Aug 20, 2008

Making Up Numbers (Pt II) - More of Philip's Fuzzy Math

In Philip's latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review, he comments on voters in the Nederland ISD:

As the district is 60% GOP now...

Since over 15,000 people voted for Alan Ritter in the 2008 Democratic Primary, I suspect Philip's number is as phony as his sources.  I'm reminded of Philip's comment about Orange County on February 18, 2008:

Orange County is...a Red County to boot!

Readers should note that out of 12 local races during this cycle, NO Republicans file in Orange County. In the spring primaries, 15,630 Democrats voted, while only a measly 3,083 voted in the Republican Primary.

Regarding those Nederland precincts, a population with a 60 percent Republican majority should have no problems fielding a GOP candidate for state representative. Perhaps Rife Kimler was unavailable this time around.

Regarding Philip's prediction, it doesn't take a private investigator who believes he has psychic powers to tell that this bond proposal has some serious hurdles.  But, we'll revisit when the vote comes down in the November.

On a different subject, what's up with this rumor about Philip R. Klein being adopted?  Check Philip's comments on Texas Gulf Coast Gab.

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