Aug 27, 2008

Imaging Port Arthur (The Southeast Texas Political Buffoon)

In Philip R. Klein's latest article, readers will find nothing of redeeming quality; rather, Philip regurgitates more of the "same old think, over and over and over again." Let's take a look:

Port Arthurs [sic] new image is "Oil and Water Mix?" What?" [sic] How about "Blood and Roses" in the graves of those who have been murdered, robbed and / or afraid to leave their homes in the middle of the night.

Murder - check. Robbery - check.   And Port Arthurs - is that like the two Philips?  Oh, and look! It's another "perfect storm!"

Port Arthur and Jefferson County are forming the perfect storm...And you will see a massive overtaking of governmental agencies by the State and a "depressive" state of the economy in the county that believes in bigger government.

Silly predictions and gross exaggeration, check.   And, I especially like that "'depressive' state of the economy...."   Typically, Philip has confused a mental medical condition, major depressive disorder, with economics, as in "depressed state of the economy."  Philip must have heard that  in his counseling sessions.

Speaking of clever turns of a phrase, I enjoyed this comment:

...they have at least given the oil companies a hand on the back of thanks.

I think Philip probably meant "pat on the back."

Note to Philip: Are you starting happy hour at 8 am again? Really, you need to get some new material and "talk educated." Surely, you should know how to spell Mike Aguilar's name by now!

Everyone can see why you gave up on your polling questions, since only 32 people cast votes last week. Your Talk Back Line has had only four messages, all  from the same subscriber, during the entire month of August. According to a reader, KOLE's Saturday morning ratings allegedly went up after your show went off the air, and of course, you have to write the questions on your Reader Mail and answer them, too.   

Surely a shrewd political consultant such as yourself should be able to see the common thread that's running through here - no one takes you seriously anymore. 

I suggest renaming your blog to "The Southeast Texas Political Buffoon."

Any comment, buddy?

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