Aug 15, 2008

Over 50 People Served!

I've been watching Philip R. Klein's Political Review Polling Question page carefully since he first implemented this.  The reason is simple: readers can extrapolate the real number of visitors each week to the Southeast Texas Political Review.

Since putting the page up, a few anomalies surfaced over the past weeks, such a low response rate of 38 votes one week.  However, Philip has averaged about 50 votes a week overall on each of his polling questions (I use the term loosely). 

Since only about a third of all regular visitors to a website normally vote in these polls, we can assume that the Southeast Texas Political Review has about 150 regular readers each week.  Not exactly the "millions of hits" that Philip R. Klein has claimed in the past.

On a related issue, I found this on Sam the Eagle's website. Apparently more people read his site than the Southeast Texas Political Review.

Try these Google searches:

However, here's my favorite search:

I'm reminded of something Philip R. Klein wrote concerning the Megadump blog. Philip was boasting of his ranking on Mr. Sluggo's Top 30 on January 10, 2008:

Go to Megadump where he tracks stats. Those who change their message and stories end up in the top 10. Those who do not - and talk about the same old thing everyday drop out.

Here's this week's listing:

Any comments, buddy?

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