Aug 26, 2008

Hoodwinked (Pt II)

In this article, Philip refers to an interview with Joe Deshotel, Jr., on Channel 6:
How much money was it worth on the KFDM Evening News and/or the KFDM Morning show (you know the number one show on TV in the morning?)
Yet, Philip begins the article with a broad indictment of every TV station, newspaper, and radio station in Jefferson County:
...the media fell hook line and sinker...he told the media...
Either Philip is a simpleton and can't tell the difference between a newspaper and a TV station, or his bias is showing again.

Regarding Philip's point:
He gave the media a web site. And guess what? The site that he gave is a sales site for Obama's t-shirts? Oh....and the blog site? You have to look for it!

Here is the web site :

Here is the blog site :
So....the media gives Obama a free plug?
Actually, Joe, Jr., gave the correct URL to his blog (, but Philip misconstrued the reference. Those dot-things are so confusing.
He is also rumored to be behind another web site, being "Gus Pillsbury".... 

Speaking of issues, a reader asks:
Gus-- I've been on vacation and may have missed the news, so this is a question, not a comment. Has PRIK announced that former Groves mayor Billy Job has filed to oppose popular young incumbent Brad Bailey?  Maybe Job, who PRIK endorsed for County Judge, hasn't revealed his decision to him.  I certainly wouldn't if I aspired to office because PRIK is considerably more of a liability than an asset.
In answer to your question, no - Philip missed that one, too!

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