still got an opinion.  Here's a better opinion from the Beaumont Enterprise, without the manufactured sources and facts, posturing, hysteria, and vituperative rhetoric. Best of all, it's about a third as long as Philip's meandering from subject to subject. 

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