Aug 10, 2008

Getting Called Out

Philip R. Klein writes of Congressman Nick Lampson in his latest posting on the Southeast Texas Political Review:

He has voted against drilling for offshore oil. He has taken thousands from the left wingers that do not want to drill for oil. Now? He changes his mind again and now says he is FOR drilling for oil.

Reality: Lampson has never voted against offshore drilling - on the contrary, he's consistently supported it.

He voted for the Bush-Cheney national energy policy in November of 2003, and again voted for the Bush Administration national energy policy in June of 2004. Both of these bills included provisions for more offshore drilling. Readers that are brighter than Philip will realize that these votes came during Lampson's term in the Ninth Texas Congressional District, when he still represented Beaumont and has nothing to do with his current constituency.

Readers can decide for themselves whether Philip is speaking from ignorance or with a reckless disregard for the truth::

For those of you over in Sugarland [sic] Texas - it is just Nick being Nick. Being whatever it is to get elected. Saying whatever you can to get elected. And being Nancy Pelosi's butt boy.

Speaking of Nancy Pelosi, whatever happened to this prediction from one of Philip's so-called "sources:"

Okay - so get comes Ms. Nancy [Pelosi] to Texas...what a joke." "We expect to raise around $300,000 for the speaker," said a loyal democrat [sic] in Houston this afternoon.

Nancy Pelosi never came to Texas, nor was there ever a trip scheduled to the Lone Star State.

Whether one agrees with Nancy Pelosi or George W. Bush, it's a sign of ignorance about the basic issues when one has to make up lies to support one's opinions. Most importantly, perhaps it's time to focus on the commonalities that unite us all, rather than name-calling and blind partisanship.

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