Jul 29, 2008

Shocker (Philip's Psychic Powers)

Philip R. Klein again proves a limited vocabulary is indicative of a limited intellect. In this case, he's resurrecting one of his favorite titles.  Here are just a few in recent memory:

Any semblance of a real point is lost in Philip's hysterical rant. For instance, he wrote:

Commissioner Mark Domingue allowed his name to be used as a reference for Naomi Lawrence Lee's application....

Talk about arrogant. Talk about someone who thinks he is Teflon? What in the **** is he doing speaking for the county?  Is that not the job of the personnel department?

Philip is obviously confused about personal references. 

Philip's claim concerning his gift of telepathy is especially interesting. In this case, he divined the inner thoughts of Mark Domingue:

What in the **** is Mark Domingue thinking?

Well....we will tell you.

From his new editorial this week:

Strange? I think not. I firmly believe in the business I am of the 6th sense.

I wonder how that argument would hold up in a libel suit?  I don't pretend to be psychic, but I'm reminded of one of my late father's favorite colloquialisms: "Nutty as a fruitcake!"

By the way, Philip will channel your departed loved ones or read your palm for a small sitting fee. Call now: (409) 729-8798.

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