Aug 25, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: Idiot On Parade!

Yesterday, August 24, 2008, Philip R. Klein wrote:

Remember that little old radio station down at city hall? You know...the one that gets free rent? Yes -- the city gives free rent to a nonprofit radio station. seems that free rent is not enough. How about this - when the firemen leave - guess who is getting deeded in their corporate name the old fire station number 6? You bet...."The Breeze?"

Hey, Philip - remember this Beaumont Enterprise article from three weeks ago?

On July 1 the City Council members voted to terminate the station's lease. Mosely said he had been planning on moving to an old fire station owned by the city and had received support from the City Council for the plan, but that option is now off the table.

Oops (or is that opps)! A day late and a dollar short!  According to the article:

The firehouse for which Mosely had hoped is needed to store vehicles and administration offices, Fitzgibbons said.

There are also concerns by some council members that the city is not permitted to transfer city property to a non-profit unless it uses "the property in a manner that primarily promotes a public purpose of the municipality," according to a letter written by state Rep. Joe Deshotel to the Attorney General's Office.

Philip didn't reveal his sources, but this apparently confirms the rumor that his sources "close to city hall" are actually two crackheads who live in a cardboard box near the intersection of Proctor and Waco.

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