Aug 12, 2008

Philip Misses the Forest for the Trees

In his latest article on the Southeast Texas Political Review, Philip R. Klein again proves he has the intellect of a fence post.  Instead of offering substantive comment on this issue of basketball at Ford Par,  his poorly conceived rant wanders from subject to subject and berates most of Jefferson County.

Here's the punch line. Philip missed the real "story behind the story in East Texas politics."

The team formerly known as the McAllen Silverados allegedly still owe the City of McAllen about $70, 000 for use of facilities, but somehow, Philip's sources completely missed that.  He's such a pretentious idiot.

From the McAllen Monitor (emphasis is mine):

All that remains at the Rio Grande Valley Silverados' offices East Trenton are a few stickers on the walls and some debris on the floor as the Silverados have left McAllen for Beaumont and the Continental Basketball Association for the American Basketball Association.

Something the Silverados did leave, however, is their debt to the city, city attorney Kevin Pagan said. Pagan said early Monday afternoon that while he had received an unchecked message from Silverados owner Dr. Jordan Maswoswe, the debt accumulated during the 2007-08 season of approximately $60,000 to $70,000 was still unpaid, even as the moving vans headed out of town.

Pagan has said the issue would be addressed at Monday's city commission meeting, and if the debt continues to go unpaid litigation may be forthcoming. There may be a greater sense of urgency to go after unpaid monies now that the team has left.

Lesson learned: believe nothing you read on Philip R. Klein's website

As Jefferson County residents, perhaps we should ask the Jefferson County Commissioners a few questions.

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