Aug 30, 2008

Economics 101 - The Philip Klein Challenge


In Philip R. Klein's latest so-called "editorial" on the Southeast Texas Political Review, he again displays his simplistic understanding of economics while commenting on gas prices:

Seriously - you folks that are part of a Union are working your way out of a job. Yes - gas prices went up. And yes - when it went up we stopped using so much and guess what? The price went down because supplies (are) were high. Economics 101.

With this statement, it's obvious that Philip never actually took macroeconomics, microeconomics, or even basic business finance.  Actually, current supply is lower right now. By the end of the second quarter, 2008, commercial inventories dropped to about 2.58 billion barrels, 17 million barrels below the 5-year average and equal to only about 53 days of forward consumption.

Yet, the prices went down. This is because supply and demand is only one of several determinants in the price of gasoline at your local convenience store:

  • Strength of the US dollar
  • Refinery capacity
  • Speculation in oil futures
  • Supply and demand

Americans should have seen declining gas prices throughout the year if Philip's thesis is correct, since US consumption has been in a steady decline since 2007. In 2008, consumption in the US has dropped by about 800,000 bbl/day.  Unfortunately for Philip, this is not the case.

Rather, readers who are paying attention will realize that the price of a barrel of oil began to moderate at about the same time the US dollar began to rally. The strength of the US dollar affects the price of gas in two ways for Americans: not only does a strong dollar buy more oil for the same amount, but oil is traded in US dollars.  Putting this into terms that even a simpleton like Philip R. Klein can understand, the value of the US dollar fell to historical lows, while the price of oil reached historical highs. 

Likewise, refineries over the past few years have been running at 96 percent capacity. This capacity is critical, especially since a substantial portion of US refineries are located along the hurricane-prone Gulf Coast. This is the reason that the oil cartel, OPEC, who actually controls supply and demand of oil on the world market, did nothing to increase production of crude while prices were spiking: oil refineries around the world were operating at capacity.

Finally, oil prices spiked as speculators began moving from the depressed housing market into the oil futures market. Many analysts more knowledgeable than Philip R. Klein attribute the entire current spike in oil prices to this one determinant.

Philip's notion of "DRILL DRILL DRILL" is yet another example of his bumpersticker mentality and inability to comprehend even the most basic of issues.  Considering that it takes roughly 10 years from the time an exploratory drill is initiated until a well is brought online, more drilling will have little effect in the near future on actual prices. Yet, we can dramatically increase capacity in less than two years by expanding or even building new refineries, which will have a more dramatic effect on prices.

The strategy of using oil from other countries before tapping into the remaining US reserves makes a lot of sense to me as well. Since most US reserves were used during World War II and the years immediately after, then perhaps it makes sense to level the playing field.

Oil is not a renewable energy source and one day the spigot will run dry. Only idiots like Philip R. Klein would argue that we should ignore Hubbert and continue to place all of our eggs in one basket.  T. Boone Pickens has the right idea in my opinion.

Consider Philip's predictions on the price of oil over the last four months:

$200 By The End of Summer - Washington Whispers. That means gas at 7$ per gallon.

Oil - Will go to $200 Per Barrel and Gas Will Be At $5.00 per by July. That is what they are saying. Go figure.

Note to Philip: Consider this a proverbial slap in the face with my gloves. I'd love to discuss your idiot opinions about this, but it's obvious you don't have the mental capacity. You're simply parroting those wingnut statements from your real sources, like "The Guy from Boston," without any real comprehension of the underlying issues, so you can't defend your own statements.  Your repeated refusal to engage in a meaningful debate over your asinine statements simply underscores your lack of credibility, as evidenced by the declining readership. 

It's sad when someone has to assuage their own feelings of inferiority by inventing mail from purported readers.


Any comment, buddy? 

Aug 29, 2008

Nitwit Tidbits


Philip R. Klein writes:

Let's get it done...

Apparently, writing this inane gibberish is as much drudgery for Philip as reading is for his few visitors.

Readers can quickly see there is no substantive comment - a shame considering that Philip probably spent at least 5 minutes writing such classic nuggets as this:

Storm - Be Safe - Be Smart.

Philip's 15 minutes are up - as I pointed out earlier this week, Philip's "polling question" died an unnatural death after only 32 of his many thousands of readers voted in the last poll.  I suspect those were the same 32 people who listened to his now-defunct radio show.

Out of the Loop


Philip R. Klein and his sources apparently missed this item:

GROVES — Former Groves Mayor Billy Job and current Mayor Brad Bailey have both filed to run for the title of mayor in the Tuesday, Nov. 4 election.

Readers may remember that Billy Job lost his race for Jefferson County Judge, after Philip endorsed his candidacy and predicted he would win.

Considering this past history, I wouldn't have told Philip either if I were Billy Job.

Of course, now that I've mentioned this, I'm sure Philip's sources will have much to say. 

Freak Out


Philip R. Klein's latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review is truly ironic. Consider Philip;s article on Wednesday:

When the property values crash - there will be a scream like never heard before. And you will see a massive overtaking of governmental agencies by the State and a "depressive" state of the economy in the county that believes in bigger government. And it is not far off. Just wait until the expansions are over. This massive run at bonds, spending increases, salary increases and on and on - is nothing but a recipe for disaster.

Yet, when faced with the possibility of a real natural disaster, Philip discounts the threat and claims there are angry business owners:

There are some really mad retailers right now in Southeast Texas. The reason? A press release from the Port Arthur Police Department calling for all citizens to "prepare" for a storm.

The problem?

Nobody told the gas suppliers. And they are filling up with gas as fast as they can get it into their tanks. Three retailers we spoke with this afternoon were rather upset.

Actually, that did not come from the Port Arthur Police Department; rather, it came from the Governor Rick Perry, who issued a disaster preparation declaration for 61 Texas counties along the Gulf Coast:

"Texas is closely following Gustav's track as it approaches the Gulf and we are preparing for any potential impact on our communities," said Gov. Perry. "I urge Texans along the coast to monitor this storm closely, heed warnings from their local leaders, and take necessary precautions to protect their families, homes and businesses."

Governor Perry took a number of actions, such as putting the Texas National Guard  and the state's fuel supply trucks on standby (emphasis is mine):

  • Fuel Team: Fuel supply trucks and trailers are on standby to ensure adequate fuel supplies. The industry reminds Texans to maintain fuel in their personal vehicles.

Of course, Philip's so-called sources missed that:

"We are having a small run and we spoke with corporate. They are getting us some extra trucks right now. This may be more about Labor Day Weekend than the storm - but Port Arthurs little statement did not help the situation," said the source.

Now for the punch line - Philip claims that these same retailers are profiteering:

As prices start to spike - so does the mini-panic at gas stations.

Since gas prices are based on oil futures and set by the gas companies, Philip is again displaying his ignorance. If these gas stations are indeed raising prices based on local demand due to a possible natural disaster, they're breaking the law and should be prosecuted.  Maybe all of those federal agents who read the Southeast Texas Political Review every day will investigate.

That is, unless Philip's prediction on gas prices from July 11, 2008, actually came true and no one told us:

$200 By The End of Summer - Washington Whispers. That means gas at 7$ per gallon.

Or, maybe Philip's prediction from May 16th is only a month off:

Oil - Will go to $200 Per Barrel and Gas Will Be At $5.00 per by July. That is what they are saying. Go figure.

Philip is truly a dunce. While I normally find his ignorance humorous, this reckless disregard for the inexcusable. 

Aug 27, 2008

Imaging Port Arthur (The Southeast Texas Political Buffoon)


In Philip R. Klein's latest article, readers will find nothing of redeeming quality; rather, Philip regurgitates more of the "same old think, over and over and over again." Let's take a look:

Port Arthurs [sic] new image is "Oil and Water Mix?" What?" [sic] How about "Blood and Roses" in the graves of those who have been murdered, robbed and / or afraid to leave their homes in the middle of the night.

Murder - check. Robbery - check.   And Port Arthurs - is that like the two Philips?  Oh, and look! It's another "perfect storm!"

Port Arthur and Jefferson County are forming the perfect storm...And you will see a massive overtaking of governmental agencies by the State and a "depressive" state of the economy in the county that believes in bigger government.

Silly predictions and gross exaggeration, check.   And, I especially like that "'depressive' state of the economy...."   Typically, Philip has confused a mental medical condition, major depressive disorder, with economics, as in "depressed state of the economy."  Philip must have heard that  in his counseling sessions.

Speaking of clever turns of a phrase, I enjoyed this comment:

...they have at least given the oil companies a hand on the back of thanks.

I think Philip probably meant "pat on the back."

Note to Philip: Are you starting happy hour at 8 am again? Really, you need to get some new material and "talk educated." Surely, you should know how to spell Mike Aguilar's name by now!

Everyone can see why you gave up on your polling questions, since only 32 people cast votes last week. Your Talk Back Line has had only four messages, all  from the same subscriber, during the entire month of August. According to a reader, KOLE's Saturday morning ratings allegedly went up after your show went off the air, and of course, you have to write the questions on your Reader Mail and answer them, too.   

Surely a shrewd political consultant such as yourself should be able to see the common thread that's running through here - no one takes you seriously anymore. 

I suggest renaming your blog to "The Southeast Texas Political Buffoon."

Any comment, buddy?

Aug 26, 2008

Reading Philip's Mail


Philip R. Klein writes in Reader Mail on the Southeast Texas Political Review: know we all get mail...I try very hard to treat those who care enough to write - with a little dignity. Yes - some are not on the same level as you and I are - but they have a question and I answer it. Or try too [sic].

I try, too!  Not many people out there are on Philip's level, thank goodness, but let's examine his idea of dignity and respect, shall we?

From Beaumont :

"Have you seen the traffic on Dowlin [sic] Road in Beaumont. [sic] Why do you not write about the horrible traffic flow costing thousands daily in gas?"

Answer : Anyone stupid enough to go to the mall and sit in lines has enough money to spend on the gas? Is that an answer?

Since Philip writes the questions and answers them, too (or is that "to?"), no harm done.

Hoodwinked (Pt II)

In this article, Philip refers to an interview with Joe Deshotel, Jr., on Channel 6:
How much money was it worth on the KFDM Evening News and/or the KFDM Morning show (you know the number one show on TV in the morning?)
Yet, Philip begins the article with a broad indictment of every TV station, newspaper, and radio station in Jefferson County:
...the media fell hook line and sinker...he told the media...
Either Philip is a simpleton and can't tell the difference between a newspaper and a TV station, or his bias is showing again.

Regarding Philip's point:
He gave the media a web site. And guess what? The site that he gave is a sales site for Obama's t-shirts? Oh....and the blog site? You have to look for it!

Here is the web site :

Here is the blog site :
So....the media gives Obama a free plug?
Actually, Joe, Jr., gave the correct URL to his blog (, but Philip misconstrued the reference. Those dot-things are so confusing.
He is also rumored to be behind another web site, being "Gus Pillsbury".... 

Speaking of issues, a reader asks:
Gus-- I've been on vacation and may have missed the news, so this is a question, not a comment. Has PRIK announced that former Groves mayor Billy Job has filed to oppose popular young incumbent Brad Bailey?  Maybe Job, who PRIK endorsed for County Judge, hasn't revealed his decision to him.  I certainly wouldn't if I aspired to office because PRIK is considerably more of a liability than an asset.
In answer to your question, no - Philip missed that one, too!

Aug 25, 2008



In his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review, Philip R. Klein admits he's confused when websites end in .org and .com. 

This is the same idiot who once wrote that Rhonda Dugas was "UNDER INVESTIGATION" because her now-defunct website used a .org domain.  From June 3, 2005 (complete with Philip's name-calling):

Duh Duh Dugas - We were forwarded a web site that is a .org. It is the anti-Griffith site. We strolled around it this morning. She sent a Duh Duh message to us...We are looking into the legal stance of the site...on the .org thing.

Actually, the site is still up, but hasn't been updated in many months. I suppose that her "legal stance" was okay.

Note To Philip: Any truth to the rumor that you're doing a guest appearance on the Comedy Central TV show South Park this week as the missing father of Eric Cartman?

BREAKING NEWS: Idiot On Parade!


Yesterday, August 24, 2008, Philip R. Klein wrote:

Remember that little old radio station down at city hall? You know...the one that gets free rent? Yes -- the city gives free rent to a nonprofit radio station. seems that free rent is not enough. How about this - when the firemen leave - guess who is getting deeded in their corporate name the old fire station number 6? You bet...."The Breeze?"

Hey, Philip - remember this Beaumont Enterprise article from three weeks ago?

On July 1 the City Council members voted to terminate the station's lease. Mosely said he had been planning on moving to an old fire station owned by the city and had received support from the City Council for the plan, but that option is now off the table.

Oops (or is that opps)! A day late and a dollar short!  According to the article:

The firehouse for which Mosely had hoped is needed to store vehicles and administration offices, Fitzgibbons said.

There are also concerns by some council members that the city is not permitted to transfer city property to a non-profit unless it uses "the property in a manner that primarily promotes a public purpose of the municipality," according to a letter written by state Rep. Joe Deshotel to the Attorney General's Office.

Philip didn't reveal his sources, but this apparently confirms the rumor that his sources "close to city hall" are actually two crackheads who live in a cardboard box near the intersection of Proctor and Waco.

Aug 24, 2008

Build a New One And...


Philip R. Klein writes on the Southeast Texas Political Review:

We would like to have a show on that station.

Philip would love to have a radio show on any station, but no radio station is that stupid to put Philip R. Klein on the air again.

From last November:

As for our show, we are negotiating with another station in a new deal and if that does not work out and is good for all parties, we will explore the new frontier of INET Radio. We have hired a firm to start that process.

I hope Philip got a receipt, so he can sue that firm. If he didn't make this up, the firm apparently took his money and left the country.  I suspect those "negotiations" fell through, too.

Special note to Philip: Whatever happened to that archive of your past radio shows that you promised to put up:

This site will archive the Southeast Texas Political Review Radio show that was formally broadcast on KOLE Fox Radio.

By the way, how is Dominick Brascia's syndicated radio show doing? I remember this posting from July of 2007:

"According to a source close to Brascia tells the Review that the radio show will be broadcast syndicated nationally on 10+ stations starting Monday with a goal of hitting 200 stations by the end of the year."

Finally, do you have any comment on this message from a real reader from a few weeks ago?

Gus, you should check out the spring ratings for KOLE. After Philip's show went off the air, the ratings went up a bunch on Saturday mornings.

As I remember, the Beaumont Police Department Dispatcher had higher ratings than your talk talk show.

Things to Watch For


A real reader writes:

Remember when PRK introduced us to actor Fred Thompson as the sure-fire GOP  nominee? He exalted "Mr. President!" The nitwit political pundit who seldom makes a correct prediction will take anther hit Monday if Nederland names Chris Duque as city manager. When Andre Wimer left for the manager's job at Port Neches, PRK guessed Groves' D. Sosa would return to Nederland. Didn't happen!  

Excellent point and in Philip's backyard - I'll be watching!

Aug 22, 2008

Nitwit Tidbits


Live from the lake house, it is scathing commentary on Philip R. Klein's Nitwit Tidbits from the Southeast Texas Political Review:

Quote of the Week :

Out of the mouths of babes: - insight into why Philip insists upon referring to himself as "we:"

Want More - "Does a guy...really want to have a debate about who’s in touch with regular Americans?

Perhaps this is an example of why Philip is unwilling to discuss these inconsistent statements over the past months:

  • Jefferson County has a fund balance of $25 million (shhhhhhhh.....really $37)
  • Your Jefferson County Commissioners have laid the ground work to a fiscal budget of over $120 million (shhhhhh really $130 with the rainy day fund <slush>)....
  • That leads to what we reported over a year ago that the Jefferson County Budget will top $120 million (shhhh really $136 because of the rainy day fund).
  • They came out with the number $122, then they said that they must subtract some costs to around $114 million. And hold the contingency fund (slush fund or over taxation fund) at $20 million.
  • And give a reason to have a $20 million dollar (yes it is $20 mill story next week the media missed it) fund balance. Get this....$20 million of your tax dollars waiting to be spent...

Depending upon the moon phase and what the spirits happen to be telling him that day, Philip believes the unreserved fund balance is 12 million, 10 million 6, million, or 20 million.

Here's a question for Philip: in percentages (if he knows what that is), how much is the unreserved fund balance in PRK's business account, or does he run his business on credit cards?

Fun - We here at the Review do not like either of them. But we like war!!! 

This is an interesting comment from someone who never served in the Armed Forces.

Global Warming - 2008 has been the coolest year since 2000. Darn! Al?

Readers can find more here, but this is an excellent example of how short-sighted Philip typically is.  While 2008 may well be the coolest average mean temperature of the past five,  Klein somehow missed this:

The global mean temperature to end-July was 0.28 degrees Celsius above the 1961-1990 average.

That's still a substantial increase in the average temperature, but if Philip is confused over simple concepts like basic finance, we really can't expect him to be conversant on climate science, can we?

Orleck - To Louisiana. Texas could not get it done. History?

Isn't it interesting that Philip failed to mention the financial loss to the City of Orange?  As I recall, the city bankrolled the move .  Perhaps they could move the USS Orleck to the Neches River as the centerpiece of Beaumont's downtown development project?

Poll Results - Can you say WOW?

Wow! Last week, Philip's poll attracted 52 votes. This week, only 33 votes were cast, and that includes the multiple votes that Klein himself cast.  

Not example a reliable sample and not exactly representative of the thousands of people that visit the Southeast Texas Political Review each week, according to Philip's claims.

Port Arthur News - Finally - one media paper did a gig on Foulk. Funny stuff.

Oh, look!  Philip finally spelled her name correctly!

Her sentence: 10 years adjudicated probation. Philip's original complaint on May 10, 2008:

You can tell Judge Walker that if she gets probation we will throw his a** out of office. I will lead the charge...This women, who fed kids alcohol and tried to have sex with them should be put in jail for 10 years. It is that simple. Enough said."

Philip's new position:

Our take is pretty simple - good job Judge! Egg on Maness's face AGAIN! And maybe a new District Attorney for Jefferson County?


Ed Cain - We love him.

I know Ed Cain personally and he doesn't swing that way, Philip.

Joke Of The Week - Our fearless leader is adopted. Funny stuff on the bloggers. So gullible.

So, what's wrong with adoption, Philip?  

By the way, if you're really so fearless, why won't you discuss any of your many gaffes website-to-website? 

Blogger Report : The three Klein's are still in the top 10. Want to make your blog popular - say Klein.

See the first item in this week's Nitwit Tidbits.

Aug 20, 2008

Making Up Numbers (Pt II) - More of Philip's Fuzzy Math


In Philip's latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review, he comments on voters in the Nederland ISD:

As the district is 60% GOP now...

Since over 15,000 people voted for Alan Ritter in the 2008 Democratic Primary, I suspect Philip's number is as phony as his sources.  I'm reminded of Philip's comment about Orange County on February 18, 2008:

Orange County is...a Red County to boot!

Readers should note that out of 12 local races during this cycle, NO Republicans file in Orange County. In the spring primaries, 15,630 Democrats voted, while only a measly 3,083 voted in the Republican Primary.

Regarding those Nederland precincts, a population with a 60 percent Republican majority should have no problems fielding a GOP candidate for state representative. Perhaps Rife Kimler was unavailable this time around.

Regarding Philip's prediction, it doesn't take a private investigator who believes he has psychic powers to tell that this bond proposal has some serious hurdles.  But, we'll revisit when the vote comes down in the November.

On a different subject, what's up with this rumor about Philip R. Klein being adopted?  Check Philip's comments on Texas Gulf Coast Gab.

Making Up Numbers - Philip's Fuzzy Math


In his article on the Southeast Texas Political Review, Philip R. Klein comments on the Jefferson County budget over the past five years:

Folks - you have watched five men take a budget of 76 million and increase it almost 40 million dollars in just five years.

For those of us who live outside the Twilight Zone, here are the real numbers:

  • Approved Expenditures for 2008: $110,247,921
  • Approved Expenditures for 2003: $92,152,538

Most readers can see that this doesn't add up to $40 million as Philip claims.  Since Philip invents a new number with every new phase of the moon, I think this is an excellent example of Klein's reckless disregard for the truth.

Aug 19, 2008



Philip R. Klein whines about raises for non-union county employees on the Southeast Texas Political Review:

We warned you. We told you. We tried to set this up for you a year ago. And now you get it. The ultimate slap in the face.

As I've already documented, Philip follows the same standard operating procedure every year. He first makes up some ridiculous figure and claims this is the new county budget.  As an example, he first claimed in 2007 that the budget would be $130 million:

"...we understand that there will be a whopping $130 million dollar [sic] budget. "

He also claimed tax rate would increase:

"...the tax rate, which is going to go through the roof."

In reality, the 2007-2008 Jefferson County Budget approved  expenditures of only $110,247,921 and Jefferson County Commissioners actually reduced the tax rate.

This year, he first claimed the budget would be $140 million on June 16, 2008:

The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned from inside sources at the Jefferson County Courthouse the a [sic] preliminary budget that is being floated around may top $140 million dollars [sic].

In his latest article, Philip now uses a different figure:

Your Jefferson County Commissioners have laid the ground work to a fiscal budget of over $120 million (shhhhhh really $130 with the rainy day fund <slush>)....

Actually, the proposed budget is about $118 million, not "over $120 million" as Philip now claims.

Neither is Philip's figure of the "rainy day fund" of $10 million accurate.  I'd love to discuss this entire issue of an unreserved fund balance, the county's credit and bond rating, and what this means in a contracting economy right now, but Philip obviously flunked out of Texas Tech before he got to simple economics and business finance:

...up almost 40% over five years...

Compared with this statement in the same article:


Philip R. Klein is even confused over the simple difference between points and actual dollars. What a dunce, yet he claims to be an expert in investments - how funny!

Regarding his main complaint about the raise for county non-union employees, here's an excellent example of Philip's bias.  Notice that he's claiming a 40 percent increase in the budget over a five-year period, but only mentions the raises granted employees over the past two years.

He's conveniently failed to mention that over the past six years, wages for non-union county employees will have only increased by 15 per cent, if the proposed 6 percent increase is granted.

In 2007, they did indeed get a seven percent raise, but in 2006, county employees received only a two percent raise. And, for the three years prior to 2006, county employees did not raise a raise at all. 

With the proposed six percent raise for the 2008-2009 budget, this breaks down to a 2.5 per cent increase in pay over a six-year period. This doesn't even keep up with the cost of living and inflation, so the purchasing power of non-union county employees is less today than it was in 2003, even with the proposed six percent increase.

Philip again displays his ignorance simple business with this comment in his so-called "editorial," which is really just more of the same ignorance repeated ad infinitum:

Can anyone out there name anyone in the private sector that has gotten a 13% raise no matter how or if you do your job?

Actually, a great many companies give COL (cost of living) raises on an annual basis, which are generally tied to the ACCRA Cost of Living Index.

Unfortunately, Philip is simply too ignorant of common business practices to understand simple business finance

Any comments, buddy? I'd love to debate this subject intelligently with you website-to-website, but you've already repeatedly proven you're too stupid to comprehend the real issues.

Really, Philip, you need to "talk educated."

Aug 17, 2008

Media Shocker


In his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review, Philip R. Klein typically misses the  entire point of an excellent editorial in the Sunday edition of the Beaumont Enterprise. Take a few moments and read the editorial here.

Lower-ranking county employees might deserve raises, but not their supervisors. Virtually no administrators in the private sector enjoy raises of 13-15 percent in two years. If they do, it's for outstanding performance. Last year, at least, County Judge Ron Walker didn't accept any raise. County Clerk Carolyn Guidry also took the 7 percent granted to lower-ranking employees instead of the 9 percent given to all elected officials.

Not to be outdone by an excellent argument in the Beaumont Enterprise, Philip invents his own facts and again wanders from subject to subject like a drunken private eye on a high-speed chase.

Consider this statement:

Folks - you have watched five men take a budget of 76 million and increase it almost 40 million dollars in just five years.

As I've previously pointed out, here are the real numbers:

  • Approved Expenditures for 2008: $110,247,921
  • Approved Expenditures for 2003: $92,152,538

Astute readers will notice that Philip claims that the budget has increased "almost 40 million dollars in just five years."  Compare this with his statement on June 16, 2008:

This would bring over a five year [sic] period a spending budget in excess of a 40% increase over five years.

So, which is it, Philip: 40 percent or $40 million over the past five years? Klein is so inept and confused that he doesn't know the difference between percentage points and actual figures. 

Philip also conveniently failed to mention that Judge Carl Griffith, not Judge Ron Walker, led the budget process in four of the past five budgets. Judge Walker has only overseen one annual budget, 2007- 2008.  See for yourself here.

The Beaumont Enterprise made an excellent argument against pay raises for elected officials, but unfortunately Philip missed the point with his manufactured hysteria.

Aug 15, 2008

Nitwit Tidbits


Here's Philip R. Klein's latest gibberish from the Southeast Texas Political Review:

Summer - This is not political.

Most of what Philip writes is not political, but rather rants based upon misinformed opinions, gossip, and underwear-sniffing.

Note to Philip: let me know when you want to discuss a real issue, like that "rainy day fund."

The Bayou Dumb A** - The writers at the Bayou get on our a** about getting stories wrong. Some type of "dog" was seen in "West Texas." South Texas. And they call us "dumb." They are "professionals"?

Oh, look! Philip's never heard of a chupacabra.   This is an excellent example of why "they" call "them" dumb. 

Note to Philip: Let me know if you'd like to go on a snipe hunt - I can arrange one very easily for you.

Funny Stuff - Get this one. The county increases its spending by over 10%? And SMG at Ford Park drops theirs [sic] by $200k? Almost opposite? Now that is some funny stuff!

Philip is having a problem with premature expectation again. Actually, the budget hasn't been adopted, so we don't know how much the spending will increase.  Philip has already published three different guesses as fact. Didn't he mention $144 million at one point?

Note to Philip: Regarding Ford Park's reduction in operating expenses, remember the Wildcatters? 

Jackson Browne - Does not want McCain to use his song in the campaign. Funny stuff. We are just laughing this afternoon.

Philip apparently thinks that copyright law only applies to him:

Any rebroadcast or reproduction of this site is forbidden without permission of this Company [sic]. Such permission must be in writing and consist of the persons [sic] name - address - and the reason for the reproduction. Under title 17 of the US Code - Subjects that reproduce or reprint any portion of this site without permission of PRK Enterprises, Inc. may be liable under the statute. 

My use of Philip's material clearly falls under the Fair Use Doctrine:

Section 107 contains a list of the various purposes for which the reproduction of a particular work may be considered “fair,” such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

However, songwriters are normally paid large sums of money when their published works are adopted as campaign or advertising theme songs. 

Note to Philip:  Have you learned the difference between "copywrite" and "copyright" yet?

John Edwards - Isn't he like some successful lawyer? SHUT UP!

Oh, look!  Philip again displays his belief that only he has a First Amendment right to express bizarre opinions!

Note to Philip: Do you think John Edwards ever had an adulterous liaison in an ambulance?

John Kerry For VP - They are  floating it this afternoon. More giggles.

I suspect the rumor was started by the Swifties, who fed it to Matt Drudge. This is where Philip heard about it, since those one-line blurbs on Drudge's site are easily digestible for someone with extremely limited comprehension skills.

Too bad Philip didn't actually click through and read the story.  From Kerry's press secretary:

"If I was bi-lingual, I'd say no in multiple languages. The only job John Kerry is running for, contemplating, or considering is the one he already has."

Note to Philip:  The Swifites have a new book  out on Barack Obama - have you made your donation for a copy, yet?

Our Question Of the Week (A SHOCKER!)

Do you think the media might have some trust issues?????

Considering that only 52 people voted in Philip's poll, I suspect he's got a bigger credibility issue.

Note to Philip: Keep trying - next week you might hit 55 people!

Normally, I ignore Philip's blogger report, but I thought these comments were interesting:

Blogger Report : It is Basketball Time!!! We are just waiting for someone to play "Basketball Jones" on the Radio?

A reader left this comment a few weeks ago:

Gus, you should check out the spring ratings for KOLE. After Philip's show went off the air, the ratings went up a bunch on Saturday mornings.

Note to Philip: Wasn't KOLE off the air in the Spring?  

Finally, how about this comment concerning Mr. Sluggo's Top 30:

The Three Klein's make it into the top ten. Use the name Klein and they will read. It is the best way to get your blog read. Even if you are a wus and do not sign your name.

Philip has obviously missed the point about my little blog.  I'll note that the number of visitors actually increased dramatically when he took the link to my blog off  his front page.

Note to Philip:  You should check with some of your sources - maybe they'll explain the joke about Mr. Sluggo's Top 30 to you. The rest of us have already figured out he's yanking your chain!

Over 50 People Served!


I've been watching Philip R. Klein's Political Review Polling Question page carefully since he first implemented this.  The reason is simple: readers can extrapolate the real number of visitors each week to the Southeast Texas Political Review.

Since putting the page up, a few anomalies surfaced over the past weeks, such a low response rate of 38 votes one week.  However, Philip has averaged about 50 votes a week overall on each of his polling questions (I use the term loosely). 

Since only about a third of all regular visitors to a website normally vote in these polls, we can assume that the Southeast Texas Political Review has about 150 regular readers each week.  Not exactly the "millions of hits" that Philip R. Klein has claimed in the past.

On a related issue, I found this on Sam the Eagle's website. Apparently more people read his site than the Southeast Texas Political Review.

Try these Google searches:

However, here's my favorite search:

I'm reminded of something Philip R. Klein wrote concerning the Megadump blog. Philip was boasting of his ranking on Mr. Sluggo's Top 30 on January 10, 2008:

Go to Megadump where he tracks stats. Those who change their message and stories end up in the top 10. Those who do not - and talk about the same old thing everyday drop out.

Here's this week's listing:

Any comments, buddy?

Aug 14, 2008



That was then (June 16, 2008):

The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned from inside sources at the Jefferson County Courthouse the a [sic] preliminary budget that is being floated around may top $140 million dollars [sic].

This is now:

That leads to what we reported over a year ago that the Jefferson County Budget will top $120 million (shhhh really $136 because of the rainy day fund).

Philip doesn't know what he reported from month to month, much less a year ago. 

Even funnier, he has no idea about this "rainy day fund."  Readers who actually examine the real budget will see that Philip's numbers concerning the unreserved fund balance aren't even close to reality, so Philip is obviously making up this number.

I previously addressed this entire issue of unreserved fund balances on several occasions, yet Philip R. Klein has refused to respond. From December 12, 2007:

Let's first examine Philip's statements concerning the fund balance, or more properly, the unreserved fund balance. As I've pointed out repeatedly, Philip has no grasp of fundamental economics, so he's unable to comprehend basic fiscal management. Hence, Philip's confusion between a fund balance and an unreserved fund balance.

Unreserved fund balances are important in mitigating current and future risks, and to ensure stable tax rates. Fund balances are also critical in long-term financial planning. Furthermore, credit rating agencies carefully monitor levels of fund balances and unreserved fund balances in a government's general fund to evaluate that government's creditworthiness.

For local governments, the accepted figure for an unreserved fund balance is from five to 15 percent of regular general fund operating revenues, or no less than one to two months of regular general fund operating expenditures. Jefferson County's unreserved fund balance is certainly within this parameter, so Philip is arguing from a position of ignorance.

For more information on this subject, please refer to the Government Finance Officers Association website on recommended practices. In particular, read the documents concerning Budgeting and Fiscal Policy. Really, Philip, you need to "talk educated."

Readers will  immediately understand how Philip could take a solvent and prosperous Dairy Queen franchise and run it into the ground through bad financial management. His bumper sticker mentality precludes a rational discussion of the real issues, so he's forced to recycle the "same old think, over and over and over again."

Any comment, buddy?

Open Note To Philip R. Klein


Hey, Philip! 

I noticed you finally figured out how to post a video from YouTube UTUBE on your Reader Mail page!  Keep working at it and next up, you'll figure out how to insert a hyperlink, like this.

In the meantime, here's a YouTube UTUBE video that's quite apropos:


Gus Pillsbury

Aug 13, 2008

Chicken Little


Philip R. Klein writes in latest article, "Social Breakdown," on the Southeast Texas Political Review:

First, we want to make sure that we do not make this article cry wolf. But we want to draw attention to the complete and total breakdown of we as civilized people in Jefferson County.

"The sky is falling, the sky is falling," said Chicken Little. 

My advice to Philip: move somewhere else, like Comal County, if you don't like the social fabric of the city in which you're currently living.

Philip's offers his unsolicited advice:

Our advice? Buy a gun. And we are serious.

To which I'll add, don't buy a Glock, lest you come down with a bad case of Glock Leg. 

Instead, buy something with stopping power. I recommend something in a .45 caliber - try a Kimber or Les Baer.  If, like Philip,  you don't have the cash for one of those, you can get a Springfield Armory XD .45 for about only a little more than you'd pay for a Glock 19.

I'll defer to Bob at Texas Gulf Coast Gab on this issue, however.

Aug 12, 2008

Philip Misses the Forest for the Trees


In his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review, Philip R. Klein again proves he has the intellect of a fence post.  Instead of offering substantive comment on this issue of basketball at Ford Par,  his poorly conceived rant wanders from subject to subject and berates most of Jefferson County.

Here's the punch line. Philip missed the real "story behind the story in East Texas politics."

The team formerly known as the McAllen Silverados allegedly still owe the City of McAllen about $70, 000 for use of facilities, but somehow, Philip's sources completely missed that.  He's such a pretentious idiot.

From the McAllen Monitor (emphasis is mine):

All that remains at the Rio Grande Valley Silverados' offices East Trenton are a few stickers on the walls and some debris on the floor as the Silverados have left McAllen for Beaumont and the Continental Basketball Association for the American Basketball Association.

Something the Silverados did leave, however, is their debt to the city, city attorney Kevin Pagan said. Pagan said early Monday afternoon that while he had received an unchecked message from Silverados owner Dr. Jordan Maswoswe, the debt accumulated during the 2007-08 season of approximately $60,000 to $70,000 was still unpaid, even as the moving vans headed out of town.

Pagan has said the issue would be addressed at Monday's city commission meeting, and if the debt continues to go unpaid litigation may be forthcoming. There may be a greater sense of urgency to go after unpaid monies now that the team has left.

Lesson learned: believe nothing you read on Philip R. Klein's website

As Jefferson County residents, perhaps we should ask the Jefferson County Commissioners a few questions.

Aug 11, 2008



Philip R. Klein writes of Beaumont Mayor Becky Ames in his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review:

We have said it before and will say it again - we like Becky Ames. We like her a bunch.

The other Philip disagrees. Philip used his "anonymous sources" to throw a little mud on February 28, 2000:

"Becky the ----- as she is known in some circles....we supported her in two elections. Before ore our please [sic] fell on her deaf ears. She will be hard pressed again this May to get our support. She will have to make the movement," says our source with the Fire Department.
And the

Cops say about the same. "Let me put it to you bluntly. Her husband is a criminal, she acts like a criminal by covering up what her husband did. If we could have gotten her, we would of. She hates the Cops and we hate her. So no, we are not going to support her. In fact, we would support Alan Lee before her. Well...maybe not."

Philip writes:

But that is politics.

Philip R. Klein has no idea what real politics is about. Instead, his idea of "politics" is underwear-sniffing, half-truths, mudslinging, invented sources, and partisan hackery of the worst sort.

No credibility - he's just a has-been that never was.

Aug 10, 2008

Getting Called Out


Philip R. Klein writes of Congressman Nick Lampson in his latest posting on the Southeast Texas Political Review:

He has voted against drilling for offshore oil. He has taken thousands from the left wingers that do not want to drill for oil. Now? He changes his mind again and now says he is FOR drilling for oil.

Reality: Lampson has never voted against offshore drilling - on the contrary, he's consistently supported it.

He voted for the Bush-Cheney national energy policy in November of 2003, and again voted for the Bush Administration national energy policy in June of 2004. Both of these bills included provisions for more offshore drilling. Readers that are brighter than Philip will realize that these votes came during Lampson's term in the Ninth Texas Congressional District, when he still represented Beaumont and has nothing to do with his current constituency.

Readers can decide for themselves whether Philip is speaking from ignorance or with a reckless disregard for the truth::

For those of you over in Sugarland [sic] Texas - it is just Nick being Nick. Being whatever it is to get elected. Saying whatever you can to get elected. And being Nancy Pelosi's butt boy.

Speaking of Nancy Pelosi, whatever happened to this prediction from one of Philip's so-called "sources:"

Okay - so get comes Ms. Nancy [Pelosi] to Texas...what a joke." "We expect to raise around $300,000 for the speaker," said a loyal democrat [sic] in Houston this afternoon.

Nancy Pelosi never came to Texas, nor was there ever a trip scheduled to the Lone Star State.

Whether one agrees with Nancy Pelosi or George W. Bush, it's a sign of ignorance about the basic issues when one has to make up lies to support one's opinions. Most importantly, perhaps it's time to focus on the commonalities that unite us all, rather than name-calling and blind partisanship.

Aug 8, 2008

Nitwit Tidbits


Another week, let's go!

Cold Shot By The Enterprise - So what do you do when a fellow media types son gets in trouble. You BBQ his A** in the paper! Why the Enterprise would talk about the guys father simple makes us wonder - here is the article :

Oh, look! Philip included a link!   Here's an interesting question: why would Philip include a link on this comment, but not this comment:

Get Him - You - ya you the public. Be on the lookout for this guy. Get him.

Which guy?  Is it this guy:

Need I mention that the suspect is armed and dangerous?

City and County - We reported earlier in the week that it was going to be business as usual. It was not. Last minute changes to the employees work week. They got a snow day. We are wondering if this was a paid snow day?

Oh, look! Philip admits a mistake!

Redrum - A two 'fer in Beaumont and the trifecta shootings in Port Arthur this week. Summer fun for those gang bangers!

And the point is?

Hey Cal - That is enough. You have had your day. Go home. Enough. Go home. Run next year. There is a point and time where you say enough.

Philip apparently believes that he's the only person who should have access to the courts. By my count, he's filed over 20 lawsuits in the past several years. Where are the Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse when you really need them?

Lives In The City - Hey dude - you live in the city. Get with Aggie - he may be a good lobby for you in getting on the EDC. We hear there may be some openings.

And the point is?

Refrigeration Repair Man - Get this...the AC guy is working on the AC at Memorial High School. Turns around to a gun. Gets robbed. The cops get the guy. Nothing like a safe school in Port Arthur, Texas!!!!  You have to laugh.

Does anyone else find aggravated robbery funny?

Nothing From The Firemen - Since their shot at the Review - they have been awful quiet. We wonder what is going on? We checked with our source and we were told it was a witch hunt for who talked to that is funny. Look at your board - yes - that is a hint.

I was told that Philip is "lying out of his teeth."  The article is still prominently featured on the front page of the PAFD Local 397 website. See for yourself. 

Polling Question of the Week :

This week, Philip's poll generated an anemic 51 votes.  Not exactly what one would expect from someone who claims "We get letters. Lot's [sic] of letters." Did I mention that his "Talk Back Line" only has eight regular contributors and has generated only six postings for the entire month so far?  Even funnier, five of them came from the same subscriber.  That certain explains why Philip has to write his own "Reader Mail" postings and then answer them, too!

Aug 6, 2008

Reading Philip's Mail


Philip has written another letter to himself on his Reader Mail page.  Need proof?  Try this:

"Because there has never been a reported death were [sic] the cause was from electrocution from the device being deployed or any other instence [sic] that people and the media may believe that eletronic [sic] control devices cause death. "

If you figure out what this gibberish means, let me know!

Aug 5, 2008

Tazer [sic] This


Philip R. Klein offer his unsolicited and uninformed opinion on the incident in Orange, where a suspect died in custody after being taserd by OPD officers. Philip describes the incident:

In Orange this past week - a man climbed in bed with an elderly woman. The officers that came out found him in the bed refusing to come out. They moved the woman out of the bed and got her out of the house. As they ordered the man to come out of the bed - he refused. So they popped him. Cuffed him and he stopped breathing.

Here's a different account from a more credible source:

According to Orange police, the 46-year-old man followed a woman inside her home unbeknownst to her, threw a blanket over her and tackled her to the ground in her living room.

The senior citizen, whose name was not released, was at her home in the 1500 block of 10th Street around 9:30 a.m. and had gone outside to get her mail.

Fortunately for the victim, who told police she didn't know the attacker nor had she ever seen him before, she was wearing a Medical Alert device and pushed the button, alerting an ambulance service.

Once medics arrived, they could hear the woman inside screaming and they called police.

Kittrell said after officers entered the home, they ordered the man off the woman, but he refused. They finally were able to pull the woman, who police say was not injured, from under the man and then attempted to take the man into custody.

Philip can't even get the details straight.  Neither did Chief Kittrell reveal whether the cameras used to record the crime scene were actually loaded with film.

Aug 4, 2008

Clear Heads


Philip R. Klein comments on Jefferson County's response to Edouardo thus far:

For the second time in two years - the Team Walker has kept a clear head when the storm has approached. And we like it.

Apparently, Philip has forgotten his own rant from Sept. 27, 2007, when Hurricane Humberto made landfall:

"Where was the government? Yes - the cops were out. The firefighters were out. Street and drainage were out. And on and on. But our question is this - where were all the big dogs. You know - the ones that want your money...They did nothing. You did it all."

Philip has come down squarely on both sides of that fence.  Ironically, he can't keep track of his own  hot air - how funny!  

Philip's Psychic Predictions

  • Oil - Will go to $200 Per Barrel and Gas Will Be At $5.00 per by July.

Kleinac the Magnificent (May 16, 2008)

Cathouse Fight


In his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review, psychic Philip R. Klein comments on the controversy in the Beaumont Police Department:

So the next move? Who knows and who cares?

This doesn't stop Philip from offering his unsolicited opinion, which includes such insightful analysis as this:

If the chief makes the call. [sic] The call is made.

Here's a better version of the story from the Beaumont Enterprise. Channel 6 had the documents that Philip referred to in his story.  Isn't it ironic that Philip failed to provide links so that readers could make up their own minds, rather than take Philip's advice at face value:

"And from the council the message needs to be sent - shut up."

What thought-provoking commentary!

Aug 3, 2008

On Philip's Psychic Powers


As I've discussed over the past week, Philip claims to know what other people think though his special psychic powers:

"I firmly believe in the business I am of the 6th sense."

As an example, he claimed to have read the mind of Jefferson County Commissioner Mark Domingue:

What in the **** is Mark Domingue thinking?

Well....we will tell you.

I checked with my own sources concerning Philip's claim: