Aug 15, 2008

Nitwit Tidbits

Here's Philip R. Klein's latest gibberish from the Southeast Texas Political Review:

Summer - This is not political.

Most of what Philip writes is not political, but rather rants based upon misinformed opinions, gossip, and underwear-sniffing.

Note to Philip: let me know when you want to discuss a real issue, like that "rainy day fund."

The Bayou Dumb A** - The writers at the Bayou get on our a** about getting stories wrong. Some type of "dog" was seen in "West Texas." South Texas. And they call us "dumb." They are "professionals"?

Oh, look! Philip's never heard of a chupacabra.   This is an excellent example of why "they" call "them" dumb. 

Note to Philip: Let me know if you'd like to go on a snipe hunt - I can arrange one very easily for you.

Funny Stuff - Get this one. The county increases its spending by over 10%? And SMG at Ford Park drops theirs [sic] by $200k? Almost opposite? Now that is some funny stuff!

Philip is having a problem with premature expectation again. Actually, the budget hasn't been adopted, so we don't know how much the spending will increase.  Philip has already published three different guesses as fact. Didn't he mention $144 million at one point?

Note to Philip: Regarding Ford Park's reduction in operating expenses, remember the Wildcatters? 

Jackson Browne - Does not want McCain to use his song in the campaign. Funny stuff. We are just laughing this afternoon.

Philip apparently thinks that copyright law only applies to him:

Any rebroadcast or reproduction of this site is forbidden without permission of this Company [sic]. Such permission must be in writing and consist of the persons [sic] name - address - and the reason for the reproduction. Under title 17 of the US Code - Subjects that reproduce or reprint any portion of this site without permission of PRK Enterprises, Inc. may be liable under the statute. 

My use of Philip's material clearly falls under the Fair Use Doctrine:

Section 107 contains a list of the various purposes for which the reproduction of a particular work may be considered “fair,” such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

However, songwriters are normally paid large sums of money when their published works are adopted as campaign or advertising theme songs. 

Note to Philip:  Have you learned the difference between "copywrite" and "copyright" yet?

John Edwards - Isn't he like some successful lawyer? SHUT UP!

Oh, look!  Philip again displays his belief that only he has a First Amendment right to express bizarre opinions!

Note to Philip: Do you think John Edwards ever had an adulterous liaison in an ambulance?

John Kerry For VP - They are  floating it this afternoon. More giggles.

I suspect the rumor was started by the Swifties, who fed it to Matt Drudge. This is where Philip heard about it, since those one-line blurbs on Drudge's site are easily digestible for someone with extremely limited comprehension skills.

Too bad Philip didn't actually click through and read the story.  From Kerry's press secretary:

"If I was bi-lingual, I'd say no in multiple languages. The only job John Kerry is running for, contemplating, or considering is the one he already has."

Note to Philip:  The Swifites have a new book  out on Barack Obama - have you made your donation for a copy, yet?

Our Question Of the Week (A SHOCKER!)

Do you think the media might have some trust issues?????

Considering that only 52 people voted in Philip's poll, I suspect he's got a bigger credibility issue.

Note to Philip: Keep trying - next week you might hit 55 people!

Normally, I ignore Philip's blogger report, but I thought these comments were interesting:

Blogger Report : It is Basketball Time!!! We are just waiting for someone to play "Basketball Jones" on the Radio?

A reader left this comment a few weeks ago:

Gus, you should check out the spring ratings for KOLE. After Philip's show went off the air, the ratings went up a bunch on Saturday mornings.

Note to Philip: Wasn't KOLE off the air in the Spring?  

Finally, how about this comment concerning Mr. Sluggo's Top 30:

The Three Klein's make it into the top ten. Use the name Klein and they will read. It is the best way to get your blog read. Even if you are a wus and do not sign your name.

Philip has obviously missed the point about my little blog.  I'll note that the number of visitors actually increased dramatically when he took the link to my blog off  his front page.

Note to Philip:  You should check with some of your sources - maybe they'll explain the joke about Mr. Sluggo's Top 30 to you. The rest of us have already figured out he's yanking your chain!

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