Aug 8, 2008

Nitwit Tidbits

Another week, let's go!

Cold Shot By The Enterprise - So what do you do when a fellow media types son gets in trouble. You BBQ his A** in the paper! Why the Enterprise would talk about the guys father simple makes us wonder - here is the article :

Oh, look! Philip included a link!   Here's an interesting question: why would Philip include a link on this comment, but not this comment:

Get Him - You - ya you the public. Be on the lookout for this guy. Get him.

Which guy?  Is it this guy:

Need I mention that the suspect is armed and dangerous?

City and County - We reported earlier in the week that it was going to be business as usual. It was not. Last minute changes to the employees work week. They got a snow day. We are wondering if this was a paid snow day?

Oh, look! Philip admits a mistake!

Redrum - A two 'fer in Beaumont and the trifecta shootings in Port Arthur this week. Summer fun for those gang bangers!

And the point is?

Hey Cal - That is enough. You have had your day. Go home. Enough. Go home. Run next year. There is a point and time where you say enough.

Philip apparently believes that he's the only person who should have access to the courts. By my count, he's filed over 20 lawsuits in the past several years. Where are the Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse when you really need them?

Lives In The City - Hey dude - you live in the city. Get with Aggie - he may be a good lobby for you in getting on the EDC. We hear there may be some openings.

And the point is?

Refrigeration Repair Man - Get this...the AC guy is working on the AC at Memorial High School. Turns around to a gun. Gets robbed. The cops get the guy. Nothing like a safe school in Port Arthur, Texas!!!!  You have to laugh.

Does anyone else find aggravated robbery funny?

Nothing From The Firemen - Since their shot at the Review - they have been awful quiet. We wonder what is going on? We checked with our source and we were told it was a witch hunt for who talked to that is funny. Look at your board - yes - that is a hint.

I was told that Philip is "lying out of his teeth."  The article is still prominently featured on the front page of the PAFD Local 397 website. See for yourself. 

Polling Question of the Week :

This week, Philip's poll generated an anemic 51 votes.  Not exactly what one would expect from someone who claims "We get letters. Lot's [sic] of letters." Did I mention that his "Talk Back Line" only has eight regular contributors and has generated only six postings for the entire month so far?  Even funnier, five of them came from the same subscriber.  That certain explains why Philip has to write his own "Reader Mail" postings and then answer them, too!

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