Aug 25, 2008


In his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review, Philip R. Klein admits he's confused when websites end in .org and .com. 

This is the same idiot who once wrote that Rhonda Dugas was "UNDER INVESTIGATION" because her now-defunct website used a .org domain.  From June 3, 2005 (complete with Philip's name-calling):

Duh Duh Dugas - We were forwarded a web site that is a .org. It is the anti-Griffith site. We strolled around it this morning. She sent a Duh Duh message to us...We are looking into the legal stance of the site...on the .org thing.

Actually, the site is still up, but hasn't been updated in many months. I suppose that her "legal stance" was okay.

Note To Philip: Any truth to the rumor that you're doing a guest appearance on the Comedy Central TV show South Park this week as the missing father of Eric Cartman?

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